132: InteGREAT Communications And Marketing & PRI: Program Related Investments – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Diane Lansing, president of Lansing Associates.

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Durney hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. What a coincidence that i found the show. I haven’t said that for a long time. I hope you’re with me last week i’d feel terrible if it came to my attention that you had missed press pause. Juliet funt is a consultant to fortune one hundred companies and a motivational business speaker. She wants you to make time in your life for white space, you’ll be less stressed, more creative, sleep better and be more productive. Your relationships will flourish. She has a kid’s version that we talked about also she’s, the daughter of candid cameras, allen funt and we shared a white space together also divine devices, desktops, laptops, tablets and handhelds. Scott koegler had tips for picking the right device to fit your budget, work style and personality. He’s, the editor of non-profit technology news and our regular monthly tech contributor that was an archive feature, which means an oldie but a goodie this week integrate communications and marketing. Diane lansing, president of lansing associates, has ideas for getting your communications and marketing in sync. Then she wants you to apply analytics, so you know what works and what doesn’t in the short and long term? Sounds simple, but are you doing it? Diane will get you started. We’ll talk about all that and p r i it’s, not particle resistant influenza it’s, not public radio international and it’s, not personality related insomnia, no it’s programme related investments, our prospect research contributor and the prospect finder maria simple is with me to explain why foundations don’t only make grants, some offer loans, loan guarantees, equity investments and other pr ise how do you find these foundations? That’s what we’re going to talk about? And she also has info on prospect research company princes that you’ll want to pay attention to between the guests. Antony’s take two it’s my blog’s this week is talk about gift annuities and that’s what i’ll do on take two my pleasure now to welcome diane lansing she’s, president of lansing associates in new york city. She has over thirty years of strategic marketing and communications experience. She started smiling when i began this introduction that’s lovely, she advises on how best to take advantage of new media to attract new donors and advocates to build loyalty and to provide value and information to donors and prospects. I’m glad that her practice and her expertise brings her to the studio. Diane lansing. Welcome. Thank you. Glad to be here this morning. Pleasure to have you. Communications and marketing should be in sync and we’ll talk about sinking them. But how are they different? What? Yeah. How do we distinguish thes? Often the marketing function is designed to think strategically about where we can go, what we can do to increase our our membership, our donor base art sponsorship and the communications people sometimes air left in the sort of functionary aspect of just printing materials or putting things up on a website that may not be is organized and is driven by the overall mission and purpose of the organization as well as its new directions. They could be a little bit sometimes behind the curve. I see less of it. Today is frankly, financial pressures are causing many organizations to combine the two and that’s good that’s. Good that’s. A good thing, because that now they’re all singing out. Same sheet of music. On the other hand, i also see organizations where these even combined functions are not is properly in sync with the organ, what the organization’s doing as they can be. What does that look like when they’re when they’re not sing? A really good example is ah major museum here in new york city has a wonderful gift shop that has absolutely no relation to the exhibits that are going on in the building. They just sell stuff branded with their their identity barely even though it’s ah it’s ah ah ah, i assume an outsource project, but whoever runs it doesn’t even take a look at what’s going on in the exhibit space that they could basically back end on so that it would increase their sales. What happens when the marketing let’s say they are two different people in charge of each of these two different areas? One is more senior than the other, like one maybe is a vice president and the other is a director. How do how does the director get the attention of the vice president and, well, the other the other way around? Wouldn’t it wouldn’t be trouble, but how does the lower echelon person get the attention and and buy-in of the of the more senior person oh, i think that this is a wonderful opportunity for someone who’s looking to advance their own career, come up with a good idea and show why it works. It’s a very unusual boss that won’t take advantage of that because it works to everybody’s advantage, and so then you may have to get buy-in from from above, you may have to, but none of the things what makes all of this whole these holder direction so interesting is that they’re basically free. This isn’t something you have to get a lot of people to sign on for because they’re expensive, the kind of things we’re talking about now tweaking communications that air you sent out by elektronik media using analytics cost virtually nothing, right? But the’s tweaks sometimes in organizations where there’s micromanagement from the board, the cookies that’s the worst. Where it’s the board which convenes, you know, once a quarter at best, but it could even be from the executive director ceo. I mean, how do we deal with those kinds of pressures from people who are above but not as skilled as us? I think the really good news is that the kind of things we’re talking about this morning, especially analytics, are a way to show to demonstrate to anyone peers, superiors, boardmember sze anybody, the growing effectiveness of new campaigns and new strategies and techniques that you’re using in your organization so you can not just you don’t have to diss present an idea that i think this would look really nice if we did this. You can say we pilot