084: Twitter Talk & Push It – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Pamela Grow, coach, consultant and author of “Successful Fundraising for the One Person Shop” and Brendan Kinney, vice president for development & marketing for Vermont Public Radio

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now”

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Durney yeah. Dahna hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio on march twenty three, two thousand twelve i’m your aptly named host, we’re talking as always about big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I do hope you were with me last week, it would kill me if you had missed more dreaded than death and dentist. Public speaking presentation in public speaking coach laurie krauz had four steps to get you from no way i’m getting in front of those people, too. I killed and pinterest possibilities. Pinterest is the newest social media property to skyrocket. We talked about what it is and whether there’s anything in it for your non-profit and how to get started. Scott koegler, our tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news was with me this week. Twitter talk to twitter chat hosts pamela grow of smnpchat at which is small non-profit shot and brendan kenan kinney of fundchat tell us how these one hundred forty character conversations can help your non-profit and build your professional network, then push it. Maria simple, our prospect research contributor and the prospect finder, explains how pushed technology much of it free, can support your fund-raising and based on the pre show survey, it sounds like a lot of people are not taking advantage of this. We’ll try to turn that around between the guests on tony’s, take two. My block this week is a new york times the charity community will suffer, the new york times, dropped philanthropy, and charity is a full time national beat a few weeks ago. The piece is that they are doing now, are lousy, and i’ll talk about it. I’m very grateful that the show is supported by g grace corporate real estate services. Now we take a break, and when we returned twitter, talk with pamela grow and brendan kenny, so stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Durney are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police call us ed to one, two, nine, six, four three five zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom two, one, two, nine, six, four, three five zero two. We make people happy. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio with me now are pamela grow and brendan kinney. Pamela is founder and co moderator of small non-profit chat on twitter she’s, a coach and a consultant to non-profits her latest book is successful fund-raising for the one person shop she is at pamela grow on twitter and she’s calling from eastern pennsylvania. Pam, welcome, i am welcome. Thank you, thank you. Good to have you here. Brendan kinney is the founder and moderator of fundchat on twitter. He has over twenty years experience in fund-raising and development. He has spent the majority of his career working in the nonprofit sector specifically hyre ed and public media on on twitter he is at brendan kinney k i n n e y brendan is calling from vermont. Brendan kenny, welcome to the show. Hi, tony. Great too with you that’s. A pleasure to have both of you. Thank you brendan let’s, start with the most basic just in case there are people who are still not very aware of what twitter is, why don’t you explain it and say a little about what the value has been around twitter for you? Sure, i think that you know, twitter at a very basic is a microblogging service that i think most people have heard about my now and it’s made up of messages of one hundred forty characters, no boar, which could make it challenging. But i think the value that both get from twitter is really time communication with people that share their interest for their hobby for a particular matter. And pamela what’s been your just general experience with twitter and its value. Oh, honestly, my general experience. I remember when i first got on twitter and i was actually following a marketing plan for my business, and one of the first steps it said was to get a count on twitter and i went and i took a look at twitter and honestly, i just said, well, this is goofy, this is not for me, and i sort of put it aside and it was maybe a month later and i was reviewing my program again and i went and i revisited twitter and i decided i would jump on board and it was a very odd medium than at first it took a while to get used to it on. Then. Once i got used to it, it became actually my favorite social media tools are your favorite, but you use something, changed your mind and made you go back to it, or you just you just thought, well, maybe i should give it a second try. You know, when when i’m following a specific program, i like to follow it to the letter. And so i went back, and i thought, well, i okay, you stay true to your you were staying true to your business plan, all right, and what? And why don’t you explain to people, pam? What? What the chats generally are? How does a chat work? Well can’t flex anywhere typically around sixteen, and that some of them go on for an hour and a half? I took a look around, i think it was back and, you know, it was back in two thousand ten, and i saw that there there wasn’t there are a lot of checks that are non-profit related, but there wasn’t anything specific to the one way, but before, before we get there, what is a chat? Oh, it’s a chan is something that