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Tony’s guests this week:

Norm Olshansky, consultant and co-editor of “You and Your Nonprofit”

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host and today’s friday, october nineteenth. Oh, i very much hope that you were with me last week. It would cause me pain and distress if i learned that you had missed last week’s show, which was your end campaign clearness from the blackbaud conference b be gone earlier this month in maryland, the conversation was with a panel, and they revealed tips for your year end campaign also compensation clarity. Jean takagi and emily chan, our legal team, were with me to explain how you determine what’s reasonable compensation for executives. What happens if the camp is excessive and what’s that automatic penalty that kicks in if you don’t disclose benefits? Plus we did our board role play, you’ll recall, i believe i stormed out of that meeting uh, this week leadership normal sanski, consultant and co editor of you and your non-profit shares his advice on non-profit leadership, his premises everything starts with leadership and linked in news. Maria simple, the prospect finder and our regular prospect research contributor, has two new offerings from lincoln board connect. Helps you find the right people to serve as board members, and reasons to call reveals touchpoint ce for making contact with the people you want to talk to. Between the guests on tony’s, take to my blogged this week is the modest are more generous. If you’re on twitter while you’re listening, then you can join the conversation using our hashtag non-profit radio. We take a break and when we return, i’ll be joined by normal sanski and we’re going to talk about leadership. Stay with me. You couldn’t do anything, including getting thinking, you’re listening to the talking alternative network, get in. Nothing. Cubine joined the metaphysical center of new jersey and the association for hyre. Awareness for two exciting events this fall live just minutes from new york city. In pompton plains, new jersey, dr judith orloff will address her bestseller, emotional freedom, and greg brady will discuss his latest book, deep truth living on the edge. Are you ready for twelve twenty one twelve? Save the dates. Judith orloff, october eighteenth and greg brady in november ninth and tenth. For early bird tickets, visit metaphysical center of newjersey dot or or a nj dot net. Hi, i’m donna, and i’m done were certified mediators, and i am a family and couples licensed therapists and author of please don’t buy me ice cream are show new beginnings is about helping you and your family recover financially and emotionally and start the beginning of your life. Will answer your questions on divorce, family, court, co, parenting, personal development, new relationships, blending families and more. Dahna and i will bring you to a place of empowerment and belief that even though marriages may end, families are forever. Join us every monday, starting september tenth at ten a m on talking alternative dot com. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Well. Welcome back. This is big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. But you knew that joining me now is normal. Sanski he’s, the president of n f p consulting resource is he’s, also a senior consultant with the bob carter companies. His clients over many years have included botanical garden, national membership associations, religious organizations, hospitals, public and private schools, museums and arts organizations. Norma’s joining me from sarasota, florida norm. Welcome. Well, thank you. Nice to be with you, tony it’s. A pleasure to have you. Thank you were talking about leadership on dino. You start with the premise that everything starts with leadership. Let’s, start very general and have you tell me what is a good leader in your mind? Well, obviously, when we’re talking about non-profits a good leader, and when i say leader, i mean either volunteers or staff, uh, the key is obviously a commitment and passion for the mission. I mean, it all starts with that. And then it it’s a question of of people who are serious about the business of non-profits there’s some but there’s a whole lot of, uh, skill and science related to non-profits but there’s also the art the relationships of uh, that are involved in a successful non-profit so having a combination of both people who are willing to take some risk, but also who are creative, who can establish and bring in additional people who are passionate about the organization and it could bring resource is and talents that are necessary to be successful. And i love that you start with the commitment and passion, but obviously that’s not sufficient that’s it’s necessary, but not sufficient many, uh, organization that had very committed and passionate people who knew about the mission failed because they don’t have the skill and the knowledge of the relationships, the influence or the leadership necessary toe taken organization to ah level, where could be sustainable? And this is a business you mentioned being serious about the business. You do have to have a business sense and run run this organization like one. You know, a lot of people don’t realize that talk about non-profits but not profits are corporations non-profit is a status of the i r s but when you talk about a corporation, any