tested this last month and look it we did it method a got these results method b got those results plus twenty percent, so we’re suggesting we do more of method be okay if you can if you can back up your ideas with obviously with quantitative, exactly and next and that’s the beauty of analytics to that not for profit world big corporations used to try to quantify the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, which is not always easy to do. It’s not easy to tie brochures and mailers, and whatever into what happens to the sales, the ultimate sales at the end of the day. But now, with analytics, you, khun really track how many people are paying attention to you and then you could look at what happens to year enrollment, your donations, all of the factors that matter to your organization and not only can but ought to be, because there’s so money there’s so much i see happening in charities where it’s it’s a legend or it’s wives, tales or it’s, you know, it’s, just the conventional wisdom, but we’ve always done it this way, right? That’s it? Yeah, i mean, you see that i’m sure you see that in your practice all the time. Okay, do you find people then resistant or welcoming to the idea that we’re actually going to test and see whether your conventional wisdom is correct? I think it’s two points, what i see is that initially there’s a little resistance because people look at, oh, my goodness, people will be able to see that what i’m doing wasn’t as effective as we hoped. I don’t see it that way. What i suggest is doing things a couple of different ways to be able to show management you’re bored anybody that is concerned about your area, that this method produce better results than that one. What you’re using analytics for and all of the information. That you could gather is to help guide your choices and how you spend your time and your money. And when you do that everybody’s backing you, there’s no loser here, everybody wins duitz okay, i just have to make that case you didn’t. And that’s what analytics helps you do. Ok, well, we’ve been talking around analytics so much, right? So i get a sense of how we make the case internally. I mean, understand on dh what it looks like when marketing communications are in sync. Now, let’s apply some of are some of the analytics. What? Well, how do we decide what we should be measuring? What are what are key numbers? What are key numbers are the key numbers that you want to look at first? Well, they’re two basic areas that you should be checking one is if you’re using email blasts, which most organizations do do, regardless of what you’re using, what system or what company you use, whether it’s, your website, host, or whether it’s, an independent company like constant contact, they provide instant feedback on every day. How many people will look at your email? Looked at what you set out its called the click through rate the ctr for short, they will tell you very quickly what kind of response you got if you send something out to five hundred people and only fifty, open it up. That’s a good indication that you may need to change your subject line may need to change some way that you’re appealing to your audience. Subject line is interesting. I mean, you could there and it’s an easy way to test, right? Just do some simple a be testing on absolute varieties of subject line. Talk a little about the really indict first of all segments was not my idea. It’s a brilliant idea that i’ve heard it all. Thank you. One of the things that we can do now again that this frees you, khun segment your your audience by age by interest. Separate donors from members separate sponsors from donors so that you can send out various tweak to messages to different groups and you can identify what’s working in each one. Send them out on separate days and the track than the follow-up and the click through rate for each group. You can see how you effectively you’re reaching each group. With whatever you’re reaching them with, you can even pilot test a single group and sent to different message. It is to a small segment of that group day one day to see if one subject line got a better response than the other. If one was more attention grabbing than the other, that begins to help. You formulate the kind of things that are getting people’s attention. So they want to read what you sent them. All right, lots of variables that were juggling, and we’ll get a chance to talk about more those after we go away for a couple of minutes, diane lansing will stay with me, and i hope you do, too. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Are you confused about which died it’s, right for you? Are you tired of being tired? How about improving your energy strength and appearance? Hi, i’m ricky keck, holistic nutrition and wellness consultant. If you have answered yes to any of my questions, contact me now at n y integrated health dot com, or it’s, six for six to eight, five, eight five eight eight initiate change and transform your life. Are you concerned about the future of your business for career? Would you like it all to just be better? Well, the way to do that is to better communication, and the best way to do that is training from the team at improving communications. This is larry sharp, host of the ivory tower radio program and director at improving communications. Does your office need better leadership, customer service sales, or maybe better writing, are speaking skills? Could they be better at dealing with confrontation conflicts, touchy subjects all are covered here at improving communications. If you’re in the new york city area, stop by one of our public classes, or get your human resource is in touch with us. The website is improving communications, dot com, that’s, improving communications, dot com, improved your professional environment, be more effective, be happier, and make more money improving communications. That’s. The answer. