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tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Karen Graham, executive director of Idealware, and Andy Wolber, technology consultant to nonprofits.

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120: Your Database Policy Manual & Maria’s Top 10 – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Karen Hartt, philanthropic services specialist for Maine Community Foundation

Nicole San Miguel, database administrator for Enoch Pratt Free Library of Baltimore City

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent, you know, i’m your aptly named host it’s december seventh, two thousand twelve december seventh sort of inauspicious day in our history. Oh, i want to welcome the november nine thousand november last month we had over nine thousand listeners per show per show. Many, many downloads that came to an average of, like ninety, three hundred listeners per show. So i wanna thank you very much. I want to welcome you very much. Yes, welcome. And i hope that you were all with me last week. I’d be in distress if i had learned that you missed the requesting brain. Professor russell james as technics texas tech university those neuro imaging research to see subjects brains light up when they elect to put a charitable gift in their will. This former planned e-giving fundraiser and director of the graduate certificate in charitable financial planning had research based advice for your cultivation and recognition of bequest, gift and donordigital baste dungeon. Scott koegler, the editor of non-profit technology news. And our tech contributor wants you to keep your donordigital base secure. So nothing. Can escape. We talked about inappropriate use, sql and inference all that last week this week your database policy manual, karen heart, philanthropic services specialist for a main community foundation, and nicole san miguel, database administrator for the e knock, pratt free library of baltimore city, walking through data entry standards, indexing search ability, naming conventions and other topics that belong in your database, policy and procedure manual. This was pre recorded at the bb khan twenty twelve conference, but their ideas apply much more broadly, not on ly to the blackbaud products and maria’s top ten maria semple, the prospect finder and our prospect research contributor, reveals the top ten sites she uses in her work. True to form for our doi and of dirt cheap. Most of these sites are free between the guests on tony’s take to my block this week. Are you listening to fund-raising fundamentals? Just a reminder that i do that for the chronicle of philanthropy as a monthly podcast and at this point, it’s time now for our first pre recorded ah first guests pre recorded at bebe con your database policy manual here’s that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage. Of pecan twenty twelve, i guess now are karen heart she’s, the philanthropic services specialist being community foundation and the cold sand miguel database administrator at the naka pratt free library of baltimore city. They’re topic is reserves h policy siege emmanuel ladies, welcome. Thank you, karen. Why don’t you explain what you do as philanthropic services specialist xero unity foundation. Do you want the whole list? No, i just want neo-sage about thirty seconds. I am the database manager. I am the charitable gift annuity specialist. I write all those contracts and i also do the research for the razor’s edge. Okay. And nicole, as database administrator. What are you doing? I do everything. I process gifts. I generate letters, put information and pull it back out of the database. Okay. Everything in and out of david. Okay, let’s, just start with what they call. What you see, something charity is doing wrong around there. Procedures around razor’s edge. What? What? What? What? What is it? We’re trying to move on. They don’t have them. I think that’s probably the biggest thing, karen is not. Yep. Definitely not having procedures and data standards on how to put the data. In to get the data back out again. Okay, well, let’s, just keep it simple and start. Karen, why don’t you give us a first? A first good practice that belongs in your first year manual should be written, i presume, right? The first thing you need to do is understand how the data is in the system. And then you need to figure out how you want your data in the system because it can be the way razor’s edge trained you to do it. Or it could be how your finance people tell you they want it. But for us, the biggest thing was putting the data in in a standard format every single time. So my procedure manual starts with constituent entry, and it works off of the address standards that the united states post office puts out and that’s how we enter data based on the address standards. Do you both have multiple people entering data? Your office is? Yes. Karen is a much bigger office than mine. I’m in office of five people, and we all have to intern ada. And we have twenty five employees in six different sites. We have remote user’s on. We also have ah, secondary office down in the southern part of the state of maine, so everybody interest data not everybody has the capacity to do all the data entry, but everybody as the capacity to do constituent entering, okay and let’s have a little motivation. Step what’s the downfall. Karen what’s the problem if you don’t have standard data entry, your reports are messed up your mailing list so messed up and your executive directors on your back saying, why can’t i send out three thousand letters to three thousand