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Tony’s guests this week:

Jonathan Lewis, founder of iOnPoverty

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder and author of “Panning For Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent it’s your aptly named host i want to welcome new listeners we have a bunch of new listeners who i believe came over from my chronicle of philanthropy podcast it’s the number seems so big that i don’t want to say it because i’m not positive that i’m reading the stats correctly. It’s, it’s more than seven, and next week, when i get some technical advice, um interpreting the stats for me, the downloads that’s i’ll have a better read on how many new listeners have come over, but i mentioned the show on last month’s chronicle of philanthropy podcast, and last month in october, there was a huge, huge spike in aa in transfers, the data transfer of the this audio podcast file on i’ll have more on that next week, but welcome to all those new listeners and also a shout out to ah, professor gen shang she was a guest on my show on may eighteenth of this year, she’s, a philanthropic psychologist, and the segment was five words to better fund-raising and she’s profiled in today’s new york times e-giving section, by the way, today’s november ninth and it’s a profile on her on dh what it’s like to be what it is to be a philanthropic psychologist, so i discovered her the times picked her up on dh. Now she won’t take my calls she’s famous i hope you’re with me last week. Oh, how i hope you were with me last week. I’d be devastated if i learned that you had missed grow your grateful patient program. Bill mcginley, president and ceo of the association for healthcare philanthropy and nancy johnson, senior consultant that target analytics, sat with me at the bb con conference earlier this year to talk about health care, grateful patient fund-raising why these prospects are critical and very generous, the privacy concerns and how to start your relationship with grateful patients. Also, disaster relief charities want to help hurricane sandy victims in the rush to help you can’t ignore the rules around private benefit and needs assessment and documentation. Our monthly legal contributors jean takagi and emily chan from the non-profit and exempt organizations law group explained the rules this week as you help the next generation of social changers jonathan lewis he’s the founder of ion poverty produces career advice, video interviews with leaders in non-profit social change, his videos air free and short and valuable as you lied and mentor twentysomethings who want to make a difference in the world, we’re gonna listen to a couple of clips from mentoring for dummies and shut the hell up. Also public info on private companies maria simple, the prospect finder on our monthly prospect research contributor is back, and this time she has free and lo fi ways to get information on your prospects, privately held companies. The company’s may be small, and the relationships may be as important as the data between the guests on tony’s take to my block this week is researcher bias in the stelter planned giving report. I’m concerned about some misleading advice in this report around planned e-giving prospecting, and i’ll talk about it on tony’s take two if you’re on twitter while you’re listening, use hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation right now we used to take a break ordinarily, that would be a break right now, but we’ve eliminated this break. We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve eliminated a commercial break and there is not. Going to be a break right now, i am going to go right to my first guest, we’re going to talk about his videos and how i think that they’re valuable, and he agrees i’m certain that could be helpful to you as your as your leading young people in social change. Jonathan lewis is a founder of ion poverty he’s also founder and board chair of micro credit enterprises, which is a social venture that leverages private capital to capital to make tiny business loans to deeply impoverished people in developing countries. He’s, a lecturer at the bluhm center for developing economies at uc berkeley and he blocks for the huffington post. I’m very glad that his work at ion poverty brings jonathan lewis to the show. Jonathan welcome, thank you it’s a pleasure to have you with us let’s, talk a little about obviously why i on poverty? Why? Why did you create this what’s the need of the need overwhelming? Uh, you sure where that they’re over a news and young people and and i didn’t say, beloved and there idealistic there’s smart, they’re intuitively global citizens, and they want to make a difference in the world. And they’re thinking, in terms of of career with meaning, how to be a donor zoho peer-to-peer jonathan, jonathan, i’m gonna i’m gonna stop you for a minute. The connection is pretty poor and you’re sort of cutting out. I’m going to ask you to call back the same number, same number, same ok, and i’ll talk a little about ion poverty not as eloquently as you will please call right back, okay, and i on poverty. The reason i invited jonathan lewis to be a guest is because the career videos that he produces are short and to the point, he’s interviewing people called that he calls pathfinders and these air like three minute videos, these air people that are leading social change and we’ll talk about who some of those are on dh. When i saw his videos, when i watch them on the ion poverty site, which is that i on i the letter i on poverty dot tv, i recognized that for for my listeners who are leading brand new employees or even maybe just junior level employees, these value these videos could be valuable to you. They impart some lessons that maybe it’s a little. Tough to say right to the person’s face and they might help you video wass jonathan, welcome back. How are you? Okay. You