usually you have a different topic every week we actually are can’t is every other week, and he spent about an hour going over that topic. Every shot is kind of different in the way it’s run. Some of them are very free flowing, some of them stay very, very focused, and they may be have four, five questions, and they don’t veer off those particular questions with questions argast tends to be a little bit of a mix of both okay, and what we want to point out for people is that it’s a lot of people. And anybody who wants to participating at the same time exactly it’s sort of like a kind of envision. It is a cocktail party. Okay? Brendan what’s what’s your your sense of chats? Yeah, i think, you know, i was, uh, on twitter for a while, and i had checked out a couple of other tweet chef and, you know, i found that there wasn’t many just like pam, not many conversations happening around non-profit fund-raising so, you know, in two thousand eleven, i launched fundchat really just as a way to try to connect with other non-profit folks that were experimenting with social media and it just sort of took on a life of its own, and we have fundchat everyone today at noon eastern time and just like pam said, you know, we choose a topic and typically for five questions to keep the conversation going and it’s just a it’s a great conversation every week great opportunity to connect with others on a particular topic and learn from them and also share your own expertise. All right? We’re going to take a break very shortly, and when we return, pam and brendan will, of course, still be with me, and we’ll talk in a lot more detail about how you participate, how you find these two chats, what some of the feedback has been from from these chats that will hopefully induce you into them, and we’ll just before we break. Take a break. One stat from the pre show survey. Whether you’re non-profit actively uses a twitter account and seventy three percent yes, onda, about the other twenty seven percent. No. So we want to try to get that other quarter att least little motivated about using just twitter. And then we’ll talk more about chats, that’s all after this break. So stay with us getting ending, ending e-giving, ding, ding, ding, ding. You’re listening to the talking alternative network duitz get in. Cubine are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative that calm mondays at eleven a. M call in for a free psychic reading learned how to tune into your intuition to feel better and to create your optimum life. I’m here to guide you and to assist you in creating life that you deserve. Listen every monday at eleven a m on talking alternative dotcom. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed hi and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l, j media. Dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Lively conversation. Top trends. Sound advice, that’s, tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m ken berger from charity navigator. Welcome back with brendan kinney and pam grow. We’re talking about twitter chats, brendan, so if a bunch of people are typing in these short blogged posts and one hundred forty characters each and we’re all doing at the same time and maybe even if there’s some organization revolving around a question, how can this really be a learning tool? Yeah can can feel like a flood of messages, but there’s a couple of ways to manage them so that you can kind of keep up with the conversation and participated one it’s just, uh follow that hashtag typically a tweet shed is centred around a hashtag okay, now i’m goingto i wantto move you immediately into jargon jail, which hasn’t had a job in jail hasn’t come up for a couple of weeks, actually, but i’m glad that’s why i’m pouncing on you now that it has because i’ve been chomping at the bit no, no jogging allowed, so you have to explain what is a hashtag in twitter certainly twitter the way that information can be organized through the use of hashtags so typically that’s. The words, though, is in the case of funded chat fundchat but it’s preceded by the pound symbol and so that’s. A very easy way for you to win her back any brendan you know, i think it’s your calling from a landline, right? Yeah. Okay, you were just breaking up kind of badly. Oh, sorry about that. All right, well, it may not be your fault, let’s. See? So just to reiterate so the hashtag when we say hashtag we’re talking about the pound sign on your keyboard, okay? And so if someone, for instance, wanted teo and pam, you’ll get fair time. Of course, you know, we know you’re there too. But if someone wanted to find fundchat on twitter, brandon, what would they search for? So they could search for the pound symbol and the word fundchat and depending on what twitter client you use, you can create a scream of just those those tweets. Or you can use a weapon to face like tweet chat dot com to follow a particular hashtag okay and so that’s how people are participating in your chat and also in pam’s chat right there they’re following that hashtag for the hour, okay? And brendan, when we come back to you maybe just speak. Up a little louder. That meant that may help a bit. Sure. Okay, pam let’s, let’s, explain your chat. What is the name of your chat again? And how would people find it? It’s, a small non-profit shot and it’s hashtag jem. Okay, and i’m just going to do that. Since i was in the air force, i like to show off that i know the phonetic alphabet. So for pam’s, you would do hashtag sierra mike november, papa! And then the word chat. Which would be, of