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Tony’s guests this week:

John Federico, principal of The New Rules

Scott Koegler, editor of Nonprofit Technology News

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Metoo hello and welcome to the show it’s friday, january thirteenth, two thousand twelve this is tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Were you with me last week? If you weren’t, you missed three next-gen charity interviews abby falik is the ceo of global citizen year, and she had thoughts about innovation and leadership for social change. Charles best leads donors choose dot or ge where teachers post their classroom needs, and he and i talked about connecting donors to the causes they support. And wally collins is an author and stand up comic, and he wants you to live a regret list life after those three pre recorded interviews, it was your two thousand twelve prospect plan maria simple, our regular prospect research contributor, helped you devise a sensible and execute herbal prospect plan for the new year this week. Podcasting primer john federico principle of the new rules is going to share what podcasting is, how to do it to support the outreach of your non-profit how do you get started? With budget gear, content format distribution, going to talk about all that may be it will. Induce you to start your own internet radio show, but don’t call it tony martignetti non-profit radio no point in treating on that name it has no equity. Also your two thousand twelve prospect plan. Scott koegler is our regular tech contributor, he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news. We’re going to talk about twitter organization pages. What are they? Should you jump in? And if you should, how do you get started between the guests? Tony’s, take two on my block this week is my next-gen charity interviews part three i’ll tell you about the three video interviews that are up this week. We’re live tweeting the show and we have a guest live tweeter dan blakemore dan hello out there, he’s, a professional fundraiser in new york city. You could follow him at dan underscore blakemore and to join the conversation on twitter with us use hashtag non-profit radio dan, thanks for joining us. This show is supported by g grace corporate real estate services, and i’m very grateful for their support. Right now. We take a break when we returned john federico and podcasting primer, so stay with me. Yeah, you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Cerini are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police crawl. Offset. Two, one, two, nine, six, four, three, five, zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom, too. One, two, nine, six, four, three, five zero two. We make people happy. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com no. Welcome back to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Always big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. My guest now, john federico, is principal of the new rules. John is known in digital media circles for innovation, his expert perspective and bottom line results very importantly. Formerly the senior director of podcasting for audible, where he created and manage the company’s podcasting business unit. He’s, the host and executive producer of on digital media. A podcast about the technology, creation, distribution, consumption and monetization of digital media. And it has over twenty thousand listeners. John is also the remote producer of this very show. Very pleased to welcome him and talk about his work in the studio. John welcome. Thank you, tony. Pleasure to have you in the studio rather than remote. Yes, exactly. We’re not surrounded by hundreds of conference goers in any time. It’s. Nice that’s. Right. Thanks to quiet here. Just just sam and janice are listening in for those who are listening live and may not know what is podcasting? Well, podcasting began as as a method of distributing digital media starting originally audio in an automated fashion. And that was the difference between posting a sound file somewhere on the internet and having someone to go get it versus having it automatically show up in your computer and even sometimes automatically show up on a portable device so that you could listen to it in your car, on the train, in the subway, that sort of thing. Okay, so it was the automated distribution that sort of made podcasting what it is you mentioned. Audiobook could be video also could also be video. Yes, audio. You know, this was let’s. See, podcasting was two thousand five and so pushing around pushing around video files was not like it is today. It was pre youtube, and so audio was was kind of the thing, especially since one of the people who originated podcasting was it was an old radio show host s o it was sort of a natural thing for him to record audio. Okay, tell us that what’s that history two people actually one of the technical side, one on the well also technical but somewhat creative man by the name of david dave winer. If you know technologists might know dave, he was the creator of this technology called r s s and it was it was the used as the platform for delivering these audio files. And the other person was and i’m sorry. Jargon, dja that’s, right. He’s told me, raised right here. Actually, he’s knows he’s in charge in jail right now for our i know that. And actually, no one really knows what our stance for has that because there are lots of interpretations. Really simple syndication is the most common is the most common use of the term. And explain