072: LinkedIn Lovers & Your Board Can Fundraise – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Geri Stengel, principal of Ventureneer; Marc Halpert, principal of Your Best Interest; and Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder

Dennis Miller, principal of Dennis C. Miller Associates

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Dahna hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent i am your aptly named host it’s friday, december twenty third, two thousand eleven i sincerely hope you were with me last week because if not, you screwed up, you would have missed facebook fundamentals with john hayden principle of inbound zombie and co author of facebook marketing for dummies he covered getting your non-profit on facebook had a start had a facebook fund-raising attract fans and integrate with your other channels, you would have also missed your fresh faced website are regular tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news, scott koegler shared his thoughts on your freshened up website when different handup are you on message? Trude emission, do you have your call to action this week? It’s linked in lover’s jerry stengel principle of venture near mark halpert principle of your best interest and maria simple, the prospect finder and our regular prospect research contributor show their love tto linked in for research, branding, donors and volunteermatch judgment, recruiting board members and more that was recorded at national philanthropy day, hosted by a f p of westchester county, where we were a media sponsor, and also today your board can fundraise dennis miller principle of dennis c miller associates a lot of principles on today they’re three principles, so you’re gonna get your knuckles smacked if you’re not paying attention. Dennis c miller a dennis miller principle of dennis similar associates is going to help you motivate your board for fund-raising with training, proper expectations, meaningful experiences, leadership and mohr and that was also recorded at national flandez b day between the guests on tony’s take two my block this week is say thank you before you have to make your gratitude sincere, not out of embarrassment. Talk more about that on tony’s take two. We’re live tweeting the show. Use the hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation on twitter. This show is supported by g grace corporate real estate services, and we are grateful for their support. Right now we take a break and when we return linked in lovers, so stay with me. Dafs you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Dahna are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? 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Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dahna welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio i have for you now a pre recorded interview linked in lovers from national philanthropy day just about two months ago. Three people expert in lincoln sharing their love on lincoln on here is that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of national philanthropy day. We’re at the edith macy conference centre in briarcliff manor, new york, hosted by the association of fund-raising professionals westchester chapter was just a county chapter, and joining me now is mark halpert, managing partner of your best interest. Jerry strangle, president of venture near and maria simple, principal of the prospect finder and you’ll know maria because she’s, a regular contributor to the show there are seven our topic today at national flandez every day is linked in jerry single why is linked in why does it deserve a ah seminar old by itself? Why not general social media? So i’m going to first tell you what lincoln is not, and that’s not a stodgy place to put your resume. What it is is a research database of one hundred and thirty five million affluent influential people that you khun b, you know, approaching for donations. So you’re so you’re saying we can use lincoln as ah, a research tool? Absolutely. Absolutely so it’s it’s. Very simple to search. You’ve gotta form. You’re filling out geography, industry title passion. What klaus is people are interested in and you draw up a list of people that you’re connected. Tio okay, mark. Mark albert, are there other uses for for non-profits and linked another than the prospect research was ability wise? Yeah, sure. What you want to do in lincoln is you want to fill out the profile completely and thoughtfully with the right terms. The right words know what sections of lincoln’s profile are searchable. So you can get found when people are actually searching for you? Yes. And they want to go one step farther than that. And you want to make your entire organization your tire non-profit people in the non-profit and the non-profit itself look as good as you can. Everybody, uniformly. Okay, so we’re we’re scrutinizing all our employees linked in profiles. Is that what you mean for your co-branding it’s? Part of branding. You have to have the right brand, everybody. Has to tell the right story if you have the executive director who doesn’t tell the story, but the people underneath him or her who do tell the story of a disconnect, and we see that a lot with non-profits we’re trying to work with non-profits to understand this is a total package for the entire organisation, but its fundamentals are the people themselves everybody’s gotta look really good, maria simple. Well, we’re talking about prospect research, and we’ll go into more detail on that co-branding what’s another reason that non-profits should be involved in lincoln? Well, you know, you can make an awful lot of great connections in terms of looking for additional donors, allied professionals, board members for the organization so it’s really a treasure trove, rove of trying to connect with some people who are out there right in your own communities, if you are community based organization and you can do searches filtered right down to a specific zip code. For example, if you’re looking for people with a specific expertise or an interest in the type of programming and services that you provide, what can we do around allied professionals? First