course, charlie hotel, alfa tango. S m and p chat let’s say so. So, pam, what are some of the topics that you’d like to talk about on small non-profit chat? Oh, wow. We have covered a lot of different topics. We’ve covered email marketing time management in the small shop stewardship we have actually covered maybe three or four times because it’s such an important topic, we’ve covered corporate sponsorship work fund-raising we’ve had a couple on doing your annual report volunteermatch judgment surveying. Okay on dh what kind of feedback you’re getting from people who participate in your chats. Oh, my god, we get we get some amazing feedback. One of my and i wish i didn’t write down her name, but one of the participants once wrote me recently and she said it made me feel great about being a fundraiser we love to share a resource is our time and our opinions all to help people further mission in vision. It’s great to see such collaboration. Yeah, on dh that is that’s. Very complimentary. How many people typically are in your chats? Pam? On average, you know, we had a high of about one hundred thirty. But on average, i say we run about seventy, seventy, okay now, and i was just with you in small non-profit chat for the past hour, because you do yours on every other friday, one, two, sorry, twelve to one on we were just on with john hayden apartment. Excuse me, it’s, actually it’s, actually the first, not just every first and third. Okay, thank you. First and third fridays, twelve to one, and you have is your guest, john hayden who’s. Been a guest on the show. You were talking about facebook for non-profits, right, and john is just amazing. John always generates a lot of talk, and, in fact, today’s with today’s was actually very free flowing. You know, we didn’t have any questions. We do in-kind let people come in and this past wednesday, i was in fundchat with with brendan on dh, the topic was pinterest brendan, how many people do you usually get on in fundchat think we average about fifty a week and it’s been hyre that for some topics that are especially attractive to folks, but yeah, way range from, you know, non-profit social fuck media fund-raising to capital campaigns to the annual fund it’s a great range of topics. Yeah, and i just made a mistake, your pinterest was your topic last week, right? Because we had to be coordinated with this show and pinterest was there. We were talking about interest on the show also, and brendan, what kind of feedback you’re getting from fundchat participants? Well, it’s really great that, you know, it really has taken on a life of its own, and a community has really formed around the hashtag, and people really appreciate the opportunity to learn from others to grow their professional network and to just become more savvy and using the social media tools do you also have guests on from time to time? Occasionally a few weeks back, we had e, m adair and nathan hand on we had a special chat just about capital campaign. Okay, and do you find you get more people when you have a guest or not or doesn’t doesn’t really matter. I think it’s really it really depends on the top. You know, i think because you’re on twitter, social media topics and to be a big popular one, but also we’ve had some very lively conversations about fund-raising policies. It all depends on the topic. Okay, that’s. Interesting, because those could be kind of dry. Yeah, but there’s always people. You know, we should tell two people two there’s always joking back and forth. A little side conversations, right? Yeah. It’s really? You know, nice how people begin to develop relationships within the chat and amongst each other. And it often is light and fun and the conversation for so for people who always want to be in the back of the room, you know, talking to the person that’s sitting next to but it’s disruptive when it’s a live speaker, you could get away with it in small non-profit jet or fundchat typically difficult. Yeah, sometimes, you know, people will try to get back on topic, but yeah, generally that kind. Of thing is, uh, is totally cool, pam. You liketo have resources available, don’t you? Sometimes ahead of the show for people to look at you that’s, a great point that you just made, you know, a lot of times we’ll have a free handout. Now, i actually honest, to be honest with you until you haven’t done it for maybe six, seven weeks, but oftentimes we’ll have a free hand out where we’ll actually list. A lot of the resource is so people can kind of read up on things prior to the bat. Okay, so little study. Excellent, excellent. And i saw you today in in small non-profit jet. John hayden was sharing a bunch of girls for all different kinds of facebook. Resource is. Absolutely, yeah, that’ll be included in the upcoming transcript. Well, i will get to it soon as we’re done here, okay? And we’re gonna talk about we’re going to talk about transcripts and so for people who missed the chats, but so there was probably no in the and i was only with you for about forty minutes or so. He probably shared about eight or so different girls are articles that he’s written or other or other people have written on the facebook topic, so there was a lot of resource material for people to check out later on. Exactly. And i also also made the claims of someone today that i hadn’t known before, and it was kind of direct messages back and forth, and he he’s an expert on facebook advertising and that’s something i’ve been wanting to burn my reader’s attention, so we’ll probably be collaborating on that and that’s an interesting