sound much better. You feel much better if i was a rejuvenating break? Why don’t you confront you called about taking a little hang up. Take a nap and you called back in fifteen minutes. I’m a big fan of naps. You’ll feel even more rejuvenated. Okay? Why don’t we say again? It was it was a little choppy. What’s the importance of of the iron poverty video work. Well, let’s start with the basics from the perspective of a non-profit leader or for-profit leader. But who who are social change agent? The employees of tomorrow are today’s millennial generation. They’re idealistic, they’re natural global citizens. They get issues, they want to make a change in the world. They’re wicked smart and they’re struggling with how did they get started? In the social change space and through all the wonderful university programs we have been, the conference is your size. We still reach the relatively small percentage of the million delusional generation and people in the united states of love. So the idea was let’s get a beginner let’s provide him with the video informational interviews that were last to give every day uh, with the concrete nitty gritty information that they’re asking us about how they get started. And so we’ve tried tried that we’ve produced one hundred videos, and we’re getting great response, and it feels like we’re removing the needle. You call your your guests pathfinders and i i mean it all i have on my show, his guests, i feel i feel so pedestrian just having guests. I’m sorry, you’re just a guest here. Jonathan, do you want to continue your not a pathfinder here? Because your i’m sorry you’re always what yours, but you would be a terrible i have. I have great guests, but i don’t have pet fund. I feel like i need like a cub scout badge or something with pathfinder’s. Why? Why were your why your guests called pathfinders called pathfinders way knowledge that it’s a little nudity in a way, but they are really setting the path they have had followed the path they took them, uh, some forty percent circuitous route, two conditions and jobs that are changing the world. They’re not celebrity, not opening price. Winner. They’re not people of great wealth. Their average vote to do, uh, beyond after work, to make the world a better place and their life stories, or the kind of role model that a lot of people, young people begin their own co-branding all, too, to figure out which way they want to go. And, uh, so what were they thinking? Sticking people with what’s called a realistic. And so we called pathfinders. Okay, fine for listeners, i know that the call is not a great quality. I know sam’s working on here in the studio were very well aware that’s not great quality, but we’re going, we’re going toe pursue i because i liken understand what johnson saying, it’s just i know it’s ah it’s, not great quality and also on twitter, read stockman. I see you on twitter there if anybody else is is listening and you’re on twitter, use the hash tag non-profit radio you could meet, read stockman read. I’m going to say it varies sometimes we get a few people tweeting, live tweeting and sometimes none but so read, stockman says. Is anybody there? I’m here read i’m listening to you and if you want to shoot us anything, read, we’re monitoring that hashtag here in the studio. So read stockman on twitter, you are not alone. What kind of feedback if you’ve been getting from young people? Jonathan about the videos, that boat for italy and also, uh in in america has been fantastic. We’ve already had over people wear hoping, of course, jonathan interruption again, try speaking a little bit louder. Please maybe even, you know, like a public seminar type speaking voice, not a phone voice got it alright, is that better? Yes, speak louder, it’s just you know tony is long, but it isn’t getting a feedback loop on the cult, so talking louder, strange, but i am going forward! I understand after is editorially we’re getting terrific feedback from young people. Their writing is really heartfelt emails that really bring a tear to your eye with the reasonable one young lady from austin, texas, rodeo and said i hadn’t had no idea than anyone else felt the way i did about social change and making the world a better place. I’m on a journey for justice, and so we’re getting terrific feedback on it in the day today, email, traffic. But beyond that, we’ve already had over fifty thousand dahna website viewers come to the website in just three months it’s growing dramatically, and we’re very excited about it. Excellent, because it gives you a middle aged guy and you’re talking to twentysomethings but it’s a crime in my dhoti. All right, well, yeah, better you say it than i do. But it’s it’s working it’s working it is. It turns out that the a little counterintuitive and maybe something that your listeners will be interested in the notion of a sixty year old, you know, bearded guy doing these interviews seems odd because you would think that having millennials do the interviews would make more sense. But as it turns out, because i followed this path myself, i’ve got an instinct and standing to ask some of the tougher, more gritty questions that that really millennials want to ask, but often sometimes a little hesitant to put out there, okay? And it seemed to work. All right, i tell you, i’m not tryingto cycle analyze it, but it worked and that’s consistent with why i invited you on the show because i think the video’s say some things to young people that their supervisors in charities might not be comfortable saying. Face-to-face jonathan, we gotta take a break, and when we return, of course you’ll stay with me and we’ll listen to a couple of clips. Great. