118: 34 Things To Know About People & Get Engaged II – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Andrea Nierenberg, president of Nierenberg Consulting Group

Amy Sample Ward, membership director for NTEN and blogger at Stanford Social Innovation Review

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Durney welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent it’s november sixteenth i’m your aptly named host and we’re talking about big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I felt so important so strongly about that that it was necessary to say it twice in fifteen seconds. Oh, how i hope you were with me last week. I’d be mortified to learn that you had missed, as you help the next generation of social changers. Jonathan lewis is a founder of ion poverty, and he produces career advice videos with leaders in non-profit social change, his videos air free, short and valuable. As you lied and mentor twentysomethings who want to make a difference in the world, we listen to some of his clips from mentoring for dummies and shut the hell up. Also public info on private companies. Maria semple, the prospect finder and our monthly prospect research contributor, was back this time with free and low cost ways to get information on your prospects privately held companies, she explained that the companies might be small, so relationships are as important as data. Of course, maria is our doi n of dirt cheap and free resource is this week thirty four things to know about people andrea nierenberg, president of nuremberg consulting group, returns because she had so much simple and valuable relationship building advice spilling out of her on october fifth. I invited her back, and this week she’s got thirty four things to know and how to learn them, how to preserve them and what to do with them. Also get engaged, too. Amy sample ward, our social media scientists will be here, she continues. Our siri’s on real engagement and building trust through the social networks last month was setting the tone this month. It’s your call to action amy’s, membership director for non-profit technology network and ten, and she blog’s for the stanford social innovation review. Right now we used to take a break, but now we don’t take a break anymore because we heard you about there being too many breaks, so we shortened the brakes and reduce the number of brakes so don’tjust think we only shorten the brakes. We did two things, we shorten the brakes and reduce the number of brakes, and right now i’m squandering the time that used to be in. A break. So i’m not going to squander it any longer. I’m going to introduce andrea nierenberg. She is the president of nierenberg consulting group, which you’ll find at nierenberg group dot com that’s an e r e n b e r g and the wall street journal has called andrea a networking success story. What do they know? Her books include non stop networking, million dollar networking savvy networking. Lots of networking. She’s working on one sheet. She’s networking on no she’s working on a book for veterans networking. We’ll talk a little about that. I hope she has a background in corporate marketing with companies like avon fashions, saks fifth of and macmillan publications. And i’m very pleased that her relationship building expertise brings her back to the studio. Every welcome. Thank you for having me, tony it’s. My pleasure having you back having you back. Thank you so much. Um, let’s. See, you have ah, thirty four things to know about people on dh. But you have a critical five. So this is all about relationship building. Exactly. Why? Why do you want before we get to the critical five and thirty four remaining after that, which? Would be the other twenty nine what? Why did you compile this list? What i did was people want always build relationships with each other, and the more you know about somebody and sincerely and authentically interested in them, you build a relationship, so this list could even grow further than thirty for not that we’re going to go through each of the topics, but it’s, it’s things that you learn about people as you get to know them as you asked questions as you do, you research so as you’re having a conversation with them, it just builds and the conversation develops genuine interest, genuine esther, but so in a month, this show may be out of date. This could be a list of forty, forty six things by next by next month could bay, so the show is already it could even be out of date by time podcast listeners listen well, today’s november sixteenth and there are thirty four things on angie’s list, which i believe you’re going to post on our facebook page. Exactly, and arlington group also give us a link on both of those okay, you have critical five things which people now people? May think these air just, you know, what’s the phrase i’m looking for, they’re just so ordinary and they’re right on basic. But so why? Why do we list them? Why? Because very often, when you need them, you can’t find them. Like somebody says, i forgot the person’s assistant’s name. I forgot their phone number off about their company where they work now. So i always just say, like anything, just detail it, put it down somewhere. We’re going to find it right in front of you. Okay, so what are the critical five? Simple. Your name, right? That’s the word i was looking for. Simple, simple for the words. Simple, simple. Their name and correct spelling of their name. That’s. A big thing of it is for me now it’s for everybody, buddy there’s a before the end. Absolutely. But notice on your little nucci xero tony m so you know about this, but no, i didn’t. I would have to go back. But i know that’s. Why i make sure that’s why? But even for a name like rick, people think it’s r i c k not necessarily our i c or john it’s a big one. J o h n i know many joo ends, so i’m just saying, make sure you have that the company and the firm name, you know, and the small things are important right now. Wouldn’t you rather address an email or especially a hand written note, but even an email, wouldn’t you rather include the h in the john’s name that has an h leave it out? It’s a little embarrassing, it is usually the person doesn’t read below that if you spelled their name incorrectly you think so? I know so from direct marketing days, the old days of direct marketing, okay, which is now the internet it’s really on steroids, which is direct marketing exactly, but it’s all of that, but of course so having that your fingertips and have this in a template where you can actually go back and refer to it, look it up at all times their phones, they’re comb, phone their company phone number if they give you their home phone