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Tony’s guests this week:

Jana Eggers, senior vice president of products and marketing at Blackbaud

Scott Koegler, editor of Nonprofit Technology News

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent it’s october twenty sixth i’m your aptly named host. Oh, i very much hope you were with me last week. I would feel terrible if i heard that you missed leadership normal sanski, consultant and co editor of you and your non-profit shared his advice on non-profit leadership remember his premise. Everything starts with leadership and linked in news. Maria simple, the prospect finder and our prospect research contributor, had two new offerings from lincoln board connect to help you find the right people to serve as board members and reasons to call revealed touchpoint ce for making contact with the people you want to talk to this week, a conversation with janet eggers she’s, the senior vice president of products and marketing for blackbaud at their bb con conference earlier this month, we talked about what’s coming in the non-profit technology market, special considerations for purchasing technology and leadership lessons that she’s learned from being a triathlete. Also gps global positioning. Scott scott koegler is the editor of non-profit technology news and you know this he’s, our technology contributor this month, we’re talking about location based services that use the gps technology in your smartphone. Four square, instagram, yelp and facebook places or sites that you can learn from, or partner with to get to know your donors and volunteers and your other constituents better between the brakes. On between the guests on tony’s, take two. I’ll clear up the confusion that i created over last week’s tony’s, take two and my block post. If you’re on twitter while you’re listening, use hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation with us. Now we take a break, and when we return, i have a pre recorded conversation with janet eggers. Stay with me, co-branding dick, dick tooting, getting ding, ding, ding ding, you’re listening to the talking alternative network e-giving. Nothing. Good joined the metaphysical center of new jersey and the association for hyre. Awareness for two exciting events this fall live just minutes from new york city. 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Join us every monday, starting september tenth at ten a m on talking alternative dot com. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Now i have a pre recorded interview with janet eggers at from blackbaud at their bb con conference earlier this month and here’s that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of peopie khan twenty twelve blackbaud conference we’re outside washington d c with me now is janna eggers. Janna is senior vice president of products and marketing for blackbaud janet, thanks for taking time during a very busy day. Tonny think for you you for coming here joining us. Oh, it’s, a big pleasure hope that i hope will be with you again next year. We’re already talking with melanie about perfect dahna you did the keynote. So why don’t you introduce? Listeners were going be listening after the conference, tio what? They should look forward, what they missed and what they might look forward to in twenty thirteen so what i talked about is our product, vision and what we accomplished in the last year, so big things that we brought to our customer base is the razor’s edge mobile application, which is very exciting so people can access their razor’s edge data on their mobile phone, which is big. We have about thirteen thousand razors edge customers so that’s ah, nice application that by the way, they got for free a cz part of their regular maintenance. And so that was our biggest announcement. But we have mobile all across mobile is a big theme for us in this past year and delivered across a lot of our costs. A lot of our platforms. Actually, most of them had some kind of mobile update s so people could access or provide websites, for example, for the non-profits could and we talked about updates to our blackbaud cr m product to our illuminate sierra prada. Ls you’re now on twenty martignetti non-profit radio. We have drug in jail. Sorry, i hate to put the one of senior vps drug jealous. You have a busy day today for listeners who may not know c r m is well for the general markets it’s usually called customer relationship management for non-profit we talk about it is constituent relationship management guest on the show talking about c r m some cloud applications, including blackbaud, but just for listeners who might not have heard those shows since your relationship. Now you spend a lot of time thinking about technology and obviously it’s used for charities. What do you see? The future of what what’s coming for charities around technology generally soon there’s one of the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s so we’re always dealing with new things and technology. We have a lot going on, obviously with social mentioned mobile and the push there people have just started is adjusting teo email and now you got email on a smaller device with with embedded video invented video which we couldn’t even do a couple of years ago, right? So there’s a lot of that changing however video has been around for a while, so now you have to think about well, great, we have a lot of video product, we have video content which is exciting and does tell there i’m story even more then you used to