business to be successful has tohave the components and the plans and the leadership. Behind it that they’re going to make things happen and, you know, so marketing is as important to fund-raising and, uh uh, financial development and budgeting, all of those things that businesses have to deal with are the same that non-profits have to deal with. I think people get a stark surprise when they learned that the first step to creating their new charity is incorporating in the state that they want to be in that just to just reinforce your point. This is a corporation it’s, a not for profit corporation, and you have to incorporate and there’s your first your first introduction if you hadn’t realized that, uh, this is going to be a business, you know, and you will know and have written about extensively, there are regulations that govern corporations and their specific regulations that govern non-profit organizations. Yes, i’ve heard rumors to that effect. I do a lot of work around charity registration, that’s one narrow small compliance area for charities um, and there were many of the state and federal level, so the so the sense of being a business i think is is shocking to a lot of people who come into a a new charity with that passion and motivation for helping people but they they don’t realize what they’re into for the long term and in its agriff it aggregate the non-profit sector is one of the largest corporate sectors in america. When you look at total assets, total income, total number of employees um after retail and manufacturing, the non-profits sector is the third largest in the nation. Interesting, excellent. Okay, so let’s broaden little bit. We don’t because we don’t want to talk just about people who are starting a charity. So leadership, as you said, of course, staff or volunteer. But with staff, this could be well, even volunteers. This could be leadership at any level, right? We’re not just talking about the executive director and the chair of the board. No. Leadership is key at all levels. From your receptionist to the person who answers the phone to the people who were involved in strategic planning, uh, from top to bottom. Everybody needs to contribute their leadership capabilities for an organisation to be successful. Interesting. You mentioned even the, uh, the receptionist? Absolutely. Absolutely. The receptionist is usually the first contact that a person has with an organization, whether it be a client, oh, a member or a donor. And if that if that contact is not one that is receptive and, uh, customer friendly and doner makes into account all sorts of dona relationships, then you’re starting off on on, ah, negative to begin with. So, uh, everybody needs to do their jobs well, understand how they fit into the overall organization and the importance that they play towards the success of the organization going forward way. We’re going to take a break, of course, normal. Sanski stays with me. We’re going to have a chance to talk more about these volunteer. I’m sorry about the leadership topics and get into some recruitment and and relationship building in succession topics all around the book that he co edited, yu and yur non-profit stay with us talking alternative radio, twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam lebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Buy-in are you fed up with talking points, rhetoric everywhere you turn left or right? 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Welcome back, big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent um, norm let’s talk a little about the the art of leadership that you mentioned not only the business side but the art what’s involved there. Well, clearly part of the role of a leader, a true leader is to be able to motivate others and motivating others means setting and being a good role model, being a good listener, being a person that allows others to bring to the table their talents and skills and knowledge and fuel ownership to the overall venture. So a true leader is somebody whether it’s, a staff leader or volunteer leader, is someone who engages others who is a role model, who’s says follow me because i’m willing to do anything i’m asking of you, uh, who sets the bar high expectations high and is a, uh a gung ho uh, passionate about the organization. So, uh, when we talk about people who have influence people who are charismatic, they’re your best best leaders in an organization if they also know how to relate to people and engage people in a positive way. Let’s, apply some of this too, recruiting you might. Be recruiting staff or you might be recruiting volunteer leaders. What are what are some what? Some of the actual tips you know that we can we can convey the listeners around recruiting the best people for your for your organization? Well, there’s so many, many things to consider and as as we mentioned in the book that’s put out by charity channel press, when you’re looking at, uh, recruiting leaders, you’re looking at both sides of the equation, people that are going to bring skills or re sources that are needed for the organization and people who could be team players, people who care passionately about what you’re doing and people who are, uh, going to keep the interests of the organization above their self interests. Now, how do we recruit to find those attributes? Well, typically, volunteers are engaged in an