what our senses briefly s oh, oh, gosh. I have to think of think of ourselves as email and think of the audio or video files that come with it as attachments. Okay. That’s, that’s, the simplest that’s it that’s a good lehman’s, you know. So, um, i meant instrumental model. A method of distributing audio. Exactly. Okay, exactly. It’s it’s it’s. A method of distributing of distributing the thiss media jargon, jailed aggression, right back to the history. And the other person was adam curry. You may know adam from him from his mtv days in the big hair and all that and adam’s always been very involved in technology. And the two of them collaborated and more or less delivered the first podcast, and that’s that’s sort of how it was born. Okay, and do we know if podcasting that that term comes from the ipod? It does. It does early, early on. You know, we all know that apple protects his trade, its trademarks pretty aggressively. And so early on, people didn’t want to claim it was podcast because they were afraid that that apple would shut it down. But yes, that is definitely words from okay, what’s the value for a non-profit in podcasting. Well, let’s, put this way. Let’s take it in a different direction. I’ll answer with a question like this he takes over the show. Then i can’t help it. I would go to a break if you keep this up. I’m gonna go to a break, sees podcasting has no breaks because, you know, we create the mess. We’re taking a break. We’re going to take that right now though blakemore e, i want you to tweet this that the show’s being hijacked. Okay, go ahead. Alright. So very simply. If you’re a non-profit and i gave you some airtime, what would you do with it? Right? So the first response to me this is great, you know, i can’t say i have a have a commercial now you don’t have a commercial. I’m giving you thirty to sixty minutes of airtime that where you can, you can get your message across and you can activate your donors and your volunteers and your alumni and all those people. What would you do with it? And that’s? Really? That’s let’s. Leave it there. Ok. What would you do with it? What could you do with it? That’s? Pretty wide open that’s. Right? You can use it to tell your story. Okay? So if we’re if we’re thinking about embarking on podcast and we just have a minute before break what? What might some of the objectives be? Some of our goals. That’s? Well, that’s definitely where we would start. So you know, if you now that you have this opportunity, what will you do with it? Well, start with your goals is fund-raising a primary goal is activating your volunteer your volunteer bases that your primary goal is it reaching out tio peoples on behalf of a cause to contact their congressman? You know that it could be that sort of campaign what what is it that you’re looking to accomplish over any period of time? So let’s, just say, starting with your first six months, you know, start with those goals and then work backwards, okay, we’re going to take a break. Dan blakemore, live tweeting for us to join this conversation used the hashtag non-profit radio. Of course, john stays with us talking about podcasting primer, and i hope you do, too. E-giving didn’t think tooting, getting demanding things. You’re listening to the talking alternate network e-giving. E-giving good. Are you stuck in your business or career, trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Oppcoll hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative dot com mondays at eleven a. 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Um, is this something that small non-profits should be afraid of or can kind of smaller midsize shop get into podcasting? Oh, i mean, anyone can can produce a podcast and distributing podcast is a matter of fact. When you know, you open up your apple itunes and tune in and see all those big names and, you know, in media companies, you know what? You could be right alongside them with very little work involved. A little commitment, but but not a whole lot of work. Okay, let’s, talk a little about the commitment. What? What does it take? Well, let’s say we go back to our first point, right? Figure out your goals. So once you’ve got that all figured out now, we’ve talked about format, right? So okay, let’s, just say i’m going to make up to make something up. You and i talked on the phone last week and i made up a non-profit so i happen to like pets. So let’s say, it’s ah it’s a local rescue. Actually, i have a cocker spaniel rescue here that we got our last doc. So it’s a cocker spaniel rescue. Okay. And so this this rescue their job, of course, is to get their pets adopted. And so what’s in many ways, what’s. A good way of doing that well, let’s, create a format. Let’s say the format is too featured the backstory of each of the dogs that get brought into the shelter every time they come in and even better let’s make it video and audio. Right? I can do this right with the camera on my phone, right with my phone and we can have let’s say it’s nice to have some continuity. So maybe we’ll have the director of the non-profit or of the shelter. She’ll actually tell the story of each of the animals as as they come in the shelter. And then, of course, provide what? What? What’s the key messages there then at the end, how they can adopt this dog. What the title docks. Temperament is where they can pick the dog up, etcetera. Wonderful. And, of course, she can solicit donations. Perfect it’s short, you can probably tell a dog’s story and two to three minutes and you can do that on a regular basis or an