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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio for friday, august third, two thousand twelve big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent i’m your aptly named host i sincerely hope that you were with me last week. It would hurt me deeply if i discovered that you had missed arts and culture building bust. Joanna moore uncle wits is an associate at the university of chicago’s cultural policy center and lead author of set in stone building america’s new generation of cultural facilities nineteen ninety four to two thousand eight we talked about that study of over seven hundred building projects throughout the country and its lessons. Things don’t always turn out the way boards think they will this week. Your hr audit karen bradunas is a human resources consultant. There may be things hiding in your hr closet that you need to bring out and dust off to avoid problems later on, we’ll talk about your benefits, plan, immigration, paperwork and what to do if you get audited by federal or state regulators and your social media audit. Scott koegler continues our discussion from that one hundredth show a few weeks ago on sites that help you. Assess how you’re doing in social media. Hoot suite market, me sweet, radiant six and some others. Scott is the editor of non-profit technology news and our regular tech contributor. Between the guests on tony’s, take two. If you’re going to give, you got to take time off. That was my advice from earlier this summer, but it applies now later in summer, so i’m going to remind you, if you’re taking care of others, you got to take care of yourself, too. There’s still time. Use hashtag non-profit radio to join this conversation on twitter right now, we’ll take a break and when we return, it’s your hr audit with karen bradunas, so stay with me. You didn’t think that tooting getting ding, ding, ding, ding, you’re listening to the talking alternate network, get in. Dahna cubine hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. Listen to my show for ideas and information to help you live a healthier life in body, mind and spirit, you’ll hear from terrific guests who are experts in the areas of health, wellness and creativity. So join me every thursday at eleven a m eastern standard time on talking alternative dot com professionals serving community koegler are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s, create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight. Three backs to one to seven to one eight one eight three the conscious consultant helping conscious people be better business people. Buy-in you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Geever schnoll dahna hi there and welcome back. Twenty martignetti non-profit radio. Very happy to have karen bradunas with me, she’s, a human resources consultant working with organizations to develop or change the people aspect of their business. She has over twenty years experience in hr and best practice knowledge of how to attract, retain and motivate staff. She’s held officer positions at gulf insurance subsidiary of travelers and bankers trust, which is now deutschebank. Her philosophy is to bring that large company expertise and those best practices to smaller organizations, including non-profits. She maintains the senior professional in human resource is designation. So she has those fancy letters. S p h r after her name. Very pleased to welcome back to the show. Karen bradunas sorry, karen. Welcome. Hi, tony. How are you? All right. Well, good to have you back. Great to be here. There’s stuff. Looking in hr offices or maybe not even offices. If there isn’t an hr director but in hr closets. That’s. Ah, that could come out. Tio bite some people. Yeah, and and right now is a great time to look at that. The department of labor has announced that in new york that they have put a lot of money in hiring compliance officers to come and to look at businesses to see where they’re out of compliance into levy fines. So if you haven’t looked at what you’re doing now would be a great time to do that. Okay, that’s so that’s for new york are new york audience there’s, more investigators in the state department of labor, right? But irrespective of which state you’re in it’s a good time to do it. At some point, everyone is looking at saving money across the nation, and new york may be leading the way for other states to do this, and i suspect that they are it’s been published for probably a year now that there’s money being put into it. I haven’t had any clients go through the audit yet, but i have attended department of labor seminars that were given free tow organizations saying we’ll help you get in compliance. Let’s do it now, ok? And even aside from the state, whichever state you’re in there’s always a chance of some kind of federal audit, we’ll talk a little about, like e t o see, for instance, right equal employment opportunity council okay. But myself in jail. E o c is equal employment opportunity commission commission. Okay, i’m out of georgia. Thank you, but h r was right. Fourth, you’re treading. You have even said it yet. But hr it’s like accounting. Very, very jorgen, look, dragon e so mary-jo i have the keys for george in jail and it’s very much top of mind for me. So watch your step. But how come this stuff doesn’t get attention? That it should from from boards from executive directors, ceos buy-in up until now, i don’t know that it’s been looked at