point too, isn’t it, brendan, about building your professional network the way pam is just describing she just met somebody today who could be helpful to her? You know? Absolutely, with just the nature of twitter, you never know who you’re going to bump. Into out there in the twitterverse and it really is a fun way to get to know new people and to grow your network. Yeah, i’m sure every week you get you get a different group of people, right? There is a core group of people that always seem to come around fundchat but every week you’re right, we see new faces, new voices and it really is it just continues to grow yeah, and that’s your experience to pam. Do you have? Ah, core and then people who joined differently different times? Absolutely like today’s with john hayden. I saw a lot of new faces we’ve had wei had mazarene treyz on talking corporate sponsorship. The well back and she’s been a guest on my show also she’s terrific. And we had a lot of new faces for that one. Whenever we have a guest, we usually do have a lot of new faces then there’s that core. Now, brendan, do you tend to have ah resource material available also beforehand? Or do you not do that so much? Not really. We typically post ah block post about the upcoming shat and sometimes will provide links and resource is and we tried to when we can post the questions ahead of time so that people can have a chance to reflect prior to the conversation. Okay, you do you do the post the questions ahead. Okay, i want to remind listeners on with pam grow she’s, the co moderator of small non-profit chat, which you’ll find at hashtag and now everybody knows, of course that’s the pound sign hashtag sm and pee chat, sierra mike november papa chat and brendan kinney of hashtag fundchat he’s the founder and moderator there on dh on twitter, you’ll find a panel to grow she’s at pamela grow and brendan is at brendan kinney. Brendan let’s, just talk a little about the transcripts that pam mentioned earlier. How how does that work? Well, there’s a couple different ways that folks do it there’s there are services out there that people can use to curate their own transcript like store. If i, uh, i have been using hash tracking dot com, which automatically captures the tweet with a hashtag fundchat and it also post that’s related to that particular chat. So the transcript is what value for people? Well for folks who can’t participate. At the time that fundchat usually happens between twelve and one on wednesdays. If you can’t make that time, you can always go back and review the transcript and still, you know, learn what people talked about during the during the chat and if there were any resource is shared, like i was saying hyre john hayden was doing in small non-profit shot today, if there any resource links, you could go back and find those easily and click there. Exactly. Also, i think what’s great is by being able to provide the full library of transcript transcripts on our block, people can go back on all of the topics we’ve covered and looking for those resources and those tips. And pam, you have transcripts? Yeah, i have trained you well, i’ve been using tweet reports, so brennan, i’d love to talk to you about your method. Sure, senator, you know it’s been a challenge, kind of from day one it’s the transfer apart, but i don’t think i don’t think you need to be and on board with that, but it has been a bit of a challenge. Typically what i do is i post a link to the transcript on the on the small, not non-profit page okay, and since we’re talking about it, why don’t you tell people where that is? Pam that’s actually at, uh, www pamela’s grantwriting block dot com and there is a, uh you’ll see that there’s a paint there for small non-profit okay and again, that’s pamela’s grantwriting blawg, dot com right. And brendan where’s the blog’s for fundchat it’s at www. Dot fundchat dot org’s and you can subscribe to our ar e newsletter right there on the page. Okay, um, let’s see what? Brendan, what do you what do you envision happening for? With with fundchat where would you like to go? They haven’t been yet. Well, i think my focus right now is to really reach out and to attract other folks within the non-profit sector toe fundchat specifically, i’d like to try to drawing more people who work in higher education or, um, you know, arts and culture organizations and public media to begin to participate in the conversation, so really just looking to grow the number of people who are involved and that it sounds like that’s ah, worthwhile venture, because another question i asked listeners ahead. Of time was whether they are professionally or personally participating in organized twitter chats. Only about fifty five percent said yes, andi, the rest were split between no, but i know what they are and i know and i have no idea what they are. Maybe i should listen to the show so there’s about forty five percent of people not not not doing it. So you’re trying to entice some of them to the chat about you, pam. What? Where would you like to take small non-profit chat? Well, that’s a good question, tony, and i hadn’t really thought about it. I mean, when i when i first put it out, there was kind of it was kind of on a lark and it was not part of my overall strategy, but i have to say it’s been a real revelation to me, the way it’s grown and how much i personally have learned from it, as well as how much the participants have have taken away from every chance. So the way it is right now, i’d like to continue having having terrific guest experts and continue learning