organization at all different levels and based on the way they perform in their entry level rolls, uh, people then are elevated into positions of more responsibility in terms of professional staff. You’re looking for people that have a particular skill set that you need, whether that be in the back office or whether that be in fund-raising whether that be in operations or service delivery um, and then people who fit into the culture of the organization too often way neglect the fact that every organization has its own history and background and, uh, relationships that have existed over ah short or long period of time and bringing people in who don’t fit into that culture can be problematic, so personality becomes a critical factor over the buggles. So are we basing a lot of our recruitment on on instinct then as we ascertained somebody’s personality while we’re talking to them? Yeah, it’s some of it is instinct of people who’ve been around a long time, and i’ve been involved in human resource is develop uh uh, the instincts, but the instincts or developed based on science, for instance, you don’t want somebody who is always in need of socializing and as always, needs to be around people in whatever to be sitting in front of a computer all day. Likewise, you don’t want somebody who is that academic focus type of intellectual, um, to be the one who’s going to be in your sales force or marketing or, um, uh fund-raising areas so personality is as much as important as looking at the actual skills set that someone brings to a job all right, i have had a couple of guests on who, when they’re interviewing people liketo recommended asking about impact, much the way donors air looking for organizational impact. What impact did you have in a difficult situation and listen to stories about how they dealt with people? Dealt with a difficult situation may be difficult person and what the what the outcome was there there you no good interviewers can develop scenarios where they can see how well people handle themselves on their feet thinking quick, but also how open people are, because a lot of people, um, will in an interview especially they want to project the best possible scenario for their own employment and chances of getting that job. And, uh, if they’re not, if you don’t find, uh, the humanness of a person, the ability to recognize what they don’t know, they’re our willingness to acknowledge some of the things that they’ve they have not been as successful with. Yes, you know way all have our strengths and weaknesses and it’s so important in a work environment that you have the type of employees that could be very upfront and candid and and have a lot of self awareness as to what their skillsets are what they need to learn more about and the like. So, that’s, what you really want a probe in an interview to see how comfortable people are and knowing that interviews or stressful situation. So part of what you’re doing is seeing how people handle stress schnoll once you have recruited the types of staff and volunteers that that you’re aspiring to, you need to keep them motivated about their work, and i think that’s a lot of leadership also there made their difficult times there’s going to be fun times there’s going to be tensions? Ah, leadership a leader needs to manage in all these different environments. Yes, and a good a good leader any good professional, in fact, eyes always looking for additional knowledge. Uh, additional resource is, uh, how to do there roll their job better. Um so organizations that encourage, uh, training and in service and education and opportunities, tto learn are the organizations that are the most sustainable and successful one of the things that we’ve learned in human resource is that job satisfaction is not as highly related to compensation as it is to people feeling that their position and an organization is recognized, that job that they’re doing is meaningful and that they’re given opportunities to grow and learn in their roles. Yes, that’d be a volunteer work staff. Yes, and i’ve seen survey results or study results about that in the popular press again, that job satisfaction doesn’t come primarily from compensation, but from feeling of feeling, of belonging and membership and commitment that that the person feels for the organization and that knowing that the leadership feels toward them. One of the biggest problems i see is that non-profits too often are are so heavily focused on problem solving that they forget to celebrate their successes and, uh, encourage others, uh, to recognize everyone’s participation and involvement in an organization on dh their role in that success, it’s, not just the board chair and the ceo that are responsible and should be recognized for the success of an organization you mentioned education and training, but in bad times recession or just lean times for an organisation, irrespective of what’s happening in the macro economy, those are things that tend to get cut pretty quickly conference spending bringing consultants for in for training things like that tend to go get cut pretty quick. Well, that that is true, and it is a challenge, but like with anything in the nonprofit world, challenges can be overcome. There are many non-profit resource centers and, uh, universities that offer free workshops, there are opportunities through professional organizations in the light to get