ad. Hoc basis, right. So now there’s our format, and even better, you can take the audio file from that video and produce an audio podcast is, well, now you’ve got two ways of reaching people, right, so you have your goals. You have your format, and ultimately you have a schedule or not. It could be at hakkas, i said. So once it’s. So now let’s talk a bit about the tools to make that happen. I i just mentioned a phone. Yes, actually. Tony, what do you want? That or for g that? Yes, i have an iphone for as fundez support. May i have a three g s and tony? What do you use me? When we recorded conferences, i record into. Yes, a speaking as remote for producer. Now i’m answering questions. Are he’s questioning me as remote producer? The content gets recorded onto the phone. We have ah, remote. We have mike. So we have headsets and the mixing board. And it all goes into my three g s phone through an app called fire right now. Uh, that’s, that’s pretty elaborate set up, but really, you know, you and you’ve done this in a coffee shop, having you at the last minute. This the microphone on this phone is absolutely perfect for recording audio interviews so that you and i we’re going to sit down and have a conversation. I could hold it up to your mouth and hold it up to my mouth. Or i could she laid here on the table like this. And let it record away. And guess what, we’ve got a show it’s a matter of fact, the podcast i started producing back in two thousand five began when i and a group of my colleagues went to lunch one day, and of course, we always like to talk shop and i said, you know, this would make a great podcast. We just stuck a microphone in the middle is to be a lot of fun and two weeks later, that’s what we did, everyone came teo to my home studio and we cracked open a couple of bottles of wine and and that’s what we did. And we recorded our first podcast. So what? We started broadcasting here. We don’t have we never had wine here talking alternative. So i got screwed. Essentially i got i got talking alternative owes me two bottles of wine. I’ll take a red and a white i zinfandel and sauvignon blanc. Let me just explain to people what you want. Things you mentioned that i had done this in a coffee shop. There was there was a schedule mix up. And i had a guest here and she wasn’t gonna be available any other time so i did exactly what john just said. I took my phone and did an interview with her and then brought that audio just from the phone here to the studio, and we used it on the show. Yeah, and so so that’s just one way of saying you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In fact, if you own one of these phones, you don’t need to spend any more money, right? So record the audio on dh let’s say it’s good enough for production. You know, you don’t want to worry about taking out the gums and oz because i typically don’t i don’t do that anymore. Now you’ve got this audio file and all you had was your phone. So now now you have to have some place to put it. So to generate this thing called on rcs feed, right? Which i hate using the jargon, but so you need the best way to do that is to use block software so you would need to have a block where you could walk software. Meaning, like wordpress, like wordpress, wordpress blogger any anything that any arm? Ah, any software that produces an rcs feed will do on typically block software does that thing in this day and age, you won’t find block software that does not output a valid rcs feed. We’ve talked about non-profit, blog’s and wordpress versus blogger and other sites, so we’ve we’ve covered that. But go ahead. We want youto talkabout your broadcasting on the block. So so now, instead of distributing articles that you write, you’re distributing audio files by uploading these audio files for all intents and purposes to your block and when, when people subscribe here are ss feed they get so they get the what it called enclosures, or the audio files or video files with it. So again, think about the rcs feed is your email. Think about the enclosures, your attachments and that’s how it arrives on for people to consume. Okay, this is sounding ex, getting a little technical, trying to keep it as simple is like most people get email, but to do yeah, all those people on the shame what an attachment is, right? I’m hoping that helps. Oh, it does. So i think the explanation is simple. I mean, the actual doing of this is this something that a non-profit without experience now that they’ve produced their first audio podcast on their phone, khun do on their own absolutely absolutely it’s. In some cases, plug ins are required, and again, we’re getting a little little nerdy, but you can go get a free blogged on blogger dot com, which is a google product. You can create a block post. Tell the instruct blogger where the audio file lives. In many cases you could just uploaded to blogger, or you can put it somewhere else on the that’s a simple upload like you might upload photos, jack a similar process, similar very similar process. You find that on your hard drive clicks, you know, selected, click, upload, wait for it to get up there and then once that’s done, you publish it so it’s it’s not that difficult, not as difficult as people think and actually, tony. Okay, getting backto. I set, i help you set up your podcast, right? And, you know, once i showed it to you, what was your answer? Well, that was easy we can do this weekend is all right. And i would. And as you’ve said before, you know you’re you know, the tools of your trade, but you’re not exactly, you know, a