let’s tell people who want to keep you out of jargon jail, but i mean, if you’re if you’re in drug in jail, you’re not going to come back and be on the show again, so keep you out of there. What do you mean when you say allied professionals first? Well, allied professionals might be, for example, if you are unorganised ation like the civil liberties union, for example, you might be looking to connect with mohr attorneys right in the in your community who could be potentially great volunteers and board members for your organization. So this would enable you to identify some of those professionals in your communities who can help benefit your organization, not only perhaps, with their time, but with their money as well on dh, how do we find them? Well, there is an advanced search page on linked in and s o it is right next toothy search the general search box, you click on advanced search and you’ll come up with a whole new page to do the searching. Now this is free, by the way. We’re not talking about a fee based portion of lincoln. The advanced searches are free and the data results are really quite amazing, mark, you talkto about branding and and uniformity let’s say a little more about that cause i think it’s an aspect of social media that that non-profits aren’t paying that much attention to their thing about their message going out, but they’re not thinking about what they look like as they’re conveying messages. Well, one thing about lincoln it’s really unique, and i think it’s separates it from facebook, where a lot of non-profits are really doing a lot of work that lincoln is the audience. A lincoln is a professional man and woman who look at lincoln all day long in their business day. They might not look att facebook till they get home if they even do that in the evening so people can look at lincoln and commit to each other, work with each other, communicate with each other i have non-profits that exclusively used lengthen as their communication with their constituents. For example, a school in stanford, connecticut, they realise that all the parents in their school are professional so they don’t mess with facebook. They go directly to lengthen to have their parent teacher organization communications go out so it can really depends on who you’re trying to attract and how to convey the information. It’s branding, it’s specific, targeted communication skills and it’s, just a tremendous tool. It gets better and better every day. I think there’s new attributes toe linked in like two or three times a week, where they’re taking something they’ve had for about three or four years, and they’re just tweaking it a little more. This week. They tweaked events last week. They tweet some parts of your profile that you probably never even knew. You had to fill out our could fill out it’s there’s places to go in tow, lengthen that are not completely obvious. That’s, what the three of us do. We’re going to show in our seminar today where to find all this good stuff e-giving ending, ending e-giving. You’re listening to the talking alternate network e-giving. You could are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall. This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative dot com mondays at eleven a. M call in for a free psychic reading learned how to tune into your intuition to feel better and to create your optimum life. I’m here to guide you and to assist you in creating life that you deserve. Listen. Every monday at eleven a, m on talking alternative dot com. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics. Politically expressed buy-in, montgomery, taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Lively clamber station top trends, sound advice, that’s. Tony martignetti, yeah, that’s. Tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m travis frazier from united way of new york city, and i’m michelle walls from the us fund for unicef. Dahna and i’m tony martignetti one of those commercials you heard was betsy cohen, psychic, medium that’s, he’s going to be a guest on the show on friday, february tenth, and what is a psychic medium going to do with respect to non-profits? You will have to stay tuned. If you really want to know in advance, then you can always sign up for our email alerts weekly email alerts on the facebook page. But, yes, we’re gonna have a psychic medium. Betsy will be a guest. You’re listening to my interview with jerry stengel, mark halpert and maria simple, linked in lovers from national philanthropy day at the a f p, westchester county. Yeah, if the westchester county and here’s the rest of that interview jimmy jerry what’s some of that job so excited by the good stuff on lengthen, i’m going, jerry strangle jimmy, jimmy she’s a gem, but that’s not her name. So we’ll share some of these hidden treasures in lengthen. So actually, i want to take a step back and talk a little bit about some research that engineer conducted over the summer and it’s going to be coming out within the next few weeks. Lengthen is the most underutilized and underappreciated big social media among non-profits and yet it has the greatest potential. So if you were to look at small businesses versus non-profits use of link in among socially active non-profits it’s about fifty percent using length in versace for small businesses, that’s about seventy percent. And among power users people that really, really use all social media extremely well, it’s eighty percent if you look a thie effectiveness rating non-profits have a very effective rating of eleven percent versus power users, which are thirty nine percent so a dramatic increase and the reason is that non-profits don’t get what lincoln really is and that that is a research database, so maybe seven percent of non-profits or using it it’s, a research database vs power users, which it’s about forty four percent and very few about not very few, but about a quarter of non-profits using length in to get an introduction vs power users, which i think is about fifty three percent, this is this is all very interesting cause we’re using we’re talking about using linkedin for branding for prospect research, but also for research beyond prospect research, this