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Joined the metaphysical center of new jersey and the association for hyre. Awareness for exciting events this fall live just minutes from new york city in compton plains, new jersey. Greg brayden will discuss his latest book, deep truth living on the edge. Are you ready for twelve twenty one twelve? Save the dates. Greg brayden, november ninth and tenth, visit metaphysical center of newjersey dot order or a h a n j dot net. Are you concerned about the future of your business for career? Would you like it all to just be better? 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Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back and i have live listener love, fresno, california, san francisco, california, dallas, texas, new bern, north carolina rest in virginia live listener loved all those place is all those listeners, and i have got to send out podcast listeners love cause i know fargo, north dakota is going to be listening. Bye podcast and i the reason i know that is that they invited one of my past guests, dr robert penna, to be a speaker to goto north dakota fargo specifically and speak to charities there, and he was he was a guest on august thirty first, two thousand eleven. You may remember he’s, the author of the non-profit outcomes toolbox. Um, and they contacted him because they heard him on one of these podcast. So podcast listeners love to fargo, north dakota. I love north korea’s got a couple air force bases and i used to be in the air force. My not and grand forks air force bases. Jonathan lewis, let’s let’s set up a clip. Well, i want to listen, teo. Mentoring for dummies with kaya wind would why don’t you tell listeners who she is? Kai winn would is a trainer of non-profit. Leader, he for rock would institute is based in the bay around there. Francisco, oakland, california. She has experience in the field. He’s better of the tough conversations that we all need to have some time. Alright, this video is called mentoring for dummies. We’re just gonna listen to that clip you enjoy mentoring it’s night meant her all the time. But but what’s lacking in that, will you mentor me is here’s what i will bring to the table, right? Ideally, i’m gonna learn from things and you’re going to learn some things. And it’s, not just a one sided. I provide you with something and then you go off. We provide each other with something and that’s part of the exchange. I love the astute questioning their jonathan very, very good what’s ah, what’s behind her advice. Well, which is really, uh, benchmarking is the fact that this generation, more than any other generation before time, wants to be considered and treated as co equals in the conversation, although they also have the same insecurities about realizing they don’t have all the answers. And so the new mentoring mentee relationship is much more transactional. It here i have things i can teach you, but tell me what you could bring to the table that you, khun teach me whatever that might be now obviously always going to be a slightly unequal, maybe sometimes enormously unequal trade relationship there, but it is a relationship and it’s, not a one off. I’m going to teach you from behind a podium, what you need to know, and then you go off and okay, and i could see where it could be fairly balanced. I mean, not in career advice, but the young people bring enormous knowledge of stuff that those of us in our forties, fifties and sixties don’t have. Absolutely and the core of the entire project, the aisle poverty tv project and what we’re thirsty from all of the people were interviewing is the core skillsets for both employer and employee is good listener ship the ability to be patient, listen to what the other person has to offer, bring it out in them and it’s the skill that young people need tto learn in their first job. Absolutely. Would you just say e can have? I don’t know it’s, just my stand up comedy let’s, listen to another. Clip john an er, who’s who’s john andr john andr is the chief executive officer of the east meets west foundation, which is probably the most distinguished elearning the liver of services throughout southeast asia, particularly in vietnam. Rum what types of services are they providing in vietnam? What types of services are they providing? Health care, clean water, education, dollar ships? Ah, whole array of services and he is a really okay here’s a segment from the video with john andr shut the hell up! If you’re early in your career, there’s a couple of really important things to do the first one is just to shut the hell up and don’t talk for about five years and worked really, really hard. Theo on li wei, you’re gonna be given maur difficult things to do is by solving the ones you already given, and if you’re somebody who’s always complaining or wants to be promoted above where they really are, you can’t learn enough to start to take on a greater pool of responsibilities. The second thing is to really pay attention to the personal values during that stage of your career, so these are self discipline, integrity, honesty. Empathy and there’s a whole range of things, but it takes disciplined, coherent effort to really reveal those things in yourself. The first thing i want to say is your theme music is not as cool as mine i actually agree with. We have ways i know it’s. You can’t it’s well, you can’t. I’m not even gonna tell you my name. Your well, you’ll come up hyre in search engines now, okay? So he’s, talking about honesty, integrity, the’s air these air crucial, and i’m not sure that non-profit leaders air having these kinds of conversations with their entry level and junior employees. I think that the core point here is not so much the particulars, but that we are very good because we’re in the nonprofit sector and we’ve been into the whole time we tend to think that because we’re doing good work, they were doing it in a good, impactful way, and those that line gets blurred a lot. And i think what dawn and sprint say is that for the early and b level social worker, they need to be taught both. What is the program? What is the project but it’s the