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Tony’s guests this week:

Gary Vaynerchuk, New York Times best-selling author of “The Thank You Economy”

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Dahna hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Oh, i hope you were with me last week. I’d suffer coolio leth iesus if it came to my attention that you had missed, the money is out there and kayman founder and ceo of new york grant money is a treasure of valuable information about grants, discounts, rebates and other money incentives throughout the country that get triggered when you re new release, move, expand, create jobs, she explained what’s out there and how to find it. And the pelota paul dan pull out as viral video from ted is the way we think about charity is dead wrong. Our legal contributor, jean takagi principle of the non-profit and exempt organizations law group in san francisco shared his perspective on how we got here and what needs to change and should it change to achieve pallotti’s vision of amore free market charity sector, we’re going to continue that conversation with gene on june twenty eighth, when he returns this week a conversation with gary vaynerchuk we’ll find out from this new york times best selling author sought after speaker, social media consultant and wine expert what insights? His book the thank you economy holds for leaders of small and midsize non-profits and maria’s mixed bag maria sample the prospect finder on our prospect research contributor she’s our doi and of dirt cheap and free maria has a few things for you this month a conference reminder a tweak to google alerts and a report millennials and money from merrill lynch i like that title millennia zin millennials and money from merrill lynch it’s a great find that marie has for us and it’s free she’s so good between the guests on tony’s take two. Last week it was my stand up comedy gig this week something much more exciting. Your irs form nine ninety is due. I can hear the roots and the fist bumps get the t shirts printed. We’re going to talk about your irs form nine. Ninety. Such a pleasure now to welcome gary vaynerchuk. He is a new york times and wall street journal. Best selling author. His books are crush it, exclamation mark the thank you economy. No punctuation there and coming this year. Jab, jab, jab! Right hook and i i think pugilism deserves punctuation? He’s, a self trained wind expert he started, however, with lemonade at eight years old, he had seven stands in nineteen ninety seven. Gary launched the very successful wine library dot com he’s, also a speaker, blogger and consultant in marketing and social media on twitter he’s at gary v e gary, welcome to non-profit radio, thanks for having me that’s my pleasure, welcome yeah, tell me about our our thank you economy, what’s what’s the thank you economy no, i think the world is going through an interesting change. I think that social media web sites like twitter and facebook and interests and tumbler and, you know, are really giving people’s voices at scale, and i think that they’ve created an infrastructure for word of mouth and your reputation and the things you do get amplified a lot more than they used to and will dictate where people make their buying decisions and how you execute you’re engagement and creative on these platforms will predicated on the success that you’ll get from them, and now our our audience is small and midsize non-profits and i’m hoping that we’re going to be ableto talk about the leadership role in the thank you economy and i think there’s lots of lessons for for small and midsize non-profits you talk a good deal about caring before selling, you say a little more about that? I mean, this is a much bigger philosophy in general, you know, i’ll give an example looking about mid size and small non-profits the amount of small and its size non-profits that reach out to me on twitter and asked me to re tweet something because i have nine hundred thousand plus fans or to or to donate without ever having a conversation with me prior to that moment is baffling to me, so i believe in context, i think that you need to have a relationship, you know? You and i, you know, i have engaged through on twitter now we’re having this conversation and this interview and tomorrow we will have a deeper relationship than we had yesterday, right? I must and so to me, that’s how riel business works. I think you have a relationship with the customer on dh. You know, when you go to this for twenty two store twenty times your bigger and better customer that’s for than you were the first time, and i think that specifically what i focus on, which is communication from social networks, um, a lot of people are doing it wrong, and so i think you need to carry you tell your stories, many non-profits have very emotional stories are doing such great work and doing the right things. They need to figure out how the story telling the social weapon about that, but more importantly, they have to realize that they have to care too. You have to care about the people that are donating to your claws, you know, just because you were a con doesn’t mean you’re entitled to the dollars there’s a lot of things wrong in the world and a lot of things that should be supported. And so i think, it’s, just not enough that you’re doing the right thing, and i think people use that and gary to take it even deeper. You and i, i have i have a relationship now with two people who work for you, nathan and krista. Very helpful. Very hopeful teams. So so it’s expanded. Yeah. You should know that. Yes, but beyond that, you know, in terms of relationship? You know, it’s expanded already? No, i know three people in your in your organization. And this is just what happens, right on and so, like it’s. Just like i’m surprised by people’s lack of paying attention to if you can act human, you can win. People need more humility and thanks. And you know, i think people think of social networks. Is that police to expand their message