mentors for staff. There are opportunities even for a portion of every board meeting in tow have, uh, learning experiences. So the problem is that organizations that are not strategic are not going to be as success was they could be, and part of being strategic is thinking forward, how am i going to help develop my staff and volunteers so that they’re going to be able to take on the challenges that we’re going to be facing going forward? And if you’re not thinking ahead and only thinking about putting out fires? It’s ah, problem and that’s a challenge in this economy because so many organizations are struggling economically, so you have to think smart, act smart and use your resource is carefully, it all falls. To the little falls to the leader. I mean, for the organization to be strategic, the leadership needs to be right. But after buy-in throughout the organization on what that vision is and what that plan is. Yes. Okay, yeah, you know? Right. Yeah. I’m gonna correct myself. It doesn’t all fall to the leadership, but it all starts with the leadership. Exactly. Okay, that’s, that was how we started the whole conversation today. And that is everything starts with leadership. Andi, we’re going to continue the conversation. I just want to remind listeners normal. Sanski is a consultant and co editor of you and your non-profit published by charity channel press. Norm let’s talk a little about succession that we’ve recruited in. Hopefully retained good volunteers and good staff succession planning. And you want one of the articles in the store in the in the book is your own article on succession planning around volunteers. This is a critical, uh, um, teacher or component or requirement of non-profits to be successful. Uh, we mentioned earlier how important culture is and the history of an organisation and having people who understand that history and you have the experience is so if you do not have a good succession plan, you are of setting yourself up for dramatic changes every time. There’s a change of leadership, whether that be volunteer leadership or, uh, staff leadership. So having a succession plan, knowing what you would do in a scenario where a person leaves or persons term expires, uh, those things need to be thought out. Uh, we usually recommend that, uh, with the lay leadership that you have clear, um, succession in terms of if you have vice presidents, that there’s an expectation that the vice president or if you have multiple vice president’s, one of those vice presidents is being groomed to be the next chair of the board with staff that there’s cross training so that you always want to be aware of the mack truck we call it effect where if a key staff person is, is unfortunately in an automobile accident and is out for months or leaves uh, the organization that you’re not completely vulnerable, that you have others who understand what their job was. I could step in and help with that. So succession planning is critical. The other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that when you’re involved with non-profits, we talked about the passion and commitment to the mission. Well, it’s also key what happens when people move through that succession plan and say someone was the board chair and now they’re no longer board chair? Well, they’ve been involved the years in a very intense way, and if they’re completely cut off, you could lose a very experienced leader. So how you work with prior leadership and how you help people with that transition is very important, too, in the article in the book goes into a lot of the issues related to succession planning the structures for that in the light. They’re also articles on my blogged specifically related to this issue and you block is that n f p consulting dot com uh n f consulting dot blogged spot dot com that’s, the block post okay, and the other is the actual consulting practice. Okay, i want to flush out a little more the the volunteer leadership succession because you do suggest that the past chair be active. Obviously the current chair is, and then also as you said, the vice president of one of the vice president is chair elect, don’t you now have three share people vying for leadership? Um, not if the rolls and the culture of the organization are very clear is to the responsibilities of leadership, and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve gone into organizations and found that they did not have clear job descriptions for each of the positions. Oh, job now, does that belong in the board’s by-laws, or is that elsewhere? No. That’s. Ah, separate separate item. You know, the by-laws usually have a very brief description of responsibilities of officers, but, um, uh, more complete, uh, job description. Just a cz you would have for employees. Should be for every one of the officers and board members of the organization where you have, what is their responsibilities? How much time is expected of them? Are they expected to make a contribution or to solicit funds? What are the events or programs that they should be participating in? Ah, what sub committees or task forces, um, are their expectations that they serve on all of those things? Should be outlined in a job description for volunteer leadership. Justice he would stab. Okay, andi, we have just a couple of minutes left, and i want you to share what your thoughts are around what, what it is that you love