people at the correct address at this time? If you don’t have standard data entry, you don’t have standard data export, you can’t get it out. Everything is all over the place all called the same thing, so you can’t do it. What should be a pretty simple query, i guess, in a lot of cases to get out everything that you should get out. Yes. Okay. So if you have three thousand records, you could have the data in multiple ways. And so if you’re doing a mailing and you have an address field that’s the post office p o box listed above the street address the post office is going to mail it to the street address. They’re not going to mail it to the p o box, but the post office the physical address doesn’t have a receptacle a mail box and so they returned the mail. And so that’s not how the post office reads addresses they read from the bottom up so your post office box, which received your mail, has to be the first address in the line going up and then the city and state yes, just above the city and state, and then your street address so that the post office khun deliver the mail where it needs to go and if you don’t know that address, standard feature and your data comes in from akash certification in the post office boxes listed first on the first address line that’s wrong and it will get returned to you. So you’ve wasted your first class mail all the time it took to process that nailing piece and the time it takes to fix the record in razor’s edge, right? So data standards are efficiencies. All right, so we need standards inputting data there has to be, i guess training you said. You have people in multiple sites, karen, be training around the policies. Yep, and i, my policies and procedures manual, is my training man. I used my training, my policies and procedures manual, to train all my new staff and to do my continuing updating trainings that i run by annually. Nicole is the is the manual changing it’s constantly. Jean well, i think you kind of have to look at it as a document that’s never actually complete, because blackbaud is constantly updating its products. People are constantly changing address or constantly being hit with different situations or events, and you just kind of have to be able to adapt its kind of like the constitution. Okay, it’s, a kapin all right, all right, the call what’s another important element of the policies, procedures. Back-up. I would take it index a table of contents index because of karen had, for instance, has a very large policies and procedures manual and how many pages can it’s one hundred fifty separate documents totaling almost three hundred fifty pages? I don’t know, five or six, i don’t know, i’ve been the d be a first for fifteen years, and i have a very established policies and procedures manual mine’s not nearly that long, but still even in just one hundred pages. Your users have to be ableto find what they need in those hundred pages. And if you have a policy and procedure manuals only five pages it’s not nearly long enough. All right, well, that’s, why i’m in your fight? Your dvds. Finally, when karen says d b a i want to keep her out of georgia. I learned right before the session. Diva, of course, is a database administrator doing business as okay buy-in index and table contents. Right. It’s gotta be searchable. Gotta be able to find it. I assume this is all elektronik form, especially three hundred fifty pages. So yeah. Ok. So it’s not it is not in a print for men like everybody, i get a lot of questions from blackbaud users to have access to my manual, and they want me to send it electronically, and i explained to them very assisting clea that it is one hundred fifty documents totaling three hundred fifty pages, and i would be happy to send you zip files of portions of the manual, but it is more than twenty five megabytes and size, and my email server does not allow me to send it, and i’m not going to upload it on google dogs, so i have a specific pieces that are categorized by my index for i would say, structure buy-in introduction, the constituent entry, and then it goes through for other blackbaud parts of the system, andi, i’ll send them the basic constituent entry procedures and along with my tips and tricks and so that’s a zip file, and i’ll send that to them. Or i have five six different procedure zip files uploaded on black buds website in their shared client document folder, and people could go access it that way. So you also have a document that, as we said a minute ago, is kind of constantly changing and constantly being updated. So a paper document isn’t necessarily the best format for your users. If you, if you make a change, you don’t have to reprint that beat one hundred pages of three hundred fifty pages. And i also like it to be somewhere that my users don’t have toe look through their desk, through their cabinets, through their drawers, through there. Finally, cabinet to find their copy of. I like them to be able to open up a file on their server very quickly and go right to it. It’s. Also a lot more searchable, electronically us, and where i have central f, i have six different. Sites that use my procedures manual, they have to be able to have access to it. And so they have an access electronically so they don’t have to print it off. Okay, let’s, move on. I’m just keeping general. And karen, why did you threw out another practice that belongs in your the procedures, um, campaigns funded appeals and how you how razor’s edge has campaigns, funds and appeals that’s the structure for sending out solicitations and what funds are associated with that solicitation, regardless of whether you’re using