be able to people had to read the tax. Now they get to see it and see what’s happening with their mission. So it’s really rich content now how do you adjust it to a new format and what’s great is with tablets were getting away. From the tiny little handheld or in the tablets, at least are this big so you could do a lot more with the media there. You’re talking to someone who still has an iphone three g s? Look, i skipped the four. I didn’t get an ipad, but i’m gonna buy a five so some of us are still in the well. I guess the dark ages were only three years ago, two and a half, three years ago. But yes, because the contents getting richer, the devices are getting hyre hyre resolution, right? Exactly. Zero ur videos now even either either bigger phone or tablet. And the iphone three is still a great phone. I know it when you compare can compare that to you know, the audiovox that i had not even ten years ago. I was like a brick. Exactly. Start to build the side of a building. Dahna that’s it now you are a triathlete on iron man. So remind people now i know that it’s a, uh it’s a swim on a bike in a run tell people what the distances are for each of those is pretty impressive. I have to bring that up. Because they talk about that and leadership, the two point four miles with them it’s, one hundred twelve mile bike ride and it’s a marathon, which is a twenty six point, two mile run. And you could take a nap in between those three. I mean, you could do that, but you may not finish in the seventeen hours that you have to finish it. So you have seventeen hours from seven in the morning until midnight. Tio how many thieves are also called iron man? Iron man is a brand and so that’s an iron in iron distance and they’ve branded it iron man let’s stick with generic triathlete triathlon how many of those have you done for that iron distance triathlon? I’ve done five. Okay, what’s the feeling between the plate and run you swam. You’ve bites a hundred sixteen miles west one hundred twelve miles you’re about to run twenty six point two miles. What is the feeling? Is your dismounting the bike and thinking, oh, i just have a marathon left? What are you thinking? What is the thought? That more at that transition movement during biking and running? People always ask that because they say yeah, oh, i’m sorry, i’m generic ordinary. Well, actually, you asked it in a different way, i will say, but people always say how can run a marathon after doing that, and that that’s different and what i what i say is you’re at that point, i find the marathon easier to run than just a marathon alone, and i know it sounds strange, but you’re kind of out of your mind at that point, because you’re somewhere between, you know, six and eight hours of working out insurance. Can you know you you can’t really think so. You think, wow, i get to run a marathon. If i can just get off this bike, i’ll go do that. Buy-in but it’s, only because your mind isn’t actually working correctly, okay, so there’s, some euphoria, obviously. Endorphins, air way overload. Okay, talking alternative radio, twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. 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Sure you’re neo-sage tuesday nights nine to eleven new york time go to ivory tower radio dot com for details. That’s, ivory tower radio dot com e every time i was a great place to visit for both entertainment and education listening tuesday nights nine to eleven it will make you smarter geever hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com yeah. Now you spent a lot of time thinking about leadership in technology. I know you speak of fair man of vision. How do you think you’re a triathlete? Work and preparation discipline involved in that affects your thoughts about leadership? Well, one thing is i get a lot of thinking time that i think other people don’t you know, i go out and go for a loan runs thinking that that’s good thinking time, right? It allows you to take a step back. You don’t have, you know, i don’t have the distraction of the phone or anything else. I have just me out there running and time to think so i do think that’s one thing that just the amount of time actually made the decision to join blackbaud while i was doing iron man wisconsin, well, you were in there not training for you while i was in the event of yeah, yeah, i told mark he said, i’m going to do an iron man this weekend and i’ll make the decision while i’m doing that work is march are dahna our ceo? Yes. Ls it? What about the discipline involved in training and discipline for leadership? You see overlap there? Yeah, i mean, it’s one of those things when you show that you can do that when you prove to yourself what you can do and what you’re capable of, i think you have, um, a little less fear, you know, you feel like a stronger person and that obviously, yeah, i can do that, you’re not you’re not afraid of what could happen, and you know that you can overcome a lot and there’s a lot with leadership that you know, you don’t you can’t control everything, right? That’s the same with iron man, you can’t control everything i can’t. I was doing great the last one that i did was awesome in germany and wei bike, i was having my best swim and bike so excited felt great got off the bike started on the run and a downpour happen and it was freezing and it just completely changed my race and i went from being my best time to thinking i’m not sure we’ll be able to finish and that’s what happens with leadership, right? It’s like everything’s going