advanced search that maria was talking about him and the effectiveness reading that you’re talking about jerry. Now, how is this effectiveness rating determined? What does that mean? Really? So it was self reporting, it was a four point scale of of of the number one would be very effective and number four would be not at all effective. So, you know, whoever was answering the survey got to rate themselves and say i am very effective at linked in or i’m not very effective at lengthen, and if you look at other social media, facebook and twitter had much, much higher ratings and it’s that again non-profits aren’t getting powerful uses of linked in which you can use it to find board members. You can use it to find staff, you can use it to find strategic alliances. It’s not just about finding donors, maria simple, most underutilized yet most promising social media property. I would agree i would agree wholeheartedly with that, you know, i when i’m talking to a nonprofit organization about their presence in the social media landscape, for example, we don’t discount to the other avenues of social media. But then once we get into a discussion about what, what lincoln khun do, not only for you professionally but for your organization in terms of your organizations, growth, etcetera and brand matter-ness you know, in addition to having the individual profile pages of an individual, i think it’s important to note that there are the business pages, the company pages and non-profits can have a free, as they call it company page on linked in again, there you are being exposed in a professional environment toe other business professionals. And why not? Why not have a presence in that space as well as mark indicated about the search ability? You want to make sure that you have certain keywords there for search engine optimization, etcetera. So this is an opportunity for you to take advantage of another free tool to have not only your professional profile there but your organization’s business profile. Your organizational profile work. Where do we find this business page, or how does an organization find the place to create it’s business page? But i don’t think this is widely known no it’s, really not widely known, and in fact, it’s just been expanded considerably in the past couple of weeks. I just finished a five piece log piece on how non-profits can really blow out there. Not other company profile page, uh, it’s it’s, several layers deep it’s not just filling out forms it’s about thinking and using the peace of the web that is lincoln’s company profile page in an intelligent way, and telling the story of the non-profit what is the non-profit do? What of the products for the services of the non-profit offers and then under those products and services layers, talk about in detail. What does it do? How is it of any use? Why is it a compelling place for somebody wanted no more about it or give money to it? And then you can even recommend certain products or certain services of the non-profit right on the linked unpaid, so it builds. I built a lot of attention, it’s searchable. It builds a lot more credence to what the non-profit does than it normally doesn’t. Often these not these non-profits are suffering with really poor websites, and this makes the website less important, and it puts more eyes on lincoln. Where do we go to find this house non-profit leaders going to linked in islington dot com? But here she is in their own personal profile. Where do they go from there? Are you able to talk them through to find the place where they start to create their own business page? Sure, when you go into your when you land on linked in your in your home page at the top right of the home page, there’s a search box and there’s a downward pointing arrow that’s right now probably says people as you’re looking at your website because that’s at your lincoln site that’s really where, where it defaults to click where it says comes down to it, says companies on the dropdown, click companies, and then you can type in a search for any company that has a linkedin page. If it comes up with no linkedin page, which many non-profits test to see who has done this for us have have we haven’t done it, then you can add a company profile page. Think about how you add the pictures of graphics, the logo, the language, how you’re conveying your non-profit do you need help? Do you need money? Are you looking for something and ask? Don’t be afraid to tell business professionals we’re really folks, this is where the money is right now in this type of economy, ask for the help you need. Mark alpert is managing partner of your best interest jerry stengel is president of venture near maria simple is principal of the prospect finder and a regular contributor to the show, and we’re talking about linked in at the national philanthropy day hosted by the, uh, association of fund-raising professionals, westchester county chapter jerry volunteers hyre hyre can we use advanced search to help find people who are likely or even just possible volunteers for our organization? So i’m so glad you asked that question because linkedin just pretty pleased with myself. Now that since you said it all, i’ll reveal my own pleasure with it, so lengthen just added a new feature for volunteer experience and causes, so i really want to urge every volunteer every non-profit fresh inal to fill out that those fields within their profile, because that’s, the way that a non-profit is going to be able to find you, and you can be found for a non-profit that maybe you’re not aware of, but it is in your sweets, but in the claws of the passion that you really care about, so you’re encouraging an organization to encourage their they’re volunteers to fill out their volunteer section knew volunteers section and their own personal profiles that right? Correct. So i really want to encourage a non-profit to encourage every management person, all staffers, all volunteers, including and most especially board members, to fill out and blow out their profile on more specifically to fill out that volunteer experience and cause section markers were encouraging volunteers, everyone in this in the all the constituents to