mission what? Are the goals, but also the process of personal character skills that would carry them from one job to another. We know that people in our sector will be changing jobs a lot over many, many career paths, including maybe stopping out of social change work. Latto working more traditional jobs, where they can possibly make a little bit more money, support a family, take care of their personal financial needs. But throughout all those career step character. What are some of the things that you you’re learning from your pathfinders and from the feedback that you’re getting from young people that air some shortcomings in in leadership of new employer while entry level on dh junior employees? Well, i think two things one, one area that clearly needs to be dahna worked on is the recruitment process. Every other industrial sector has root routine, a recruitment, the pipelines go to university and there’s a job fair and you’ll see thanks and major consulting firms and health companies and all kinds of recruiters going to get the best and brightest of our graduating student. The social sector doesn’t have any equivalent like that, and typically the people the non-profits who show up university based job fairs are local organizations, which, almost by definition, more limited budgets and more fewer positions for students. So that’s a big structural problem, and then at the board the street level, we’re not communicating very well two young people that their skills development can occur in a lot of different platforms. And let me say that in simple english, one of the most poignant interviews we did was a woman talking about who is now the ceo of a major global pompel social change investment fund, and we’re talking to her about now she needs to be able to talk to people at the very deepest levels of poverty in developing countries around the world and also extremely wealthy, high net worth individuals here in the u s and what she finally said wass i learned to be a good listener by volunteering in high school and a hospital, hector, where i just had to sit and listen to people who are dying, we just wanted to sort of recount their life stories, and that empathetic listening skill has actually been the central lynchpin of her successful social change career. We don’t really talk very much about the more effective side of skills development. Jonathan what’s, the what’s that pathfinders name and what’s the name of that video, the finders name is steven she’s seo bamboo in-kind and actually for your listeners just to remind them all our videos are free and you can use them. You can download them you can embed them on your own website used for training program where they wish to do it. We appreciate it if you let us know, but there’s no obligation to do that, and you can either do that at our web site, where you could just go to our future channel. Okay? And your website of courses i the letter i on poverty dot tv um, this site also add mulesoft search engines so you can search for them by topic. Bonem and we always appreciate everyone’s feedback because we’re new, and we’re learning how to do this now. Jonathan, i got to tell you now, a search engine that’s pretty standard stuff. You don’t that’s like that’s like pointing out today that a car has fuel injection. Yeah, theo, corporations have gone the search engines air common, you know that people are gonna expect that your i had a guest a couple weeks go call me a troubled ight because i didn’t know that flash mob. I wasn’t sure the flash mob that everybody knew what a flash mob is, but he was he insisted, edited. So i got a truck. It was like one of the well, yeah, yeah, but it’s suggests that you know, you’re living in the wrong age and i’m not saying that you’re living in the wrong age. I’m just saying search engines or common that’s all it is. I don’t think that’s a leading. I don’t know. I guess i don’t think that’s a leading feature for your sight that you have a search engine. I think the leading features you have over one hundred of these videos right? Then you say that. Okay, cool. Um, let’s. See, we have just a few minutes left, and i want to talk a little on the it’s on the non ion poverty dot tv side. You and your son are big fans of hot dogs. And you list on your site a place that i know extraordinarily well. I’m going to know more about this place than you do. And i’ll tell you why in a minute ruts hut in clifton, new jersey so so mentioned just explain that we have a couple minutes, so don’t go on at length because i have other things i wanna talk to you about. But so you and you, you and your son love hot dogs. Your rating. Hot dog stands. What is it about ruts hut in clifton, new jersey that you love is one of our top five. In the country, they do a written something called a ripper, where they deep fat, fried the hot dog until the skin rips apart. They have their own secret special relish sauce and it’s right on the edge of a freeway. So you get the entire hot dog eating experience. Yes. Heart attack, great taste and a really bad you and it’s known it’s, known by truck drivers. Because it’s on the intersection of route three and i think it’s twenty one and what i know about it. Shoot only two minutes left. When when, when i was young, we used to go to the dentist in rutherford, new jersey. And when i had a good report from the dentist, which i always did, by the way, fifty years old have no cavities. Not a single today. No one can know. But when i got a good report, which i always did, my parents would take me to right side and i would get the deep, fat fried hot dog. Absolutely. And this blood. Your radio well lead to my afro sclerosis and high ldl. No high ldl concentrations. What actually lead to. But you think you could get american? Cardiology underwrite your i need more medical professionals listening. Actually, we have a one minute left. Tell me why you love this work. What