and convert what they’re looking to convert that i think you could put in the work first. And so that’s what i think a lot about, do you think it’s? Interesting. I see what i think is a trend. Small shops. I live in new york city and i know you do too. Opening again, like like coffee shop, independent coffee shops, bookstores, there’s a there’s a pharmacy near me. I live uptown in inwood, there’s a pharmacy. Knowing me, i may be going to give a shoutout dichter pharmacy on broadway. They have ah, it’s, a pharmacy. And he has a soda fountain. You know, you order a cherry coke and he pumps the cherry syrup from a pump into into your into your chair into your coke and i just i i think i see more small shops getting, i guess revived again. Yeah. I mean, i think new york city, you know, i think we need to be very careful, you and i because new york city is a very, very, very big anomaly in this, i spent a lot of time on book tours and traveling around downtown in small areas around the country and it’s a little less vibrant, but i think you’re barking up the right tree, which is i do believe that we’re pushing towards the fragmentation and mitch opportunities in our world, and i think there’s a lot of opportunity to to build businesses around them. And that effort of pumping the shelter and the cherry syrup is enough of a story now, right? Because it’s not the norm, you appreciate the extra effort, the nuances, the organic next of it all, and you’re willing to pay a little more, and you’re willing to pay for that experience and watch you get made. And yes, i do think that, you know, you know, there’s clearly and it’s i think things from supply and demand staring point and the swing of the pendulum. That’s the way the world used to be, then things like kmart and costco and wal mart. You know, those became interesting tow us toys r us. That was interesting. Big toys right on now, that was the norm for the last twenty, thirty years. We’re starting to push the other way. We’re human beings that push after we get fatigued by the same old day, and i think that you’re barking up the right tree. Yeah, the context changes, we change, you know, we’ve all on dh and i, you know, and i think i’m glad to hear you say, you see this more broadly, man, i do leave new york city for but it’s it’s filth. Listen, there’s, a lot of pockets were downtown ravaged, still not there, but you are seeing people, you know? You look at somebody like tony shea, what he’s doing in downtown vegas? You know, he’s putting his dollars toe work it’s an entrepreneurial venture, but it’s also changing the scene down there and it’s incredible and hopelessly detroit in baltimore. There’s a lot of tech things happening, so i’m aware of that and it makes you know, all of a sudden you got forty or fifty tech start ups in the area that quantifies the reason for a, you know, a niche little coffee shop and, you know, just it’s the americans entrepreneurial capitalist energy and, you know, execution and you know it’s just so inspiring to me and it’s fun to watch it at work because it’s always at work. Thank god we have just about another minute and a half. Gary, before it think for ah break. Andi, i think the lesson for listeners is, you know, you you can create a niche within your community. You can be the you can. Even the small shop. I mean, the small shop, it really has an advantage. I mean, you can care. You can show appreciation and acknowledgement so much easier so much. I mean, if you don’t have the dollars to compete right of your time in your efforts, all right, but i will say this there’s there’s two ways to build the biggest building in town. One you build the biggest building in town or to you try to tear down all the other buildings around, get it. I do get it. We’re going, we’re gonna take that break. Kari and when we come back, of course, gary v stays with us. We’re going to keep talking about his book, the thank you economy, and we’ll get into ah, little about his upcoming book. So stay with me. Talking alternative radio. Twenty four hours. Are you confused about which died it’s, right for you? Are you tired of being tired? How about improving your energy strength and appearance? Hi, i’m ricky keck, holistic nutrition and wellness consultant. 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The website is improving communications, dot com, that’s, improving communications, dot com, improve your professional environment, be more effective, be happier, and make more money improving communications. That’s. The answer. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m glad you’re still with us, it’s. Time to send. I gotta do some live listener love, killeen, texas. New bern, north carolina. New bern thinking aboutyou, north carolina. I will be back, uh, new york, new york, roslyn heights, new york. Welcome live listener love dellaccio g, japan, tokyo, japan. Konnichi wa soul, seoul, south korea, on yo haserot let’s, more live listener love to come. Let me get this one port melbourne, australia live listener love out to you in australia, gary let’s sum, i’d like to talk about the leadership role in in this in the thank you economy and and in creating care and trust, it all comes from the top, right? I think so. You know, i very much do i have not seen example where, if leadership or the people quote unquote, running the show aren’t on board, that anything ever really gets done. And so, you know, to really be mindful of caring about your consumer in your employees and your business partners, that something that really needs to be entrenched as a religion more so than the tactics. And so i say yes, okay, do you have ah, some specific advice. I mean, how can leaders let’s start with just the hiring process? Mean, because that’s where the new employee here comes culture, you know, they start to get in green argast yeah, i got something pretty unpopular. I think we need to think about it in a dictatorship, right? I mean, i will not allow anybody to waver from what i want to accomplish. They need