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Tony’s guests this week:

Sherryl Nufer, founding partner of Pareto Consulting

Maria, Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now”

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host and it’s friday, april thirteenth, twenty twelve i very much hope that you were with me last week. I’d be devastated if i learned that you had missed campaign feasibility agility, why is a feasibility study important before you embark on a fundraising campaign? What do you learn from a well crafted study who should be interviewed and who should do the interviewing? Eugenia cologne of cologne and associates sorted that out for you, and i had creating a culture of philanthropy. Laura goodwin, vice president of the osborn group, had ideas about focusing on your donor’s, collaborating programming, board expectations and responsibilities and leadership all to help you increase your fund-raising revenue this week. Smart interviewing makes great hiring cheryl nufer, a founding partner in peredo consulting, explains why behavioral interviewing is superior to traditional methods and how any size non-profit khun get better hires through more sophisticated interviewing? This applies whether you’re hiring once a year or several times a month relationship mapping maria simple, the prospect finder is our regular prospect research contributor this month maria helps you mine your data with tools that reveal relationships you didn’t know existed among your donors, it’s, much more than just a list of friends in the pull down menu. As always, maria’s got valuable, resource is, and a lot of them are free between the guests. Tony’s take to my block this week, i have a favor to ask, and i’ll ask you when the time comes around, which is about thirty two minutes into the hour. Use hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation through twitter. Welcome to the people from small non-profit chat who i was just with on twitter. I hope some of you were joining us. Use that hashtag non-profit radio right now. We take a break when we returned. It’s smart interviewing makes great hiring, so stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Duitz lorts durney are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you, too? He’ll call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight, three that’s two one two, seven to one eight, one eight, three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police call a set to one, two, nine six four three five zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom two, one two, nine, six, four, three five zero two. We make people happy. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com hello and welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. My guest now is cheryl nufer cheryl is a founding partner of peredo consulting, providing small to medium sized organizations with business tools that are often available only the large for-profit corporations sounds like she’s sort of stole the tagline for this show. She’s, a strategy and organization development consultant with more than thirty years of experience, and i’m pleased that her expertise brings her on cheryl nufer welcome to be here, it’s a pleasure to have you thanks what’s wrong with traditional interviewing. Cheryl well, we have a top ten list of what goes wrong in interviews, but really, they’re too big and the first one is that it’s? Hard to believe, but a lot of interviewers don’t really know what they’re looking for in a candidate, and so they just figured that the more people they interview, the better their odds it’s kind of like vegas, and they don’t know when they see it. The second big problem is that they ask risky question when i say questions, yeah, what is that? Yeah, i don’t mean just the way i talk typically think about what we call illegal questions is that a problem, but risky questions, questions that, uh, a candidate can prep for that, they can anticipate that they can prepare a candid answer for which made or may not be the truth. So the data on which to base your hiring decision is a lot. So those sounds like questions like what’s your strengths and your strengths and weaknesses, like those types of questions are risky that’s exactly right? Because people can anticipate them. Yeah, the common ones, we here are what you just said there, but it’s also questions like, what would you do in a situation? For example, if you were faced with an angry donorsearch or this job is going to require a lot of long hours? Will that be a problem for you? Or my favorite is tell me about yourself. Why should i? And these are risky because they’re predictable is mentioned. Secondly, they solicit the candidates opinions and, you know, i don’t want to sound harsh, but the candidate doesn’t know a lot about what’s required for success in the job interviewer does interviewers opinion it’s most important and then last so you can say that. Not sound harsh if i say it, it sounds harsh coming from you. It just sounds very matter of fact unprofessional. And final thing is that they also asked the candidate to hypothesize, so if you ask, you know, what would you do in a particular situation? They can tell you just about anything now? Is that what they would do if they were faced with that situation, your organization, they may or may not. So again, all of these risky it’s interesting that you call very typical questions risky, but i understand. I understand why. Yeah, well, it’s all about making it’s all about collecting data to make a decision to predict how someone is going to perform in your organization and the risky or your database to risk your your hyre decisions. All right, that’s. So that’s the interviewing that we’re all most familiar with, we either do it or we’ve been through it, or or both. Why don’t you just start of acquaintance with behavioral interviewing? Okay, well, behavioral interviewing is not just about the interview. It’s really a business process, just like your financial