number and their cell number great things, i mean, getting basic things, but things that if we don’t have we go crazy saying, why don’t i have that? I need to get in touch with tony em. Right, for example, exactly annual. And you want it all in one place? Yes. And they were going kruckel and their assistants name zsystems name is good, right? And you know just that your blank lines and the mailing address if they give it to you if they have a mailing address. Because i’m a huge believer still of the handwritten personal note, the forty five cent investment plan. When you were here on october fifth, we talked about the value of handwritten notes and how rare they are exactly like people. You can go back and listen. October fifth, your address since the self. Okay. Already simple. The basics. Right? That’s. Why we call it the critical five. Okay, there are critical. I got to send them live listener love before we continue commerce texas cool asheville, north carolina welcome live listener love to texas in north carolina to get started. Um, before we go deeper into the relationship with the other twenty nine, for now for now, altum how do we get teo? How do we compile this information? I don’t want to just be standing with the checklist, and i know now. The questionnaire in front of people, what i’ve done is i’ve taken my template, and i’ve told people, whatever your system is, how you, you know, taking all your intelligence information is having somewhere like in the name and address, you know, the area like your database, whatever you use, and then i just take this template and i pasted in, and then i just every time i learned something new about that person, i just put it right in there so it’s right there at my fingertips now there’s so many different software programs out there there’s, salesforce, there’s everything that actually does a lot of combining and everything like that, you could do it on microsoft outlook to i just like to have it in one place also in front of me, okay? And do you have a preferred a database that you that you particularly like, you know, recommend i use good old microsoft outlook because, again, it lets me add different fields. But then in the note’s part, i just paste this in and keep changing it. I’ve told this to many people where i’ve worked before, i say modified the list too, and then sometimes people will send me a new topic to know about people, so i’ll add it would be thirty five, okay, it’ll be thirty five much too soon. This show’s going to the show is already out of date. I feel like i feel like by the time we finished the interviews, we’re going toe and you’re going to have three e mails and it’s going to thirty seven. But we’re only gonna have thirty for in front of us. All right, but she’ll keep it up to date. Yeah. Okay. So let’s, let’s, dig a little deeper. You have a new interesting one to me that i so shows all about me. Of course. So that’s, where we start thie anniversary of doing business together. That’s a cool one. What do you like to do? What do you like to know? What? Why do you know? Like to know that because it’s a great way, then, to send a note or a gift or something just to say again thank you so much for our relationship in our loyalty together. It’s it’s. Wonderful! Because again, people always get clients. But retaining clients is key and that’s just another way to say, you know, i remember we’ve been working together for x amount of years thank you so much, it’s, consistent with something that i recommend in fund-raising which is the anniversary of someone’s gift or implant e-giving where the gift doesn’t come, usually until the person’s death, the anniversary of them having informed you of their gift and i’ve had donorsearch donor who i remember that date for, and i send them a note, or we’re having lunch that day or around that day, and they have no idea that it’s the anniversary of the day, that they informed us of the gift in their will or life insurance. It’s so true and again, people die when i worked with non-profits i’ve actually said the same thing, for as you just said might mention another thing, i just want to say very quickly. There was one organization i worked with, and they sent a note on the anniversary that the pet it was a medical facility that the pet had passed away remembering, and it was so touching to the the owner that he made quite a nice gift for the organization. We’re going to take a break and when? We return andrea nirenberg. And i’m going to keep talking about her. Thirty four things to know about people. And i hope you stay with us talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. 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That’s the answer buy-in hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business, why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back as we talk about thirty four things to know about people with andrea nierenberg, president of nierenberg consulting group, you have some other ones that are that i thought were interesting. Favorite food, restaurants, vacations. You just find this stuff out over time, i guess. Yes, it’s not like you don’t drill somebody and just ask these questions, but over time, people might say, like, people will say to me, oh, when did you become a vegan? Because i’m a vegan, so i will ask something about with the way they eat. So for knowing their food, somebody would not send me steaks for holiday dinner, right? Provoc sabat exactly that would not be right thing. So it’s, just knowing those things and people have certain likes and dislikes that they tell you as you get to know them, but most of the time that goes in one ear and out the other, i write it down. Okay? Why are you a vegan? Is that for health reason? Now i just wait for him. No, no, no. My own health. Recent exactly. Because one of the things on your list, his motivations. Why you’re motivated to be a vegan. You know what? I a long time i’ve been vegetarian, and then i just started to eliminate anything with a face. Okay, what did you mean? We should just take a chance? Let’s, make sure people understand what we’re talking about it? What? What is the vegan diet? Vegan diet is funnies it’s eighty. Eighty percent of what grows instead of what walks. Okay, so that’s, really what it is, what grows, you know, from the earth. So proved vegetables, things like that instead of a kn animal. So fish, chicken, any kind of meat protein not included, including dairy products, right? Well, you know, so i’m ninety percent vegan. So sometimes i have a little dairy. Okay, so a strict vegan would strict big and, you know, exactly, no or no animal products, right? Some ninety percent. Okay. All right, so