from each other. That’s what i’m finding really important about the small non-profit chatted, learning from each other, so it sounds like you need a business plan, maybe for small non-profit chat, then you’ll follow that to the letter and you’ll grow it. Um, let’s. See what lights were going toe. I think we have just a minute left, so let me thank pam and brendan again. You’ll find pam on on twitter at pamela grow and you’ll find small non-profit chat on the first and third fridays of each month, twelve to one eastern. I have that right dahna pam, you do okay and you’ll find brendan kinney on twitter at brendan kinney, you’ll find fundchat on twitter on wednesday’s, also twelve to one eastern. Those are both eastern times and i want to thank pamela grow and brendan kinney for being my guests. Thank you so much, tony. Really appreciate thanks to both of you, it’s been a real pleasure. Thank you, thank you right now we take a break after the break, it’s, tony’s take two and then after that, after that it’s push it with maria simple and pushed technology, so stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed and the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed hi and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Dahna hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back, it’s, time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour, my block this week, new york times the charity community will suffer, and in fact i’m already seeing that there is some suffering in the in the coverage. I had told you last week that the times dropped philanthropy and charity as a full time national beat and ah, spokesperson had said that it would now be covered across what news desks, but no one person devoted to that beat and i’m actually seeing mohr philanthropy charity pieces in the times, but they’re pretty crummy quality and not really that not really applicable to the wider charity community. I mean a lot of things several pieces on eight and nine figure gif ts in these mega million gifts, and there was one about a twenty million dollar auction on da piece about these exclusive fancy pipe charity parties, but really lacking in most of them in substance and the substance that i did see was limited to large art museums. There were two pieces, but really only applicable to that small segment of the very large charity community, so i still believe as i have that without a full time reporter who is devoted to charity that the charity community’s going to suffer because we’re gonna lose voice on, we’re going to lose in front. We’re gonna lose information and coverage from this international media outlet and i think voice and coverage our our our power and the community deserves to be heard. Needs to be heard. It’s an important part of our culture, our society that’s on my block. The block is that tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s. Take two for friday, march twenty third, the twelfth show of the year. Maria semple was there. I know she is. I hear the buzz. Maria, how are you? Hey there, tony. How are you? I’m very well, it’s. A pleasure to have you back. Thanks, maria. Simple is the prospect finder. You’ll find her at prospect finder dot com she’s, our regular prospect research contributor. And we’re talking this week. Push it about much. Well, push technology much of it free. Maria, what is pushed technology. Okay, so i was ready for you, tony. I had a feeling you were going to want to put me into jargon. Jail from the outset. I did that before first guest. Yes. So i was like, okay, all right. So on a website called computer user dot com, this is how they define push technology internet technology that allows information to be delivered or pushed directly to a user who subscribes to it rather than the user having to go look for the information on an internet site. Okay, so we’re subscribing on dh. Presumably we can control what we subscribe to that’s, right, that’s, right. So in in the world of prospect research and as it relates to fund-raising, we’ve talked in the past on some of your shows, tony, about pro active research versus reactive research. So what push technology allows you to do is set up very specific alerts so that you can crowe actively have information that is relevant to you. Pushed directly to you on a frequency level that you decide on. Okay, many of these services allow you to decide how often you want the information driven directly to your inbox. Basically. Okay, let’s. Give a few examples before we talk about what the different sites are. The free free ones versus the paid ones. What are some? Examples how you would use this in prospect. Reese. Okay, so in terms of what you would look to monitor if you were working for a nonprofit and i’m talking about non-profit small or large, okay, andi, i think that the larger non-profits the university’s especially are utilizing these techniques heavily, but they are very used oppcoll and simple techniques that any size non-profit can use. So what? To monitor information on your top donors. Okay, so those might be your your top individual donors? For sure. I think you should be monitoring what’s going on in the world of those individuals, perhaps their companies. Okay, so you’re actually monitoring their names. Is that write their name? Their name exactly. I would put an alert set up on the name of your top donors, your own organizations name. Why not make sure that you’re also or somebody in your organization is monitoring what’s going on with your organization name and your brand out there so that you can