about it leadership topics and motivating leaders. Well, one of the things is a consultant is so very special is when you, khun trance, for the skills and knowledge you’ve experienced over ah, whole career to an organization where they are able to then go forward using those skills and no longer be dependent on the consultant. Uh, so really uh, uh, consultant and the wonderful way that i love working with leadership is you always start where people are at their never all at the same place, and once you assess where they’re at, then taking them forward to where they can be and helping them to have a vision of what’s possible eyes what’s very exciting because i’ve never met anybody in a non profit organization that didn’t have good intentions, but a lot of people in non-profits have no clue as to how to implement successfully their good intentions. And in just about thirty seconds we have left it’s got to be very gratifying to help someone achieve their full potential as a leader, no. Question. No question about that, and also so many people have helped me through. My career is just great to be able to give back whether it be susan consulting or publishing that’s, the joy of being what i would call a senior professional in the field. Normal. Sanski is a consultant and co editor of u n yur non-profit, published by charity channel press. He’s, president of an f p consulting resource is normal. One. Thank you very much for being a guest, my pleasure, and thank you for having my pleasures. Well, thank you, norm. Now we take a break when we return. It’s tony’s, take two and then maria simple, linked in news. Stay with me, talking alternative radio, twenty four hours a day. Joined the metaphysical center of new jersey and the association for hyre. Awareness for two exciting events this fall live just minutes from new york city. In pompton plains, new jersey, dr judith orloff will address her bestseller, emotional freedom, and greg brady will discuss his latest book, deep truth living on the edge. Are you ready for twelve twenty one twelve? Save the dates. Judith orloff, october eighteenth and greg brady in november ninth and tenth. For early bird tickets, visit metaphysical center of newjersey dot order or a nj dot net. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com way. Look forward to serving you. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Buy-in if you have big ideas but an average budget, tune into tony martignetti non-profit radio for ideas you can use. I do. I’m dr. Robert penna, author of the non-profit outcomes toolbox. Hi there, tony’s. Take two my block this week is the modest are more generous this’s known to a lot of people, but i just felt like paying attention to it this week because i’ve seen some recent press around it, especially around the chronicle of in the chronicle of philanthropy. Um, the research that consistently shows that people of modest means give a higher percentage of their income, then the wealthy do, i think that’s very interesting. And so at the macro level, not surprising, poorer communities don’t need a higher percentage of their income, then then wealthier communities. We find that across the south states in the south are typically maur generous as a percentage of income than, say, the northeastern states. And so that creates us curious generosity, divide and on my block this week i have links teo articles by the chronicle of philanthropy on this, and they also have an interactive graphic showing generosity throughout the country and that’s all on my blogged at tony martignetti dot com that is tony’s take two for friday, the nineteenth of october forty fourth show of the year with me now, as she is every month, maria simple maria, how you doing out there? I’m doing great. Thanks for having me back. Always a pleasure. Maria simple is our prospect research contributor she’s the prospect finder. You’ll find her at the prospect finder dot com. Her book is find your maria. Remind me what the name of your book is panning for gold panning for gold dahna prospects finding your best donor prospects now, thank you. I’m sorry. You have some have some linked in news for us. A couple of new offerings from linkedin. Yes. So one is directly from lengthen, and the other one comes from an approved development partner with linked in. So i thought these were both two really interesting developments that could be very, very useful for non-profits and we might want to, you know, give them a little time and highlight them and show people how they can use them, especially since they’re free. Okay, i love it. You always come with free on very low cost resource is outstanding that i’m always good for that you’re very well known for that. So let’s, start with the one that’s directly from lincoln that is bored. Connect that’s, correct board connect just launched. In the last couple of weeks, lincoln gave some announcements about it, and they have a website set up where people can learn more information and i’ll make sure i share that on your facebook page. But it’s non-profit and the linked in group two don’t forget the link down it’s right that way talking about lengthen your going to everything on facebook so the page that people can look for this is non-profits dot lincoln dot com and so basically at a high level overviewing let me give you an idea what it is. It is, uh, access to what they call their talent