581: Get Off The Recruitment Merry-Go-Round – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


This Week: 

Get Off The Recruitment Merry-Go-Round 
When someone leaves your nonprofit, it’s an opportunity to carefully assess, not a time to jump into a hasty job description and post it on LinkedIn. Teri Beckman shares her strategies for thoughtfully recruiting, developing and retaining talent. She’s founder and CEO of HIGOL. 

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343: Youth On Boards & Crazy Good Turns – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Michael Davidson, board coach and consultant, and Dr. Brett Carey, millennial board member.

Also, Brad Shaw, host of “Crazy Good Turns” podcast.

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008: People: Your Most Precious Asset – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guest this week:

Karen Bradunas, principal, Karen Bradunas Human Resources Consulting

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