636: #23NTC & Building An Inclusive Board Culture – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


This Week: 

Amy Sample Ward kicks off our coverage of the 2023 Nonprofit Technology Conference, hosted by NTEN. They cover the Conference details, and delve into weighing the benefits and risks of the fast-moving technology, artificial intelligence. They are the CEO of NTEN and our technology and social media contributor.

Building An Inclusive Board Culture 
Let us explore the signs and symptoms of your board’s current culture, and strategies to be more inclusive and equitable, if that’s something your nonprofit needs to pursue. Let us also dive into how to manage toxic people on your board. Renee Rubin Ross is founder and CEO of The Ross Collective. 

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324: Successful Tech Projects & Inauguration Social Networks – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Smita Vadakekalam, vice president of professional services at Heller Consulting, and Sandy Reinardy, managing director, gift and constituent records, for the University of Wisconsin Foundation.

Also, Amy Sample Ward, our social media contributor and CEO of NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network.

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205: Integrate Social and CRM & Technology and Organizing – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Bryan Giese, director of marketing for Heller Consulting, and Jenn Smith, Heller’s vice president of digital agency.

Also Austen Levihn-Coon, chief innovation officer at Fission Strategy, and Rachel Butler, campaign representative for the Beyond Oil campaign at Sierra Club.

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