processes review hr processes and it has a set of steps and so it starts off with identifying and defining the skills for success, and then you create a line of questioning that’s based on those skills, you put that in an interview guide, follow the guide after you interview you right candidate based on the data you collected and then all of the interviewers get together and share their examples, make a hyre or no hyre decision. So, first of all, it’s a repeatable process um, in terms of knowing what you’re looking for, i think that’s a really big difference, what we talk about is looking for a balance skills well, and what we’re looking for doesn’t that come from the job description? Well, not necessarily that’s a good question, because a lot of organizations job description are nothing more than a list of responsibilities that they will fulfill once they’re hired, but what i’m talking about is a list of skills that are required to be successful in executing those responsibilities. And so we look at those in terms of technical skills, which are really job specific and things maybe, like marketing most iranians fund-raising sales and then another set of skills that we call professional skills you might. Also call the sauce skills and these cross jobs and these air things, like planning and team work and initiatives and judgment, integrity. Those kinds of things way have a saying that a lot of organizations hyre on technical gilles. When they have to fire someone. Cheryl, we have to take a break. When we come back. We’ll continue this and start exploring why behavioral interviewing is better than what we’re all accustomed to. Please hope everybody stays with us. We’re talking smart interviewing makes great hiring e-giving connecting dick tooting, getting ding, ding, ding ding. You’re listening to the talking alternate network to get anything. E-giving good. Are you stuck in your business or career, trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. 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If you have big ideas but an average budget, tune into tony martignetti non-profit radio for ideas you can use. I do. I’m dr robert panna, author of the non-profit outcomes toolbox. Welcome back with my guests, cheryl nufer of peredo consulting, you’ll find peredo consulting at parade o p r e t o hyphen h y p h e n but don’t spell hyphen just put a hyphen in consulting peredo hyphen consulting dot com. Cheryl, why is this method behavioral interviewing superior to what we’re all accustomed to? Well, that has to do a lot with the questions that you ask, i said before the other questions or risky behavioral questions are based on principle that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, so if we can figure out in an interview how a person behaves in the recent past in situations that are similar to what they face in our job, then we have a pretty good idea how well behaved if we hire them. So this is the opposite of stock investing investment advisors who will say past results or no indication of future returns, right? But past behaviour is predictor of future behavior. Yeah, because we are creatures of habit. So there’s a great formula for creating a behavioral question that your listeners could start using right away. So what you do is you start with phrase something like give me an example of the time in the past, or maybe describe the past situation, and then what you do is you go back to those skillsets i was talking about a minute ago there that are important for success, and you plug in burbage that describes the skills so let’s say we were talking about initiative, then we’d say something like, give me an example of the time in the past when you went above and beyond job requirement for a time in the past when you anticipated a potential problem and you made contingency plans. So what you do is always in behavioral interview issues asked what people did in the past versus what they would do in the future, which is a hypothetical. So this sounds harder to fake, but i have to tell the whole story. Now you have to tell a whole story, and it is very difficult to fake because they’re hard to anticipate, and a good interviewer should be asking specific follow-up questions? I mean it’s, easy to just ask the behavioral questions, but it’s an interview are you start listening for what you want you want a real situation. You want to understand what they said or did in that situation and you want to know what happened, what kind of results this is scaring the heck out of me if i’m in it, i’m nervous that’s a good thing i have my own business, so i’ve never run into this well. So what if i don’t have a story about initiative? Alright, i’m under pressure. I can’t i can’t think of one well, that’s a common thing and our bullets, the interviewer is to bring out the best in the candidate, so what we can do is that’s good that’s that’s reassuring it too, because when you’re comfortable, you’re going to share more information with me, so i would i want you with questions such as you know what about in this specific job? Or i may rephrase the question where someone doesn’t have work experience. I might ask them to think about a project that they did in college or maybe a summer job so anything that i can do or i can say, you know, we can come back to that question and give you a few minutes to think about it if you’d like, there are a lot of ways to handle that it’s not uncommon for someone to freeze up. Okay, i pulled listeners before the show. One of the questions i asked is, do you feel you’re hiring? Process is efficient and you’re hiring the right candidate, and about seventy one percent said yes and about twenty nine percent i said no, so we want to help the other third, but that two thirds may not be may not be as efficient and hiring savvy as as they think. That’s, right, that’s recorders almost sorry even if they have a good track record of getting good can bring along good talent beauty of behavioral approach is that up? You don’t necessarily