great and then something that, you know, i can’t control the weather, something happens. That you’re completely another competitors does something. You know, something changes in the industry, and you can’t control it. And soto have that confidence. You know, whatever comes my way, i can. I can handle it, and i can figure it out, and i’ve done it. So courage, perseverance, zone, like what we talked about. Confidence, confidence now you now that leads me tio spread shirt, you were ceo richer in why don’t you acquaint listeners with what spread shirt was then? I’ll follow sure spreads shirt is a customized apparel company, but in particular were a place where people can create their own shirts and sell them. So i kind of think of it as ebay, like people had goods that they were selling on platform, so we were a technology platform. But what would happen is they could create them virtually, and then we would produce them and sell them. So imagine if somebody could go in and, you know, if you understand ebay, you know, somebody could go in and say, well, i have a chair, but i don’t really have it. I just make it created online. Then we would actually produce that, and you could sell it, okay? And then one of the shirts had a madeleine albright about about confidence. You remember that? You know what i’m referring to? Yes, i do, but i can’t remember exactly. Okay. It was something it was be confident, but not it wasn’t cocky but it’s something like cocky. Yeah. It’s be confident. But not sure, you know so it’s something along that lines and the point there is, you know that your you are confident when you could do, but you also have to listen to others, right? You also have to see the different perspective because you don’t know everything and so be confident but not certain what it is. I do this be confident but not certain, yes, and listening is important. Let’s, you know, let’s, talk about some leadership skills, what’s your what’s your advice around listening to the people who are working with you for you, i actually have, you know, one of those signs that looks like a street sign, and it says what people, what people need is a good listening to this is something on your desk. Yes, again, believe good listen, is a good listening to more customers air that way, your employees there that way, you know, make sure that you’re listening to one of the things that i read once that i often times remember is it says, if you’re listening to respond, you’re not listening. Listen to respond. Sure, youre not listening right? Because you’re starting to sit there and think. Okay, well, i’m halfway through what they say, and i’m already thinking about my response, and i miss what they’re really saying, so it’s, this idea that you just sit there and listen and be okay if there’s a pause and be okay with you know, i’m not really sure, but i really want to think about that a little bit more. Let me get back to you or just have the pause there and say, hey, let me think about that for a second, i really want to understand. So if you’re if you’re already starting to process that and change how you’re thinking, um, based on what they’re saying, you’re missing what they’re saying. It reminds me of a scene pulp fiction, oma thurman is talking teo john travolta this actually, this might be an out take. I’m not sure if it made it in the movie, but she asks him she’s interviewing him before he takes her out krauz her husband, his boss is away and she she asked him, do you do you actually talk to people? Or do you wait to talk? You actually listening to people or you waiting to talk and says, i have to admit, i wait to talk, but i’m working on that that’s exactly it’s the same exact thing. So i’m glad i’ll reference full flexion cause that’s cool. Yeah, but i don’t know if it made it so. But i have the outtake dvds. Let’s, talk a little. You know, i like the topic of leadership. You you’re a senior person in blackbaud you’ve been ceo, you were ceo of sweatshirt and you know, what advice do you have for people who are leading, maybe leading small and midsize charity? So, you know, you covered listening, which is really critical. I’d also say i have another t shirt that says facts or good way often forget that we get caught up in the emotion of what’s going on it’s, like i always remember, especially the leader to back-up and think about, well, what facts do i have to support that? Am i leading by emotion, or is it is there really a date if the data behind it so it’s, data’s important and facts are good? Okay, so is there special advice you have for people who are leaders in technology as you are senior vice president, technology and marketing? What about technology of special leadership challenges? Sure, the technology leadership is different from still here. Yeah, it’s still it’s still people and i haven’t i you know, maybe i’m not even that, but i haven’t found technology to be that different. Okay, how about for the small, mid sized charity that’s thinking of purchasing technology’s leader thinking of purchasing technology what’s your advice about what goes into that important decision again? Think of the audience, which is small and midsize charity’s not. I’m talking to the biggest universities or hospitals, but good size but still smaller. Thank you for asking that because it’s really important and i’ll say a couple of things i finally had a good questioning. No, i like several question they’ve heard a million times aboutthe man okay, no, what people don’t prepare for is the change that technology