technologist. So nothing. Nothing? Incredibly. Yeah. The only thing i boast about is that i i’m not afraid of the technology, so you don’t want people to be fearful of it, and i don’t understand it anywhere near the level you do, but i’m not afraid of it. I actually kind of enjoyed working with it, but i need some hand holding. Yes. Okay, so so but it’s all it’s, all manageable. Andi understandable. Um, so we could do and you mention the phone. I mean, someone could do audio well as video, right? The video doesn’t have to be high end video to be interesting and compelling until the tell the story of the back story of the dog’s life. Right. Exactly. I mean, it could be, you know, these phones that we have here produce very high quality video, but you don’t necessarily need that, you know. Ah, simple, actually. The three gs produces vj video that’s that’s. Perfectly suitable. Okay. And there’s produces a little better, right? Yeah, this does full hd, but that’s, you know, he’s. Not going to boast, but all remind people in case you need to say the first time he has the four of us, but okay, so i just wanted people think of it doesn’t have to be to recognize that there’s got to be spotlights and and full production value. This could be just very heartfelt and and simply produced absolutely and especially, i would think using our using our cocker spaniel rescue was an example, you know? I mean, what are the most? What are the most shared videos on the internet? Well, typically cats and pets, right? So, you know, a cute animal with a sad story that needs a home? You know what? It doesn’t have to be hollywood, right? It’s enough just it’ll probably get the job done. I’m talking to john, federico and he’s, principal of the new rules, which you’ll find at new rules dot com we’re talking about podcasting primer, hoping to encourage non-profits teo think about podcasting is a way of supporting while their other social media work um, let’s just talk a little about maybe doing this remotely. So if you’re not just going to in terms of maybe budget and gear, if you’re not going to do it just in your premises. But you want to do something remote, maybe at an event, andi want to have a little little set up at a at a gala, perhaps to do some interviews of donors and and board members what might be involved with doing something remote versus in your own office? Well, the tools i just described would work remotely, right? But some of that then comes down to a little sizzle. Little little possess a little bit about presenting this media opportunity. Two people attending your gala as a big deal, right? So i would say that it’s nice. If if i were you, i would i would set up a tripod. I would it wouldn’t hurt to get a mic flag, right, mike? Fuck is that thing that news reporters have on their on their microphones so that it has the name of their of usually of the television station, right? And i might have some lights right on, and obviously, i would have a cat someone operate the camera so that you yourself can focus on the real reason why you’re there, which is to possibly interview the people who are attending your gala. Maybe it’s your donor’s, maybe it’s it’s volunteers, whoever it might be. Okay, but the tools of the trade don’t don’t differ very much, you know you have when you struck it into, like noisy environments like we experience unconference is you need a certain kind of microphone. Some microphones work better than others. Right? Um but but for the most part, you can. You can you can use your phone, right? Okay. I i wanted to go just to the next level for people that might short be curious about that. But you made the point in the beginning and the end, the phone is still adequate. Yeah, as long as you have ah, fairly quiet place too to record the phone still works in a remote yes, you know, one thing to point out one day i will point out is that there is a balance between quality and in content, quality of the recording and the quality of the content. I have listened to some podcast that i wanted to listen to, really, i generally wanted to listen to, and i finally had to delete them and get rid of them because the audio quality was so bad that it was just it was just it was grating on my nerves, and i couldn’t do it, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. But, you know, you don’t necessary don’t want something that has, you know, audio rah pouts and skips and weirdness in the audio and all of that. So, you know, just strike that balance, but again, it doesn’t have to be hollywood quality. We have a question from at wild woman fund-raising zoho i know is measuring treyz she’s been a guest here, she’s she wants to ask what you’d recommend for people who don’t use an iphone. Well, more importantly, i okay, well, i guess i’ll look he’s always perverted there’s contorting the questions thiss guy doesn’t answer a straight question like he’s under cross examination or something. Well, let me answer this question instead. Well, alright, mazarene don’t worry, i’m gonna hold him two feet to the fire. I live that i’m getting back my job aren’t my show is panel style, so i have four to six people in any time, so you’re not there now raining joint anymore, you know? I know, i know. Okay, so good. So ok. The flipside, of course, is any smartphone, so an android or windows phone would also work, but the real so i guess the real question is if you don’t have a smart phone, if you have an android phone, other applications for it windows phone same. If you have say, a feature phoned like a regular flip phone, you actually