to be on board, right? And so the hiring process is a crapshoot, right? I mean, i have great people, intuition, and i’ve been wrong a bunch of times, so it’s a crap shoot? What is not a crapshoot, though, is it? What you, what you preach and what you execute against them that’s something i think people should really take seriously. You recommend treating employees like customers that’s something i haven’t heard before? Yep, i’m sorry. Treating employees like like customers. Well, you know, it’s fine, i will tell you that i treat my employees better than i treat my customers. How do you do that? Well, you just care about them, like, for example, like follow them all on twitter and if they’re having a bad day because they’ll tweet when they get home, i’ll send them an email and say what’s on your mind, you know, things like that, and i think for non-profits it could be treating your employees the way you would treat your donors or maybe or better than you treat your donor’s better because you have a healthy you know, employee you’re far more likely to help you get more donors, right? And let’s talk about the long term payoff to all this? Well, i mean, i think so go ahead. I’m sorry, no for you, the long term payoff in terms of, you know, not losing, not losing employees and not having to retrain i mean, continuity breeds success, right? So, you know, i’m a big, you know, i’m a big football fan, and i can tell you that if you can keep your offensive line intact for three or four years, you can run the ball, you know? So, you know, i think that i’m a big fan of continuity. I mean, i think that the best people are going to be around for a while and we’ll have a lot of i p in their brain that can’t be translated and so coming humongous fan on the payoff being the fact that you could scale and become a bigger business, forget or, you know, in your world created a scenario where you can have bigger donors, i could tell you, the people that i get most of my dollars too and non-profit space are people that have built relationships with me end or had a relationship with me prior, so don’t think making people you think about yeah, we’re losing you a little bit. Gary i’m sorry. Okay? That’s better. We were losing you a little bit trail about him. But i understand you. You let’s be a little a little personal. One of your significant goals in life is to own the new york jets. Yes. That’s pretty that’s. Pretty audacious, right? Yes, it is. But i think if you just no means it has a lot to do with the fact that i love the journey more than that where i am, i am so buy-in i think that by having a huge goal, it allows me to continue to hustle and try on your challenge. And all those things are gonna get on a flight to place all the you know, i love the journey, my friend. That means everything. And by having that thing of a goal, i think i’m gonna be on a journey for a long time. What about other ways that employers can help their employees mean in terms of just, you know, trusting them and maybe sharing networks? Because i’d like to get into the details so that people leave with some ideas that they really thinking, yeah, i would say i would say that the most tangible thing and it’s not that complicated is actually a community, right? You want to leave something with for employers, for people that are running ngos or things of that nature, i highly recommend you talk to your employees a hell of a lot more communication is what breach opportunity meaning you don’t think i know that better figure out what makes him tick, you understand what they’re about, and then you can put them in a better position to succeed and create the end result that you’re looking for. So if it’s, elektronik, lee and following them on facebook and twitter and things that they get insight into who they are, fine, is that scheduling a fifteen minute clock copy once a week? Great, you know, it needs to be something of that nature opportunities teo to share and recognize achievements and maybe even also talk about problems. But more than obviously, more than once a year at the annual performance, right, one hundred percent communication of the game think about the people that you’re closest to in the world are the people that i’ve spoken to the most senior okay? And to be that that’s, a very definitive statement of how you should be thinking about the organization you’re running, the more time you spend with the people that are actually trying to help you scale this this organization, the more likely you’ll get insight to the problems, and then you got a cricket action around them. And so those are the things i mean, i spent an ungodly amount of time two, three hours a day speaking to employees at century level all the way up to management, and i think that, you know, looking up tens of a promise, you know, in a charity that i sent in the board of adam is very involved with his people, and he gets a lot of insight. Teo what’s wrong and where there’s opportunity because people, the trenches are often the people that see what’s really happening. You want to give a shout out to the charity that you’re on the board of? Sure, it’s called pop that pencils of promise that we will be built schools in third world countries that because we believe that education is the way out for a lot of people, at least the opportunities, education and i’m very, very passionate about the work they’re doing. In my consulting, i’m devising something with clients called love moments and it’s ah it’s a celebration of small donors. People give small amounts not because they don’t care, but because they’re giving as much as they can. And why do they love the organization so much that they can always find something ten or twenty five dollars? And how does the organization show it’s love back? Do you think? Do you think comey? I mean, is there? Is there space in the corporate world for for something like love moments when we talk about love in corporate, i think that’s kind of vain immediate does a little bit if you go look at the