finder tool on it is a premium account level, and so it has a thousand dollar value, which is a kn annual value the thousand dollars subscription that can be obtained for free by one person at the non-profit um, so you really didn’t need to figure out who that one person is going to be that’s going to have access to this and let me tell you what with the tool can do, and then you might be able to envision you know, who would be the best connector at your non-profit you noto have this tool so basically it enables you to really look for board members, and i’m sure that tool can be used in other ways. But it’s really meant to help you find boardmember zina very systematic tearaway instead of sitting around at a board meeting and saying, well, who do we know that can help fill this gap? Let’s say you have a gap, you need somebody and maybe the financial services or accounting field, and you really would like to have that expertise on your board you can use it will give you expanded search capacity, uh, on your advanced search page of lengthen and we’ve talked about that the usefulness before of that page, but now it’s going to give you access to more search field so you’ll be able to really find to search the other great feature that it has is twenty five in males a month are included. So have we talked about in they’ll know we haven’t esso let’s? No, i don’t think so. We haven’t, so no, that is a way to connect directly to someone and send them just as it says in in mail and email, basically within the lincoln. Space ah, and you get up to twenty five per month. And they say that if you don’t get it sponte back from the person within seven days, you kind of get a credit back-up one typically you have to you have to have linked in pro in order to use in male. Don’t you that’s correct. So that that’s? Why? For for one and non-profit one person connected to the non-profit soak to really? I’ve talked to it. Some of my other colleagues who are you know who love linked in a cz well, you may from heart is talking about them before jerry tangle and mark help they were goes on the show. There were panelists with you one time that’s right that’s, right? And we really think that in order for this to really work well, the person who has this access should have at least three hundred fifty connections of their own and way think that the magic will really happen really at five hundred and up. So think through who at at your your non-profit would have that level of connections. Um, you might want to give the access to perhaps at the boardmember who? Might be better connected on lengthen uh, maybe the person in charge of your board, croup, mint committee or something like that. But it will give you access to this talent. Find your tool they have with bored connect there going to be providing some additional educational webcasts, and they have a group that they’ve started within lengthen called the board connect group. So you’ll be able to have a pierre network who are using this tool effectively. Ok, let’s, talk a little more about the details of it. How do we how do we go about using it? So as i said, you really access it through the talent. Find your tools through the advanced search page and having those more advanced search filters. You’re going to be able to also see expanded profiles of people who are outside your network. And maria let’s, just stop the advanced search tool. That’s was that’s in the upper right corner. Yes, that’s in the upper right corner. So you have a search box which would appear on your home page of lincoln. Just to the right of that. There is a clickable links called advanced search that that’s what you want? To click onto, and then many more, many more fields will open up for you, but only the person who’s authorized to use the talent finder tool. Well, anybody can it can access advance, right? Right. However, having the talent find your tool will get you more fields to search on. Okay, right, you’ll see you’ll see an expanded page over what everybody else was using donorsearch let’s say you’re really only interested in connecting with people who have maybe a title of cfo within a certain radius, but also you want to make sure that they’re within fortune five hundred companies or they have a minimum of two hundred employees, so you can really start filtering out and really coming up with a very concise list. Um, actually, jerry, just jerry stengel just did this very effectively for aboard the cheese on in in manhattan, and she blogged about it. Um, i don’t know if you’re familiar with beth cantor. She blogged about it. I’m beth cantor’s blogged on september twenty fourth, so that might be something people want to refer to cause she actually kind of goes about outlining how she used this tool her sir self to find some people who have a perfect match for for the board and she’s in conversation with several of those people right now. Excellent. All right, so jerry stengel blogged on beth cantor’s, a guest blogger on beth cantor was spelled k way also kind of highlighted. You know how jerry used this particular tool on a web in or that we recorded on october second, which is actually linked to that webinars also accessible there on the blog’s link. So on the best i mean, on the breast cam trying to, you know, let people know in a in a variety of mediums help. How can use okay, now what you mean the link to the webinar is on