there are there are services available where you khun dial in and record using. You can record audio using that phone using nothing but the telephone line. The quality’s not so good. Thiss block talk radio is that an example? That’s one example. That’s there’s, another one called talks you talk shoe talk. Shoo. Shh. Okay, on da and they’re all you know, they’re ok. They’re telephone quality, but you’re it was a matter fact. I don’t know which service it was, but the show i just described that i wanted to listen to, it was recorded on one of those services and it’s not it’s, not a dig on the services themselves. It’s the fact that you’re dealing with telephones, right, your link with telephone quality audio and in many cases, you’re dealing with voice over ip, like, you know, telephone calls that occur over the internet, and so things drop out and stuff and that’s just, you know, part of the technology, okay? But we want to try to stay away from the lower quality is you’re saying there is that balance there’s a balance there’s definitely a bounce labbate, you know, and and sometimes if you’re if what you’re saying and what you’re presenting is just so compelling many times, people will ignore it. True enough, but it yes, it’s too much trouble to listen to. All right, mazarene i think we got that. Way. Got a satisfactory answer out of him. Let’s, talk about some distribution. You talk about rs s doing that doing the distribution through your blogged but there’s places like youtube. If you’re doing video or itunes let’s, talk a little about some other distribution channels in just a couple minutes. We have left. Sure. So the simple answer i should say that the simple thing to focus on right now is ours. Many people in in, you know, the business of podcasting upset our recess is dead. And in some respects, it is in term, in the meaning that it’s not put in front of the consumer anymore. And it shouldn’t be right. It should just happen in the background. No one should know what our senses it’s just work. So but if you would like to appear in places like the itunes podcast directory or even the zune marketplace, right, which is for windows, phones and other things that zoon has expelled. Z. You any okay? Zune used to be a device that microsoft produced. They no longer do. But the marketplace is still there. Um, the only way to get in those directories isto have a valid rcs feed so that’s very important that’s and that’s for audio and video. Just as importantly, if you’re if you’re distributing video, don’t just rely on youtube. If you want to get on devices like the like raku, raku set top boxes and get one of their, they have up channels there where you can create your own channel on roku box, you have to do it using s s, but distribution is is obviously critical, and our sex is the best way to get yourself found and distributed. Okay, i have ah, some some results from our pre show listener survey, and while i’m going through these, i’m going to ask you to think about the question also from at wild woman fund recommend a particular flip? Would you recommend a flip camera over talk shoe? And while you’re thinking about that, how many people in the audience listen to audio podcast about seventy percent and the other, you know that there do not? Do you put recording gear into the hands of those who serve your populations so they can show off the work that they do on ly ten percent doing it with video gear and the rest are not putting here putting stuff into their into the hands of volunteers and employees actually doing the work of the non-profit and who’s active in youtube, only about twenty percent then it’s split between forty percent that don’t have a youtube channel it all and the remaining forty percent who have won but are not keeping it current so well, disappointing in terms of the especially the last one. The distribution on and also let’s get mohr podcasting into the hands of people who are doing the work as there as they’re meeting your constituents doing your good work let’s have them documenting it and sharing it. Absolutely. How about mazarene question? Would you recommend a flip camera over talks? You so that’s that’s essentially what i recommend talk she was ah, is a live broadcast thing with the telephone. A flip cam? Absolutely. The audio. The audio quality and video quality on those devices are excellent and there’s there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. I happen to be a fan of the kodak zia models or any of the any of the c i x models. Whatever they are there’s a new one that just came out. And they’re great, and they allow, even for a microphone, have a microphone, jack so you can record video and still get very good audio using an external microphone. I can vouch for those because we use those on our remote. And john federico is the producer of this show, he’s, also more importantly, principal of the new rules, which you will find at new rules. Dot com. We have to leave it there. John federico, thanks very much for coming to studio. Thanks for having me telling great pleasure. We’ll take a break when we come back. A very abbreviated tony’s take to stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. 