carefully, especially non-profits in corporate environments it’s taken very seriously. Let me give an example that that’s across this the nation and that’s my nines, i nine is a form that must be completed for employees. That tells that they have to prove two things. One is they’re eligible to work in this country. And they are who they say they are. And that has to be completed within thirty six hours of someone being hired. Okay, so this is if you’re hiring, if you have, as an employee, someone who’s, a resident of a different country, and they’re here anyone zoho anyone, anyone, anyone? If you hire a temp worker that works for a week, they need to fill out an i nine form so their u s resident doesn’t matter what you have to prove it. And that form i recommend be kept separately from the other paperwork in the hr file. And the reason for that is, if you have an i nine audit, you wanna have on ly on ly show the auditor by night. Okay? We’re going to talk about what to do if you’re actually audited what it sounds like your advice is just give them what they’re looking for and just what they’re looking for, a volunteer, a lot of extra stuff, but but how come this doesn’t get the attention that it deserves in you? Said maurine non-profits you found then on the end, on the corporate side, why do you think that if i don’t think up until now? Non-profits h r has really been looked at in general hr function for smaller non-profits is handled by finance, a county people who may or may not be mostly not trained in h r and h ours really viewed as a step child, i don’t know that all non-profits especially smaller ones have made the connection that your people really are assets and really do contribute to your bottom line. I mean, that’s been an ongoing challenge ideal with with non-profits the last time you were on, we talked about attract well attracting, hiring, training, retaining and then if necessary, letting go employees. But but putting aside letting them go, you know, retaining, training, motivating we talked about that a lot, but you still don’t see that charity’s air invested in their their principal asset, their people. I think right now all employers are worried about employee engagement and for non-profit that are scrambling to keep the funds they have that’s going to be the primary focus. Understandably, you’re going to try and meet payroll, so if you have funds that’s going to be a primary source, you’re not really going to invest in training while you’re just trying to meet payroll. So i think it’s where non-profit is in terms of financial stability? Yeah, yeah. Smaller shops, of course. Yeah, but you see, on the corporate side, bigger investment in people hr is not considered, like just strictly a cost center there. No. In i’ve i’ve shared this with with individuals. In some places hr is oftentimes feared because they have a heavy hand and i don’t necessarily agree with that approach. But in some organization, hr is really an audit function, and we’ve talked about this a lot hr walks, that fine line between, you know, looking to be in management side or employees side and it’s, really an audit function. Where is what’s the right thing to do here? Yeah, and but they are treading that line between, like employees, advocate and and hr officer or office for the for the charity. Right. Okay, we’re gonna take a break. We’re here to talk about your hr audit before we get into what to do in an audit. We’ll spend some time talking about some of the things that are auditable that are on that or on karen bradunas is radar, and right now we take a break. I hope you’ll stay with us talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. 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We’re talking about your hr audit with karen bradunas on dh, by the way, her website is km bradunas dot com and that’s b r a d u n a s let’s just spend another couple moments on the this i nine so you fill out this immigration form line nine for any every employee it’s not only employees on visa or some kind of other staff, correct, okay, and temp agencies, if you are working with a temp agency to supply intermittent staff, you really should be checking with them to make sure they’re doing it and they’re keeping him on file at their location also, okay? And you said within thirty six hours of enjoyment night and then you just keep that for yourself or you send it somewhere you keep it, okay, and you keep it separate from the rest of the hr file. Okay? And the reason for this is if you were to get audited recently for client, i had department of labor call me and say, we’re investigating someone who worked at your organization, and we want to make sure that they didn’t get paid too much unemployment so we’d like you to give. Us, the following pay records. They listed it out. I said we’d also like copies of their signature. Like from an application in i nine floor. But a w two debbie for form. Okay, i didn’t give him the i nine i get. I offered them. I said, you know, the lines or separate it’s easy to give anap location before and then any of these forms direct deposit. I’m simply because if there was anything wrong in the i nine, it could then open up an investigation. Okay, even though they were only there to look at employment, they could call the person who does the i nine audits and say, hey, by the way saw place saw problem with the nine nine why don’t you come over okay, if you if you think about nationally we’re looking to gain revenue to pay