689: Prompt Engineering For Beginners & Get The Most From Your Current Tech – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


This Week: 

Prompt Engineering For Beginners 
Our 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference coverage continues. This panel explains how to get the most out of the generative Artificial Intelligence tools when you write your cues, or prompts, to them. You want ChatGPT and their ilk to serve you best, so here’s wisdom from Nyle Malik and Alfredo Ramirez, the co-founders of Prosal.

Get The Most From Your Current Tech 
Dana Larkin and Patrick McDermott encourage you to explore the lesser-known features in the software you’re probably already using from Microsoft and Google. There’s a tech stack sitting in your office, underutilized. Let’s put it to work! They’re both from Heller Consulting and this is also part of our 24NTC coverage.

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