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Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com. Yeah. Welcome back to big eyed big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio. Scott koegler are you out there? I’m here tell me, it’s, good to talk to you, scott koegler is our regular tech contributor, he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, and we’re talking today about twitter organization pages. Yes, we are okay, what’s, what’s new over in twitter well, organizational pages, now that you ask, yes, there’s something that people have have been kind of asking for ever since facebook allowed youto put up a business page or some kind of page about your organization, and and especially since google now has a similar kind of pages where you can actually not just be a person who could be a business or organization non-profit and talk about the entity rather than the person. So the the idea, wass and guess has come to fruition that twitter instead of having a personal information page, which, of course we want seen now has the ability to make an organizational page and so that’s come, you know, come to life that’s there are these essentially the same as the personal page it’s just allowed. Now for organizations or is it a different format? It’s slightly different, i’ve looked at a few of them and for the life of me, um, it’s tough to tell the difference in the format overall because if you have, if somebody has put together a highly customized personal page, if we’d taken the time to do that, it’s pretty obvious that they could have also done a customized business page. So personally, i’m not really enthused about it, but okay, you’re not so enthused, i’m not okay tell tell us why. Well, for a couple of weeks but let’s talk about what it does for ok, give me that kind of thing, why it’s there and what it’s for? And then i’ll tell you why i don’t think everybody’s taking over the show today, you may as well is also good that’s a total hijack. Damn blakemore, i want this documented on twitter. So twitter is you know that twitter pages, they’re easy to set up you khun, you go in there and you can identify non-profit you could put your message up there. I think the most important part of it aside from just co-branding put in here. Their logo on some links along the left hand side that allow people that visit that page to go where you want them to go is that you can also take tweets or postings and make them sticking you khun have them stay there at the top of the page, visible first for essentially as long as you like. Of course, if you follow a twitter stream on your own on your own page, you know that twitter messages come and go pretty quickly, depending on you’re following, right? So you can pick one one tweet tb stickies that how does i believe that there are some number of tweets? I don’t know exactly what the number is, but it’s more than one and probably less than a hundred, but you can say these messages, but i want people to see when they come to the page. Okay, so if you feel you’ve been particularly insightful or descriptive of your organizations, work in one or maybe a couple of hundred forty character posts, then those are the ones you can choose to be sticky is is that it? Yes, and i believe that it’s available for any tweet, not just your own ok, you have a somebody who tweeted cubine service is great and i love you guys. You really do wonderful things in the world. You khun you know, make that sticky and let the rest of the world see it without having that have passed by, you know, out of recognition in about five minutes. Okay? Do you know if the’s organization pages allow multiple administrators? They do? Actually, how does that work? Um, well, pretty well, um, you know, there’s there’s, lots of tools around that external twitter that allow you to do that. So i don’t really count that as a new future, maybe move built into twitter but, uh, things like, i think, sees mick and tweet deck and there’s, another one called market new suite, and those allowed groups of people to manage put it postings, streams, that kind of thing, okay, from very high end applications that are for large corporations that, you know more than just allow you to post, uh, multiple people post they actually do cem statistical analysis and they say what tweets has been recognized, what’s been retweeted all those kind of things, and so so yes, um, multiple people posting to a twitter stream is something that really has been done for a while, okay? Let’s talk just ah, briefly, i think about the analytics of this. I mean, there are ways of a cz you just mentioned finding out what’s gotten the most play or what the most retweets in the and to use their to use their language and seeing what’s basically what’s most popular, right, right, right and echoes a couple of measurements of that one is how many retweets did a particular comment get? Of course that you know, that’s when something goes viral, real popular and, you know, the first person tweeted it and there was five people tweeted it to their friends and then on from there, and it takes off so there are tools, and i wish i could tell you which which ones they were, but i’m just not that well versed on on which tools are around to do that. But i can tell you that, uh, there are many of them, certainly more than a dozen some of them do very, very deep analytics in a group setting. I don’t how much you want to talk about this? Portion of the group setting where you have multiple people managing a twitter stream, it becomes important which of those people are active in which are not which of those people are contributing tweets that get tweeted and recognized, commented on and which are not oh, excellent. All right, so you can cross analyzed across you can analyze across different contributors within your organization exactly, and that becomes really important. I mean, if you want to incentivize the people