the best cancer blogger. Yes, you can also get you could get to it from jerry’s website venture near dot com, but you can also get to it from from that original block post that came out on a september twenty four. Okay, beth cantor is k and tr and the jerry stengel blogged where you can also find this is his venture near and that’s venture and e r dot com as if you’re a pioneer, but not that you’re near adventure, as in close to adventure ventured here like pioneer ok, so what has your own experience been? We’re talking about everybody else in the world what’s your own experience, but i was playing around with it for a little bit. I wanted to see, you know what would be, you know, the advantage of having all those additional search features and, you know, it really does greatly narrowed the pool, and you can really get a very nicely refined list of potential prospects that you want to reach out. Tio so really it’s been developed for, you know, trying to find talent, you know, for individuals that would be great. Boardmember cz individuals, that would be potentially great to be working for your organization, but also, you know, i like the fact that they have you can set up the searches, and then you can set up a ten search alert. So normally with a free linkedin account, you can set up three saved searches, but this will give you the capacity to save up to ten so you’re you’re saving your search criteria and then as someone new joins, link dane or changes their profile and becomes ah, search result for you. Then you find out automatically. Yes, yes. Lincoln will push the information to you. And you can decide to have that a search alert set up, say, to push the info to you once a week, if you like or, you know, daily. So it’s, really your choice on dh? I think that that could be particularly useful feature as well, you know, especially for non-profits that are in in a mode of really needing to revamp their board or they have a certain number of slots they feel they really would like to fill it’s a great way for you to set up the searches and have lengthened just pushed the information to you. Okay? And that’s all the talent finder tool in linked in which you’ll find through, give the earl again for getting started. Non-profit dot linkin dot com okay, cool. Yeah, they give a nice little overview, you know, tutorial, etcetera and what’s. Really kind of cool, too. If they give you fly that you can share with your board at an upcoming board meeting to really help educate them. How lengthen can help with with board recruitment. And so forth. So they really have thought it through in terms of how it can be useful for you is a non-profit professional. But how can you then share this message with your own board on? I love that you recommend that it could be a volunteer who you are, who you choose. Tio, have the special account that’s, right? That’s, right? I mean, the non-profit will need to go through, you know, supplying i believe their e i n tax number. Right there must be someone you know verified non-profit and force that’s getting this this access because it is, you know, with thousand dollar value, the annual value. So i think it’s fantastic that they’re making this available for the non-profit community at this level. It’s going to take boyd recruitment to a whole other level. Interesting. Okay, we’re going to take a break, and of course maria stays stays with me, and when we come back, we’ll we’ll see if there’s anything more to say about board connect and then we’ll talk about the other tool. That’s linked delinked in reasons to call stay with us. Talking. 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Maria simple is the prospect finder and she’s with me till the end of the show, maria, anything else that you wanted to wrap up about board connect that we didn’t say no, i think that, you know, if they visit that website, they will be able to get tons of great information there and overview and again, the slides that they might want to share with their board are located right there on that site. Okay, that’s valuable to yeah, you’re right sharing this with your volunteered leadership in with pre prepared slides. Very cool, yeah, reasons to call what’s that about so reasons to call recently came to my attention. I’ve been in contact with the developer this tool, his name is jeremy condi, and he is ceo of a company called depths mine software you what they’ve done is they’ve come up with this product that will allow you to sink your lengthen contacts and it’s looking for pieces of information related to feel sort of untilled out on a person’s profile, such as if they filled in their birthday information their company info anniversaries if people have posted that on their own lincoln profiles um and then it will actually bring to your attention and email you upcoming birthdays that you might have in your in your database of people, that you’re connected teo on lincoln but what’s cool is that you could also add new contacts into the system of people who are not on lengthen. So let’s say you have you no other family, friends, etcetera, contacts who just aren’t using the lengthen product you can still use this reasons to call and its reasons to the numeral too reasons to call dot com um, so i’ve been i’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been emailing me is the upcoming birthdays, birthdays today so it’s an opportunity