is going to intel. So if you’re just buying a technology and hoping that it’s only going to work the way that you were, you’re losing out, you know, a lot of the technology is built with knowing all of these non-profits right, so our technology, for example, gets the benefit of twenty seven thousand non-profits and so if you’re on ly trying to get it to work exactly the way that you work, you’re going to lose out on the advantages of working with somebody who works with a lot of non-profits and the the best, this is the come along with that, right? So make sure we talk flexibility, but but but still the technology used to support you, but you you need to be able to adapt as well. Is that yeah, that and really think about maybe your processes need to be in place that way, but a lot of times you can modify them not just for the technology, but because there’s a good reason that technology is built that way, not just because it was a limitation of technology. The technology was built that way because it really works well for non-profit right? So being being willing to kind of back up and say, are we just doing this? Because we’ve always done it that way? Are we doing it because there’s really a reason behind it to do it that way? So that’s one thing is that i would always back-up and kind of push ourselves to make sure that we’re not just doing it because that’s what we’re comfortable with now change is good another thing that i’d say is keep up with the technology and by that i mean, a lot of people especially talked about cloud based applications, the technology’s updated for us, right? So we don’t have to go in and choose to read the release notes and all of that it’s just it’s there. So what happens is, is that people stay where they implemented, right? So they just they just use what they know, and they don’t push themselves to go out because they don’t have to go through a big change process to go in and upgrade like we used to have to back in the day. So i would say, really stay current with that technology because there’s a reason, you know, we put this stuff in there because we’re learning from people there’s new things to take advantage of, you know, and you should be using them, and it may be simple things like, you know, query list, if you didn’t learn about query list that we added to the razor’s edge in the last release, well, you’re probably spending more time than you need to in the software and we can make something really much faster for you. So and because you didn’t take that three minutes to read the, you know, release notes or to watch the release video because we do them by video now, as we’re talking about, you know, you’re missing out on thirty minutes a week because you didn’t take that three minutes so people don’t realize, you know, if you want to go back it’s the seven habits sharpening your soul, make sure that you’re sharpening, coming to bb khanna’s away of sharpening your soul, right? And make sure that you’re not trying to solve that tree with that dull blade. Hey, is your going in? You’re learning, you’re saying, and while this is going to be a benefit to my organization, even though it feels like three minutes now and i don’t know what i’m gonna get out of it, you’re going to get something out of it. So you got to take that leap of faith that goes back to leadership does lead leaps of faith, courage, flexibility since your technology provider, they may know something that could help you. And of course you mentioned krauz based, of course. The baby? I’m sorry, blackbaud i’m most familiar with oppcoll bases tapestry, that’s your that’s your offering and we also the razor’s edge is offered in the cloud too. So wei have that as well. So we most of our products are available in a cloud based solution. And some of its are clouds of someone else’s cloud it’s just but to the customer it’s the same thing. Okay, let’s, spend a couple minutes. I’m really interested in what? What is that? Moves you about your work. What? What do you love about intersection of technology? Marketing? That is the leadership. I see them out here. There are customers hyre brandy’s out there laugh and she’s not listening to me that there she is. See that they’re only costa. No, no, no. She’s the one that’s standing right here. So we’ve got yeah, twenty seven thousand organization she’s from one of them. But it’s it’s, people like her that are very, very encouraging and invigorating to work with. You know, some of the folks said, gosh, that was really hard to stand up there in front of all those people at the keynote. Take live questions. You know, why did you do that it’s like i love questions. I want to know what they’re thinking if i’m just standing up there talk and i’m not getting feedback and to me questions or feedback, right? Questions are wow, where you aren’t clear on something and you know all of that. And so you learn from the questions people ask me. I love that whenever i’m in an interview, maybe this is another leadership tip whenever i’m in an interview interview someone for a job i always tell what questions do you have? Right? Because you learn a lot about how somebody’s thinking by their questions and that’s what i get and now we have, you know, this room of twenty, five hundred customers that air here that stopped me in the hallway. That’s why? I was a little late coming to you because i get stopped just in the ten yards from the restaurant by forty for people with questions or comments or feedback, and i get to listen and learn. What do you what