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dahna time to send live listener love new york, new york, new bern, north carolina. Massapequa park, new york. Welcome, where’s. The united states of america does s so far that so that’s. What we’ve got in the in the u s of a and massapequa park. I know, i know. Massapequa park. Well, because it’s on the babylon line and i take that line to a client. So i listened to that recitation of ah, of cities. Seaford, massapequa, massapequa park, amityville co. Paige lindenhurst on babylon. I think so, your honor, i know you’re on that line. I think i think i got that right. But i know you for more than long, alan railroad. I used to have a friend who lived in massapequa park. We don’t think that the long alan town’s air represented only by railroad stations. How crass would that be for? For a centered new york self centered gross new yorkers to think we have. Ah, good live listener love abroad. Seoul, korea, seoul, korea on yo haserot and japan. We don’t know what city in japan, though, i guess japan konnichi wa back with diane lansing. And we’re talking about integrating communications and marketing, we have all these variables age maybe, but even without that subject line, purpose of the communication, all the different ways of wording, whether we’re going to use email or one of the maybe the social networks or we’re going to put something on our blogged i mean, we talked about i mean, how do you how do you how do you test all these different things? I mean, there’s there’s so many different combinations. Well, why don’t we take a real example? Let’s say your organization is going to have a fundraising event for all of your younger members? You’re going to have a fund run in the park for them, you could easily take a basic message about that, and you could tweak it for the kids who were going to sign up to do the running. Another message for their parents, which by encourage them to get a couple of other siblings involved or a couple of neighbors and friends. You could tweet the message further for all of your all your donors and another one for sponsors who are providing the t shirts and whatever each of them showing what this what? This organization what? Is about and what this event is for what it means for your organization, what it means for each of the groups that your tailoring your message to and then within each of those groups where we could have different, we can have different tests exactly. So for the kids, we can have test different ways of wording as well a subject line, something for the parents, right? You could do that depending if this is a big do, we don’t want to have all these things that too cumbersome and occasionally it’s worth taking, you know, ten or twenty of your members make a little separate group and do two different versions on day one and day two for just just this the donors and then do two different versions for the kids who might sign up on day one or day two. So before you go with a hole, the whole big announcement of this nationally for or citywide wolber bigger organization is you’ve got a sense of which subject line creates the buzz that gets people to open your me mail and then see what you’re doing and then in your email you, of course want tohave. You’re setting up on ongoing dialogue that hopefully people will follow through the event and its aftermath. So you’re getting various levels of excitement about the event itself, drawing more people in and one way you do that is you keep referring people to your website, where there’s more information that allows him to sign up online. You refer them to your social media, your facebook page, where there are photographs of people who are starting to prepare for the event, and then after the event again, you use all of these. Each of these various avenues can be used to direct people to other sites so they could get more photos of the iran and the winners at the end on the facebook page. There’s a wonderful big group shots of everybody on your website you get people used to being familiar with all the ways that they can basically link into what you do and who you are. The analytic tools will often tell you where someone came from. Exactly what what was that? Some of them called referring agent s o you know what you are l they came from or eso where they came from your block to your facebook page or maybe an event landing page to your facebook page or vice versa, you know, write exactly now some of these air a little bit, depending on where, how much analytics you want, the basic services are free, okay? The basic ones from google and your email blast systems are going to be free. They all provide that email blast systems like constant contact, contact chimp male male children, his chip male banana banana chip mail. I don’t know harry apes of area out of area b middle marketing and they’re all there and they are they’re all very good when you get into your website hosts our and also google, which is an other sorts of very good analytics. They all provide premium packages where a different levels of price points you could kind of move up the scale and get more and more detailed analytics. You could also get people in their organization who will work with you under outta hand hand basis. Most organizations, the not for profit world needs probably not too much of that. Okay, so you think you’re free stuff is going to give you all a lot of most the free stuff is wonderful just start with that you’re going toe, you can play with that and learn so much from that. How does all this feed into our marketing plan that we hopefully have in place? You’re actually, you should be looking at the kinds of results since you get and you should determine that, you know, those regular emails that we’ve been sending out really aren’t getting much attention, but the alerts that we send teo through a facebook our is in our organization is actually getting better, and then we’ll figure that out for the analytics, which we’re going talk a little about short term, we’ll get there, but how does this feed into your longer term marketing plan? Because what you’re really doing now is you’re not changing what the organization is going to do. You’re simply changing the ways and hopefully evolving the ways that you can most effectively reach each of your stakeholder groups by using information that you learn over time on who responds to what which kind of things engaged in the most that’s, where you’re going to spend your marketing time, that’s, where you’re going to spend the effort. In drafting content, organizing it and sometimes snail mail really is valuable most of the time that you