i was going to take you out for clams on the half shell and e i guess we’re not doing that. Okay. Uh, other interesting stuff the personal objectives, right? Personal objectives. Why? What are we going to do with that information? Who knows? But again, when somebody tells you something that they’re passionate about or an objective they have, whether it’s in business or in their personal life or whatever, it’s, just something to get them talking more. Tell me more about that. Yeah, that’s a good one, right? Because we want to be asking. As we said on the october fifth show, lots of open ended questions. Talk to people, right? Exactly. Some of their ah, some of their business objectives. Exactly. Right? Because that way, find out. Are they happy where they are they looking to move expand a lot of times, you know, you just find out more things about what keeps him up at night, specifically about business. If they have their own business or if they’re working in a firm, whatever might there be some people that you don’t want to know? Thirty four things about me there’s. Something just one or two enough. And then they get a little annoying. Yes. And i want to make sure that we think okay, i have friends for a long time that i don’t know all thirty four topics again, these air just a list because, like, i don’t know you that even that that well, but i know you somewhat already. I know a few things about you, all right? So tease, but we’re gonna pass. I’m not even going. Okay, okay. See? Alright. Continue going. Go ahead. Fine. Go ahead. What do you know? Well, for example, for example, when it would come to the part about your an author, i know back that you’re an author and that you wrote about compliance, which is in itself something very interesting, because a lot of times people don’t even understand that word. Then i also put together that you probably knowing you were an analytical type of personality. Well, okay, but, you know, you have different personalities listed. That would just be your dominant one. Okay? Because you have dominant, expressive, amiable or analytical right. I was kind of hoping to be a cross between expressive and amy of an amicable, but you don’t know don’t know don’t know don’t know don’t know. Don’t feel bad about that. Just saying precision oriented is no, no, no, i get involved in the details, knows another’s down, and now you’re you know, the best thing is that we actually are part of all of these styles. What your dominant one. And i figured that out. Also from your military background and being a combat, i think, therefore in the air force, right, comeback crew commander never saw combat. Yeah, what now we come, but i saw it was from the air from if a crew, right, that you were not a ground based, okay, yes, self-funding so those types of things where things conversation builders, sure. Okay, and your blogger, i’m a blogger, right? Okay, so just saying those ditigal makes sense, and and also, but you do some research, and then when you have conversations with somebody, i do okay, including on the show. Those are good ones, but you don’t have spell my last name. No, no, no, no, stop your sheet, says says says, tony are ok for my that was my own knows antonio markham. Eddie, i know i remember when i met you, and that was the other thing. How do you spell your name? And i had to write it a future remember you asking now you say it. All right, so how do you pronounce your name? And how do you spell your name again? So but for my own you right? For my cheat sheet, i only put tony and from them, but i know it’s important to you now, so now always write it out as tony martignetti i wouldn’t say i mean, secure about it, but, you know, there are martignetti who have taken the g out on, and i’m a proud g holder, a g maintainer, you know, i would even say like that g spot in my yes, but we don’t have time. I hate for it to be obliterated. Oh, yeah, it will. It will never be much. Okay. All right. I think we’ve beaten that to death is the reason i’m feeling a little forward about this? Because because your list is so comprehensive now i’m feeling like i’m not a good friend all my dear friends, who i don’t know, i can’t say that i know their immediate business objectives, you don’t have, like a shallow friends, you know, if i don’t become a little forward, i’m going to be defensive no, no, no, because what happens is this is just information, because no matter how well you know somebody, you always learn something new about them and some people you never find out a lot of these things and who cares, right? It’s just it’s a conversation builder, i could still be a good friend. You’ve certainly can’t. I don’t know the the anniversary that we met, but one that that is a great one for everyone to know for anybody is their preferred method of communication. Because, you know, we have so many different ways to reach back to somebody and if you need to get ahold of somebody, i always say what’s, your preferred method is that email is that phone? Is it text? You know, it’s, it’s, social media, you know, there’s all different ways now. Amy sample ward is in the wings in the green room right now. She’s going to be the next guest and i’m sure she would have something to say about how two people prefer. Do they want a facebook message? They want email? Come on. What do they want? Neither of those that maybe they want a phone call, you know, and that’s the whole thing. I mean, exactly, the world of social media is fascinating. And one of the points that you made when you were last here was that we want to leave people we want. We want to take something. We want to give something and we want one of them water and something. I learned something but have a reason to follow up with a reason. Follow-up how should we follow-up right? Access your opportunity, what’s your preferred method of communication for me to get back in touch with you. Okay. Okay. So we we talked about how to save her to save these things. I mean, doesn’t have to be computer based. Of course, you can have it on idealware five cards. If you want. You can have your own frenchie. You can have anything. You want elektronik? Lee just makes it easier. Sure, of course is the stage. It makes a lot of sense to not have to go to your donors, you know, index card, right? But for a small charity getting started, you know, maybe they don’t have the wherewithal for next excel spreadsheet. It’s sort of hard to imagine, but you just don’t know what the what the technology aptitude is for people who have a deep motivation about write something that they want to start a charity around. And also when you are speaking to a donor and you find out what their passion