is it about eye on poverty that just makes you wake up every morning? But out? What i care about most deeply is economic just and with three billion people living on two dollars, today around the world, we’re not getting his problems solved until we mobilize, and it gave a much larger dahna political and energised constituency. I don’t mean political and sense of political activity, but people who are engaged in a civic public square and i just have a very, very hopeful about this generation. I think they embody terrific used their naturally collaborative. They don’t think of the world in terms of traditional national boundaries, they’re they’re mostly color blind that they see people for who they are. They don’t put up with any inauthentic conversation, the real and the raw, and they’re full of energy and they want to make a difference, and i just find that very hopeful. And at my age in life, i know i’m not gonna live to see the end of non-profit i’m not going to see the dawn of an economic just in our time, but i believe that this generation will take us there. Jonathan louis, thank you so much for being a guest. My pleasure. Right now, we take a break when we come back. It’s, tony’s, take two, and then maria simple, the prospect. Find her public info on private companies. Stay with me, e-giving anything tooting, getting ding, ding, ding, ding. You’re listening to the talking alternative network, waiting to get a drink. 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He’ll call us now at to one to seven to one eight one eight three that’s two one two seven to one eight, one eight, three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com way look forward to serving you! You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Durney i’m chuck longfield of blackbaud. And you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. More live listener love, ridgewood, new york, traverse city, michigan and abroad vaki, india. Beijing, china taipei, taiwan. Tokyo, japan. Fukuoka, japan. And nanjing, china all listening welcome live listener love after all those cities and countries. Tony stick to my block this week is researcher bias in the stelter planned e-giving report stelter is a company that does more helps charities do ah marketing and communications around planned e-giving and a lot of what they offer is website development for planned giving printed direct mail pieces, email campaigns and this new plan giving report that they have out suggests that there are there’s a broader pool of plan giving prospects than we’ve traditionally thought, and they’re encouraging the conclusions in this report encourage charities to reach out to people in their forties about planned e-giving typically and traditionally we’ve been doing plan giving research, starting our outreach starting around age fifty five and over. Um, and my concern is that there’s a bias because a bigger press, a bigger prospect pool around planned e-giving means more potential business for this delta company because plan giving outreach is what a lot of their businesses, their conclusions may be correct, i’m not i’m not saying that reaching out to forty somethings around plan giving is wrong. Their conclusions may be completely correct. My point is, and you’ll read this in the post that we can’t be sure that their conclusions are correct because there’s a bias in their study and that is on my block at tony martignetti dot com the posters called researcher bias in stealth airplane giving import and that is tony’s take two for friday, november ninth, the forty seventh show of the year you all know maria simple she’s, the prospect finder she’s, a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com and her book is panning for gold. Find your best donor prospects now exclamation mark! You can follow maria on twitter she’s at maria simple and i’m very pleased to welcome her back to the show. Maria hello. Welcome. Hi, tony. How are you today? I’m doing. Terrific. Welcome back. Thank you. Were talking about information that you can find on private companies. Why is private company information valuable to charities? Well, you know, i think so many boards and even, you know, non-profit executives themselves seemed to focus. On a lot of the larger corporations in their communities, in terms of outreach for support, and i think they’re they’re missing a tremendous opportunity with the business owners who are perhaps of the entrepreneurs in the community, very community minded, by the way, and have an opportunity to really reach out to those businesses that might be flying under the radar, so to speak. So finding the information on the the private companies does take a little bit more digging, but it’s not altogether impossible, so i thought we might just focus on that a little bit today. Okay? Eso these air, you’re you’re focused really is on smaller, privately held companies. We’re not talking about a billion dollars, like private equity equity funds or something that a privately held that’s correct. We’re talking about the small commit size businesses on dh, you know, everybody kind of defined that a little bit differently, really, when you’re talking about cos somebody might say, oh, well, small business might be something with, you know, under five hundred thousand dollars in sales in another person’s eyes small business might be no one to five million dollars the point here being that most of them are privately held, and, uh, when you were doing the research on the company’s, very often, that leads to us doing research similar to what we would do for a major gift prospect as an individual, because very often we’re getting two family owned companies, companies that have bin, you know, where the founder is, eyes currently still with the company, or perhaps it is passed to the next generation, and so we’re you know, we’re looking at them as as a company, but also as who are those