for nationalized healthcare and states are having difficulty financially and you think from that standpoint and end, you understand why you’d want to just give somebody what they’re asking for you okay? I think that’s sound advice for any, any kind of audit? Just exactly give them exactly what they were asking for. But don’t be volunteering extra. Okay, not-for-profits in general, i found when an auditor asked for something and i’m talking all the way to a cfo director level if they’re a little bit inexperienced in this in corporate we’re we’re trained to do this much, much more vigorously. But if in order to says i want to audit the file, why don’t you tell me what you’re looking for? So i can make it easier for you when you come? So i’ll have all this ready for you, right? They’re happy to hear that you’re thrilled. You’re not giving them the whole file. It makes a little bit more work for you up front, but it saves in potential fees, right? Ok, if there in case they do find something right. So you often see trouble with benefit plans. I do a benefit plans let’s talk first. What is a qualified plan versus unqualified plan? A non qualified plan can be discriminatory. And let me give an example of one they used to call them. Top hat plans your ceo may have a four fifty seven plan it’s called that’s a plan that’s just for them that the board approves and is written. By an attorney that gives them x amount of dollars that thie agency pays to help for their retirement. Ah, qualified plan an example. That’s unquote that’s. An unqualified plant nonqualified on what is it? What is it that we’re qualifying for? Qualified unquote? What? Qualifying for what qualifies for tax benefits. A qualified plan like a four. One k plan you as an employee can have pre-tax money’s taken out so it qualifies you and that you’re not paying tax on some of your salary. Ok? And it gets put aside for you an investment vehicle that you aren’t paying taxes on those earnings until you take them out upon retirement. Okay, now it also means it has to cover certain number of employees the plan, and it has to be non discriminatory in design, meaning the highly comped and that’s, a very finite definition by the irs. For instance, top five percent owners. Okay, a certain amount of income family members of those high, highly comped employees. Or considered how the comp the plan hasn’t. It cannot benefit those people. Mohr than on how they come. Okay, that’s. What i mean by nondiscriminatory? Okay, so if it does these things and then it’s a qualified plan, correct. Okay, and qualified plans are comin right, but just what are one of the simplest the most common? For one case, for one there’s a money purchase plans another one defined benefit plans, which you see less of now. And a defined benefit plan is the old pension plan where an organization would put money aside for you. Based on years of service, your compensation and your age and a defined benefit plan, the agency would bear the risk of the investments because they’re guaranteeing you certain amount of money. When you retire, you don’t see many of those anymore because one people don’t stay it firms that long and to their very costly for an employer to maintain. All right, now i know listeners are on the edge of their seats, waiting for me to call you jargon call you out on jug in jail for a money purchase plan, even though you said you don’t see them too much, you said it didn’t have to defend what’s money purchase plan is a plan in which an employer puts aside a certain percentage of your pay in in in in a plan that you choose the investments for, and it can be vested over time. Ok, ok, a four o three b plan, which a lot of people have work in charities like that’s a qualified plan, some are some aren’t i had a client who had a four three b that wasn’t qualified, but it wasn’t a risa plan and they’re two separate things and okay, that’s ok, we’re going to get to we’re going. So now the four o three b is like a t i a craft is very common for three b i think a lot of people have tia cref accounts, right? But they don’t know it’s a four o three b it’s just a federal tax code designation, right? Would be right for one k for three b are all definitions of plans in the tax code, so those numbers really do have meaning. If you go to the tax code, you can have definition of plan, okay? And for listeners who want to do that, please, then i’ll expect a page dissertation on eggs on the comparison, in contrast, between four o three b and four a one k and don’t just say it’s the numbers and the letter in the parentheses after the number that’s not sufficient for three beast couldn’t be used by corporate. It wasn’t until recently, i’d say last ten years of four one case could be used by non-profits previously, they weren’t used by non-profits i see let’s talk about some of the problems that you see in these plans are either qualified or unqualified because this is your hr audit. Okay, so in the qualified plans, which is let’s, start with those because those are the ones that are the most common serve the most people i don’t want you seeing, i’d recommend one. If you have any plans, follow the qualified rules because then you’re covered. If you take the most stringent rules and apply them across the board, you’re safe, okay? Because legislation changes and so if you’re always taking the most stringent rules your set so here’s here’s something plant summary plan descriptions, there’s two parts to plans one is a plan