issue no again, that’s great nothing to write down also because it helps also when you’re talking to them about their gift. I always remember somebody told me once that they went to a charity, they were sponsoring a charity, and they wanted to go to this one bury a successful man to talk to him about this gift. All they wanted a roof for their building when they walk into his office all around the room were pictures of him swimming, swimming medals, and they never once mentioned anything about the pool that they could. Abuse, which he would have, like immediately, probably written a check for but they just talked about the roof so it’s, like look at people and see what their passions are. I used to use that a lot when i was interviewing for jobs back in the dark days when i was an employee of other people, but i still use it. And when i’m meeting donors or clients, you look, you look around the office, i mean, you’re going to see a diploma? Oh, you went teo texas tech, you know? Whatever you see a sailboat, you see andrew’s point your list what what’s in their college where they went exactly, but even you know, if you don’t know, did you look around? If someone’s wearing a lapel pin, you can’t see what the pin is? Maybe it’s, not american flags. Some men do walk around without american flags under the pel it’s. Hard to believe, but some do if you can’t read what the lapel pin is asked, is that rotary? Is that lion’s club? Is it? Did you get an award from the red? Whatever you’re retiring, you wrote, arise excellent, okay, which after you rotary of new york city right here we meet at the harvard club. She knows she has to drop that. Okay, but you’re renting a room at the heart. It’s not like i don’t know. Sac. Like special content. Some manhattan group renting a room? Yes. Are they rent a room at the harvard club? Yes, new york, greater new york rotary. But, you know, it’s been great because wherever i’ve traveled in the world, a lot of times i will always take my rotary carded. Like i’ve gone to many meetings, i know they’re international. You also have. Well, is there anything else you want to say about the thirty four tips before we moved to five things now and then i said, unless one of your listeners maybe has a great tip or another thing we can add. Okay, well, the link is goingto linked to this list is going to be on the facebook page of linked in group and you can also can you can add to andrew’s lift that’s going to be tough it’s pretty comprehensive list. But people are people are creative, very create alright will challenge the audience. Give andrea a couple of things that she doesn’t have on her list, make this list deeper than thirty four, and then when the show was making an offer, if somebody sent so you know, i’ll send him a book, if somebody doesn’t want somebody adds to the list and we added, which i probably will, but even for the effort, okay, cool that’s for listeners. All right, so you have books to choose from. You have non stop networking, million dollar networking seven networking networking for college students and recent graduates. And as of last friday, networking for veterans. Okay, we’re gonna have a chance to talk about a little networking for veterans. What do we do it right now? Since you mentioned it? What what’s special about networking for veterans? Well, because of what’s going on bringing our troops back-up getting them into the work force it into the private sector. We’ve put together a guide, and it was written by me and also with somebody who spent two different times in afghanistan. A marine who’s now working at cnbc and also started a company called four blocks. So it’s a transition guide on everything to do because you’re coming back and getting into the work world. But why is networking for veterans different than the tips that you have in your other books? So not really that different, except that people like to have it nichd according to them. So what it issa’s we really went in and talked about their needs there specifics had to turn their resumes, for example, into military terms into more conversational terms in that corporation, and people sometimes say, well, i don’t network when i’m in, you know, the military, but then they dio they have their friends, they have their groups that the companies and their different areas platoons, you know, the whole area, so they have connections and partnerships and it’s just the idea they’re extremely, extremely well suited for the workforce of civilian life. Their leaders, they managed a multi task. They deal with stress more than many people for ight they are totally precision oriented. They melt like i said, multi task. Their time management is amazing because i started a program one night speaking to a group in the program. Started six thirty they were in their seats ready to go, it’s six. Fifteen. I said you may see something different in the private sector so it’s, just a matter of transition skills i was listening to an interview was earlier this week, i think, and there’s a fear among employers about hiring vets because this is so ludicrous. Sametz but there’s my opinion of it, but it was because they were afraid of hiring the wacky, you know, shoot him up vet, which which i don’t even know if that person exists except in stereotypes, but but there’s a perception among employers that vets could, you know, go off the deep end one day or something. Excuse me way see it every day and people who haven’t been in the military, right? Exactly, your military employees going, toby worlds more stable, right than your average non military employees, and they’re so educated, i mean, they really are, and they work so hard, i mean, and they don’t leave at five o’clock they wait, leave when the job is done. Let’s move to your five things that you should be doing every day, okay, you’re full of lists, so we’re doing thirty nine things that were thirty for things, but it includes a critical five steps out of the thirty four is the five but now a different list. We have the five things to do every day, so we’re actually we’re doing thirty nine things today. Five things to do every day. What what’s that also gets a tip about you being an analytical that’s. True. Very good. So i want you to know i could validate that you not only about your vindicated? Yes, exactly. Okay, five things to do just again. And you don’t have to be doing them like all the time. But you’re there on your radar. You on your mind. So one thing is, think about meeting people are new people. What i mean by that is just surround the account if you’re working with a group or maybe a family or something like that get to know different people within the family or the