individuals behind those companies? Okay, i’m going to w the doi n of dirt cheap resource is and free resource is because, you know, that’s? Absolutely, because you always come with low cost or free resource is for doing prospect research, which i love and perfect for our for our listeners. So let’s get started. What? What are some sites? Summary sources. Okay, well, one of the favorites that i like to use i actually access right through a database that i have accessible through my local library. So very often a great starting point is for you to check out what’s available through your local libraries very often. You might have to go to more of a county library altum um, but if you chief you go to the website of your libraries, you’ll see that they’ll have a certain amount of online databases some you need to go to the library to actually use, but some you can use off site. One of those databases is called reference yusa some people might know it is info usa, i do believe they’re the same company. Um and so this is available through libraries for free, for research, so i wouldn’t recommend as a small to midsize non-profit that you go directly to reference usa because it is available through so many libraries, and when you can do is if you know the name of a company, surely you can put in the name of the company or the name of the executive and do some research. We’ll give you some sales. Ah, number of employees, what line of work there in some executive names, but you can also come up with, and we’ve talked about this before proactive research, so coming up with perhaps lists of prospective companies that you might want to reach out to so let’s say it’s an example. You are a charity that serves somewhere in the health care maybe your health center, local health center. And you would like to find out who the other companies are in the community that also make medical devices are, or in pharmaceuticals things of that nature, anything related to the medical profession you can actually do with search by county, by state, by city, um and put in what is called an s i c code. Now don’t throw me into jail yet. Okay. First of all, it’s called jargon jail it’s not just jail, it’s not just this is not ordinary jail. This is joking. You’ll explain what an s i c code is happening. Industrial class. I knew that, by the way, but okay. So that’s a code of just what? What type business? Somebody’s somebody’s in writing there’s thousands of different codes. That’s, right? So you can actually search by code and find out and, you know, of course it’ll he’ll give you the code you put in the type of company you’re looking for. I’ll give you the code. So, you know reference librarians are ready to help you and doing this. Type of research. So really, they can be your best friends in trying to figure out how to use reference yusa and you can come up with a wonderful list of prospects and some, you know, very good basic information on the companies. Maria, what we’re going to find if we just go to reference, use a dotcom, you have to pay for it there if you go directly yourself, you know, i’ve never tried it, but i do think it is all i think it’s all right? Yeah. Okay. But of course is you said, you know, it’s free and libraries. All right, so i would i would just check out safe. Your library has that because, again, you can probably access it from your own death. Top simply by using the bar code on your library card latto log into your library. Interesting. You’ll find out at your library. Okay. Very interesting. Uh, what else you got? Well, another good source of information is really local news sources on dh, sometimes specifically sources that covered the business sector. So, for example, in new york, you’ve got crane’s, new york here in new jersey, we have a publication called nj biz what about fargo, north dakota? Yeah, i mean, you could. What you should do is find out what the business publication is that covers your state. Sometimes it would be a regional publication. I know there’s like a philadelphia business journal, that type of thing. So you would want to look again here. A reference by burning could be very useful to you. And just finding out what are the business publications or business newspapers for our state. And they’ll be able to point point, you’re right in the right direction. I want to make sure we take care of our fargo north dakota podcast listeners? Absolutely. Absolutely. So, you know, what you would want to look for is those stories that are very often even in a down economy. These types of publications will be covering those successful business owners, right? So they’re trying to, you know, seldman good news as well. So when a business owner is being interviewed by a newspaper executives covering the business industry, they will very often open up about the history of the company. Maybe give you some ideas about where the company is going sometimes. It’s hard to find sales. Information on a company and during an interview process they may say, well, you know, last year our company did ten million in sales were projected to do twelve million in sales this year things of that nature, yeah, so you can find out some good bits of information from them. And also these business publications for the state have, um, books of lists, for example, that they’ll put together. I know that as a subscriber to nj is i get on annual compiling called book of lists, so they do cover both private and public companies in these lists and it’s done by sector, so they’ll have, you know, the top accounting firms, top pharmaceuticals, etcetera, so those lists can be very useful because they will give you a ll that general benchmark information that you’re looking for on a business, sales employees, you know how well they’re doing and that sort of thing the’s air, excellent resource is that i don’t think people are thinking about for prospect research, and you and i