twitter accounts that we handle for our clients, you’ll see a lot of it engagement just little at replies saying thank you for trying our food or our beverage for our service and so i would say that’s that, you know, just, you know, just a little effort so to acknowledge somebody that’s doing something for you, there’s just an incredible human straight that i think every organ is she needs to evolve. Into do you think we could talk about love in corporations? I do absolutely do. I think that i think it’s a great word in the world that should be spent more time thinking about the corporations and then charity. Okay, so some people think that’s ah that’s over the top and that’s that’s reserved for i think you know me well enough to know that’s far from over the top gourmet. Okay, well, i want people to know i want more people to know, just just knowing i want our nine thousand dollar listeners to know also, i get it right? I mean, you’re absolutely right. I think that it’s a word that is just not nowhere close to use them up. And i mean, at least my point of view, i don’t think it’s ah, i don’t think it’s, uh, i don’t think it’s over using that i don’t think it’s over the top, you know, they’re really i mean, what were saying? I mean, it’s really this sort of subsumed in love to me, we’re talking about caring concern, you know, trust, honesty. I think these things are all embodied in the word love and really you you make the point that there’s there should be little difference between you’re online relationships and how you conduct your your offline real time relationships. Yeah, i mean, i don’t really difference, right? I mean, obviously, you know, you know, it’s it’s, public domain, there may be things you will say or do that you would want to keep private, but you can do that through private messaging and things of that nature. I don’t think that you should be training a different persona for acting differently, definitely not one remind listeners that gary vaynerchuk is the new york times best selling author, and we’re talking about his book, the thank you economy before we before we talk a little about your next book, what would you like to leave people with in terms of this this love, the love we’re talking about? You know, i think, is there any more powerful, you know, trait in in the world? And i think no, and so if you’re able to inject love into your day to day organisations, whether non-profit for-profit i think that that is a very wise and smart thing and so loving your customer’s eyes incredibly important or your donors, but loving your employees and the operators that you work with, i think, is even more important. I want to send some live listener love beijing, china, guangzhou, china and hong kong and taiwan. Ni hao, let’s talk about jab, jab, jab right hook, this is your next book. When can we expect that that comes out of number twenty thirteen very focused on on telling people how where do how to think about putting out contest to the to the world? How do you put out the tweets and the facebook status updates? And and how do you put them out and allow people to see those stories or hear those stories? How do you have more people to see your tweets? How do you kind of go through that system of jab, jab, jab, which i would also wait to give, give, give and then ask so that’s kind of what it’s all about? How excellent thank you for that translation teo charities that school and i should take a moment to remind our live listeners that we are live tweeting the show social media manager regina walton is here in the studio and if you follow the hashtag non-profit radio you can you can keep up with reggina’s live tweeting ask ask, ask, give was that? Is that what you had suggested? No, give, give thank you alright, i’m a great listener you can tell i’m not from paying such a vast sum enormous attention now. Yeah, give, give, give, ask let’s say more about that. You know, we’re talking about treating your donors and your employees equally. Well, actually, you say even employees better than donors, but the donors are the life blood. What do you see? Cem cem shortcomings that that charity’s could do better? We’re one, i’ll just go back to your statement. I still believe that the employees, they’re the life blood right there, the gateway to the donors. Okay, scale number two i just think a lot of you know, you look at, you know, think about how twenty you may be promoting this show or how i sell wine. Are we putting out enough tweets? Enough facebook status updates that have nothing to do with our promotion? Like listen in order for me paid by this line? Are we putting out enough stuff? That’s just informational or brings value? Or makes him smile or make something? Are we putting out enough content that isn’t just asking for something for them to do for us and that’s what i see ninety nine percent of ngos non-profits struggle with it’s just incredible to me that they’re not mixing up the stories along with the donate here for every tween will give a dollar, those kind of things there are on dh this is not limited to non-profits but there are tweets that i see that are just they’re just like one hundred forty character billboards that’s right over and over and over again and that’s a real problem. Yeah, i mean, yeah, going back to what we’re saying is, there’s, just there’s, not the relationship building. And what about twitter dot com flor search where you’re listening to people, you’re searching key terms and you’re engaging with them around the things they want to talk about, not surely thinks you want to push out yes listening there’s a skill which i didn’t i didn’t demonstrate very well five minutes ago, but i might have said it wrong. No, no, you didn’t no, you didn’t, but thank you. No, you didn’t yet listening way we listen to people when we speak to them over lunch or on the phone. Why? Why are we you know, we’re just not doing enough listening online, i think we’re just thinking of twitter and facebook and distribution instead of a place that