different clients, whoever that isthe just knowing people surrounding the account, so to speak, on that same list, nurture the relationship so you could go back to something that you learn. He’s thirty for example where the nurture nurture and again in their preferred method of communication, maybe read something that they would be interested in her. An article you could send. To them, maybe you learned something. They were interested. They just came back like i just came back from croatia a few months ago. And i saw something today on pinterest and i was like, wow, that’s great. I know somebody else who just had gone there. I’m going to send that to them. So it’s, like connection. So nurture the second is make sure to listen. I thought this was the third. Well, the first has two parts. I’m sorry lorts sorry. Okay, part one and part two reports metoo and then nurture. Okay. All right. Yeah, i probably should separate them the right second. We have a couple minutes late. Just listen and learn. So actually, really, listen with your ears in your eyes. But within with those two years third is create advocacy, so find ways every day or every week to make connections with your connections to say, you know, tony martignetti you should meet so and so, and then tell a little about each other making email introduction forthe follow-up because most people think about all these things, but they don’t follow-up so just follow up on what i think today is their anniversary, right? So take a step, take a step, right, send a card, make a phone call, do something in fifth, find creative ways to stay on their radar screen so you can go back to thirty four stay on the radar screen. You okay? All about relationship. Really? This is what this is why i invited you back because i make fun of your your lists, but i think they’re great. Thank you. You know, it’s all in good fun, you know that, you know, no, because ways of building relationships, i mean, this is what we’re all about were all about people to people, whether it’s fund-raising or your next job or your next marriage, yes. And and, you know, now you’re going to hear about more about social media what’s perfect about that because every day, like when i’m on facebook or things, i’ve see something new that i could go back to somebody and then send a note or an article or something. So i noticed something about them and this may this may be a me sample ward’s last last appearance, i have five issues with her. We’re going to talk about around jargon jail andrew nirenberg. Is president of near bourg consulting group, which you will find at nierenberg group dot com. Andrew, thank you very much for being a good thank you for having me, it’s. A pleasure. Thank you, my pleasure. Right now we take a break, and when we returned, tony’s, take two, and then amy sample ward, and we’re going to keep talking about getting engaged online, will stay with me. We didn’t do anything, including the good ending. You’re listening to the talking alternative network, waiting to get me anything. Cubine hi, i’m donna and i’m done were certified mediators, and i am a family and couples licensed therapists and author of please don’t buy me ice cream are show new beginnings is about helping you and your family recover financially and emotionally and start the beginning of your life. 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Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Welcome back. Time for tony’s take to my block this week is uplifting. Outpouring. After sandy, i saw some really proactive corporations take steps to help their customers after the hurricane. And i note some of them that came to me directly. The just email. And i’m not even customers of some of these, like ex customer, but they were letting us know that they were doing very proactive things, and i was impressed, and i wanted to recognize them. Chase bank was the first one i heard from. They proactively waved a bunch of fee’s, late fees, overdraft fees, insufficient funds, weise bond. Then the day after the hurricane, they extended the waivers the fee waivers and extra day. And they added a bunch more states. And they said this. I really was impressed with this quote, we have empowered our employees to be very accommodating to your hurricane related circumstances in waving fees, including the early withdrawal fees on most cds and quote. So they were making it easy for you to get your money. And if you didn’t have money view, um, you know, what’s that called when you overdraw you bounced. The check is i was looking for simple before bounced the check they were going to save those, you know, those types of fees. I was impressed by that. Thank you. America. They did the same thing bunch of fee waivers. And then they announced lenient credit arrangements to help get you access to money. Um, new york sports club opened its doors to everybody. So if you wanted to take a hot shower, if you wanted to do a work out, the clubs were open to the entire new york city population. And i thought that was exemplary and all very proactive. So i admired those things and you’ll find the little dipper explanation on my blogged, uplifting outpouring over sandy on my block. Is that tony martignetti dot com? Not tony m dot com like like andrea nierenberg would have you believe, but tony martignetti dot com and that is tonight. She’s gone now. So that’s tony’s take two for friday, november sixteenth, the forty eighth show of the year. Any sample ward is with me now? She’s membership. Hey, it’s. Not your turn yet? Hey, i’m gonna have to find another jail to accuse you. I’m having trouble with you, she’s the membership director at non-profit technology network and ten and contributed contributor to the stanford social innovation review she’s, co author of social by social handbook on using social technologies for social impact her block is that amy sample, ward, dot, or ge and she’s? On twitter at amy r s ward. Welcome back, thank you for having me. I mean, i know it was pretty rough last time, so we had some trouble around jorgen jail. You’ve got a little devil recalcitrant, we’re still talking about getting engaged, get get engaged part, too, so just remind listeners briefly what it was last week about last month that’s setting the tone, sure so it very conveniently and i’m sure it will again today build on a little bit of what andrea had said earlier in the segment, but but really, you know, being a valuable community member, so not just trying to push content out but give people what they’re looking for a point them to resource is, even if they’re not on your own web site, you know, b be a good participant, create valuable content, but also establish