do this, as jerry just said, how can we ensure that there’s going to be consistency across all these different profiles in the way they describe their work or they’re volunteering with our non-profit how can we ensure consistency? Well, someone on the non-profit staff needs to have ownership of the company profile page and tell the folks who work in the non-profit or that our volunteers or a board members, the message that the organizations the whole wants to convey, each person can put that into their own words, but let’s be consistent in the eventual message that’s being put out there. The wonderful thing about lincoln is throughout the profile that you individually have you khun say in so many ways, how really special you are how people need to know more about you, there’s nothing wrong with saying that today’s social economy. So tell people how you stand out from the crowd and if you’re really pay proud of the non-profits you work for or work in, tell them how you and your non-profit stand out in the crowd, it’s simple. You just have to think it through, write you would stop short, then of of scrip eating on, giving specific language, you wouldn’t go that far. You really wouldn’t want to go there know that that becomes too stilted. I think the one thing about social media is it’s a very natural to very from the gut type of thing of expression, and this is a way that you need to tell the same message, but you need to say it in your own words. I really encouraged my clients to really express who they really are as opposed to tow a line. Maria, do you have more advice around what you’re encouraging volunteers and employees and other other constituents that are close to the organization to say in their own linked in profile? Now, i do. You know, i concur, though, with both mark and jerry, that this is an opportunity for the non-profit again to get their name out there, because if let’s say you have between your board and your core base of volunteers, let’s say you’ve got one hundred people right that’s, one hundred ambassadors for your organization that if they on their own individual profiles, indicate that they are a volunteer with x y z organization. Then again, it’s another place on the web where your organization name is mentioned. So, you know again, it’s is just getting out there getting that exposure, so it’s an opportunity for you to have yet another free venue to have to get your name out there. What else, maria? That that i haven’t asked about linked in that you’re going to be bringing the three of you going to be bringing out in your seminar later, pretty much covered it. Mark and jerry, have we left anything out? So there’s one point that i want to make and that’s our non-profits complain the most about the amount of time that social media takes and how are users? Interestingly, spend the most time twenty five hours a week on social media do not complain at all about the time because they’re getting the value out of it. And the last point that i want to make is when i got into social media, the easiest one for me to do was length in, and it was the least time intensive, so i think you’ll get the most out of length in as a non-profit what’s been your experience, geri what? What kind of payoff have you seen from? From link from the time you do spend on lincoln, i get a lot of traffic directly to venture near. Which provides webinars and free education. Okay, mark, about your what’s been your your return? I guess on lengthen. Well, i i have another business in aside from being a linked in coach and i get business, i book business actually into that business from people who find me a lincoln or refer me through lincoln. I just booked up good size piece of business out of san francisco this past week from it. One thing i want to add to a jury saying, yeah, you can think it’s time consuming, but an investment in you there’s no better person to invest in in your personal brand than to use linked in and keep commenting on things that you said that you read in information you want to convey, give more than you receive. Pay it forward talk about items that are of interest to your articles. You’ve read in a headline update, and people will remember goods stuff that you share with them, and then you’re in their eyes again and again, and people come to me and say, oh, i just saw your update. I forgot i needed to talk to you, then i think i’m back on the radar again, it’s. Wonderful, your personal page and your business. And the organization is not sitting well, maria, anything? What has been your return on the time you spend on lengthen? You know, i think for me, lincoln has really kind of served as my my repository for managing contacts. You know, we talk about all these fancy give contact management systems and so forth, but in terms of me as a business owner, if i meet somebody at at a networking event or at a conference like today and if we exchanged business cards, if that person does not have a presence on linked in, unless that person is going to make an extremely extraordinary effort to stay in touch with me, it will probably drop off, however, were on linked in. Then i’m occasionally seeing their updates, their post there seeing mine. And we’re staying front and center with each other in this world that is just so incredibly harried and fast. So again, it’s it’s an opportunity. I think mark touched upon sharing of information. It’s a wonderful way for you two if you can. As a non-profit executive, this is what i tell non-profit executives. If you can at least once a week once a week, have something intelligent to say on your update box, you may have an article to share that you’ve read elsewhere. You don’t have to make it up yourself if you’re speaking somewhere. If your organization has an event, you’re sponsoring something, this is an opportunity for you to get the word out, so that update box is phenomenal and we’ll help you can’t keep your network in the loop with what’s going on, the topic is the underutilized yet most promising of the social media properties, as jerry stengel said, linked in and the speakers are mark alpert, managing partner of your best interests. Jerry stengel is president of venture near and maria simple is principal of the prospect finder. Mark jerry maria, thanks very much for joining me. Thanks so much. Thank you. Thank you. Been a pleasure. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of national philanthropy day at thie edith macy conference centre in briar cliff manor, new york, hosted by the association of fund-raising professionals westchester county chapter my thanks to those three linking lovers that linked in triumvirate we take a break now when we come back, it’s, tony’s, take two, and then my interview with dennis miller. Your board can fundraise, so please stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics. Politically expressed buy-in, montgomery, taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Dahna hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dahna welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio reminder that we are live tweeting the show use hashtag non-profit radio it’s time now for tony’s, take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour. My block this week is say thank you before you have to. I had a couple of businesses right and call me to thank me for being a customer of theirs, but they really weren’t showing genuine gratitude because my credit card had been canceled because the number got compromised. So these were a couple of businesses that i had automatic payment set up on, and i had for gotten about those on dh, you know, so they couldn’t get the money. So then all of a sudden they needed, you know, one of the number, and along with that request for my new number came how grateful they were to have my business. But i think at that point, it would’ve been embarrassing for them not to have said that because i had been a customer for three years with one of them and between five and six years with the other, so and that had never heard any expression of gratitude from either of them before that. So that got me thinking, you know, why? Wait until you have to say something to somebody like we need your way got to get back in your pocket to say thank you. Why not show gratitude at other times when it’s not embarrassing to not show the gratitude? And i think that has implications for fundraisers and that’s what my block post is about. So say thank you to people, whether their donors or colleagues or loved ones, whatever before you really have to say thank you, because then it’s really genuine that is tony’s take two for friday, december twenty third, and you’ll find the more on that subject on my block at m p g a devi dot com i have an interview now also from the association of fund-raising professionals westchester chapter national flats every day, and this is with dennis miller. Your board can fundraise here’s that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of national philantech thirty day where the edith edith macy conference centre in briar cliff manner, new york, were hosted by the association of fund-raising professionals westchester county chapter my guest now is dennis miller he’s, the president of dennis c miller associates. He works with leaders of non profit organizations who want a more motivated and cohesive board, and his seminar topic is how to engage and motivate your board to participate in fund-raising dennis miller, welcome, welcome, tony, thanks to be here, what’s the challenge that you see among non-profits in getting their board to do fund-raising it’s a combination of these probably the basic premise behind why boards are we’re looking to get engaged is because they don’t have the confidence we don’t do a very goodjob when we’re recruiting board members to explain up front of what we want, what we expect of them. Ah, and then the second thing is we have unrealistic expectations off our boards, we think just because we now have recruited the president, the bank, well, the vice president, business development to join our board that they know about fund-raising and they don’t, so this is both an art and a science, and i have to be taught it the other thing which i talk about, let me just stop you for sex so they might be very sophisticated in their practice in their business, very successful, but that doesn’t mean that they know charitable fund-raising it doesn’t translate, you might be the best attorney mass marking person. It doesn’t translate the fund-raising and what i help my clients with tony and what i write about in my book is sort of the ten cup theory to the investment theory and the ten cups there goes something like this, and when i was a little boy, my mom took me to radio city music hall during the holiday season, and you had to kind of go through the port authority from new jersey. It was always a guy selling pencils and a ten cup when a leg looked like that one leg on some cardboard box, and most people perceived fund-raising as begging, um, and and the biggest fear they have is a sense of rejection. So most people are terrified of fund-raising because they see it as begging and rejection. And so how how we start to look before we get to breaking that breaking that down, let’s, start about talk about something that you you mentioned earlier, setting expectations for boardmember zoho where did when do? We start to set the expectations we need to start that, tony, when we begin to identify and recruit boardmember is not after when we are looking for board members. We need to be looking for up front, you know? They have the capability of being aboard leader don’t look for the board chair when the board chair steps down. Look for the time, recruitment is the same thing with philantech buy-in friendraising let him know the expectation, let him know the kind of dollar range you’re hoping for them to make a contribution for. Let him know what you’re kind of activities with special events or how to help him open up doors and cultivate, let you know, up front what is expected. We often fail to do that. We have a sort of the warm heart theory we’d rather get you want to board any price, even if we think, you know, we don’t want to make a fun of is it might scare you off the board that’s a big mistake, because fund-raising is a critical function of boards. It’s a huge mistake, and so we get