have to interview a lot of candidates and pick the best of the lot if you know what you’re looking for and you have a good screening process and you interview the candidates and their experiences match the criteria for success. Technically, you could hire the first candidate you interview, which reduces your cycle time, and it also keeps you from potentially losing a good candidate because you’re hiring cycle is too long. Have you seen organizations do that either? For-profit or non-profit don’t they don’t they typically say, well, she was very good, but maybe we’ll find somebody better. Absolutely, and that positing are not confident in their process. There’s something in there god says, you know, i’m not confident in the data, my process for evaluating it and that’s where a good process really builds confidence to make that decision when you see that good. Okay on, yeah, these air interesting. Ondas you said very these type of questions very hard to anticipate that they’re going to come. How does the interviewer prepare? You talked down a little bit, like going a little more detail on and then shortly we’ll get to how many interviewers there should be, but but but how do we prepare as an interviewer? Oh, as an interviewer? Well, basically, you identify the skills that are required for success in the john. Based on those skills, you develop a line of behavioral questions using the formula that i shared with you. Typically you will type those up in an interview guide or just lift if you have multiple interviewer shall divide that list up among all of your interviewers so that there are no gaps in your questioning and there’s no redundant safe so everyone has their game plan. They interview based on that. So that’s, the primary way that you would prepare a search would review the resume common things, write what you want you want it certainly want to be prepared. So if it is a a siri’s of interviews interviewers, they don’t ask the same questions then no, they don’t that’s really a waste of time, and you have so little time in an interview. You want to make sure to use it wisely. Now they ain’t me ask multiple questions about a specific skill, but they typically don’t ask the same questions because if they asked the same question, the candidate will probably give the same example and that’s kind of silly. You still tell the same story twice, exactly, and you would expect that so it’s not the interview each fall. That’s the interviewers fault for not being prepared. On the other hand, what if all the interviewees stories, anecdotes come from just one of their jobs or something? Or just too? And they’ve got, you know, thirty years of experience or something like that? Well, that would absolutely be a red flag. Either they’re bred through depth of experience is not what it may appear on their resume or perhaps there’s something that they just don’t want to share with you so that’s something that you may, if you find when you bring your interviewers together, that the same stories were told to everybody, then you could either make a no hyre decision or you could make a decision have follow-up phone interview where you would try to clean examples from some of their other work experience. Okay, so you’d like to follow up interview to be by phone, but the first one to be in person is that right? What i’m talking about here is typically you would do a phone screen, ok stations, and then bring the candidate in for face-to-face what i was saying is, if you feel you can’t make ah hyre no hyre decision, you know, you always have the option to follow-up again by phone and asked more questions, okay, okay, um and so since we’re talking sort of around this, what is your advice around having just one interviewer or having a siri’s of interviewers, um, or even having a panel? Okay, well, we would always recommend more than one interviewer, if at all possible and you can is that just to eliminate bias of one person, it could eliminate bias. It can get you more data, because if you have two interviews that you have more data on which to base a decision, listen, there are two ways of doing what we call a serial interview, which is cheryl interviews candidate hands candidate off to tony who interviews to hands it off to joe, and then when you separately and then after all the interviews, you come back together and share your example and make a decision. There’s also the panel interview where you have multiple people interviewing the candidate at one time, and you, khun, do multiple panels panels are great ways to involve more people from your organization and getting exposure to candidate. You just don’t want the panels to get too big. You know what is to become a panel? Interviews khun b scary. I’ve heard stories from people who were interviewed by five people or so that’s pretty intimidating it’s very intimidating. I’ve been interviewed by him and he had six at one time. I know. A lot about interviewing and that that was a nerve ng me, what we recommend is either two or three. When it gets above three, it can not only be intimidating, but it’s difficult for the interviewers to kind of it should be choreographed. So you should have someone out of the panel who is kind of the host and is kind of orchestrating this interview. There’s not an r k. Everyone firing questions at the candidate, and it really doesn’t set the candidate up. Cheryl nufer is a founding partner of peredo consulting. You’ll find them on the web, but peredo pr e teo hyphen consulting dot com we’re talking about smart interviewing, making great hiring, cheryl, is there an advantage of serial interviewing over the panel or the other way around? Well, there is an advantage in the advantage is that when you’re in a panel, if you conduct one panel interviews, all three of you are hearing the same stories, the same situation in a serial interview. It’s more likely, you will hear different stories, or sometimes the same story told different ways. And so, you know, that sounds bad, but it can be bad if