may just find that some things get different response and that’s where you want to spend your budget dollars and your time. Okay, so then that so then those conclusions go into the marketing. Exactly. Okay, what we say is each year we learned last year that this that we did worked really well, so we’re anticipating in this coming year, we’re going to do more of that, and we’re going to cut back on our budget that we used to spend on thus and so, because it really wasn’t getting where we weren’t really getting our money’s worth from that, and then you take that information to the board and say exactly, we’re not squandering the money where our marketing budget is actually pretty, well sophisticated, right? We’ve learned and here’s what we’re here’s what we’re doing in reaction to what we learned exactly we’re targeting our every dollar in every minute of our time is effectively is we can based on everything we learn let’s digress a little more into the marketing plan because this is a big part of your your work? What else would just you know what else belongs in a marketing plan? Oh, my goodness. It’s hard to quantify in a single way because of the not for profit world is so darn big and it covered so many organizations, but i think the ah, everybody now is also scrambling for how do we go after scarce dollars? And we’re all seeing that a lot of people have tightened their wallet aunt since two thousand eight and even with things getting better, it’s not there, not loosening up quite a cz muchas i no, my clients would like to see them loosen up. You’re probably seeing the same thing in your client’s, tony, i think thie what i see is that just the ability to show the board that you were using this information and you’re being this intelligent was likely to open up some doors for you within the organization to use what you’re learning even more broadly than you have in the past. You’re finding ways to reach people that your earlier stuff just didn’t get through to. And i think the marketing plan really disney’s to quantify how you’re going to spend your time and your money. How are you integrating all of the avenues? You have to reach people, not only your current members, but now how can you build on that? To reach a larger audience of people who are not already involved with you? This frees up. Then once you learn how you reach your own people most effectively, this helps i challenge you and also helps direct you and how to spend your money to reach new public fired-up squiring new people. Exactly. Find out a lot of your prospects. Come from your blogged or your youtube channel thing and then direct than direct people there. And obviously, direct your efforts in that area in terms of acquisition requiring new in terms of acquiring new people, you can get your you can put out pitch to have all of you. If you’re finding that certain of these are our new and really interesting, you can put out a little pitch to all of your supporters, too. Bring a friend to an event or forward this to that’s. Another key thing both in all the e mail blast systems offer that they should, and you should take advantage of it. You should hyperlink to everything that that you do hyperlink to your website, hyperlink to your social media pages, and then all of those have an ability to forward share with there’s some whatever the wording is in the company that you’re using and encourage your members to do that. That’s you’re the best marketing tool you have people who already believe in you everything, i’m share it with their for exactly, and this is something again that we didn’t used to have the ability to do at all all but which all of these venues now open up for you for free, and then the individual person is talking to their friends, saying this cause means a lot to me, you know, check it out and and this fund run was come join me. This is a lot of fun. I went last year, it’s a blast, you’ve got personal referral combined with a message that you now know because you’ve tested it, you know, works. We’re talking about integrating your marketing in your communications. Diane lansing is president of lansing associates, which you’ll find at lansing l a n s i n g associates dot com lance is a ah is a weapon to spear lying again, lance a boil, but really that’s that’s gross. But lance is something else. As in a species disappear, it’s not a story fear point it is it’s a long it’s a long weapon of war. Yes, you didn’t. You don’t want to be in the wrong end of it is the idea. So you’re lansing, you’re out. Have you thought of this? I don’t know, lance. I’m obviously your name. You’re out lansing, new constituents. We’re not we’re not. We’re not killing them, but we’re just wounding them enough. No, we’re not even. We’re just lansing them to bring them in. We’re hooking him. Yeah. It’s a it’s. A targeted lance. Right. Talking to lansing event. All right. I actually did the entomology on my name, and they actually think it comes from something as pedestrian. Is that somebody had a a potato field? It was the shape of a lance point back in the netherlands. Yeah. It’s really built entomology. I like that word. Entomology way. Don’t say entomology, because that would be reasonably setting ants on dh critters. Ah, little crawly bugs. All right, let’s, go back to the analytics and we want to break down short term and long term. What is your what can we be studying? Short term. Okay, the short term thing is i say, when you do a little pilot test, say you do a little take a small number of your stakeholder groups, all of them together, or even just some of the key groups that you want to try and send a couple of variations to them on two different days and see what happens. That’s the short test and you find which kind of things are working, but begin to track over time over a year’s period. Look at which things one versus which things law and when the time of day exact day of the week, most people will it’s not there most of the time, wrong? No, no email system would tell you that the best time to send out any kind of a blast email is tuesday, wednesday, thursday. Ah, you will get a much hyre read rate then you will on a monday morning when people come into their office on dh look at this huge long list they don’t, you know you’re much more likely to just to