document, which is written in legalese, and then a summary plan description, which is written in layman’s terms. The plane document has to be made available. If anyone ask for you must give them a copy of it. You can charge them up. Tio, i think twenty five cents a page for, but you must give them a cop. Anyone being an employee? Correct for the plan? Dahna kayman plan documents called. Okay. That’s, illegal lease document. Make sure you have one. Make sure that it’s up to date and you’re following what’s in the document. The summary plan description must be in layman’s terms. But make sure it matches. What? The plan. Document iss. Oh, one plan. They should both say the same thing. One does it in legal terms, you know? Does it in lay terms? Right? And that somewhere that somebody planned description, spd should be given to participants every year. If you make a plan change, it’s a good idea. You have, for some changes between nineteen, one hundred twenty days to do it. Try to do it within three months. The ninety day. Do what? Send out new summary plan description to every employee or everyone who’s in that plan. Every employee, every employee, every employee that’s eligible. Uh oh, eligible. Yeah. So the, you know, because they may not. There may be eligible, but they didn’t. Take it quick. Doesn’t matter, it’s everybody was eligible. And then, of course, if you made that change, you’d have to change your plan. Document also. Yeah. You start with the plan, document change, and then you do changes something planned description. Okay. And so you really need an attorney to do the plan document. You need an attorney. You know, sometimes you when you negotiate a plan, you’re working with investments. Tia cref, fidelity. They often times have a compliance unit. Can guide you on what needs to get done. Ah, lot of times things need board rails, board resolution to amend the plan. And that’s all that’s needed to submit to the company. Who’s preparing the document. Okay, don’t try to do this on your own as an agency. Don’t get someone who really knows about plan documents and someone planned descriptions to do it. Because if something were to go wrong, that the documents are bringing two quarter those documents, you really want it done by professional. And how can something go wrong? How are how are how is compliance overseen? This is a federal agency now that would do it or state agency for a risk. I’m department of labor’s managing those or is it claims? But let’s, talk about this. I’m in let’s say, for one k plan and i get paid every two weeks. I have money taken out of my paycheck every two weeks. Right there. Can you use this as a four o three b example? Absolutely. That’s amore common plan in two or three, maybe four. Three beat every two weeks. I get paid every two weeks. I have money coming out of my paycheck. The company isn’t wiring it to the investments. Timely. They’re wiring and only once a month. That’s a violation because there might not be enough money to cover. No, maybe. Just maybe that it may be easy for them. They want to do one wire month. Just the employer. Is that supposed to be holding the money? Correct. If it’s taken out every two weeks. It’s supposed to be wired every company every two weeks. Okay? And i don’t understand this if i’m if i’m invested in stock funds in two weeks, a stock price, khun, very greatly. So i want to buy in regularly. So i get the advantage of dollar cost averaging. Okay, well we get a little technical, but the point is the money supposed to go it’s not supposed to be held by the charity office right by the non-profit supposed to when it’s received from the employees supposed to go to the plan administrated the company, the investment vehicle, tia cref you supposed be wiring that money to tia cref? Because that should be invested with the same frequency and timely as it’s taken from an employee. Gotcha. Okay. And, of course, just again to remind listeners that tia craft is the four o three b that we’re that we’re using is the example kruckel one how about one more thing that you see in benefits plans? And then we’ll talk about what to do if you’re audited. All right, let’s talk about health and welfare plans. You’ve got a medical plan, a dental plan on go, go, go back these air also heiress. A plan. Okay, we just have time for one. One thing that you see in the health and welfare plans. New red new rig. You must handup summary plan descriptions of these plans and also have a plan document on file. I’ve not seen that in corporate. Or not-for-profits previously okay, with any regularity and health and wealth? Well, this health and welfare plans like a medical plan. You like your medical plan? Okay. Okay. Let’s, talk a little about what to do if you are audited. Do you even do you get advance notice or can they say we’re coming tomorrow, which is not much advance notice. I have not seen anyone i know for osha. Audits say sometimes just drop in, but i’ve generally gotten advanced notice is okay. What’s the first thing you do, it may be a state agency or a federal agency, right? Yeah, i’m mostly seen state agencies. Department of labor was used as an example there. Pretty regular with this, i try to get exactly what they’re looking for. You want to define the scope of the audit, okay, you want to understand what they’re trying to get its not, you know, it’s not an adversarial role. You may need to clean up some things, but you’re scared as hell. Now you terrible things that not adversarial, but