monitor any conversations that are taking place, etcetera? And he mentioned in the press yes, your competitors. So who are your direct competitor organizations that are perhaps geographically located close to you? Or those that seem to have a very similar mission toe what you’re doing, you might want to monitor what’s going on in their world and certainly any general news that is in your your industry. Okay, so industry related news issues that are important to your organization on dh just kind of staying alert to what’s going on there that one you could use a cz information for maybe block posts, all right could be subject of posts or or maybe even just ah tweeted out that there’s an article about something that’s relevant to your charity charity work. Let’s, give a, you know, a concrete example, let’s say you’re a non profit organization that is a mental health provider, and so there are issues going on, maybe in your state, maybe there’s been some cutting funding that is going to be coming down the pike for all health care or mental health providers in your state. You might want to make sure that that gets out to the people following you on social media. If there are articles about how to deal with depression, how to overcome essay, you know the mood disorder that happens in the wintertime. When we’re all not getting enough sunlight, things of that nature, so educational news, but also information related. Teo, you know how your organization is perhaps being affected, what’s going on by the economy, okay, were there any other suggestions you had about what to monitor before we get into how to do this? Because i know you think that sort of talk things i don’t want to overwhelm people, but those have been kind of be the top things that one would want. Teo, consider monitoring if you have a very public metoo director of your organization, you may want to monitor their name as well just to see where they might be coming up on the internet in the press. Ok? And i know you have a bunch of free free resource is that we’re going to talk about i just wanted to share the response from the listener pole. Do you feel your non-profit is taking full advantage of free resource is to support your fund-raising on ly eighteen percent said yes on the other eighty two percent, no so let’s acquaint them with some of the free resource is for for using the push technology and getting these alerts, okay, so i’ve really only pulled together a small sampling, and i would i would i metoo pulled, by the way, telling i’ll make the entire list both free and the phoebe services we discussed today, i’ll make them available on ma on your facebook page. Ok? Yeah, so that people will have access to the entire list on dh, the free services that you can’t talk about alert services without talking about google. It is, i think, one of the premier services to be able to get free alert, set up and the key to remember when setting up a google alert, by the way, if you don’t know where to set this. Yes, i was going to ask you to ask literally, just go to your here google search field and type in google alerts, and it’ll bring you right to it. Okay? Yep, we’ll bring you right to it. But if anybody wants to know it’s google dot com forward slash alerts okay, do you have to have an account? No, i don’t think you necessarily do have have to have an account. I do have a google account, but i believe when i set my alerts up a while back. I don’t think i had the account of time you just have to you have to share their your email address so they can they can send you the alerts. All right, okay, so you would have to there’s a box that you need to fill in called search query, and so for example, i like to monitor what’s going on in the world of prospect research. So my search queries prospect reese with quotation marks around that phrase. Very important if you’re going to be monitoring the name of your organization or the name of an individual that you go ahead and put those quotation marks around it so that google will go out to the internet daily and look for the information and then deliver the results to your inbox conned the importance of the quotes is that it’ll just give you that exact phrase that’s in the quotes versus the first word being somewhere, and then the second word being somewhere else in it. If i didn’t put prospect research in quote, it would be sending me the results where any any anywhere results with the word prospect in it. And henny results with the root word research in it. You can imagine how many results i would be getting on, like some like, like some matching, like some dating site. I found a prospect, and now i have to research her. You would get you would get that. Okay. I guess he would. Yeah. That’s. Kind of interesting. I hadn’t thought about that application. I don’t get that. I don’t have that set. I don’t. That’s. Not from personal experience. Just zoho okay. Okay. So google? Yeah, it’ll. And so it will look for news. Blog’s video discussions, books anywhere where that phrases mentioned and deliver those results to you. You get you get to decide how often do you want those results delivered to you on dh? You have us on google. You have ah, selection of three possible results as it happens once a day or once a week. Okay, for me, i like it sent once a week, one today. But if you find that would be too overwhelming, you can certainly have it sent to once a week. But here, you know, you’re looking for relevant, timely information. So i think once a day is a good opportunity there, and you can vary them. I know in