get eliminated right off the bat. Okay, so much better to do your emails. And tuesday, wednesday thursday and friday’s people just don’t stop caring about their gone. Yeah, they’re off to the beach, but then, over time, keep start track your records look at the kinds of messages kind of subject lines that air grabbing people’s attention look att and clearly some events are automatically going to be a draw, bigger audience, your annual event, whatever that is, we’ll automatically draw much hyre click through rate than than just a normal announcement, but even you can track and see how different ways of word in your normal, just a little update what kinds of things pete people’s interests, what kinds of things they’re working for you and over time you’re going to get it if you track it and keep, you know, really record what you did. What? What was the loser this week? Which one? Which one won? Was there a material difference? You’re going to begin to see patterns of the ways that people are most attracted to your organization and what you’re trying to tell them. Okay on dh and longer term, longer term. Again, you just know bill down the cumulative experience of the short term things, okay? And all these variables i love playing with age and interests and subject and what channel we’re using, what what network, what outlet we’re using for different purposes all really very interesting, and the other side is don’t go nuts with us. I mean, if you’re an organization with, you know, two billion dollars budget that’s, something different, most not-for-profits we’re looking for general ideas here of what can be helpful to you, there’s no there’s a point where there’s kind of diminishing returns after at some point you khun spend so much time wrapped up in the technology that you kind of lose sight of you lose the forest for the trees, and so i’m all for analytics, but also use them wisely, but use them, use them, smarties them intelligently. All right, tell me what it is you love about the work that you’re doing for non-profits oh, i just i’ve been in this field for probably thirty something years, and i work across the fields, from social services and cultural to religious and civic organizations, and i just love working with the people who are as passionate as they are about the issues they care so much about, you know, it just it’s it’s firing to me every day, and how do you see that what you’re doing is helping them? Because particularly in this time of resource is being really strapped. I like that we’re helping them to find new ways to appeal to donors and help them open their wallets a little more and that’s the primary focus of what we do, okay, all for very important cause is absolutely right. Diane lansing is president of lansing associates in new york city, but she works around the country and again, you’ll find them at lansing associates dot com diane, thank you very much. Thank you. What a pleasure. We’re going to go away for a couple of minutes and when we come back it’s tony’s take too. I’ll talk a little about gift annuities. And then maria simple, our regular prospect research contributor joins me and we’ll talk about those pr ize particle resistant influenza. No provoc programme related investments. Stay with us. You didn’t think that shooting getting dink, dink dink you’re listening to the talking alternative network get in sting are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Hi, i’m ostomel role, and i’m sloan wainwright, where the host of the new thursday morning show the music power hour. Eleven a m. We’re gonna have fun. Shine the light on all aspects of music and its limitless healing possibilities. We’re going invite artists to share their songs and play live will be listening and talking about great music from yesterday to today, so you’re invited to share in our musical conversation. Your ears will be delighted with the sound of music and our voices. Join austin and sloan live thursdays at eleven a. M on talking alternative dot com. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Hi, i’m bill mcginley, president, ceo of the association for healthcare philanthropy. And you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Durney got more live listener love taipei, taiwan, kunming, china gone jal, china, shanghai and beijing, china to all of you. Ni hao and torrance, california joined us torrents welcome. Glad to see some california representation. There almost always is torrents. How are you doing out there? Tony’s? Take to my block this week is talk about gift annuities. Ah, this is really only for charities that offer that type of planned gift on the block. I have ways of opening the conversation about that that way of giving long term, um just to acquaint you with it, it’s something that is irrevocable dahna makes their gift and they get income back for life at a fixed rate and when they have died than what remains is a gift of cash to the to the charity that was sponsoring the charitable gift annuity program. So who do you talk to about thes usually you talk to people who are sixty five and over and within that age range, there are some clues that you listen for that could reveal a good prospect like i need mohr income or i’m supporting an adult child or i’m supporting a sibling because the income from a gift, annuity doesn’t have to go to the donor it usually does, but it doesn’t have to i’ve set them up where it was parents creating the gift annuity paying income too. The case i’m thinking of his daughter’s, three different daughters, so if you hear that someone is in need of income or they’re concerned about income, or maybe they’re concerned about income in the future in their retirement years, there’s a variation on the gift annuity that khun help that person also. So those air some of the clues and i have ah, little more about that on my block on the post called talk about gift annuities um, now that you have your specs, what do you start to say to them? And i have some examples of simple ways, plain language explain the features of a gift annuity so that people will understand them. And there’s a said more about that on my block at tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s take two for friday eighth of march, the tenth show of the year. We’re in double digits