in fact, there are vast differences in the story, like your fourth step in the supposed be the results. So if the results who are different in the same story across to different interviews that’s a bad sign that red flag may be, the results keep getting better and better. Three interview that’s a great way to start catching a candidate who may be fabricating for people actually do that. Is that true? Absolutely, they do. I’ve heard rumors to that effect, but i always hoped it wasn’t so another question i asked listeners before the show is our hires in your office typically interviewed by more than one person and seventy one percent said yes, fourteen percent said no, so most people are doing the multiple interviewing and then fourteen percent said depends on the job. Um all right, is there a job where the solo interview makes sense or no, you really just don’t like that at all. There’s a situation, i guess i mean when just one interviewer makes sense. Here’s what i would say in some more straightforward job, maybe some entry level jobs it could perhaps the appropriate that i say it’s no more appropriate in bigger organizations, bigger cos you have a really small organisation. You have to hire the right people. You i have no where to hide them. You have no one to cover for them. Hyre abad a bad fit so i think it’s always good in a small organization, if possible, to have a second set of eyes and get that second set doesn’t have to be somebody that the person is going to report to, right? It could be a colleague. I mean, taking officer just four or five people, they’re going to be hiring off fifth or sixth, like a cz you’re saying that’s a big percentage of the staff, it doesn’t have to be somebody that that person would report to write absolutely not. And in a small organization of horrified people, i mean everyone’s wearing multiple hats, they really have to depend on each other. So everyone has a big stake in making sure the best person has brought onboard so it could be a appear. It could be someone that maybe is performed well in a similar job in the past. You’re absolutely right. It could be just as long as they’re good. Interviewer god, they would be appropriate. How do we gauge technical expertise? We’ve been talking about behavior? Well, you can use behavioral questions to get that technical competencies, but technical skills are a little bit easier. For example, if you were hiring someone for fund-raising you can actually have them bring in and explain fund-raising approaches that they’ve used in the past, and i would ask a lot of follow-up questions to make sure that what they brought us, something they actually did. There are tests that you can use for certain technical skills. You can also do simulations, so for example, if you were hiring someone for a sales position, are fund-raising position you could actually have them come in and do a presentation to a team of you, and so you were potential donors and see how they would handle it. So there are a lot of ways to get technical. We have just about a minute left, cheryl, what potential problems should people look out for if they’re goingto implement behavioral interviewing? I think the biggest problem is asking a behavioral question and assuming you’re going to get a behavioral answer, so you have to be able to sort out hypothetical responses through a good line of follow-up questioning about the situation there, action in the results in-kind situation. Obstacle, action and results. Shell nufer is a founding partner of peredo consulting, which provides small to medium sized organizations with business tools that are often available only the large, for-profit corporations. Cheryl, thank you very much for being a guest has been a pleasure. Thank you so much, and i hope that this information will help you. I think it will help listeners. Thank you very much. A pleasure to have you thank you. Right now. We take a break, and when we return tony’s, take two. I have a favor to ask, stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? 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Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back, it’s, time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour. My block this week is i have a favor to ask. I asked block followers to give the show a one to five star rating on itunes, just like i asked our podcast listeners to do in the past two weeks, and podcast listeners stepped up thank you very much for doing that. 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Take two for friday, april thirteenth, the fifteenth show of twenty twelve. Maria simple the prospect. Find her. Are you there? I am here. I know you are maria simple. You’ll find her on the prospect finder. Dot com she’s experienced trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her book is panning for gold. Find your best donor prospects now. Welcome back, maria. Thanks for having me again, tony. Always a pleasure. We’re talking about relationship mapping and minding your own data. What is relationship mapping? Well, in a nutshell, relationship mapping is trying to map out relationships to prospects in your own database, but also to find new unknown connections. Either those connections that may exist within your database that you didn’t realize existed relationships between people or it could be relationships outside of the organization. So, um let me give you an example. We’ve talked in the past about reactive prospect research and proactive prospect research, so reactive is when you have a known name of an individual or perhaps an organization, an entity, and you need to know more about them. So you have a note you have you’re starting from a known point, and you’re just trying to find more information about that that’s reactive research proactiv might be if you are sitting with other members of your staff or perhaps members of your develop your development committee and, um, discussions starts coming around about cos center in the region or some new names that