696: The Essential Craft Of Leaving Your Job & Data Privacy – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


This Week: 

The Essential Craft Of Leaving Your Job 
This provocative panel shares their real stories to inspire you if working at your job, isn’t working for you. They recommend you leave well, and share their advice for your handover plan along with tips for setting up your successor or team for future success. They also help you manage your emotions. They’re Karolle Rabarison from Online News Association; Laura Guzman at DevGlobal; Leana Mayzlina with The Aspen Institute; and Aparna Kothary, an independent consultant. (This was recorded at the 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference.)

Data Privacy
Kim Snyder, Lauren Feldman Hay and Jonathan Gellar remind you of the fundamental principles of data privacy, as Jonathan reveals his tragic story of data not adequately protected. They encourage all of us to be good data stewards. Kim is from RoundTable Technology. Lauren and Jonathan are with Fountain House. (This is also from 24NTC.)

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