you’re terrified, right? But that doesn’t mean that one it’s not fixable. And two you’d rather get some guidance with someone who can give you advice, okay? I had recently in autumn, although that advice may come with a fine or penalty may but i think that if you’re showing due diligence, it’s it’s better for you. So you wanted to find the scope of the audit, meaning you may want to call the auditors let’s say that that send this formal looking letter and right and same composition exactly what you’re looking for so that we can have it ready for you. I believe. It’s someone’s looking at hr files, recently hit someone from the state on dh. This was for a specific program. They were doing an audit, they said, send us the fires i said, i don’t send files, h r protects employees information and i know many agencies listening may not have an hr person, but if i’m working for you, i don’t necessarily want everybody knowing all the things about me in my file. So if they say, send the file way, don’t send files, what you have to come on. Yeah, they will bring the files to you are where you come to us or what? I don’t bring the files, i have them coming and i actually have them do it in in my space, where i’m sitting with them, i don’t even leave them. They can’t xerox from there, you know, if they need copies, i want to talk about that and you want to talk about the protection of those copies, right? Okay. And another piece which we haven’t touched on a lot is if you have anything in an employee’s file about medical conditions, i’m out sick today. I’m going to have surgery on thursday. Get that out of the employee file that has to be in a separate folder for hip hop separated out. And you don’t want the auditor seeing that, okay, even something as simple as out. First day i separate everything be ah, a mental condition or something. Some deep serious illness. Just a sick day that i said bring along elsewhere. I separate them all out because it’s easier. If you say anything to do with health is separate. It makes it easier. Okay, uh, we have a little more time left. What? What else? What else do we do now? The auditors are on site. They’ve complied with you. They said send. But you refused there. On site, we have just a minute left. What with some advice for the day of the audience? Well, i i went through one recently and i said, you know, what do you see in the files? You like my out the way i’ve set them up? What can you recommend and make it very interactive? Because one, you’ll get information of what other people are doing. You get a sense of best practices if if you don’t know already so it doesn’t have to be adversarial, it really can be, you know, what do we need to do to make it better? All right. Optimistic, great, great closing note for for the terrifying audit. Karen bradunas is human resources consultant with over twenty years experience. You’ll find her sight at km bradunas dot com. Karen, thanks very much for being guest. Thank you. Pleasure. Right now we take a break when we returned to tony’s. Take two and then scott koegler on your social media audit. So stay with me. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Hi, this is nancy taito from speaks. Been radio speaks. Been. Radio is an exploration of the world of communication, how it happens in how to make it better, because the quality of your communication has a direct impact on the quality of your life. 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As a consultant to ceos, i’ve helped produce clear, measurable financial results while expanding integrity, passion and joy share my journey as we apply the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment to create breakthroughs for people across the world. The people of creation nation listened to norah simpson’s creation nation fridays at twelve noon eastern on talking alternative dot com. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business, why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour. My blogged from june one of the weeks in june was if you’re going to give to others, you’ve got to take time off, and i just think it’s so timely to remind you that if you haven’t taken your time off for the summer yet, you really should you’re in a non-profit that gives to others whatever that e-giving mission is, you are a giving person and to do that efficiently and also really probably more important, or at least equally as important as efficiently is to get as much joy out of your giving as you can. I believe you need to take time for yourself, and i had suggested that in june it’s now early august, please take time for yourself and do it without a cell phone and without email. Take care of yourself so that you can get the greatest pleasure out of taking care of others. And that is on my block at tony martignetti dot com that’s tony’s take two for friday, august third, two thousand twelve with me now is scott koegler he is we know who. He is he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news. Of course, he’s, our regular tech contributor, the longest running contributor on this show with me from nearly the very, very beginning, very close to the very beginning. How are you, scott? I’m good, but you know, doesn’t mean that i’m getting old teo it’s like, two years you’re your youngster? Yeah, i almost i almost said, your hamster. I know what it’s, not a hamster you’re doing about that. Well, you know, that’s, right? You’re not even a gofer. No way you’re our tech contributor. And