have popped up new people in the community, and you’re trying to figure out how are those people connected to others in the community? How well connected they may be, but also what might be the pathway to get us to that person or to get us to that organization? So here you’re you’re starting off with a lot less information, and you’re going to go out and proactively speak more information about about that. So, uh, let’s say you have ah, donors and your database, and you’d like to know a bit more about who else they may be connected to. There are some tools out there that we’re going to get into in a moment that will be able teo, help paint that picture for you, so speak so there are a lot of very useful tools that are available to us both free and sea bass, right? I always appreciate that you come with lots of free resource is i try to come with this much free is possible, but i do realize that some people do have some budgets or maybe already tied into some cem prospect research tools that they didn’t realize also had this other relationship mapping component to it that they might not be taking advantage of right now. So i do like to include some of that information, so i think we should just tell people at the outset no, that what the all of the resource is that we’ll talk about on today’s show i have compiled the mall in a list, and i’ll post them on both your facebook business page. Tony, and i’ll do it also on your new lincoln group, if that’s alright with you too, so this way they can they can listen and not have to worry about taking as much in the way of notes at this time, because i’ll point them to all of the sights. Okay, let me just share with you the poll question on this dark, which was, are you using relationship mapping tools? Many free, like muckety dot com and note excel, which we’ll get to toe uncover relationships in your existing data? Nobody said yes, half said no, but i know about the tools. And the other half said i’ve never heard of this. I better listen on friday, okay, so even people who know about aren’t using them. So hopefully we so we need to motivate a little bit. This is this is a lot deeper than just the pull down menu of friends that each person in your database has right friends within the database. That’s correct? Yeah, this’s much deeper than that. And so there are services that have done a very nice job of compiling people, compiling companies who those people are within the companies within the foundation’s, etcetera and and really painting a picture of how these people are all interconnected because, you know, building relationships is really crucial to the ongoing success of a nonprofit organization. We hear over and over and over again and development about how people give to people, get out their network, meet more people, build relationships and so on and so forth. So this could be a way to at least identify who some of those other people are that we should be talking. Tio okay. And so this is before we get into the actual services thes air screenings, right? So you would share your data with the companies that you are with the sites that we’re going to talk about? Is that right? Well, no, not necessarily. I go in and i used the services on a one off basis. No, i go in and i plug in the name of an individual, and i see what that particular service might have compiled on that individual and who they’re connected to in the world and so forth. So i was doing a little bit of testing this week on ah, well known name of an individual who is connected in both the business and the foundation world here in new jersey. And i came up with some really interesting results. I don’t know if you want me to get into, you know that specific name or any of that. I’m not the person. You. Yeah, but i know that you can just go and start with just a name and plug that name in. Okay, you can do it on individual name basis, but i’m a little confused. So i thought this was data mining. Can you also reveal relationships within your database? That goes deeper than that? A couple of theirs, too. Services that i looked at in the last couple of weeks. Preparing for this show that do allow you to do it with your own. Yeah. Never prepared. I tried. You should be the host. So two of the services one free, one fee based to do allow you to talk. Kind of. Take a look at your own database and discover relationship. Let’s, get into what? The zone. Now, what’s the what’s, the free one. Okay, so a couple of the free ones. But since we’re on the topic of minding your own database let’s, talk about a free tool that allows you to do that. It’s called node x l and o d e xl and this is actually a an interactive network. Visually, they call it a network. No, i can’t even talk visualization and analysis tool that leverages your m s excel application as the platform. So it’s a plug in really for your if you have anything that you can export to excel and they say it’s a free download in a zip file. Now i’ve not tested this. Hopefully, you know, i’m not missing speaking here that it’s up and still available and working, but that were supposed to be able, teo, help you identify relationships that exist within your database. And then is this one of the companies that are one of the site, so that will give you those fancy looking maps with all the detailed lines and showing all connections between people and treat people and companies? That’s, right? That’s really kind of the cool thing about this, about this whole notion of relationship mapping is that imagine tony martignetti being a little stick figure on your computer screen and resonating out from there like a starburst? Almost would be lines like spokes. Okay? And so tony might be connected to the two martignetti. Plan giving advisers tony might be connected to abc board of directors for a corporation. Tony might be connected to x y z non-profit board. So all of the spokes are pointing out to other places where tony has a connection. And this is all mind off the internet. Really? All of the publicly