do you love that you’re doing for them? What are you hearing that? That they’re thrilled about that helps you wake up every morning? Yeah, well. It’s, you know, one of the customers stood up during the keynote and said, i don’t have a question, i have a compliment. You told us what you were going to do last year and you delivered it, and i just want to say thanks. So when so when the customer sees something like the razor’s edge mobile or the new versions of sierra mar, what we’ve released in illuminate, you know, and they say that, you know, well, here, let me put it another way when the customer stands up and says that’s my feature, and they were part of developing that that’s that’s when you feel really great, great oppcoll we’ll leave it there, all right, jonah and your senior vice president of products marketing blackbaud john, i wanna thank you very much for being a guest on a busy day. Thank you. Thank you. And especially for all the great questions upleaf all of that tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of pecan twenty twelve were outside washington dc. Thanks very much for joining. Thank you. My thanks to janna eggers and everybody at blackbaud who helped organize my interviews there. Right now we take a break and when we return, tony’s take two. And then scott koegler its gps global positioning. Scott. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Joined the metaphysical center of new jersey and the association for hyre. Awareness for two exciting events this fall live just minutes from new york city. In pompton plains, new jersey, dr judith orloff will address her bestseller, emotional freedom, and greg brady will discuss his latest book, deep truth living on the edge. Are you ready for twelve twenty one twelve? Save the dates. Judith orloff, october eighteenth and greg brady in november ninth and tenth. For early bird tickets, visit metaphysical center of newjersey dot or or a nj dot net. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com way. Look forward to serving you. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Buy-in lively conversation. Top trends. Sound advice, that’s, tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m ken berger from charity navigator. Welcome back where you been? It’s time now for tony’s. Take two. Last week i said that my blogged would be the modest arm or generous. But it was not the value of a quash sewn my story in the subway. When i gave a hungry man, a bag of pastries was doing very well. And i like that post. So i kept it through last week. But it is true that people of modest means are more generous. They do give a higher percentage of their income. Then the wealthy do we? We definitely have a generation. Sorry, a generosity divide in the us. I just haven’t blogged about it yet, but it still exists. Just cause i don’t write it doesn’t mean it’s not true when i do. When i do block that, i promise you there will be links to articles from the chronicle of philanthropy and an interactive us map. But they have that shows generosity, but i haven’t done it yet. It’s coming this week, i blogged dear housing works thrift shops. I unfortunately had a bad donation experience at one of the housing works thrift shops here in new york city and that story is on my block this week at tony martignetti dot com. I hope you’re probably thoroughly confused between tony stick to and the block, but if you just go to the block, it’ll all sort itself out, and that is tony’s take two for friday, october twenty six, the forty fifth show of the year. Now scott koegler is with me, you know him? He’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, which you’ll find it n p tech news, dot com and he’s our regular monthly technology contributor. Scott koegler welcome back. Thank you, tony. How terrific. How you doing today, scott? I’m doing well, you hang out with me long enough and i’ll name a segment for you. This is gps global positioning. Scott wei, are we’re talking about gps and location based systems? What? What is this about? Well, it’s about, um, being local and, uh, being able to do business wherever you happen to be at the moment or wherever you would like to be gps global positioning services, actually, tony, uh, you know, being used all over the place by mapping systems is being used on cell phones. Very, uh, uh, frequently to just find out. Where you are sometimes it’s for the good, actually most of the time. It’s for the good. Some people also feel kind of, you know, creepy about being tracked. So that’s that’s an issue that we have to talk about? Well, yeah, we will. And i know these these air services, like four square, which i’m pretty active on foursquare i checked in just a few minutes ago. Actually, i checked in a few minutes ago here at the studio on foursquare and for those familiar with four square, this will mean something to you. I stole the mayorship from our producer sam who’s here more often than me, but he doesn’t check in he’s a he’s, a lackluster foursquare member. So he hasn’t been checking in his own studio and i just stole the mayorship. Why don’t you? Why don’t you acquaint people with four square is since i brought it up now four squares is one of the premier where you are kind of applications and it identifies typically businesses. It really isn’t meant for residential or or other places like that. But if you are in a particular location, you you, uh, bring up the app on your smartphone, which could be, i think it runs on almost any smartphone now, uh, it’ll say okay, in