now already. My goodness, maria simple. Are you out there? I am here. I know you are marie simple is the prospect finder she’s a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com her book is panning for gold. Find your best donorsearch now you can follow maria simple on twitter at maria simple. We’re talking this month about pr ise it’s not personality related insomnia, it is programme related investments. Maria, what are these things? So they’re very interesting tools that are being used by foundations to be able to help non-profits as well as social enterprises as well. So they are not completely limited e-giving on ly to the non-profits sector, but it’s a way for them to continue to support the sector. But there is a repayment of that money once you receive it from the foundation. So it’s not like an outright grant that a foundation makes which obviously does not get repaid. So this is an opportunity for them. Tio, do some additional mission investing, if you will in organizations. So this is much more entrepreneurial. I think so. Yes, absolutely. It is much more entrepreneurial. Many people really kind of look at it as a loan from the foundation. Very low interest. You know, one of the one of the basics really to them is that they have to be below market rates, so sometimes there there could be xero interest associated with it or very low in just associated with that particular loan. Ok? And i think these fall under the rubric to of social investment, social engagement, but in a financial way. That’s, right? That’s, right? So, you know, you know, like grant, they’re they’re made for charitable purposes, right? But unlike grants, they’re expected to be repaid, often with at least a modest financial gains, and they cannot be made for the primary purpose of financial gain. So again, they did no. The below market rate, for instance, right, has to be below market rate. And the foundation also has to make sure that they’re making that that p r i to an organization that really falls within their their overall mission and goals of the foundation. So it can’t be something that really falls outside of it at all. Okay, so you know your where was talking about prospect research? How are we going to find foundations that will do these types of alternative investments in your work? Well, actually, one of the best tools that i found to be able to research this is through the foundation center. So for your listeners, who might be subscribed to the foundation, direct directory online or have access to it at one of the either in new york or at one of the co operating collections, if you search that online database, uh, program related investments is actually one of the categories that you can actually search upon in that particular database. So it’s it’s, pretty useful t use that database for it. So in terms of what i’ve been able to come up with, i think that might be sort of the best and easiest in this time, because you can search on that key word. Okay, let’s, let’s explore the cooperating collections that air throughout the country. We’ve talked about them before, but its been many months just remind listeners what those are and and how they could find them. So you would really want to find out what closest one is tea, your non-profit organization. Geographically, you can go to the foundation center’s website, which is foundation center, dot or ge, and check out their cooperating collections. Link to find out where the closest one is teo to your facility and then and then you can use it for free, right? Yeah, yeah. You go on site to a cooperating collection. You can use it for free there. Uh, so, you know, you might save some significant money on prospect research by going, you know, making usually what i’ll say to non-profits is. Look, if you have zero dollars to spend on the foundation research making a point at least quarterly to visit that cooperating collection and spend some time there really researching that resource, they also have training now, right? Is that the case and all the cooperating collections? There’s training that’s free on how to use the foundation center tool. You know, it might vary from site to site in terms of what they have for training. But i can tell you this in order to become a foundation center. Cooperating collection, their own reference. Librarians have to be well versed on how to use the products there. So you could always get someone on one help. I’m sure from that reference library. Okay, even if it’s not formal training, right. Exactly. Exactly. We’re good. We’re going to say something else. No. Good. Okay, well, just that foundation center. I wonder why why they chose to spell it. C e n t e r and not c e n t r e i would have added a little cash, eh? I don’t know a little elegance if they’ve been foundation center cnt ari, but i don’t want to confuse listeners. They don’t spell it that way, just as a little panache to it, you know, like theater tr ee now, i want to tell you about another website real quick that i thought was really good to learn a little bit more about this whole arena. Really, it was it was great for me in terms of just general education, um, there’s a network of foundations that that are currently doing pr ise it also are considering getting into it and its mission investors dot or ge so they do have a database, but you have to be a member to search the database, so not so useful, but what they did have was a free webinar as well as downloadable slides that you could take a look at that really kind of goes threw a very nice overview of what this whole area is. So, you know, if you’re just looking for some general education about the arena of programme related investments and whether or not you might be a good fit to approach a foundation, i thought that website was really a good one, and i’ll make sure that i give that to your listeners on your social media outlets, okay, that’s, the lincoln and group and the facebook page. Why did you just say the girl one more time? Mission investors dot org’s. So m i s s i o n investors dot org’s. And then i did ask the foundation center. You know, you can often just get into a chat. What the fear listeners aren’t aware of that you can chat with pendant foundation center representatives online, so i wanted to kind of really hone