available data foundations also. Right. Someone’s got to foundation that’s, right? That’s? Right. So one of the other now a fee based tool that will allow you to look at again at your own relationship management tools. You’ve heard of sales force, right? Which is what they call a, like a cr ram, a customer relationship or constituent relationship management tool. What’s jargon jail. They’re okay. You know, that’s going trying to explain. So it’s it’s really it’s a way for you to house all of your contact information. A lot of people. Will you simply use something like outlook for this? Um, but anyway, it’s it’s a tool to house data on individuals that either customers, donors, prospects and sales forces. Actually, they do have a component available free to non-profits, by the way. So they have a tool called prospect visual. And what prospect? Visual does is it interacts with sales force, so they provide. They say that they provide their clients with comprehensive intelligence about their target opportunities, and they deliver key insights about ways to reach them with trusted introductions. So that is a fee based tool, and that might be something that if your organization is using the sales force to track all of your donor records and so forth, you might take a look at using prospect visual right now. Do you know whether prospect visual works with the free component, the free offering of sales force for channels? I didn’t get that far in my research, so i’m not one hundred percent certain about that, but i would think that it should interact who is even what they have available to the non profit sector, if not certainly something you might start asking sales force about. If you are sales force user, that might be something you could bring to their attention that you would like access to having this integrate with prospect visual. Okay, so there’s two tools that i know specifically of that i’ve i’ve come across that will look at your own your existing data now. Do you know? Do you import to the to the sales force based one the prospect visual? Is that also an xl import or export to it or someone you know? I think that directly connects and relates into your sales force dot com database. If you have a database house there, you would look at prospect visual if you have your database housed and more if you’re really small and you’re not into any type of fund-raising software, you might take a look at this note, excel if that plug in is available for you day or what, or whatever program you are using for your database management, you might be able to export from there to excel, yeah, and then and then from excel toe node excel, right? And, you know, i think it would be totally reasonable as well, now that i’m thinking about it for you to go to your software provider, whoever you are using for donor database management and say to them, hey, you know, i just learned about this new tool called relationship mapping i’d love to be able to know what does your firm offer in terms of a tool that i can use to mind, ah, nde, find new and existing relationship that i didn’t realize existed within my own database. Okay, we have just a minute before break. Maria, you wantto introduce us to another? Yeah, let’s, get yeah, let’s, get into one other one that’s free at this point. Muckety muck, itty dot com m u c k e t. Why this’s really pretty cool? It is. It explores path of power and influence. That’s. What their tagline, your muckety muck. So you can see here by a person’s name or an organization name, but don’t use me as an example because i am not a muckety muck. So put somebody else in that that that was your name in there. You didn’t come up in that database. I did. I did try to put your name in there while i was playing, but i could wait. What’d you say i was busy talking over you? What? No, i didn’t find your name in no surprise. All right, so you gotta rub it in. Thank you. Couldn’t just leave it. It wasn’t enough for me to just joke about you had actually make it realistic. And riel really? Thank you. Thank you so much. This’ll be maria’s last time on this show. So you may as well. Tweeter of fan fond farewell use hashtag non-profit radio say goodbye to maria. Actually, we’re going to take a break and when we come back we’ll talk more about muckety without me, so stay with us. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative dot com mondays at eleven a. M call in for a free psychic reading. Learn how to tune into your intuition to feel better and to create your optimum life. 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Join me mondays at two p m and get all your communications questions answered on speaks been radio. This is tony martignetti, aptly named host of tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Technology fund-raising compliance. Social media, small and medium non-profits have needs in all these areas. My guests are expert in all these areas and mohr. Tony martignetti non-profit radio friday’s one to two eastern on talking alternative broadcast. Talking. Welcome back to tony martignetti non-profit radio i’m talking with maria simple about relationship mapping on dh, the next site that we’re gonna talk about his loser dot com. So your prospects are not on muckety like me, which maria hastily pointed out, you goto loser dot com and they’ll map all the of course they’ll be no spokes coming from that would just be one little stick figure in the middle. No spokes it’ll just have the person in isolation. Yeah, i’m not sure we should be sending people to that site. I have no idea. I don’t know what that all right, let’s, talk about mark s o muckety. Yeah, you know, we’ll we’ll provide you with that nice visual map, as i described it a little earlier about how people are connected, but also they have ah, brief bio that they provide on individual. So i do find that quite used so you might come across an individual that you’d like tio run through that particular database. I frequently when i’m doing my prospect research, tony, these