this area that you you’re identified within our two or five or two hundred businesses, and you tap on the one that you are frequenting thatyou’re stop that and you can, uh, put you can take a picture, you could make a comment, you can invite your friends to come over and join you, and then it posts that online. And so the geo location thing gps is is really a convenience, because obviously, if you’re in joe’s pizza parlor, you pretty much know that. So theo geo location just kind of helps too find it automatically for you. Okay on dh there are others, like yelp and instagram and facebook places all all these using gps, it seems like almost any half any, uh, smartphone application is embedding gps your location? Well, that’s true, the twitter standard twitter is, too. I mean, you certainly can add your location to twitter if you want to right google plus facebook just say facebook, google goggles is an early example of that and it’s kind of interesting and i know it’s, not a really popular when it’s more of a an information service with google goggles. You know, i haven’t heard of that. Well, you you pretty much need to be using an android device, i think, although it may work on kind of on apple devices to but essentially you take a picture of a place, the building or whatever you happen to want to see, and it matches that picture of that building with the geo location gps. And then it looks for other images of that same building taken by other people, and once it finds it, it says, oh, yeah, in this building, his is tony, because he’s at the studio today, okay? And by the way, do you want teo? You want to talk to you so you click on the button and it will bring up your phone number or your email address or whatever else you’ve provided for us. It’s very interesting application. Yeah, that is called google goggles. Google goggles. It’s. Actually, they were. They caught virtual kind of virtual reality because it’s allowing you to and when you look at the phone that you’re taking the picture with, it overlays the image with what? It knows so it’s very interesting stuff, and i’ve kind of gotten nearly as much popularity as i think it too, right there we go, my pitch, alright google goggles, and so i guess, at the at the most basic level, ah non-profit could have itself listed on these services and have people checking in saying that there, there, there, when, when, when they are exactly and it depends, of course, on the kind of non-profit you you are and the and what it is you’re trying to do if you if you’re a non-profit that has a specific location and you want people to come there and be there, then that’s absolutely one of those things you want to do if you’re a non-profit that really doesn’t have a specific location and instead does events or those kind of things, then you’re probably looking at, um, you know, something more like twitter or facebook where you khun, uh, create a flash mob or something like that, but, uh, you know, we’re here right now come see us, okay? Flash mob jargon jail. You should know better. Scott. Come on, flash mother. You know, tony, you don’t think that’s jargon anymore you’re struggling, all right? You don’t think flash mob all right, maybe you do. Maybe everybody does know. I mean, i know what a flash mob is, but i’m tryingto i’m always looking out for the listeners. Scott, you transgress every once in a while, right? There could be somebody listening but doesn’t know a flash mob. Okay, i insist the flash mob is a gathering of people that have not prearranged to be in any particular place but have heard about it through some kind of a general social media, like a twitter and decided hey, let’s, go there right now. And so you may get, you know, two people or you may get ten thousand people you really never know. Of course, if you have a, uh, if you have some kind of celebrity in a particular place, you know, it’s the draw, right? Yes. Ok. You know, come see me with mick jagger. Whatever. You probably get a couple people to show up with that, of course, when they find out he’s, not really with me. Well, you you would never be a disappointment, scott. People still be just a few will be equally thrilled to. See you. I got the moves, jack. Alright, so okay, so what? The most basic level you could you could on its easy to add an application. I mean, is it at a location i know on foursquare because i’ve been i’ve tried to check in some places for the sixth was probably more like a year that i’ve been on it, and the place isn’t listed so it’s easy to add so a charity could easily add itself on a four square and probably the others are easy too, but be going beyond that beyond just having your your location listed. What what what’s the value of these location based systems for charity? Well, with any of these, and not just location based applications, but with any social media or really any website or anything that that the business or non-profits going to do the whole thing is being able to get people more involved with what you’re doing and to associate more closely with you cause so this is one of those things that is healthy, at least the possibility of doing because hopefully you’re doing something interesting and you’re in a particular location that’s interesting, and you’re bringing people together so they associate with each other, and so that popularity kind of grows. So the location based aspect of it is, is one part was definitely not the whole deal. No, right. Okay, so, for instance, i see i see promotions once in a while, when i