my business i have my name and that i get as it happens, but there are other things related to plant e-giving and charity registration that i’m happy to get. I hate there, have them once a day or probably more likely once a week, but yeah, so they don’t have to all be the same, right? You might decide that you want to monitor issues going on in your in your sector and have that delivered to you once a week, but perhaps your top donor names you’ll have delivered to you once today or as it happened. Right? So if there’s some breaking news about them, you can either right brace for bad news or be quick and really quick and say, congratulations. Yeah, exactly a congratulatory note. Somebody gets a promotion somebody’s company does well, um and it’s a great opportunity for you to pick up the phone, shoot an email, whatever you preferred communication channel is with that donor and say to them, hey, you know, i just saw on the news now they don’t need to know you haven’t alert set up on them give you a little bit of a leg up. Perhaps. You look very. You look very together. And as you said earlier, very proactive. Yeah, absolutely. Um, so you want to be able to monitor who your best prospects are, you know, and potentially the timing to ask for a gift. So if you see some really big information concerning a prospect that you’ve had in a cultivation say’s it’s definitely an opportunity for you have another touchpoint and perhaps solidifying move them to solicitation. What else is there? That’s free. Besides google alert, right. So free. Another one i love is linked in. I’ve talked about lengthen a lot on this particular radio show on the advanced search page. You can set up with a free lincoln account. Is there another radio show that you’re on, by the way? Are you you double timing? Mei is there some of the shit? I’ve been a guest occasionally on others. But you you’re the only regular. Okay, alright. Stepping out on me, okay? I’m sorry. So so in terms of the search alerts on lengthen, you can save up to three search alerts. Now. Here, you’re looking to mine, lincoln’s. Database, and you can have the results sent you on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. And this is a good way, as they would say in the sales world, to keep your pipeline full. So let’s say you are you are a non-profit that is continually looking to connect with people in the financial services field. Uh, and within a fifty mile radius of your non-profit zip code, you can set that search up to run and then say that search and let lincoln push those results to you either weekly or monthly. And it’ll kind of keep your your your pipeline a little bit more refreshed on you. Will you just set it up once and put it on auto auto pilot and let lincoln do that legwork for you, maria, we just have a couple seconds before a break. Where does someone go to set up those advanced searches on lengthen on the advanced search tab way over to the right next to the search box. That’s in the upper right, then? Yes. Okay. Maria semple is going to stay with us. 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Talking with maria simple about push technology, of course, she’s, the prospect finder and our regular prospect, research contributor maria we have sort of an uphill battle because pre listeners sorry, the pre show survey i asked whether people are using push technology to help fund-raising and only twenty three percent said yes, yeah, yeah way we can change that. Maybe you could do a post a post show, sir, wait get that’s that switched around a little bit. Let’s share some more of the free resource resource is besides google alerts besides linked in what else is no cost? So three others that i wanted to point out really have to do more with news sources. So the new york times, for example, has a news tracker service uh, that allows you to set up customized alert, and you can narrow that by section of the newspaper or by your topic of interest. For example, i’m not using that one. Particularly so i’m not sure if you can get his focused as setting up a phrase like you can say a google alert, but certainly, if you are looking tio, monitor certain topics of interest, you might consider the new york times i’m not. I’m not too big on the times right now, but but i don’t mind using their free services should certainly be promoting those. Okay. Forbes is another one that allows you, teo track something. They have a service called the people tracker service, and you can set up a feed alert, teo forbes articles and mentions of your prospect in filings with the securities and exchange commission. Now, before you throw me in jargon jail specific filings that i’m talking about our filings having to do with people who are corporate insiders, that means they are either on the board of directors. They are the top executives of the company, or they own ten percent or more of the outstanding stock. So if you’re defined by the sea as an insider, you need to file all of your trading activity of your stock with that company with the fcc. So as a result, you can track that type of activity on board. Is that is that the only stuff you can find on forbes or like is there magazine content also available? I think the magazine content is available as well. Okay, okay, so not. Just the technical stuff. But the technical stuff has value, too. Yeah, like you mentioned earlier about timing for ah, solicitation. Perhaps. Absolutely. Now one news service that i subscribe teo, get daily news pushed to me is called nj biz. So whatever state you’re calling in from and that