for you to have a touchpoint with someone, right? And i remember, i guess it was on october fifth you had andrian nuremberg on your show, and she was talking about the importance of staying in touch with people understanding their preferred sensitive communication. So there’s a note field where you you can add that right in i recall andrea e-giving the tip of understanding to somebody like to be contacted by email, text, phone so you can kind of just pump that right into the notes section so that when it does come time to wish that person happy anniversary her happy birthday, or maybe their favorite sports team just did really well, you can. You can reach out to them through their preferred method of communication. Okay. Yeah, well, i appreciate your look, maria. Simple paying so much attention to the show. She remembers andrea nierenberg october fifth. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Well, you know, it’s interesting. Because both andrea and on jeremy have referred back and my conversations with him in the past to dale carnegie and developing deep relationship showing you care about the other person. And isn’t that what really were doing and fund-raising and cultivating relationships? Really? Not only you personally with an individual, but with your institution. Andrea used to be a dale carnegie instructor, and i was so taken by all the advice that she had that i’m going to have her back. It’s already scheduled for november. One of the november shows. So, andrew’s, andrew’s going to turn and talk? I wanna ask her about dale carnegie. Um, but okay, so reasons to call. So it sounds like some of what they’re doing. Not all but some what they’re doing is similar to what facebook does when it lets, you know that someone’s birthday is, is this week or today, right? But, you know, on facebook you might not be connected to all of these professional colleagues, right? I mean, i know i’m not i’m not connected to people that i know professionally, my my lincoln connections are actually much more extensive than my facebook connections, nor and so the fact that, you know, of course somebody would have to have this on their profile. So, tony, if i wanted to reach out to you and wish you a happy birthday, um, you would have to have that field without your linkedin profile in order for this information to get pushed to me that you’ve got a birthday, okay, right? So you don’t have to ask you don’t ask for no, i’m looking here, for example, at my dashboard right now on reasons to call and it’s giving me people who have birthdays in the next seven days. I’ve got four people i can reach out to from my network, it’s breaking it down birthdays within a month and beyond. So really, really cool tool, you know, as a touchpoint opportunity with someone? Yeah, sort of ah consolidated anniversary birthday book, but but you mentioned also sports if your sports teams do well, is there a field in lincoln where people put their sports? You know, some people feel i haven’t seen people filling out too much in terms of particular sport teams, but they have filled out under the hobbies section of their linked in profile say they like hockey or skiing or tennis, so i’m actually getting on the particular news section. For example, i can look at your con my contacts, interests, breaking news related to my contacts, interest so i’ve got some contacts who have talked about cycling. I’m looking at here on my dashboard october ninth they’re talking about, uh, cycling road tour beijing classifications blackbaud law. So i mean, if there were and then it will tell me which of my contacts have cycling as something that they’ve noted on their profiles. So, hey, you know, if this is something i know that’s interesting to them, i might send them this particle about cycling and you know the results for sure here, right? Right. Excellent reasons the number to call dot com way reasons to call dot com on we have just about thirty seconds. This is still in beta. Is it available to everybody? It is available to everybody right now, okay, could go ahead and think up there. They’re linked in contacts ah and it’s free to use. And i’m told by jeremy that you know he’s hoping to keep this a free tool for people to use. So again, you know, in our world of relationship building, i think it could be particularly useful. You’ll find maria simple at the prospect finder dot com her book is panning for gold. Find your best donorsearch prospects now and of course, she’s, our regular prospect research contributor maria, thanks so much for your for being on again and for your excellent advice this month. Thanks so much. My pleasure also, of course, my thanks to normal sanski next week, another interview from the bb con conference where i was earlier this month, but i haven’t decided which one yet we have to do these things delicately and scott koegler will be with me next week. He’s, the editor of non-profit technology news and our tech contributor what is he gonna have? I also don’t know that he hasn’t, he hasn’t told me yet, but if you’re in arlington group, then you will know before the show. So, by the way, have you joined the linked in group washington, d c is in peoria, illinois, south carolina, pakistan, all members of linked in group. What about you? You can continue the conversation with my guests there on linkedin. 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