into this situation where you know he went the development. Office becomes extremely unhappy because the board isn’t helping out. The board feels very frustrated with development office because he or she is not raising enough money comes out of a vicious cycle and it goes into these russian and round around again. Yeah. Do you like to see these expectations in writing? Oh, absolutely. I i believe it. This should be actually individual boardmember responsibilities that you actually sign when you come on the board, you should sign up for anything. Everyone time you have a new term, i think should be heavily discusses, part of border orientation at a board meeting, and you kind of build a culture of not just responsibility, but you build a culture of accountability and we a sector itself, generally speaking sort of failed to do that. All right? So let’s, go back to what we were. We were on the subject of begging, though. So how do we get people to recognise board members that this is is not begging. This is giving to ah, critical mission that you’re supposed that you’re in love with. What did i do? Tony is i asked a very simple question at a border treated at a board meeting. Tell me what your top achievements are. It is amazing to me how many organizations struggle to tell you what their achievements are. You know that. So you start with the process of getting people understand that why do people really give money? And they really give money now besides they give to people, though, because they’ve been asked to give to someone they trust respect. The two biggest changes have taken place in philanthropy over the past decade or so is people now give the success not the stress and they give the opportunity is not needs. So the key to success is to begin you organization and understanding. What are yu achievements? How do you measure success? What is the value? You’ve righted a community. How do you make a difference in lives of others? Are outcomes is another way of sound. How do you measure your outcomes? And what are they? And how do you measure them? Because it’s all now about investing in your success not about giving to you distress. And when you were in that mindset of the ten cup theory, the board is not going to be engaged. Your development dahna gay so what? I teach people in both my my speaking by lectures in my books and my consultation is is how to make that transition and part of it is is a process, but it’s, how do you find a meaningful experience for the board? How do you just move the board level of participation up from just being produced shares your teaching to being a partner in a leader? How do you keep newly re examine your mission and purpose? How do you constantly strive for success when board members feel responsible for your success? They’re more likely to be engaged, okay, let’s, break some of those down the meaningful experience. How do we now? We’ve recruited a boardmember we have hopefully set the expectations correctly about about around fund-raising and that’s what you and i are talking about motivating your board for fund-raising how do we make fund-raising meaningful for the new boardmember geever when i tell people talk to people and by the way, i mean, i did this. I’m a former ceo moflow boy chair, so i i’m i’m not just a consultant. I’ve done this for myself, so if we know we know. Your bona fide okay would have had you on a few repression in your credentials. My point to your listeners that yeah, i think it’s the job of the board chair and the job of the ceo to identify the talents, unique talents, each unique boardmember has tried to find some way of bringing out that talent, given some responsibility, find a way to engage them so they feel a partnership with you, not just handing out, you know, job, job, roles, responsibilities and put him in a little box that don’t cost my box. The key to success is moving a boardmember from the founding fiduciary strategic board, the one of leadership i think when you have a leadership board and their work with you and they’re sharing ideas and sharing experiences in asking questions, what exactly can become more engaged? How are we going to get to what they’re what they’re individual personalities and expertise is around fund-raising how do we get out of the ceo and the board chair? Assess what each person is going to be good at? Well, day is start again. It starts with your expectation of fun. Okay, you have to find out. Some people is it just a conversation? You just engage people? I think it’s a combination of process. It’s it’s what i tell people time you don’t put a ten year old up a bit but played a yankee stadium expect made a home run, we have to help people build their confidence is we’ve got to find small ways of building success, the more steps foot success. It helps build their self confidence, and i find it’s all about confidence building and and we need to do and what better job as ceos as board leaders and helping develop the compass and others? It’s not the people don’t want to do it so other people don’t want to help you raise money. They’re afraid too, and they’re not sure how to do it. But so it’s about the only self confidence they do want to help you because they love the mission. They want others to love it and they want to see it thriving. Absolutely so it’s it’s about how do we how do we help other people build conquered now? Everything that i’m sorry i cut you off. But that yeah, that the idea that i think. Is important is that every a person doesn’t have to be asking for a gift. I mean, aren’t there a lot of things around? Fund-raising and everybody doesn’t have to be sitting face to face and asking for a donation. I agree with that, but i mean, that’s scares to people the jitters when you ask himto you’re gonna be asking others for gift here, i actually don’t even sometimes i want my board to be asking, but when i want my board to do for me eyes too, i want to advocate for my mission. I want him to tell their friends and neighbors how proud they are to be part of the organization. I want them to help open up doors and helped cultivate relationships. That is the most important thing that i want i want what development