check in somewhere there’s, a there’s, a restaurant and bar in the city. On the fifth, check in, you gotta free free, free beer, free tap. We got that in the first day, right? Um, so so it could be something like that. I mean, you could offer a promotion, right? Right? A free t shirt. You know, one of the examples that i saw was if you have a corporate sponsorship for your non-profit corporate sponsor could add an additional award for some number of check ins that, uh, that anyone might make, so that gives the visitor on additional incentives to make a contribution, even though they don’t actually have to put out the cash. Right? Okay. And we should just make it clear to listeners that the zsystems routinely track how many times you check in, like mine. My it knew that i was the fifth. There was the fifth check in at this place called in manhattan called the beer authority. It’s right near port authority, the authority so it knew it was my fifth checkin that said free beer, but i was there for lunch and the client, so i couldn’t take advantage of it. Now i don’t get not one for another total. My tenth check in so it’s zumbi inducement to keep checking in and you could have something like that for your charity as well, like volunteers who are regularly coming could be a free lunch or maybe a t shirt, something like that, right? Right? And some volunteer organizations have karma points, so they don’t actually reward you with dollars this early, but, you know, you get to be a head honchos on a a good guy associating with non-profit okay, well, karma is much more valuable than a deceased good karma is much more valuable than than my my pinto free beer, you know, so pretend they don’t. But what did you say? Depends on the day ends up. Okay, well, karma’s goto older he’s okay, what beers? Beers don’t help don’t hurt. All right, let’s. See what? S so there are some downsides to to using these. We’re talking about the advantages, and we’ll talk about some of the pros too. But but privacy you mentioned your privacy is one of those things. One one positioning systems and gps on smartphones first started to come out. There was a whole lot of discussion about, you know who knows where i am and what are they doing with the information? And how? How do i control whether this is being i used to look? At, um, for better or worse, just like most of the social media scares, those kind of things are pretty much faded away for the majority of people. Uh, and if you’re if you decided that you want to use the gps services, it’s, just part of the deal, you are just one of those, you know, it’s, just one of those things you put up with, like it or not, right on dh haven’t said that there still is a relatively, very small percentage of people who actually make use of these kind of things. Yeah, the online, the online folks there’s low penetration in that in that population of people who are active online, right? Exactly. Okay, okay, but yeah, i mean, these are things you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to reveal to people where you are every every time you stopped somewhere, but you might decide that you’re gonna have some fun with it right now, okay? And that comes to the kind of the next issue, and we already talked about several of the deal location applications. So, like any other set of applications, which ones to use? Because you know you may use four square today, but you may want moving social you may want. You may also be using twitter or whatever. And so now you have a dozen of these location sensitive applications that are not only tracking you, but somehow incentive for you to check in or log on our see who from group, where your friends are, right? So they can get to be a lot, especially if you go somewhere lunch and, oh, i need to check in. Well, i need to check in with all ten of you applications looking so what’s left. For once, your friend has left and you’re free. Beer is warm and it’s time to get back to the office. 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Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business, why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com. Welcome back. We’re with global positioning, scott, and we’re talking about these location based systems and their potential value for you. And of course, you know the thing we were just finishing with before the break was scott, i mean, you don’t have to do these, you could do just one, you know, it’s, like any social media, you choose the the amount of time that you feel you have and the level of your interest on dh what your goals are for your for your charity, right? Exactly. And, you know, one of the things i was thinking about is, uh, in terms of how it’s, how non-profits come use this? I think it’s particularly helpful with the events, you know, we talked earlier about my misuse of the word flash mob, but i think that that’s, uh, it’s kind of in line with an event, uh, kind of a connection so that you can publicize your event through the website through email through whatever other venues you used to connect with your constituents, but it wouldn’t help it wouldn’t hurt to have some kind of geo location system that says, our event is now and it’s here and you should be here if you need directions on how to get here. Click this button here that brings up the mapping application. Yes. Directions. So all those kind of things are kind of part and parcel of location. You know, directions were certainly part of that. Your article at n p tech news dot com has some interesting