a couple of weeks ago, on the one hundredth show, you just talk briefly about what we’re going toe flush out today, which is some analytics. So why don’t you remind people what? What we’re talking about, right? One of the questions i always had about social media is, you know, aside from doing it by yourself as a kind of a leisure time activity or in order to keep up with your friends as a corporate or an organizational function, is there any return on investment? Is there a reason to actually spend the time and money in doing this stuff for a long time i was pretty much negative on social media believing that, yeah, it’s a fun thing, and it might get get your name out there, but, you know, you really don’t want to spend much time. You don’t want to actually devote a person to do that kind of work and over the last, uh, well, i guess it’s really matured over the last year that more more recently, there have become many applications and systems that that are actually helping to prove that the maybe or not depending on your situation way, turn on investment for any efforts put into social media. So that’s a long way of saying, yeah, we may be actually able to find out how much, how much we’re spending if we’re spending the right amount and where we might actually spend more time and effort. Okay, so we can audit our social media investment and determine whether it’s paying off exactly. Okay, um, and you’re right, you meant a time and money buy-in small shops, there isn’t a lot of either one of those and so every hour that someone spends maintaining the twitter feed or the facebook page or getting videos up. On youtube or blogging, obviously is an hour that could have been spent doing something else. Andi need teo. So now we can sort of do a cost benefit and figure out what the return is and whether this time and money are well invested. One of them is is hoot suite right? Right. Who this week i had always thought that that was just i always thought that was just a desktop for, like, operating a bunch of social media platforms, but not so well, it is kind of emily talk about audits all of these applications, and we’ll talk about it. Give you some kind of ability to review the results that are that you’re getting from their efforts. Okay, but the same time, they also enable you to actually perform different tasks. So that it’s kind of ah, self fulfilling you. You do the stuff through these applications. And then you checked the results, and some of them actually allow you to determine what, what you should be doing rather than just do it and find out if it worked. Okay. Well, let’s, talk a little about hoot suite. What can you expect from that in terms? Of this determining your return on investment um, first of all, the one of the things that’s been on issue for organizations because remember, social media started that as an individual activity is, how do you how do you set up an account and then not do it all by yourself? On so with hoot suite, for instance, and with others, there’s the ability to create teams? So you have, you know, one or two or twenty people actually working on the same twitter, facebook, whatever accounts at the same time, so you don’t actually have to monitor the sight all the time and then interact with every every response. So that’s that’s probably the first thing that it allows its do. Okay, okay, um beyond that, in terms of finding out what you did, you can actually go to what they call their analytics platform and you can create reports so on these reports get pretty sophisticated, they can tell you, uh, who did what? How many responses did you get from which social media area, in other words, is twitter performing that in the facebook or google plus doing better for you? Or maybe four square if you’re in the business of being different places or if your location that wants people to visit you and the reports khun get very sophisticated looking one here, yeah, that allows you to pull in google analytics. And of course, google analytics is reporting function by itself. But you can combine all these pieces together and, uh, and find out how you doing? Okay, so what kind of, by the way, whose suite is h o t s u e dot com. Right. Ok, like, like who’d suit. But with with the at the end dot com. Eso what kinds of numbers can you see in determining these results at what you looking at there? Uh, let me get back to here. I just kind of went away from it. Oh, yeah. That’s. Terrible profile summary. For instance, who did what? What media are you connected to? In other words, i’m looking of mine here, and i’ve got, um i’ve got a twitter account. I got a facebook account. Uh, this one here, i do not have a four square or a google, plus the kinds of things you can add to it. Um, you can you can see how many? Retweets you’ve got in other words, on a daily basis, i got, you know, twelve, retweets or two thousand tweets, and that really is a kind of a quick indicator of the messages that i’m sending out popular. Are they getting traction to people like him and want to tell their friends that i said whatever said right? Because that’s that’s what a tweet is right? They found it so interesting they want people following them to see it, right and that’s really that’s a good indicator that if you get a lot of retweets, you’re doing a good job, okay? Reaching more people, what else is on that hood? Sweet report mentions by influencers, in other words, um, and we’ll talk about influence influencers here in a bit, okay, but