have talked about going to a library in previous shows what i’m i’m just going, oh, i got to send live listen love to seoul. Korea maur ah, man, we’re really getting the asian, um continent is is really doing very well. Seoul, korea live listener love, welcome. I’m just gonna ask what? What else? What else you got? Doi n well, i think that the, uh, state at the state level itself, okay, now we’re not talking about newspapers, but the states themselves very often will have business filings, so you can add usually access that information through going to your particular state itself. What i’ll do is after the show, tony, all post on your lengthen and facebook page, a resource that will give you a compilation of the secretary of state databases where they can access for their particular state. So are being just a way for them to just jump off into the state that they’re interested in researching, but very often you’ll have the various business filing. So while it’s not going to give you most of the time, it’s not going to give you sales figures and so forth for the state, if you have somebody that you’re researching and you suspect they may have some sort of company, some sort of interests in private companies elsie’s, etcetera, you could just look up their name in your state registration directories and find out again, and those are all online, and most of the time, they’re also free. Sometimes you’ve to pay for full report, but you can get a lot of basic information for free. We’re gonna take our break now, and when we return, of course would be a simple. We’ll still be with me, and we’ll keep talking about public info on private companies. Stay with us. Yeah, you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Treyz are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. 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Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Oppcoll maria, i’m thinking that since these are local companies, that building personal relationships is going to be important, yes, very important. So when once you’ve you’ve been able to compile some lists of companies in your community, i think the best thing that you can do is actually have those circulated with key staff members involved in fund-raising especially, but also with your board and your board, particularly if you do have a board fund-raising or development committee in place, why not circulate the list because of what they might be able to do is make some introductions for you get you in the door? Maybe you’ve got gallons or our golf outings that you’re planning, so that would be an opportunity to reach out to some of these companies and seek sponsorship dollars that might be your way in the door to developing the relationship further, right? And we’ve had other other segments what one specifically i’m thinking of what about building that corporate relationship on about how it’s it’s start? It could start with sponsorships, but there’s all kinds of other possibilities volunteering, having having people from the company come and volunteer with the organization staffing for events, you know, a corporate relationship could be very diverse. Yeah, you’re absolutely right, tony. And, you know, again, here it goes back to who’s behind the company. How long have they been around? Is it a family run company? And so very often you’re going to find that they’re very community minded and it’s going to be much easier. Macon approach to these companies and develop relationships then though really large corporations in your communities that are going to require a much more sophisticated process in making your approach. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So generally the advice is don’t don’t forget the local guys. Oh, absolutely. I don’t know if you remember that book that was around that was written quite a number of years ago. Now it’s seems the millionaire next door. Yeah, sure. Right. And they talked about the people who are in those, you know, dull or or a normal type of businesses with stamp dealers, the coin dealers that the paving contractors, the plumbers, electricians and so forth and very often these are the people who are quietly building wealth in the community. They’re not flashy, right? That was the one thing they really covered. A lot in that book is that these people are are not living flashy lives. They might be living in a very modest home, but they’re building well and, you know, you do plan giving. I mean, you talk about, you know, that type of a person could be perfect in terms of a plan giving prospect there at the right age. Do you remember that book? But your reading comprehension is much better than mine? Oh, i think i talked about that book a lot. Get royalties from it is i mean, you know, it wasn’t written. The book was not really written for the nonprofit sector or fundraisers, but there’s certainly a lot to be cleaned. It was really written as a how to manual to becoming wealthy caesar. What wealthy people do so really goes into a lot of detail about profiling wealthy people. What other ideas do you have for finding out some some information before you start to talk to the these local? Well, well, you know, we can’t keep bringing this up in so many of your shows, but lengthen is a really good source. So again, here, if you are looking to connect with that person behind the company check out check out. They’re linked in profile. Very often the companies themselves will have a separate linked in business page that you would want to check out and see what’s going on. Um, another good resource that i recently came across is called glass door dot com. Okay, and so i was playing around with that one, and they give some basic information about the companies. But what kind of an interesting is they give reviews so it looks like maybe employees are very recent. Former employees give reviews about the company there’s sametz salary