yourself as a trustworthy community member, you know, again, that’s not just pointing people to your own website, but here’s actually, the report you wanted, even though we didn’t do it, you know, here, here it is and just begin transparent being open with your communications eso you’re building up the trust with the community so that later today, when we talk about then asking them to do something for you, they’re more willing to because they know that you’re really there with them for whatever that causes, okay? And yes, oh, today’s the call to action yep, you you have a little term still activism what’s on there’s, no charge in jail because you created it so it’s not that i didn’t creates activity now, i’ve never seen it, but really, i’m just a troubled, okay what’s selective is activism is actually term i dislike, but it is used. I’m not going to say often now that you just said you’ve never heard it, so it could be often on scott koegler caldnear kruckel so i’m just very don’t use me as a standard for anything. So so it is something that has been used, you know, bye those critical of the social content sector. So whether it’s in a new york times piece or on essay by someone you know, trying to maybe, in a way, be little or question the role of social online engagement in the fight for a better world to mean that it’s a slacker action like clicked of ism is another phrase. So, you know, just because you could really easily do that thing, does it even matter? Is it? Is it really an important thing to dio like liking your facebook ranger or retweeting exactly exactly on those are the things that are most often point into as as the definition of selective ism liking something on facebook that an organization posted but really it’s not about calling it a slacker action or or saying, oh, that’s, the most important thing that is relevant to the point is that organisations are using these tools to build engagement, to build trust, and sometimes all that you have to say today is, hey here’s, a news story that we thought was interesting related to our cause, why don’t you read it? You know, here we’re just sharing what we’re doing and people liking that news article or sharing it with their friends, it isn’t something. To discredit that’s a lot of people saying we read the article and thank you for posting it and sharing it with us, and we’re sharing it with our network, so that is a good sign that you’re community is listening a and that they’re willing to show you yet we’re here to do whatever you want to do, and you should consider those, you know, lower, ahh lower asks azaz things that are just maintaining engagement and it’s keeping people connected so that maybe today you’re just sharing news. But tomorrow you say, oh my gosh, the hurricane just hit here are how the resource is for for getting help and please go offline with these resources and help people, so they’re ready because they already we’re watching your page and were regularly engaging. They trust the content you share, and now they’re ready to take action on, isn’t there? Ah counterpart in our our face-to-face relationships in our personal relationships, i’m sometimes i might just send an email to a friend, but another time i might invite him over for a drink or dinner. Exactly. We haven’t gotten together for a while, so right? Clicking like or you? Know, asking for every tweet has an analogy as an analogy, and in our day today, right, if you’ve got an email from someone you hadn’t talked to in a year and they were like, oh, my gosh, so this year i want a fundraiser for christmas or, like, give to my birthday cause and, oh, i’ll totally take you out to dinner, too, but, you know, like that you’re just like, where were you the last year when i’ve had a life, you know, so it’s the same thing you want to just maintain engagement and kind of keep tabs, you know, on what the organization is doing or in the other way around, you know, give opportunities for your community to know what you’re working on, so that when you do say, oh, now we’re ready to launch a campaign or a new program or whatever the community knows why you would even be launching it or why you’d be telling them about it. Yeah, okay, how do you know what people are interested in across the different platforms? They’re suited for different things, but how do you know what people want to get from you across twitter? Versus lincoln sure. Well, first is asking them kind of to andrew’s point is being able to say, oh, you just signed up for the email newsletter? What kind of topics are you interested? Are you in environmental organisations? Don’t just say i assume you all want to know about the environment say, are you actually more interested in climate change versus animals? You know, someone that really cares about alligators and doesn’t care at all about climate change is going to hate you if you start emailing them about climate change like i love alligators, maybe that person exists. I don’t know, i am not extremely fond of alligators because, you know, teeth, large mouth, strength, scary way could explore that another call, but so, you know, let people opt in just to a specific type of content on and similarly, if you are, you know, getting people following you on twitter reach out i mean, you can see who’s following you reach out everyone, so i’ll just say, hey, what are you most interested in? You know, how can we? How can we help you on dh? Just asked because, hey, if they don’t respond, you’re in the same place you are now, but if half of them write back and say, we’re all understand alligators great, apparently your twitter followers are really interested in animals, you know, on then the second part of it is listening so you can ask obviously, that step one, but then just pay attention. Now all these people are following you on twitter sort through see if there’s some key words or some hashtags people are often using and say, wow, it really seems like even though we’re on twitter sharing this content, all these people that have found us and followed us are really more interested in this other topic. You know, maybe we shift some of what we’re posting their same with on facebook or whatever channel you’re using, you know, listen for not who is the person that everyone’s listening to that’s important, but but even those other people that aren’t getting retweeted if they’re constantly all having conversations about a slightly different topic than what you’ve been posting to that channel, maybe that’s, why you’re not getting the engagement that you want or why you could have more if you taylor to that channel most people, you know statistically, or what the research shows is that even though