essentially influences influencers are people that our red or recognized by other people, and they mentioned your name so it’s like, for instance, it’s like tony martignetti who is a tremendous influence. Scotty, are another hundred shows for you, okay? And then you’re cut off. All right, all right. Oh, that no, that makes sense. So and there’s there’s influencers in every area. So in non-profit. Obviously, that would be one, but in social media, you know, we’re talking about i don’t know who but other people that would mention you that have a great following and and so people pay attention to them on duitz sweet tells you who the influencers are in the in the keywords that you’re following is that that works, it tells you if they if they have mentioned you, right, what does it tells you who the influencers are, it will not say, hey, this is an influencer and you’ve got to go talk to him, but it does look at yes, if tony martignetti tweeted about scott koegler and tony martignetti is a is an influencer, then it was tony would show up on this list. Okay, okay won’t necessarily tell me that tony is an influencer and that i had to talk to him, okay, aside from having mentioned you, which i hope i do often, i’m not i’m probably on influencer. I’m chronically under connected so a nice guy, but i ain’t got no connections and the other at another trick here is key words so if you have a key word, you know what are your key words? What? Are they? What are they? And are they gaining traction? And this gives you a kind of a time or graphic about you know what? What came up and how but what i’m looking at here is justin bieber, which is probably not one that i would become my gosh, allright, let’s, throw that out. So what? How does it too fine key words? They’re the words that you use often or you have to add the two o you add you tell them what key words you want to be monitor you want who’s weak to monitor? Okay, okay, now that’s that’s just twitter so we can also look at the same things on facebook and google analytics. Maybe, you know, there are different things. For instance, in facebook there’s regions so you can say geographical, you know, before you doing is you need to keep track of by a particular area by language, by number of daily posts, very post sabat pre-tax tweets so, you know, did it catch on? It wasn’t like buy a bunch of people in this kind of thing, okay, so in facebook, the like, i guess is comparable to the retweet and twitter. And it’s a measure of somebody liking your content and whose sweet will measure that it’ll tell you what, what content was liked more often than than the rest? That’s exactly what that does is it allows you to not only know if you’re doing well, but in what areas are more popular. So if you’re if you’re tweeting a posting on a variety of topics, you can say, you know, topic a fifty percent more popular and gets recognized and retweeted and liked much more frequently than topic be well, you know, you want to talk more about top of games and stop being so that allows you to kind of hone your message and concentrate on what people like yes, i want to do excellent. You could figure out yes, right. You could test different different content, right? Yes. Okay, so now i see. All right. Now get to the true audit. You could do like a bee tests, you know, one versus the other. And then and then refine your test even further. Things like that. Excellent. Excellent about placing whose suite is free, but it’s it’s one of those freemium kind of things, you know, free. Versus premium. Yeah, and so you could get in and you can use it for no cost of all. But if you actually want to add additional folks to your group, you know other people making tweets or four actually monitoring the activity that you do need to upgrade to what they called the enterprise version and that that costs no. Okay, but if it’s one user, they can also get the analytics in the in the free version. Yes, they get some analysts can’t, for instance, skip um, google analytics incorporated in that without paying something. Okay, but everything we’ve talked about you and i’ve talked about that’s all included in the free that’s, right? If you just have one user, right? But the shot is this it’s uh, uh duitz sweet fifteen hundred dollars a month for the enterprise version. So, whoa, fifteen hundred per month per month? Yes, master that’s crazy. Oh, my gosh. All right, that’s. A significant yeah. Significant investment. Oh, my gosh. All right. Not probably outside the reach of most of our listeners, but the free version is great. Just one. If it’s just one user. Um, you know what? Good one more. Twenty wanted make before break uh, no, because next we’re gonna talk about a couple of yeah, okay, i was going to say we have to take a break in about a minute, little less tonight. So why don’t you just introduce us to one briefly and then we’ll come back since we talked about price let’s, let’s, do let’s just talk about price from second market me sweet market me sweet dot com is another freemium kind of application, and it has some other meat features will talk about and the third one is radiant. Six, which is, i would say, you know, the premier analytics and application for monitoring and affecting and discovering social media. Okay, and while it can get really expensive, you could get into it for six hundred dollars a month, which is a relative bargain. Okay, we got to take a break, and when we come back, we’ll talk more about market me sweet and a little bit about radiant. Six stay with me and scott. 