487b: Reopening From Coronavirus – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


Special Episode: 

Reopening From Coronavirus 
My guest is attorney Lisa Brauner. We see the faint light at the end of the tunnel. We’re slowly emerging as we knew we would. But these things must be done delicately. What do you plan ahead for? How do you keep employees safe and can they refuse to return to work? What are reasonable accommodations? Lisa has answers. Lisa has advice. Lisa is a partner at Perlman+Perlman law firm in New York City.

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233: Peer-To-Peer 30 Report & Successful Giving Days – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guest this week:

David Hessekiel, president of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

Also, Caryn Stein, vice president of communications and content at Network For Good.

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