level information. So if you happen to know what particular title somebody holds within a company, you might be able to find information there. So they seem to cover quite a range of types of companies, a lot of public and private. But that might be an interesting resource for people to bookmark for themselves. Plus, you might find out some things about your prospects that maybe you’re not sure you want to know if if employees are putting, you know, putting their own comments about the company. Um, yeah, this is glass door, and you’d probably do it. In such a way where? I mean, they don’t give the name of the person they just kind of gives, you know, their former title x y z, you know, and then it’s the location of the company is glass door a pay site? Or is that free? It appears to be free from what i have, you know, all the things that i’ve been trying to do within her free. Okay, excellent glassdoor dot com we have just about two minutes left or so what? What you like, like there’s facebook possibilities do, right? Yeah, yeah, definitely more and more companies, especially small to midsize companies, are getting in on the social media revolution, if you will, by putting up facebook business pages. So certainly, but i would say that you should check out social media sites right before meeting with the company. So if you finally do get that appointment and get your foot in the door, check out what’s going on on social media that’s a really quick and easy way for them to make updates tow what’s going on, uh and there’s some great news that they want to share about their company, etcetera and it might just provide you with a fantastic talking point, something else? Maybe they share a great tip. Maybe you’re approaching an accounting firm and they provided some tips for year and tax planning. I don’t know, um, you know, you could just say, hey, i happen to notice on your facebook page that you have these great ten tips for pre-tax planning, i’m going to share it with my colleagues back at the office, you know, just the fact that you’ve demonstrated that you i looked into them, you’ve researched them enough, i think that’s going to flatter them or even just the latest vacation pictures. Yeah, well, i don’t know that companies are posting that. Oh, that’s true. We’re talking about the company’s facebook pages, okay? Yeah, because here we’re talking about the company that paid well, you could go to this. Could trust a friend. Somebody personal, right? What about the right now? We just have about thirty seconds left. But this interesting. What about looking at the persons in the person’s personal facebook page? Well, you can try and do that. It really all depends on how they have their private. They’re setting exactly be able to be very much at all. Okay, but yeah, i mean, this is, you know, this is an area of some controversy, if you will, within the prospect research community should we be looking at, you know, people facebook pages? Um but if they are set in such a way that they are public, if you will, they haven’t tightened up their privacy settings. You know, you get again if you can see the information again. If you see information, your gleaning is going to be valuable and cultivating and soliciting. So we’re not here to just gather random pieces of information. They have to be useful to fund-raising maria simple is the prospect. Find her you’ll find her at the prospect finder. Dot com and she’s, our monthly prospect research contributor maria, thanks so much. Thank you. Have a great day. My pleasure. Thank you. Next week, andrea nierenberg returns. She had so many good ideas on the october fifth show talking about new friends from events that i wanted her back. And she said yes. I was surprised, actually. But since you know she’s, not a pathfinder here’s, just a guest. But she said yes, and we’re going to talk next week about her thirty for things to know about people and i’m i’m wondering for some people one or two things made just be quite enough, it’s, but we’ll talk about the people who you want to know more more about. And also amy sample ward, our monthly social media contributor she’s, our social media scientist she’s going to be back she’s, the membership director of non-profit technology network and ten but her principal responsibility, of course, is to tony martignetti non-profit radio. We’re all over the social networks run linked in we’re in the facebook page, and then maria said she’ll post that list of st contacts on both and both those places you could follow me on twitter. You can use the hashtag non-profit radio you can listen to non-profit radio live or archive the archive you’ll find on itunes at non-profit radio dot net. I’m on foursquare. We can connect there wishing you good luck the way performers do around the world were still in sweden, where they lightly kick performers in the bud before they go onstage. No hands, please, and they say brita at ben britt at, then break a bone you could break any bone, maybe just a small one, maybe just like a risk bonem latto bone, those att least those toe bones they usually heal without without a cast. So hopefully it’s a small bone you’re breaking, and i’m wishing you for the week. Brit at ben new listeners again, welcome. I hope to have a bead on how many of people have joined us in the month of october. Our creative producer is claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is our line producer, and this shows social media is by regina walton of organic social media, the remote producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio is john federico of the new rules. I hope you’ll be with me next week, either podcast or live at talking alternative dot com. Next friday, one to two p, m eastern. Dahna. You didn’t think to do good ending. You’re listening to the talking. Alternate network duitz getting anything. 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