that business publication, that that is really related. Tio news going on in your state on businesses that’s the one you want to check out, go to their online site and see if you can sign up for alerts to be sent to you. For example, with nj is dot com. I actually have daily and what they call their morning round up that pushes important new jersey news to me on a daily basis. So all scan that comes into my inbox i kind of look it over where i see there’s information of interest to me. I’ll go ahead and read that article i think about a month or two ago tony that’s where i got the article about, uh, j getting that big plan e-giving yes. You sent it to me graciously on dh. Then i blogged about it, right? Examples if i didn’t have that alert pushed to me, i wouldn’t have known that this wonderful gift came about a plan gift from a very low key donor to this particular organization, okay, any any other free resource is we share before the ones i’d left side wanted to cover today on the call, but if people have others who i’d love to hear about it later on your facebook page or my facebook page, which is the prospect finder llc, see and love to hear about what other people are using as well, because this is really a sampling. Okay, look, look at maria pimping out her her facebook page on the show, all right, i think the previous interviews were all about twitter. Yeah, but that was the purpose of the whole interview. There’s no, no, it’s. Fine, it’s. Fine. I just think i think that’s the first. I’m not sure, but it’s absolutely fine, of course. So let’s, talk about some of the free some of the paid ones. Now we only have about two minutes left before we have to. Too close. What’s. Which the paid ones you like. So some of the paid ones that i like our ten k wizard. That’s ten k with dot com again there i’m looking for new mentions on sec filings. That’s very that’s all an sec related database. So any any time people have that sort of money in motion, people are selling stock buying stock that our corporate insiders, you’ll be notified in the foundation world. I wanted to point out there’s a service called foundation search dot com it’s it’s really a competitor organization to the foundation center. One of the things that i like about foundation search dot com as you can set up a new alert so that you are notified when new foundations are formed in your state. So you can see the value of being notified of such information so that you can begin developing a relationship with these new foundations on dahna very early basis at the time that they’re starting to looking to start relationship because they just started themselves. Exactly so hopefully getting your foot in the door sooner rather than later. Share another one. We just have about a minute. Okay. Another one that i like a thie services i wave dot com. They have something called intelligence data, and they’ll send out a monthly recap on new donations made by individuals, foundations, corporations you can set it up by geographic location, gift range, gift type, and they actually allow you to set up unlimited alert and they’ll send you one email monthly recapping the activity that goes on with those particular donors or with the issue that you’re looking to monitor and those are individual types of donations. Maria, briefly, are you able to give us a sense of what thes paid services cost or they all over the map or what? You know they really are all over the map, some of them require monthly subscription, some of them require yearly subscription to them. So and of course, the pricing changes all the time, so i don’t want to get into quoting pricing on this. Certainly i’ll post all of these resource is, as i said on your on your lincoln, your facebook page looking, trying to push you push all listeners over lincoln when i wantto neo-sage yes, and you can go in and check them out on their own, okay, you’ll find them all there. Maria simple is the prospect finder you’ll find about the prospect finder dot com our regular prospect research contributor thanks so much for being back. Maria thank you, it’s. Been a pleasure next week, twitter. Oh, no that’s not true this week was twitter talk. Next week we’re going to have jean takagi and emily chan and they’re going to share a an important legal compliance topic with you and also have a pre recorded segment that has yet to be determined so you can follow my blogged tony martignetti dot com and you’ll see what’s coming up or you can sign up for the email alerts and you do that on my facebook page. Thank you very much, maria simple on dh then you’ll find out in advance is exactly on thursdays what’s coming up for each show appreciate it. If you like the show, please like that page could follow me on twitter i’m at tony martignetti and the show’s hashtag is and now you know for sure what the hashtag sign is the hashtag is non-profit radio use it wildly hello hana pole had a poll dental care in belmar, new jersey has free care for everybody today i did a public service announcement for them the past couple weeks and today they’re helping lots of people, i hope that’s going great in belmar hoped to meet you all this summer when i’m down there. That event is organized by dentistry from the heart the show is sponsored by g grace and company. Are you worried about the rising cost of rent for your organization? Do you need a plan for real estate you’re non-profit owns george greece has been advising non-profits on their real estate decisions for over twenty five years. 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