natively store in town, right, and have relationships, and so we think of it as more of an email thing unless of a human thing, and i just have always continue to think of it in the reverse, okay, let’s, switch a little bit. Tio facebook the same kind of shortcomings i imagine you seem it’s, just facebook, you know they’ll be on organization page, but it’s just posting about what the next event is and when the deadline is forgiving to that event versus i don’t know, i mean, like storytelling if you go to mila crackers, the pages we worked with, my team has been doing a great job there storytelling, and then, you know, that’s, the kind of stuff i think about, you know, you look at my page, you know, facebook dot com slash gary, i’m trying to put out videos and quotes and answer people’s comments on the wall. I’m not just trying to put out by my new book or by any wine, right? In fact, just this morning you tweeted that you had you had five minutes in a cab. How can i help you? I believe in that stuff i feel like i have to give to you first people i can ask and so if i can pay forward first, i’m in more comfortable situation. I feel like i’m more entitled to an opportunity to ask you to buy a book or a bottle of wine and that’s kind of what i sometimes thinking about yes, give, give, give basque, you’re you’re, you’re very much a sports guy or you are only football, no football! I love sports, hockey, basketball, boxing, baseball on the sports guy, okay, i have to confess i’m not much of a sports guy, i always you said the yew when you mentioned the jets, i thought they had just played the knicks, but in hockey, but i was but standing set me straight on studio, so i didn’t. I didn’t embarrass myself on dh suggest that wei have just a couple minutes left. Gary what share what you love about? The work you do, the legacy, you know, in a very honest way, the vanity of the legacy is very attractive to me, the fact that my great grand kids to be able to see everything about me and what i did and how i did it, i take a lot of pride flash sense of responsibility to the fact that i’ll probably be the patriarch of my family because everything i’m doing is being documented much more than anything anybody in my family did prior which in one hundred two hundred years is probably going to create a scenario on that guy, right? So i, uh i have an enormous sum. I have enormous star happiness in the legacy slash responsibility that i’ve been given. And so that’s what i think about gary vaynerchuk, best selling author look for jab, jab, jab right hook in november. You can follow him on twitter he’s at gary v e gary, thanks so much for being a guest. Thank you. Pleasure. Right now. We go away for a couple minutes and when we come back it’s tony’s take two and then maria simple maria’s, mixed bag. Stay with us. You couldn’t even. Think dick tooting getting ding, ding, ding ding! You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Get him. Nothing. Good. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Hi, i’m ostomel role, and i’m sloan wainwright, where the host of the new thursday morning show the music power hour. Eleven a m. We’re gonna have fun. Shine the light on all aspects of music and its limitless healing possibilities. 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If you weren’t aware of that deadline because ninety day extensions are automatic, andi even ninety day extensions beyond the first one are not hard to get there, not exactly there, not automatic, but they’re pretty easy to come by so you can find on my blogged a link to the form where you get the ninety day extension. And, of course, in the post, there’s also links to the nine, ninety and also a link to who files because there’s different nine nineties there’s the nine ninety the nine ninety easy, the nine. Ninety n which is a postcard, of course, and stands for postcard. We recognise that and there’s so there’s a link to which which form do i file? Also on my block? And that is at tony martignetti dot com. And that is tony’s. Take two for friday, seventeenth of may twentieth show of the year. Happy eightieth birthday, dad today’s his birthday maria simple she’s the prospect. Find her she’s a trainer and speaker on prospect research her website is the prospect finder dot com and her book is panning for gold. Find your best donor prospects now exclamation mark she’s, our doi and of dirt cheap and free. You can follow her on twitter at maria simple welcome back, maria hyre tony, how are you today? I’m doing terrific. Lee, how are you? I would just find the sun is shining it’s all good here the sun shines in new jersey what does common misconception? Okay, well, it’s shining for you in new york. It’s shining for me in new jersey. There you go. Well, i wouldn’t exactly equate the two. I’m not sure it’s fair put them in the same sentence. But i don’t know. Okay this week, let’s say you have a couple of things for us this month. You are. I’m doubling you. Not only doing one of their cheapened free but prospect finder with unconference reminder. There you go, that’s. A good one. Yeah. So, you know, a little wild back. Didn’t we talk about the association? Of professional researchers and their upcoming conference apra yes, we did a couple months ago, so just a quick reminder, that’s coming up in august, if anybody is still planning to register to attend it’s going to be in baltimore and seventh through the tents are the dates, and if anybody is interested in registering for it, their website is apra home. So it’s a pr a home dot org’s and you’ll be able to go to that site and get yourself all registered for that conference. All right, on dh um, since you you’re saying that is just reminding me that we are live tweeting and i have tio give a shout out to mark morgan because he live tweeted that he’s listening on mark for doing that, i’m going to send you a social media road map it’s, courtesy of another of our regular contributors, amy sample ward it’s little booklet of social media ideas called the social