that are managing that forty becomes real important if you just want to weed out the staff, you know, same thing you want to know who’s the champ, right? Excellent. Scott, since we’re in the middle of this deeply, why don’t you tell us what your twitter ideas uh, my my twitter ideas real simple with scott koegler c o t t k o g l e r and be happy to have any more followers, although i have to say is i kind of alluded to i don’t really follow twitter all that much, you know? Well, okay, well, now, that’s not to say it’s irrelevant to everyone, but it it has become less relevant to me. Ok? And so why is that? Oh, so wait well before instead of asking that, what is it that twitter generally is not, uh, something that you spend a lot of time with? Or you meant earlier that the twitter organization pages are not really thrilling you? Well, let’s talk about twitter organization pages topic, you know my personal likes and dislikes you probably relevant, but, um it’s faras the twitter organization page here’s the first thing how many times do you go to to some organizations? Twitter paige? Yeah, probably rare, right? I mean, maybe one looking at their own stream on dure, often not doing it on twitter dot com, right? So the first time you did, maybe when you got, you know, when you saw them join your your twitter fan club and he went over there and wondered who this organization wass took a look at it, but but frankly, that’s, probably the last time, and so my recommendation is you spend whatever, whatever reasonable, half an hour or an hour, ok, get up your twitter organization page and i just forget about it because, you know, i don’t think there’s going to be much traffic and that’s very different from certainly from facebook where, uh, that paige is, will you get interaction that’s where people find out about you that’s where, on your content lives and uh and, you know, i think that, uh, we’re gonna find pretty much the same thing and google plus, now that they have a couple of pages organization pages, although i think google plus probably has more attraction to a to its organization pages, then put a will, you know the difference with twitter being that people are largely managing on following it off on different applications like hoot suite or tweetdeck, right? Right, exactly so so it’s just it’s a different breed of social media property where people just are not going back and not so apt to see the teo look for that page eso you don’t, you don’t find so many features that it makes it attractive to go to someone’s to an organisation twitter page. Exactly. I don’t even see how you really are going to invite people to your page. All right? Eso while at wild woman fund, is asking on twitter, how do you find a non-profits twitter page is through a hashtag or what? How? Was that done? I, uh you can always check the non-profits page twitter page, so if you click on the name of the non-profit it will take you to that page and what’s happened is that my fault user page that was there before has been replaced by the organization page, okay, but unless that’s advertised on the organization’s website, which actually is probably a much more populous place and much more active place in a better place to put them that you want people to find out about, uh dahna twitter page, there really is going to be still left let’s reason to even go look, yeah, ok, well, i think it’s valuable that you say, you know, it’s something to spend a little bit of time on, but don’t don’t go crazy like you would, you know, maybe designing ah facebook landing page is not like that exactly, i would say don’t ignore it, you know, put a little bit of time into it and and use it for whatever it’s worth. But i do have a couple of things that came up in a study that i read about dahna about they were talking particularly aboutthe twitter. Pages. But i think this is really good in general, ok, and scott, we just we just have a minute before a break, so just summarize a little bit and then we’ll come back. We’ll have more time, ok study that was done by a simple usability, and they essentially studied twenty or so brand pages on twitter, and they also have expertise in landing page designs. So we’ll go through some of these when we get back. And, frankly, the things you probably ought to already know what they were thinking about, particularly if you can’t spend minimal time designing your page. Okay, we’ll come back with those. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio with scott koegler talking about twitter organization pages. Stay with us, talking alternative radio, twenty four hours a day. Hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. 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You’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent zoho in-kind welcome back to the show we have ah contribution from at wild woman fund talking about measuring twitter results and she’s recommending the girl short inner sight. Nine that’s the number nine dot tc and there’s a way that you then you shortened earl and add a plus sign at the end of your short linc, and it’ll it’ll give you stats. So that site again is nine dot tc, and that, of course, comes from our own live tweeting, which dan blakemore is doing for us today and you, khun, during the conversation using the hashtag non-profit radio, scotty kegs you, uh you had a little more for us, right? I’d like to go into some of the findings that the simple usability analysis company and again, these things are pretty straightforward things that you probably know already, but, uh, just