in on well, what section of the irs? Nine ninety report would we even find these listed on? Right. So if you’re trying to figure out well, now the nine. Ninety of the foundation. Yeah. Yeah. You know what? You know what? What, paige, would they be? List non-cash actually gave me the exact page. That what one could find those on so they have it on. The details are located on part ten b and it’s actually entitled summary of programme related investments that’s outstanding that you could get that kind of support. Do you have to be a subscriber to the foundation center database to get that online chat support? No, you can just go online and ask away your questions so i knew that this was a general enough question that i could ask that, you know, didn’t involve, you know, getting into a paid database that they could at least point me in the direction for what page of the nine ninety this this information is housed on. So, you know, for those of you who maybe have nine nineties that you’ve been looking out of foundations, that is the particular area you want to look at on the nine ninety filing, okay? I just think it’s amazing that they were able to answer that question for you. Did they say what? Let us they say, let us research it. Well, we’ll e mail you back or did it come to you during the in the midst of the live chat? I just had a way couple minutes while they came up with the answer, and then they just chatted it back to me and they, you know very nicely. Email you a transcript of your chat. Excellent. Ok. That’s. An outstanding free resource. Excellent record. Is there another resource that you like? You know, you’re the doi end of dirt. Cheap and free resources. Eyes there. Another one you have for investigating these pr i foundations? Well, they did come out. The foundation center themselves came up with a pretty good report a couple of years ago. And it’s a little bit dated. It came out in twenty ten and so some of the data is from, you know, the mid to thousands, but they really give a nice example of who the largest pr i providers are. So they give foundation names how much money they invested that year. So, for example, you know, they give you those top twenty five. I was surprised to see that in two thousand six, two thousand seven, they did almost seven hundred thirty four million dollars buy-in programme. Related investments. And that was just the top twenty five on dh, can you? Give us a sample of what some of those top twenty five are the names that we’d recognise. Yes, some of them really are ford foundation, david and lucile, packard macarthur, bill and melinda gates, walton family. But see any casey foundation okay, all very big, very big, mainstream, well known foundations, right? Right? And i think really, they’re they’re they’re probably the ones that are actually sort of the trail blazers with this and really are taking the lead and other smaller foundations i think are kind of watching them and saying, you know, maybe this is something we consider doing as well. One of the things i didn’t mention is that when they make a programme related investments let’s say a foundation decides to do a million dollar pr i that counts toward their their five percent that they’re required to pay out. Okay, it does all right, even even though they’re getting some money back or they may or may not think that they can count it in there, you know, again, it has to make sure it’s all lies in their mission and etcetera, etcetera. But, you know, i thought that was that was pretty good. Tto learn about and that be good for non-profits to know going into this, okay, any other advice around pr prospect research? Now, i think that, you know, that’s just a really good general overview for you also, if anybody is a listener that is related in lobbying activities, that is the one area that they can’t, um, that they can’t get involved in, so they’re not allowed teo fundez anything having to do with any kind of lobbying? Okay, well, five oh one c three the one thing that you know non-profits you need to be aware of on dh five oh one see threes, which i think is most of the listeners can’t be involved in lobbying anyway, or only really, in very, very narrow ways, but not even not even in ways that that turned out to be defined as lobbying under the internal revenue code. But i talked with jean takagi and emily chan about that subject months ago. There are regular legal contributors were goingto go away for a couple of minutes, and when we come back, marie and i will continue talking not about pr ize, but about conferences that’ll be valuable in your prospect research. I want to send a little live listener love spring rove, pennsylvania jamaican, new york. Welcome, more more from the u s you guys were a little late. Try to try to check in on time next time hey to admonish listeners, but please, uh, try to check in and try to be on time. One o’clock is when it starts, but now live listener love out, tio, pennsylvania and new york there. Zurich, switzerland. Welcome and mexico city, mexico live, love, live. Listen, love to all of you. We’ll be back very shortly. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. 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Welcome back and i’m getting a language lesson on our break. More live love tio zurich, switzerland. Guten abend. I hope i’m saying good evening now i know i’m saying good evening. Guten abend, mexico city, mexico. Holacracy. Cleveland, ohio. Thank you for joining us. Even you came in even later than spring rove, pennsylvania in jamaica, new york, cleveland. We start to show one one o’clock eastern. Tryto try to be timely. Please welcome cleveland, ohio. Welcome. Um okay, maria. Some some prospect research conferences now, let’s. Start with somebody though. Who’s. Not a professional prospect. Researcher. Maybe the maybe it’s, even the executive director or it’s someone who’s part of their time is spent in prospect research. Is it worth going to aa prospect research conference for people like that? You know, i think it might be actually i know that in my early years of doing prospect researches and focusing in this area, attending these conferences was really invaluable to may of and so they actually now include. For example, one of the conference is coming up in august