officer seo wants us have the board helped cultivate relationships, and you do that, and you’ll do that when you really begin to feel passion about that mission and that’s the key that’s, the key to success it i’ll be the ceo, and i’ll ask him for the gift or someone else that knows him much, but may have been a gift. I want the board to help open doors and cultivate relationships. I also want them to help identify potential, give potential. I want him to write a little personal note on the annual appeal. Hey, tony, hope we can count on you for support again. Dennis. Uh, that’s, but i want my board people okay, we start off with this fear we you know, we immediately say we’ve gotto asking us. Forget for gas that’ll come in time. We certainly may want you to ask people for sponsorships for events which was all provoc comes their bottom line, but i’m not a big proponent of actually have the board do the asking until they are ready for it until they’re mature is boardmember until we’ve built up their confidence. So we let’s, let’s, let’s break some of these down opening doors. How how can a boardmember be helpful in making introduction open indoors, hosting events or just bringing people to the agency or what? Tony there a number way, certainly bringing a friend or a colleague to a special event and let him get a chance to see the organization meet some of the people your organization, so that’s very helpful. Number two is that when you were out a meeting? Um, uh, one of your board meeting. So when you’re at one of your membership meetings or in your country club over cocteau, tell people about how much he enjoyed being on this organization what’s going on, and then one of things that is great to be able to do is if you can host like, a cultivation event at your home, maybe for ten couples, you know, five couples, some wine and cheese. Ah, tell him about the organization. Tell me want to take on a come on? The tour introduced him to the president. It’s a it’s, a it’s, a relationship building its cultivation building. That is the ideal thing. If you ask most development office that’s what you got there, boy, we’re going to break those down into we’re gonna get into some more detail. I just want to remind people that dennis miller is the president of dennis c miller associates. He works with leaders of non profit organizations who want a more motivated and cohesive board on dh. Dennis and i are talking about motivating your board around fund-raising you mentioned assessing gift potential of aa prospect how would a boardmember help with that? Well, one the boardmember may have some sense of their home values, their wealth. They may know if they’re making political contributions, they may have an idea how they’re doing economically. Not so they can share that now. There’s, you know, beyond the scope of my discussion with you, tony, today and, you know, a lot of people like maria semple, others who’s sort of evaluate, you know, give potential for people in all the different software that are out there but a boardmember if they know someone probably has a fairly good idea of what they think that potential maybe, okay, maria simple, of course dennis mentioned is our regular prospect research contributor, and we’re also going to be talking to her later today on the subject of linked in which she’s covered on my show as a contributor. But she’s on a panel today talking about linked in what about thanking donors? You mentioned that board members could be useful in that respect, how lett’s flush that out. One of the best ways that i think to get bored, engaging fund-raising is a thank dahna what? I call a stewardship night, stuart. Tonight is where every boardmember may get five, maybe ten names and it’s scripted, and so if you made a gift when it’s one hundred dollars for a thousand dollars each, boardmember is it provided a a script of calling the donor and say, listen, hi, dennis miller, i’m on the board of whatever i want to thank you for the for the gift of one hundred dollars you gave this year because your gift we were able to do the following thing, do somewhere children, pediatrics or whatever, and what it does is connect you with the person. Therefore there people like to be acknowledged for the gifts and the more likely that you mouse and thank them, the more likely they are to attribute you in the future. It sounds like the sole purpose of that call is to say thank you. Thank you. And would you make another gift? Not a tournament, if you gotta. You gotta thank him. S oh, that’s. A big way. Yeah. You’re gonna mention another well, the the the other way is obviously is you know what, with little personal notes and little letters thanking him. Um and obviously, you know, that kind of a process, but you want to when you personally don’t, but if you don’t know, have the board divide up some names of donors and make that call that you absolutely do not want to thank him for the gift and ask him for a gift that defeats the whole purpose of okay, what about for ah, institutional fund-raising so when if the non-profits going after foundation or corporate support, how khun board members be useful there? Well, one of the ways that a boardmember, um, useful, that is first we’ll take a look at who’s on the board or who’s on the executive team of that corporation or foundation that you’re splicing from, it really helps if you can maybe identify someone to say, listen, i don’t know the person, but i know the firm they worked for, and i know someone who works for that firm, so maybe we could make an introduction that’s one way number two, the border be very helpful if they can review that foundation of that corporation, their website, along with the development officer, look at the criteria of why they’re e-giving too often people. Just send in grant applications without understanding the criteria. What they’re looking for. A good automatically, you know, neglected or rejected. So that’s, kind of where i think the boy remember all complain. Talking alternative radio, twenty four hours a day. Metoo hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. 