are tools that i have in my toolbox, right? So i’ll be, you know, doing research and finding out what? You know about their philanthropic giving about their assets, anything i can get ahold of in the public domain. These sites are yet another tool that i do reach out to and run their names through the services. Sometimes it’ll be in one service, and sometimes it’ll be in another and that’s why it’s important to kind of have a nice arsenal that you can tap into and have more than just one even relationship mapping, mapping tools? What i think is valuable about these tools is i want to point out that because i was looking at the some of the maps that were created, they don’t just show the person and their connections, but then let’s say the person is connected to a foundation and then the other people who are connected to that foundation that’s, right? And then as well as other people connected that person so it doesn’t just go one one level out or one dimension, right? You can keep, you can keep expanding it out much further. So as i was talking before about using your name is an example. Let’s say you’re connected to the x y z foundation. Well, then, certainly that’s. That’s not just a bricks and mortar building, right? That foundation, that foundation is made up of people so you can actually click on that foundation name and hit expand. And it will then show shootout spokes. And at the end of each spoke will be the individual names of other directors who are connected to that foundation. So presumably then tony martignetti would have access to say all ten of those directors of that particular foundation. And this all has the advantage of being visual which appeals to a lot of people. Yes, absolutely, absolutely so. Moving on to the next tool i want to talk about is corporation wicki. And again here you can search by people, companies and st. So one of the things that i liked about corporation wiki is that you can. Then you can click on your state name and then drill down further to getting it just as far down as a name of a particular town. And names pop up their corporations and so forth. So, you know, a lot of the wealth in america. Tony is held by people who own their own business since right? So that was that was highlighted forthe very well many years ago in that book the millionaire next door. So you make you may have some new names pop up of businesses and individuals that you had no idea resided or ran a business in your particular community. And so this might bring up some new organizations and people that you want to check out a little further is corporation wicky one of the free sites or this is a pay one? Yes, it’s free. Well now another free one that we have talked about extensively in the past, it’s called lincoln and you know that is more on, you know, you have to be a lincoln member, which is free todo, but then you can also plug in the name of an individual, and it will tell you how many degrees you’re separated from that individuals so that’s more for me to be your business to business prospecting that you might be looking to do and developing relationship. So i don’t think we need to spend too much time talking about lengthen because we’ve talked about it a lot, but certainly it can be considered a relationship mapping tool they actually have ah provide a link to your listeners to something called in maps, which is kind of ah, cool, interactive visual representation of your own professional universe. Where do you find that? How do you find in mathos i’ve got the link for you right on the, uh called in maps, and i provided on the recap that i’ll send out after the conclusion of today was flickering through its on lincoln it’s unlinked yet, but i’m saying we’ll put it on facebook page and in the lincoln group. Yes, i’ll put it on both planes for you, uh, another freebie and the final one to talk about in terms of the free is called the notable names database, and they say that they track over thirty seven thousand people of note. Now i will say that there you’re going to be finding more of the, you know, famous people who are out there, but but certainly if you happen to have a prospect who is a famous individual or a donor who’s, a famous individual, you might run their names through the database to see who else they may be connected to, that they could help open some doors that sounds like it could also be called top one tenth of one percent dot com thirty seven thousand people that’s pretty small. But now that i’ve confused people, why don’t you give the name of that site one more time? Uh, notable names database it’s called n and d b and they had something called a mapper. Tools and andy be mad. Brutal. We have to leave it there. All these resources will be on the facebook page and the new linked in group maria simple is the prospect finder. You will find her. You will. You will find the finder at the prospect finder dot com. Thank you very much, maria. Thank you very much. Always a pleasure. Finance my thanks. Also to cheryl nufer for joining me in the first segment next week. The eminem’s melanie and melanie it’s the melanie show. Melanie grace west writes the donor of the day feature for the wall street journal. I have a special title all set for her. You’ll have to listen to hear what that is. I’ll ask her how she likes to be pitched so that you can give it your best shot at getting major coverage for your donors. In the journal, and we’ll also talk about what she’s learned from writing this column every day five days a week, the donor of the day feature and melanie schnoll begun is managing director at morgan stanley private wealth management. She helps her ultra high net worth clients make charitable gifts and get on boards, but she has incredible, really valuable practical advice that applies to any charity soliciting any size, gift or recruiting any boardmember also, do you think that the very wealthy people aren’t interested in small and midsize charity boards? 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