for the association of professional researchers for advancement. Apra is known as actually have a new researchers symposium. That they’ve built into the conference, which is for people who have less than two years experience. So that would be great for a novice, a person who, you know, wants to get to know a little bit more about this whole thing. This whole area, especially that’s, one of the half they have to wear at theirjob, andi, even if okay. So even if they’re not a full time provoc but researcher that’s, right? That’s, right? Yeah, they get a lot of great information. And, you know, sometimes the best the best information has learned outside of sessions. Right? So interacting with other people, connecting with someone else that might be in a similar type organization as you are and really being able to exchange ideas of well, you know, how are you spending your time doing research? And what resources do you find valuable to subscribe to? What are you using for free? I just find that a lot of that learning goes out, goes on outside of sessions. I have a special warm spot in my heart for apra because the apra greater new york city chapter many years ago was the first place where i spoke. In public first public speaking about really about planned e-giving yeah, work, yeah, i don’t know how many years ago it was, i don’t know thirteen or something, but doing playing, giving for fifteen years somewhere around there on then and then that turned into speaking at the mid atlantic regional conference or mark on i spoke there once or twice, i might have done that, that one i think i did to mark conferences and that one’s happening today. I know mark is going on right now right now. Virginia so it’s too late for you don’t don’t try to join that one now, because if i think back, i know i disappointed, i thought, oh, i should affect this particular segment up. Tio january will know that there are other parts of the country marine let’s not be so geo centric. Exactly. So let’s, talk about appa unconference because they’re coming up in august. That is that’s the biggie, right? So that’s the biggest one and they bring in people even from other countries come to this one and that’s august seventh through tenth in baltimore, maryland okay, so that’s one that that people can kind of put on their calendars and they will have a tte the international conference. They will have the novice this not-for-profits don’t have the up new researchers symposium will be taking place there at that particular conference, so that seems to be pretty well set. Lots of information on apperance website share that girl with you now, and i will also put it on the on your social media. But it’s a p r a home dot org’s, apra home dot or ge? I think so obviously somebody some other organization must have gotten apurate dot or ge? I don’t know, i have a feeling i’ve not ever tried looking for that girl, but that must be what happened. I just have this one bookmarked, i wonder if that’s like anesthesiologists in puerto rico association or something that you never know somebody took ap pro dot org’s, but so don’t go toe tapper, dot, org’s, goto, aperol, apra, home dot, org’s okay and that’s, where you’ll find information about the international so that you know that one is definitely one to consider. And if you’ve not visited baltimore, maryland before a very nice area tio go visit in the waterfront and so forth. So a couple of others on the radar screen coming up in april up in cambridge, massachusetts, it’s the new england what they call nedra new england were doing officially known as development research association. So some of the apa chapters twenty seven of them across the country, some of them are really big and really kind of have their own, like mark, right? So they have their own conferences, so nedra does the same. They’re going to be april twenty ninth and thirtieth in cambridge, massachusetts, and that website is nedra and gdpr a dot org’s. But basically all of these also just be found on apurate website. Okay, anything that’s, not east coast. Come on, i’ve got a well listeners in torrance, colorado. Torrance, california. Okay, we’ve got cleveland, ohio came in california has one going on june twenty six twenty seven. I’m sorry. June twenty seventh and twenty eight in long beach. Okay on. And they’re known as cara the california researchers. So they’re having their you fudged on that a little bit. We don’t know what karen really stands for. It isthe going to the web site as we speak. California advancement researchers. Okay, there. We go, i don’t, you know, i’m keeping your e-giving your feet to the fire. I know for john had waiting for me, okay, so they’ve got their own event going on and, you know, find a chapter near you and just to find out what events i mean, some of them will have monthly meetings, are meeting every other month, the’s chapters. So i mean there’s, twenty seven of them across the country, so you can just always hook up with one of those chapters and see what regional learning opportunities there, maybe on that that’s where i actually first started speaking on this prospect research topic was at my own apra chapter, which existed in new jersey and no longer exists. All right, it’s, very fitting that way. The last one you gave. I was in california because gonzalez, california just joined us. Gonzalez. I hope they heard it. Gonzalez, welcome. Okay, we have to pretty much leave it there. Maria. Simple. I want to thank you very much for being on again. Thank you for having me. My pleasure. Excellent vice excellent information. You’ll find maria at the prospect finder dot com, and on twitter your you’ll find her at maria simple by maria bye now. Next week, amy sample ward returns she’s, our social media scientist and regular contributor on that subject, and she’s, also the membership director of the non-profit technology network and ten this woman has covered it in another book, social change, any time, everywhere and there’s a good chance. We’re going to be talking about that for the full hour next week. Amy sample ward and she’s also at south by southwest right now in austin, texas, and she’ll have some some notes for us from south by southwest. We’re all over social media. 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