media road map. So, mark, if you ah d m e your mailing address, we will get that in the mail to you and thank you very much for the shout out on twitter, mark um, that was not a very subtle transition, but it was transition nonetheless, two google alerts you have some news for us maria about google alerts? Well, i d’oh, you know, a couple of months back, maybe back-up maybe a month or two ago, some people on my prospect researchers discussion forum that’s on prospect dale through actually access it through the apra website. They were talking about how google alerts started to become ineffective, and i’d noticed my own google alerts had started to diminish. I was just getting less of them, and i couldn’t quite figure out why. And so it kind of went in and did a little investigating and found out that there’s a way tio edit the alert so that you would have google returned to all results as opposed to only the best results, so i’m not sure it’s something just got reset across the board for everybody to on ly the best results, which is why the results were so diminished in the number of results that we’re getting pushed to may anyway, once i went in there and manually reset everything to tell google, i want to see all the results, then suddenly i started getting the normal flow of, um, alert that had been getting i mean, it was on normal phrases like that i follow, like prospect research or high net worth, and you would expect that to have a pretty high volume of google mentions in any given day, and suddenly it had just dropped off dramatically. All right, i don’t like this that there they decide what’s best for you very, very paternalistic. I don’t like that. Well, yeah, and i can’t quite figure out what happened, but i thought it was just a day. And then when other prospect researchers started discussing and i thought, well, there must be something to this, so i kind of went into google and check things out. So if anybody’s never used alerts before, they’re very useful way well, dot com we’ve talked about that. Yeah, we’ve talked about them before. Yeah, give give the earl again for google lorts google dot com forward slash alerts. Okay, consented up on any phrase that you want any name of individual? Just make sure you have quotation marks around that little phrase. Otherwise it’s going to look for the words separately on google and yeah, you are going to get an overwhelming list of heads in that in that respect. So yeah, like i said, once i read that that all of a sudden i got back to my normal flow. Where do we go to reset? So that so we’re getting all the choices? Not just best. If you already have alert set up that you’re monitoring, you can go to edit your particular alert. You manage your alerts and edit them. And then you’re able teo there’s, a column called volume. And you you’re you’re able to decide whether you want that volume to to deliver you only the best or all of results. And i guess you do that individually for each separate alert freak killer. Exactly. Okay, so that’s under manage alerts? Yeah, you would manage your credit manager edit alerts. Okay, manager, i think it’s called manage, because down at the bottom of every alert that i get there’s a link for manager, alert something at that. Okay. That’s, right? Yeah. You could do it right from your e mail as well. But if you’re logging into google todo what? You go to google dot com alerts and then you logged into your google account and then go ahead and just edit how often you wanted to come to you and also the volume that you’re looking to receive. All right, thank you for that good catch and another very good catch this free merrill lynch report called millennials and money. It was it was done for wealth investors, money managers, but you see some you see some value for non-profits i do, you know, i’m always interested in seeing what you know may be generations of people are doing or pockets of people, sometimes they come out with reports on, say, women and money or women in philanthropy and things like that. So when this report came out, i thought, well, what? You know what? Could we as prospect researchers or as executive directors or development directors who are, you know, also having to where prospect researchers hat what would we take away from such a report? That’s really geared toward the wealth managers, as you mentioned, and so that there was something pretty interesting buried in that report, and it talked about, um, that sixty percent of the youngest of the youngest age listed social responsibility is one of the most important factors by which they selected investments far more than their older counterparts, so they’re looking at things like impact philanthropy and venture philanthropy and wanting to be more engaged. That was the big takeaway that i got, not only from that report, but from some other research i had done on just looking at how millennials treat charity in general and how they interact with non-profits or or expect non-profits to want to interact with them. So between that, like i said between that report and then looking at another report that i was able to find entitled millennial donors, i thought that between the two that there were quite a number of good takeaways that non-profits specifically now the types of non-profits said that your listeners are they could really take a lot away from these two reports, and i’d be glad to share the links on the the pages. Well, your lincoln group, absolutely. I was going to ask you to do that. Thank you very much on and of course, we know from about five six shows ago or so when phyllis weiss haserot was a guest, we we would define millennials to be up to. About thirty three falik teens to about thirty three years old, that’s the way that’s, the way she categorized millennials. Some of these some of these conclusions are really at odds with our stereotypes of millennials, absolutely right. So one of the things that i found interesting, especially when i cross referenced against that millennial donors report, was how