examples about how charity’s air using thes these systems. One of them you mentioned the karma points, which is terrific for volunteers wanted to share another the royalty thing you mentioned, you know, get stop in five times and get a prize. That’s certainly one of the things that goes along with the karma points, but i really depends almost entirely on what your mission in your non-profit is, uh so that that that’s definitely one of those things stop in x number of times. Stop by check in the other thing that goes along with that is the social media announcement. So not only do you want to check in because it’s a good thing to do, but you also want to encourage visitors to tell their friends that they’re they’re right. Well, that’s andi had said earlier these chickens are often shared through all the other social sites, so people are sharing with their friends that their at an event are there volunteering for you or they’re at a board meeting or whatever it is. They’re all their friends on all the other difference. All the other social sites where they’re sharing their check ins are learning how close you are to this organization, right, and particularly like four square, for example, has an automatic post for twitter and facebook, and of course, you could turn that on or off. Uh, actually, i’m kind of disappointed that they haven’t expanded beyond just those two social media to whatever google plus or any of the others. But and as you start to look at some of these, uh, gps application, gps enabled applications, it isn’t always necessary that you create a particular application for your non-profit it’s, it’s really not a bad thing to use? Just pick on foursquare? Yeah, not a bad thing to use them because they already have the infrastructure that already has a member base. It’s it’s a fairly good possibility that many of your constituents are already signed up with them and it’s easy for them then to find that it’s easier it’s easy for you to invite them if you if there’s a non-profit you have a email list, uh, worry twitter list of your constituents, you can go into foursquare and ask it to find or suggest friends for your foursquare connection, and it will then risked your other social media and you can simply invite them so it’s a nice way to be ableto add people to your four square connection. Yeah, i didn’t think we were talking about charity’s developing their own aps i thought we were talking about having them think about whether using one of the existing ones foursquare, yelp, you know instagram, facebook places crowd map around me whether any of those might be suitable for them. Let me ask you, we’ve just about a minute and a half or so left you used to be a chief information officer. I don’t include that in your bio, but you’re a modest fellow and but i’ll reveal it now that used to be a ceo. If you were cia in a midsize charity, how would you approach this? No, i think we just lost scott. Maybe maybe he did not want me to reveal that used to be a chief information officer. Um, but i’m going with only a minute and a hat would like a minute left. Now, i think we’re pretty much gonna have to say goodbye to scott, but what i think he would suggest first is think about what? The what the technology is and think about whether it can be helpful to you. And if so, how? And then, you know, what are your goals around using foursquare or instagram or something like that? Let’s? See, do we bring scott backs? And we have that. Sam scott, you’re there. Okay, i’m here. I was speaking for you. Did you not want me to reveal that? Used to be a chief information officer? Is that why you cut us off? You know, that was really and i was embarrassed by the whole thing. That’s how modesty is, he hangs up and you talk about theo flushes. It hides in the corner. I do actually, our radio. All right, now we just have about thirty seconds. But what i what i was saying, scott is that you would probably urge people as if you were their ceo to think about what your goals are for using one these or just several. These gps system, gps, location based systems. You got it exactly right, tony and that’s pretty much good advice for deciding to do any particular technology. Yeah, so i would say, you know, decide what you want. Find the applications that provided with the least effort and least money. Uh, some whatever is most acceptable to your in this case to your constituents and start to integrate. That developed a plan. I would be working with the marketing folks and with people, they’re actually doing the task because, you know, i don’t actually do anything. Okay, so i was talking to them to find out what it is, what it is that they want to do. And then i would be simply enabling the product for them to take advantage of it. Okay, now i have to cut you off. It’s. Time to say goodbye. Scott koegler, editor of non-profit technology news at n p tech news. Dot com we’ll talk to next month. Thank you, scott. Good bye, tony. Next week. Another interview. From the bb con conference, it may be the one on getting more matching gif ts or it could be the one on using data from social media, or it could be the one on razor’s edge best practices um, you can know before the show if you’re on arlington group and you can also know before the show what the second half of next week’s show will be. It’ll be jean takagi and emily chan, our legal team, but i don’t know what subject no. Before the show joined the linked in group were also on facebook. 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