there are people like myself are like you that do have accounts on many platforms just because we’re social beasts that are engaging with the community all over the place, not we’re not out. No, we’re not eating the people were just engaging with, um, that we that people still choose a primary channel that, you know, if they were only going to log in one place today, that that’s the place, so people that aren’t like us, they probably maybe only have one or two channels and the primary versus non primaries like that. Nonprime everyone is once a month, they maybe look at so the way that changes who’s on your facebook page versus who’s in your your linked in group first as following you on twitter, the kinds of people that choose that primary space are going to be different across different platforms, and so the things they’re interested in, the way they talk about them is going to also be different. So listening is going to help you say, great. Maybe we don’t ever post our block post on facebook because the people there, they just want us to write out what the fact was or what the research finding was and let them talk about it in the same space, but over on twitter, maybe they want us to just give them the link so they can share the link around. You know? So so it’s about the topic and the way you give the information so that that group can have it the way they want, instead of having to go find the block post because they really just wanted the findings. You know, i got sense. Um, some fresh live listener love, benita springs, florida and staten island. Staten island. Of course, we’re thinking about you from sandy. There are a lot of people still in a very bad state in staten island. Three weeks is not enough time to recover from what sandy did. So stat now and our love and our hearts go out to you. Foreign listeners abroad. Taipei, uh, fukuoka, japan. Tokyo, japan. Asahi, japan. Chung ju in china welcome, it’s. Unbelievable. Welcome foreign listeners. Have you been noticing that or i have been anyway? I’m asking if you have. Of course. This is all about me. So what? I experienced the world experiences. It’s. True, that zoho except first activism know there’s. All right, i’m not, yeah, i wasn’t aware of that one. Alligator amy is with us, and now i’ve been noticing that a lot of the the social networks linked in and facebook specifically are sending the e mail to tell me now about things that are happening over on the on my site on facebook and lincoln, people have viewed my profile on linked in to try to get on argast room they want meteo more traffic on lengthen facebook, you have a list of twenty six things that you haven’t responded to, but they’re usually just like new events or something. Is that mean that the networks are recognizing? Email is an important channel? Well, i think it’s because i mean, these platforms have always recognized email as the channel to get you back in that’s why they all rely on notifications that you know, here’s the e mail that someone just posted on your wall here is the email that someone wants to be your lincoln connection, you know, they’ve always relied on email tio loop you back in for notifications, but they’re realizing now hey, maybe people will come back and check out linked in even if they don’t have an open invitation they have tio you know, ignore or accept, but we could just say, hey, did you see that these three people change their job titles were going to tell you what their new job titles are. We’re going to hook you back in, yeah, but then, you know, while you’re here, then we’re going to try and prompt you to update your job title and then that lets us email them and say, hey, you just changed your job, you know, so it’s just looking for opportunities that aren’t just in those notifications, that just aren’t the actions toe loop you back into the platform saying with facebook and the pages, okay, we gotta take a break, any stays with us, and i hope you do, too. Yeah, you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Schnoll are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s, monte, m o nt y monty taylor. Dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Kayman sample ward is with me she’s, our social media scientist she’s too modest that’s something i don’t dare she’s two months call herself that, but social media really is an art and a science when there is science, right? There’s numbers there’s a lot of quantitative oh yeah, lots of metrics. I mean, you could you could die happy and those in that data, you know what? Also always in art, we’re talking about some of the art yeah, you know, exactly turn people off, you want to recognize their appropriate channels, etcetera, right? Right, exactly let’s suppose now that you’re not in, you know, you don’t have any big campaign going on, not some big push for money or or activity or volunteers or lobbying or whatever. How are we keeping people engaged between these campaigns? Well, i mean, it’s important to plan for the non campaign engagement, especially the the immediate week or month after a campaign, so that you don’t just have tons and tons of action and then silence eso when you’re when you’re creating your campaign plan and considering the online engagement components, you have to then plan for the phase out after radcampaign but then after that it’s, you know, like we just said, you want to make sure you’re sharing things and giving people ways to continue to engage with you so that they, you know, so you’re content going to use a show up in their facebook news feed and and all the rest but it’s important that whatever you’re sharing is still relevant and valuable and trustworthy, etcetera, because if it isn’t, then people are just going to see right through it if you’re just, you know, saying something just to have a post that day, no, people are smart enough to know that you don’t have anything to say and that and that is interpreted by the community is as you’re not really carrying so it’s better to just not have posted that post than to just write something that says, what are you doing today? Because we don’t have anything to say, you know, now campaign could be something small, even just like a new blood post, right? But if all your stream is ever about his new block post every two weeks, people that’s, that’s, the one way, the deadly one way exactly, and there are lots of ways, especially when you think of it not as a campaign or trying to put pressure on yourself as huge, you know, engagement, gathering things, but if you just think about it from the content planning perspective, there are lots of ways that you can maintain engagement outside of campaign, so you could say, you