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And on tony martignetti non-profit radio your listening to my interview with dennis miller, your board can fundraise here’s the end segment of that interview. Okay, so it’s a flesh out the details of that you would actually be sharing with the board a list of organizations and people who are affiliated with that organization to see who knows who. Absolutely. Tony, what i would do is maybe identify the top ten corporations of foundation were trying to put into our package of solicitations for show who’s on the executive team, show who’s on your respective boards and ask people, did they know anybody? Or do you think they know somebody can get to somebody? It’s really helped? Well, two pride of submitting an application if you can build a relationship. What i have done in the past is obviously, is if i know the person on the corporation or the foundation ask if we could have a cup of coffee with my client, set up a little meeting, and then usually they will say, you know, we’re not focusing this year on that, but we’re focused on this so they can help. Much weaker, you know, picked from falls. A bit better. Is it appropriate to ask a boardmember tau host events or in their home, perhaps? Or is that going? Is that going beyond? No, i think that’s a responsibility. I don’t think it’s realistic that you’re gonna have everybody you ever border fifteen people, you know, they have two or three people a year. Maybe host a little event at their home. It doesn’t have to be. Some may know major gallop. A host of friends at their home barbecue. You know cocktails, hors d’oeuvres i that’s a great way. It’s. Everybody know everybody bring five or ten people. I mean that’s. Ah, i chaired the board of ah of st joseph regional high school in mont phil for a number of years. Shared their camp st joe’s. I grew up in altum pan. My friends went to st james so my son graduate. Oh five. And you know i have people come over my house was pretty cool because at the time, mayor rudy giuliani son went there. We had a cultivation at my house. We had one at major lee anne’s house in the city. And you know it brings people involved, engage and breaks. Breaks the walls and a little bit people were probably impressed with his home, but he doesn’t own that the taxpayers own it. So actually it’s gracie mansion, so don’t you know, let’s, let’s keep it he’s no longer the resident there ever was, and he never was the owner. He was in private residence at the time. You got a crazy man, okay? Hyre and that’s another way of helping to build confidence, i think cause you’re finding something that boardmember can easily do host a half a dozen or a dozen people in their home said i think, you know, i’m kind of go over this again, the biggest thing that we fail to do as ceos, developing directors of board members, we what i’m actually think because you’re depressed, thank you should be confident doing this and they’re not, you know, it doesn’t translate, so we have to help build that competent those organizations that spent some time and energy and investment and trying to build their confidence, the ones that have the boats, powerful success, long term success, increasing donors and increasing dollars in just a minute and a half that we have left are so don’t us, what about the recalcitrant boardmember now they’re on, they’re already on the board, and they’re just not willing to help with fund-raising in any of these respects, whether it’s hosting an event or asking people, they’re just not willing. Well, the biggest thing that i do with my clients is i look at the find out, particularly i do a lot of board governing board performance assessments, do you have a re appointment process and what you want to be able to do is listen, not everybody is going to be able to host a party. I do expect for my clients that every boardmember make a personal gift annually to the organization, not so much, you know, forgetting something returned like a golf batting or gala to make a gift subject to you means now again, if you go back to beginning conversation, we had tony if there’s expectations of the boardmember are clear up front and over a period of time, you have not lived up to your expectations than i would expect that person not to be reappointed aboard. Also talkto if you go to my web site www d c miller associates dot com i have a number of articles, one is about how and when the fire boardmember now, you know, i don’t take this lightly, but there’s a lot of different ways of how you can deal with these type of board members that have some type of disruptive behavior and don’t contribute. You mentioned you’ve written books, i’ll want to give you the opportunity to plug one of your books on dh then we have to go into the outro. My new book is called a non-profit board therapist. Ah, guy to unlocking your organization’s true potential it’s available online at barnes and noble amazon and what their house dot com thank you, tony. My pleasure. Dennis miller again is president of dennis c miller associates works with leaders of non profit organizations who wanted more motivated and cohesive board. Denis, thank you very much for being against tony. Thanks for having me well appreciated. My pleasure. You’re listening to our coverage of national philanthropy day hosted by the association of fund-raising professionals, westchester county chapter my thanks to dennis miller and also jerry strangled mark halpert, maria simple for being guests that day and to the people the organizers of national philanthropy day, the association of fund-raising professionals, westchester county chapter next week there isn’t a show hope you enjoy your holidays, whatever holiday it is you celebrate, i hope you’re enjoying this weekend and new year’s next weekend and spending time with family and friends that’s really what? I think the holidays are best at his bring us together so enjoy that time in the new year on january sixth, i’m going to have three interviews from the next-gen charity conference author and stand up comic wally collins on motivation and living a regret list life. Charles best, the ceo of donors, choose dot or ge on connecting donors to the causes that they support. 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