go through him. So what they’re saying is that that what they looked at, where people’s reactions to these landing pages in particular, they were looking at twitter pages, but i would say it really is valid for google plus pages and also for facebook pages first one is, uh, they’ll make it to corporate, you know, if it has that kind of a corporate feel um, you know, people are going goingto look elsewhere, they’re going to think those too much about sales going be branding and, uh, so you want it to be kind of late, maybe lively, more personal, no, and they recommended you do use contests and promotions, you know, we use that in an email marketing a lot to put a contest or a promotion, and and it gets people more involved, it makes them want to come back if nothing else, it there’s a new contest to see if they won on the biggest losers that they that they call on sights and brand pages that look like they’re really just telling you what to do. In other words, they’re selling something to and we want to keep away from that so there’s a delicate balance between not looking to corporate but offering prizes in promotions but at the same time not being sales for non-profits that comes across those don’t don’t ask for contributions every single time. I’m sure most of you already know that mantra pretty well, no, but always worth repeating where khun listeners get this surveys is available. For free let’s. See, i found it on reed. Right. Web. Um, read rite web dot com it’s? Uh, yep. Lead right. Web dot com. And if you search for, uh, twitter, just do a search on site twitter brand pages you come up with, uh, that was probably a couple of hours, but i know that for sure. Okay? And what was the organization that did that one again? It’s called simple usability. Simple usability. Excellent. Okay, we have just a minute or so left. Scott, anything you want to leave us with about twitter organization pages? You know, just once again, go ahead and take advantage of it. It’s free it’s not going to hurt you. I’m not sure it’s going to be much good, but, you know, go ahead and don’t ignore it. Make sure that you have some kind of presence out there. Certainly, when you, when you have the opportunity to include a link to that page, just as you would madeline to twitter stream adeline to that page it’s one more set of exposures that may be good. Kayman so, you know beyond that it’s standard things you know make it make it useful. Make it easy for you to digest. Easy to understand, not too busy, all those kind of design issues always want to think about scott koegler is our regular tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news, which you’ll find at n p tech news. Dot com scott, thank you very much. Good to have you again. Thanks, tony. My pleasure, it’s time now for tony’s take to which i, which i neglected tio do you earlier because i got so excited about twitter organization pages that i was more excited about them than scott was my block this week is my nextgencharity interviews part three, and i just want o explain what those with the three interviews in that part three were, and by the way, they were all recorded with the help of john federico, my guest earlier, because he was on that remote with me producing that rachel chung is the founder of catch a fire dot or ge, and she has ideas about making volunteering meaningful, trying to get highly skilled, busy people who want to help non-profits connected with those non-profits and she’s got some idea about some ideas about making that experience important. There are branding and other business lessons applicable charities and some of those come from the founder of the very consistent brand echo enterprises i interviewed the founder and ceo mark echo, neil strauss has non-profit tips from the art of seduction and attraction learned when he was on assignment for rolling stone to go undercover in a secret society of pickup artists. This is all true. I’m not making this up. I wish i wish i had this kind of imagination, it’s all true. One of his lessons is don’t open with your clothes. So, guys, if you want to pick up more women women, if you want to pick up more men charities, if you want to raise more money, listen to that interview again. That’s neil strauss interview and his book is called the game, and those three videos air on my blogged at m p g a d v dot com this week’s post, which is called my next-gen charity interviews part three, and that is tony’s take two for friday, january thirteenth, the second show of this year. I want to thank my guests, john federico, you’ll find him on twitter at gadget boy and scott koegler of course, my very deep thanks to dan blakemore on twitter, he’s at dan underscore blakemore, thanks stand for doing the live tweeting today is a real pleasure having you knowing you were out there. Thanks for your help today and thanks also to at wild woman fund for all the questions you had today next week, revel in real estate. Chase magnuson of george washington university and alan thomas from the american college have small and midsize non-profits in mind as they describe how to identify prospects for real estate gif ts how to cultivate, solicit and negotiate those gif ts what is the due diligence that is required to keep your charity safe from a bad real estate gift? Also board oversight basics our regular legal contributor, jean takagi, from the non-profit and exempt organizations law firm in san francisco, is going to define oversight and explain how it should be executed. 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