know, every thursday we share a news story from the week that is about our issue and you know, that we’re seeing people talking about and so then, you know, great every thursday, we already have our content plant, and the community now expects to get news from us every week, so, you know, you could just pull that link from the new york times where it is here’s the article we’ve seen some of these community members give their feedback, what do you what do you think? And just start the conversation and you don’t have to have searched for things if you’re paying attention as an organization, you probably are following the news around your issue. So it’s not a difficult, it doesn’t take staff capacity to try and maintain that, but it definitely helps maintain engagement in the community geever same with the bog post, do you know that you’re going to have a block post every week or uncertain days than just plan that that’s the piece you’re going to share and then test? Do we just post the link to the block post and say, hey, what do you think, here’s this week’s blood post? Or do you say here’s a quote from the block post? What do you think? You know, what’s your reaction just to the quote and get people talking. So even within the content you’re sharing regularly, you contest and kind of changed the nuance you know, of how your of how you’re posting it and just keeping things regular, a lot of a lot of organizations i’ve worked with, their natural instinct is home. I’ve ash that’s so boring everyone will think every thursday you share a news story, uh, come up with something original, but actually that regularity helps the community because they know, oh, man, i didn’t see a news story, you know, from habitat for humanity in new york today, and and i am used to seeing that i’m going to go look for the news story instead of just trying. To hope people see it, you know, you’re creating a reliable source for them, right? And and i think people and people do come to expect it. Andi, you don’t want to think that your stream is the only thing they’re following. So exact waiting for next thursday, there’s plenty of other things happening between the thursdays, right? Exactly their lives and their social networks. Exactly. Exactly. You know, it’s not like you. Oh, they have nothing to do until next thursday, right? But then it can also help you. It can help inform when you do plan for ah large campaign, because you can look back and say of all of our thursday news posts, actually, you know, over time they’ve gotten less and less traction let’s make sure we don’t frame important news during a campaign, the way we were framing it there because we saw people, you know, kind of lost interest or oh, my gosh, this kind of content we’re sharing just does fabulous every week. Let’s make sure we incorporate that into our campaign plan so that every day we have one of those for example, you know, so don’t just think of it as like, well, this is the boring in between stuff, but that’s, that’s your test, you know, that’s, the science part that’s where you get a test out, see what works and in the campaign just use the stuff that we’re yeah, excellent. Okay, and since we’re talking about campaigns, we just have about thirty seconds left, but one of the things you want to do it right after your campaign is share results, share results on and it’s a really easy way the community likes to know they made an impact, you know? And so obviously a lot of organizations think we’ll share. You know, how many people signed the petition and how much money we raised, whatever, but also share things like here’s, the photo that was shared most and then everyone could say, i shared that photo, you know, like, it seems silly, but they will remember that photo if they were the ones that shared it, and then they think, yeah, i’m going to share it again. I’m going to like it. It is a compelling photo, you know? S so think of those other social components to report back on as well. Alligator amy thing scientist her bloggers that amy sample war dot or ge? And on twitter she’s at amy r s ford. Good to see you. Thanks. Thank you. Yep, pleasure. Next week we don’t have a show. You certainly have my good wishes for thanksgiving, especially people displaced from sandy. I hope you can take time and give thanks for the blessing that you still do have in your life, and you have on everyone has my good wishes for for thanksgiving next week on november thirtieth, russell james with request brain scans this professional from texas tech that see texas tech is on my mind if you were paying attention. I mentioned texas tech earlier today, russell has done research to show how our brains light up when we decide to put a charity in our will so it’s bequest brain scans and we’ll explore his work and also scott koegler returns on thirtieth he’s, our tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news. In the meantime, i believe next week there will be a new fund-raising fundamentals podcast that i do for the chronicle of philanthropy. You can never trust these people, you know, they’re editorial practices, they’re very sketchy. I don’t know, i’m not exactly sure when the thing’s coming out, they could learn a lot from tony martignetti non-profit radio, i’m sure, but it’s supposed to be next week, and if it is, then the topic is year end fund-raising tips you’ll find fund-raising fundamentals on the chronicle of philanthropy website and also on itunes. You know you can listen to non-profit radio, live or archive if you want to find the archive it’s also on itunes at non-profit radio dot net, wishing you good luck the way performers do around the world. Oh, i’m supposed to ask janice. How do you pronounce the the one from the czech republic and slovakia? Because i wanted to go south from sweden. Janice, how do i say z l o m v a zom vase? Just the way it looks ok. Islam vase from the czech republic and slovakia. And that is break a neck. They want you that’s a much more critical than break a leg. But that’s, you know they’re more dangerous people there. Suppose i’m wishing you islam vase. Our creative producers claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is our line producer on this show. Social media is by regina walton of organic social media, the producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio, is john federico of the new rules, and i hope that you’ll be with me in two weeks at talking alternative dot com. Next, fry on friday, november thirtieth, one to two p, m eastern. I didn’t think the shooting. Good ending things. You’re listening to the talking alternative network, waiting to get me anything. 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