they want to stay engaged first of all, engagement for them and staying connected is extremely important, as you can imagine, right? So this age group practically grew up with a mouse and a computer or a laptop or an ipad in their hands, so the younger ones now and so they’re expecting to have a certain level of engagement and email, believe it or not seem to be the most popular means for staying engaged and forgiving as well to a non-profit so i thought that was interesting, because i would have thought facebook might have been number one, okay, excellent engagement advice. Yeah, this is just not, you know, not what we expect from the stereotype, which is people that they’re that they’re they feel entitled and looking for instant gratification. I mean, you said impact investing is very important to them that’s, right? They want to know that what what they’re doing, they want to see that that impact so they don’t want to just give to a non-profit and then never expect to hear from the non-profit again, in terms of what the impact was of their donation. So they do want to be able to see through emails, you know, what has been done with maybe a certain fund-raising campaign or they’re looking for may be pictures. I mean, this this is a generation that loves pictures, loves video, i’m sure you’ve talked about it a lot with amy sample ward in terms of engagement that pictures and video can can capture on this generation loves it something else that was in the merrill lynch report that millennials take nothing at face value. Yes, exactly. So what does that mean for your non-profit make sure that you’ve got a great website, that they can navigate easily, and i would say that they could navigate easily on mobile device. But most importantly, one of the things that you want to make sure about is that even if you’re not planning to use, say, google plus that you at least make sure your your non-profit has a a space on google plus, so that when they are looking to find your organization, you’re going to come up higher. Ranked on the search results of google, they are googling everything. Yes, and also coming out of not taking things at face value, i think showing your impact, proving that your work succeeds rather than just saying it succeeds. That’s, right, showing it exceeds yep, showing it succeeds and, you know things like guide star. Make sure your guide star report is up to date. Right? So you have an impact where you can actually influence you can help change the data. If you see some incorrect data about your organization on your guide star report, go ahead and fill out the form to have that data changed. And if you’ve got a great rating on charity navigator, make sure that that’s also displayed somewhere in your web sight oppcoll because they are looking. Teo, do their homework. This is you know this. I said, this is a generation that grew up with this, these tools available to them. And so they have no qualms about going and checking you. Out before they’re goingto plunked down any money to give to you, we’re gonna take a break for a couple of minutes. Maria on da hope everybody stays with us. We’ll continue this conversation about thie merrill lynch report. Millennials and money stay with us. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping countries. People be better business people. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Dahna welcome back. Got lots of live listener love shanghai and he bei china, ni hao, mamaroneck, new york, welcome, washington, d, c, brooklyn, new york and there’s, someone in the u s who is masked. You’re just you’re showing up in the center of the the country, but we don’t know what city you are in, so if you’re masking yourself, you also have live listener love maria. Um, let’s. See, they something else in this report is that they want to be engaged, not only engaged millennials, but they want to be in the driver’s seat. They we want to be in. Hello there. Yes, i’m i’m, i’m there. Are you here? Sorry about that. What they want to do is also have face-to-face contact with people from the organization or from somebody who represents the organization. You know, other volunteers, other friends who are engaged with the organization. And they respond verywell teo face-to-face engagement, right? And but i was yes. And in that engagement, they want to be in control in the driver’s seat is the way the report puts it. Yes, yes, they do. They definitely want to have a say in what’s. Going on with the organization they want they want to be heard is really what it comes down to and, you know, providing connections to others. You know, in authority. They also are interested in finding how your network, right? Us non-profit can help them expand and deep in their own network. Yeah, they’re like sharing of connections, right? They do. They like sharing of connections. So i thought that was very interesting as well. So, you know, maybe there’s some way to engage them through some focus groups or some very targeted networking events that your organization might be ableto hold because they really are into, you know, showing up at places where they think that they’re they’re going to be able to get some benefit value out of the engagement as well. And it could also could also be just personal introductions. You no way we have another donor or another volunteer who i think it would be helpful for you to know and here’s an introduction. Yeah, it could be as easy as that. And then, you know, if you were the conduit of us, the non-profit executive where the conduit of of that introduction and great there are, you know, they’re going to forever remember that especially the blossom is something wonderful for them that’s, right? You become sort of a sphere of influence, the centre of influence in terms of their wanting to be in the driver’s seat, the way the way the report says it to me, that means that there that that non-profits need to be open to might be conditions on a gift. Or, you know, some some say in how a gift is used or how