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Dot com let’s, talk a little about market me sweet scott what? What? What does that offer murcott me? Sweet is a little bit, uh, similar to hoot suite. We talked about price. I’m just going to kind of mention that and get it out of the way. Okay? It’s free. And they have actually one, two, three, four levels of pain participation. And it goes from nine dollars a month to ninety nine dollars and, uh, significantly less. Van theun who tweet. Okay, yeah, yeah. And it actually, it allows you to say all of those include team members and analytics, different numbers of social profile. So, really, for ten dollars a month, you can add team members on dh, actually for free. You can have two members on dad multiple profiles, which is pretty good, actually, i i’m a fan of marketing. Sweet. Yeah, well, okay, um, have you got something that is different about market lee sweet. Although it handles different networks like twitter, facebook linked, then there’s nothing. One. Thing you could do that that’s really helpful is to find out who you should be talking to and create leads from them. So francis, i could go into, um, into the lead section, and i could say, ok, and twitter, look for anybody who mentioned the word non-profits and it will scan my twitter feeds for the last day or so, and it will actually come back immediately with the with the tweets that mentioned non-profit okay, i cannot read those tweets looked for people and then add those to what i call the lead box and then i can make contact i can message them or direct message if i can add them to my to my twitter list. Uh, and i could do the same thing with facebook so beyond analytics and kind of you know what happened to what i did, it allows you to say, who should i talk to, which is really, really important. So when you’re scanning these these words that you query for its looking not only at your current followers but it’s o r people you’re following it’s looking at the whole twitter universe or what i’m looking for the whole twitter you okay? So right, so then it helps you find new people that you should be following. You might decide to follow, right? So right now, i just i have a search set up for him newsletter, so i just click that and right now i’ve got gosh, i don’t know, maybe fifty or so tweets that were done within the last day, right? Just past day, right? And i can say, you know, i could look at one and said, do you know african coaching support to help you reach your goals? Ok, so some of these are, you know, not really things that i would want to go, but i could say, for instance, this guy just, uh, i said, just sign up for newsletter my unsubscribes from days day, we lose newsletter how do i figure out howto howto re subscribe? So let’s just say i wanted to, i could click on that, i can add it to my to my leads, and i could tweet out to that person okay, okay. So it’s really effective in-kind of understanding we’re we’re in whom you should be talking with all right? Anything. I’m sorry, anything else that you like in market me sweet. Maybe some of the reports or anything. Yeah, there’s. Some reports in here, but what i really like is the ability to be proactive so there’s front you could be automatic follow backs you could do delayed posting. So not everybody’s online all the time. So you might want to people say, you know, post this message at three o’clock, right? Okay. And and market me sweet does have the analytics some analytics for doing your auditing in the free version. In the free version, you conception goals. You can sit up team reports. You know who did what and how effective were they and you can talk about you know how it has account doing overall. So, yes. Okay. You’re good analytics. Okay, we have just a little over a minute and a half left. You want to talk a little about radiant six, right r a d i n and the number six and radiant six takes what i talked about in market me sweet in terms of funny, who you should talk to and about what? And it kind of blows it out. And it’s, extremely powerful, actually. System monitors about one hundred thousand different blog’s social media and also just websites where comments you made. So not only are you looking at social media is also looking at comments that were posted on, say, you see not and protect that news yeah, and protect used dot com. You mean there you go. Thank. Okay. Scott’s own sight. Okay. That’s, why i’m here to help scott, i can i can do cementing for you too, if you need that later on this week. Okay. If tony commented on an article there on the keyword that i’m interested in showed up in tony’s comment, um, radiant six will find that and tell me about it. So you didn’t have to actually participate in facebook. You just participated in my website or a website? Yes, and i know about it. And then i can contact you very deep. Okay. Yeah. Okay. And just a couple seconds on radiant six. It costs right? Or that it has a free version. It’s. Six hundred dollars a month for the basic level goes up. I would say that if anyone really wants to dig in to who to contact what to say how to do it. And how did you do, you know, that’s that’s serious way have to leave it there? Scott koegler our regular tech contributor you’ll find non-profit technology news at n p tech news dot com scott, thanks very much. Thanks, tony, take care my thanks. 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