their time is used if they’re volunteering. Yes, i think you’re absolutely right about that. And, you know, i think that non-profit executives do you need to be sensitive to this? And, you know, these millennials they are, they’re just busy is the rest of us right on? And sometimes in some cases, maybe even more, especially if they’re out there trying to do some job hunting and so forth. So, you know, you’ve got to be able to provide that quid pro quo for them, and i think they’re going to be looking for that and looking for how their gift is going to be used and started and, you know, demonstrate to them that, you know, they’re in there a bit of a show me kind of ah, ah generation they want things proven to them, what else? What else is in this report that you like for? Non-profits well, you know, going beyond even this report is the other one that i referenced, but i don’t think i got to give you ah copy of that one in advance is called millennial donors, a study of millennial giving, an engagement habits, and one of the other things that i thought was interesting in this particular report is they want a knopper tune iti as we were just talking before about connecting, but here they’re talking about connecting with leadership and having a voice in the organization’s direction, and they’re saying that, you know, on ly little more than half of survey respondents said they had access to members of the board or the executive leadership of the organization they support. So i think that we have non-profits could probably do a better job in providing access to the hyre leadership of the organizations and so face-to-face would be great through email would be great. Maybe some video messaging embedded in e mails would be wonderful if that could happen and face-to-face obviously would be would be best if you could put people into a room again. That’s that’s the connections, i mean, they want to be connected to the organization, including up to the highest levels. Yeah, yeah, and they they’re they’re really they’d like to have that. They don’t really think that their voice is that they’re being taken seriously enough, right? That their voice is being heard and they definitely wanted to be heard. Um and, you know, i see with, you know, i have my children, ages eighteen and twenty right now, and i just see that the way they engaged with organizations and once they commit dahna they’ll do just about anything to help raise money for that organization, whether it’s in an online faction getting everybody to participate in a five k walk and raising thousands of dollars that way so don’t overlook even those eighteen and twenty year olds out. Their problem is your kids don’t wanna have anything to do with you, right? Well, actually, sometimes we participate together. My eighteen year old and i participated in the five k walk together for a new organization. She was raising money for that’s, the only way you can get if she was able to garner a certain amount of support for it online through facebook, right? But then got people to actually show up and participate at a five k walk at seven thirty on a saturday morning, i might add, so you have to go on a five day walk with your daughter that’s formal in order to get her to get face time where there is that? Is that what we’re saying? You’re here, you know that might be an opportunity for parents to get some face time, you know, if you can get them to get up at seven. Thirty and committed to peace, a place that early on a saturday warning sure, we have just a couple of minutes. There was also, ah, sense of entrepreneurship among millennials, which which suggested to me that there willing to take some risks? Yes, absolutely. They are willing to take some risks. And in this particular report that merrill lynch did, they were talking about how how khun advisors not only show them how to they’re not only an interested in talking to financial advisers about those plain vanilla, you know, stocks, bonds and that sort of thing, but they want to know, you know what access do you have to helping me get my business off the ground? Right? So certainly they have this mentality of entrepreneurism they are more than willing to take that and take anything they learn and say even the business schooling that they’ve had so forth, and take those notions and transfer those skills to the nonprofit sector. And, you know, i think you see that more and more with some social enterprises that are showing up in other ways that non-profits air engaging with people to bring funds in for an organization yeah, the millennial may be more interested in taking a risk if you have an idea that’s, that’s compelling and you and strong evidence that it may very well succeed, it might be the millennial who’s willing to take the risk with you. Maria, we have to leave it there. Maria simple is the prospect finder, a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her sight is the prospect finder dot com and on twitter she’s at marie, a simple thank you so much, maria. Thank you so much, tony. A pleasure, as always next week, melanie mathos and chad norman their book is one hundred one social media tactics for non-profits and i feel like focusing on their twitter tactics, so i think we’re going to talk a good amount about twitter will talk twitter with tony plus two on dh then tha tha after that and that’s as far as i can go. Amy sample ward returns she’s, our social media contributor and membership director of non-profit technology network and ten next week we’re going to be all about the social networks. Check us out on the social networks, you know, the whole litany. I’m not goingto not gonna go through. It lynx air on my blogged at tony martignetti dot com insert sponsor message here, over nine thousand leaders, fundraisers and board members of small and midsize charities. Listen each week, talkto, contact me on my blogged if you’d like to talk about sponsoring the show. Our creative producer is claire meyerhoff. 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