a named fund, we have seventeen hundred named funds at the main community foundation because that’s what we do and another orcas nation might only have three of four different funds which are, like, restricted, non restricted general or whatever. And so your campaign’s funds and appeals need to have the same naming process and the same structure so that you can find information and report on information in the same format in the same way. And you get the results you’re expecting so on dh should that naming b is that particular to the organization? Or can you share what? Some of the ideas? What your what your ideas are. Around around these naming convention well, how we think of campaigns, ones and appeals campaign is the umbrella that the appeal falls under, and then the fund is under the appeal so we can have an appeal that has three or four different funds that were raising money for and that naming structures always the year the appeal that’s, the appeal name and then thie campaign is a general name where you re use those year after year after year because we don’t do capital campaigns, we don’t raise funds for ourselves, we give money away, so we raise money to give away so an example of a campaign would be end of year. I can’t bend county fund a great capital campaign. The capital campaign is county funds. There are eleven different appeals underneath that because we have an appeal for each of the funds that’s associated with the campaign appeal, and then those appeals are done every year, so they appeal is renamed every year. The old appeal gets in activated, and the new appeal comes on and that’s, how we do our solicitations and our appeals talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people, better business people. Are you concerned about the future of your business for career? 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Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com bonem about you, nicole. Is something similar or different radcampaign funds our campaigns, funds and appeals are a little different because karen raises money for other organizations basically are not raises money for other organisations, but the money that she uses goes to other organizations are money stays in our organization. And we a za public library was twenty three different branches constantly have campaign appeal up campaign’s going on capitol campaigns. We also have an annual campaign, and then we also have campaigns that may be related, teo special projects. And but just like karen and i are different, every other organization is going to be different. Everybody does something very specific and can tailor razor’s edge to their specific needs. Okay? That’s the beauty and the curse of razor’s edge is the flexibility of the system. So, karen, it doesn’t have to be the hierarchy that you described. No thinking about campaigns. You know, there are lots of organizations that i help structure their systems, that they don’t even use a campaign. They use everything on the appeal level or everything just on the fund level. So it’s how your system needs to be set up. But what? You have to do is think about how that process is going to be best for you to get the data back out of the system and what works best to get the data out. And then you structure your system based on that, and then you write policies and procedures so that you have a constant naming structure and a constant format and flow of your data in and out. It sounds like you should be thinking about what you want to get out of razors edge before you’re just exactly, exactly almost work backwards. Yeah, you think about what you need and what report somebody might need toe it might. It actually dictates how the data goes in the system. On our standpoint, from i converted the database in nineteen, ninety nine took over, and so it’s my baby and i helped design how the data is in the system. But i met with all of my officers and said, what do you need for reports? And that dictated how we put the data in the system? And so i wrote my policies and procedures basically, teo, make sure that format doesn’t get lost and for those annual things that you don’t do all the time so i can refer back to them because my memory is like a sieve sometimes, and also so that if i was to leave the foundation, they aren’t hamstrung by not knowing what i did and why i did it. And so they could use that as a training tool or as a fallback to see how i record a campaign or how i record a pledge or how i record a gift and it’s also very important, knowing the reasons why things aaron there a certain way, i can’t tell you how often i pull up data in our older data in our database, and we do not know why it has been entered that way. What thie rationalization for this particular type of coding wass and or even just what certain abbreviations stand for? So i mean definitions of in your policy and procedures manual, and also, i mean, you don’t have to justify every single thing that you do, but perhaps a little bit of insight into why those decisions were made is useful, especially looking back and when staff changes, okay, if we’re going to change something in the database, we talk about it as a staff and what the implications of that change could be future and historic, and it also we’re tracking a lot of data that was in hard copy before is now in the database for a good example is success our advisors. So we have a specific way that we code our successor advisors who are advisors to an advised fund, the donor advisors not allowed it’s no longer available to us to the donor, right? And so that dictate we have that policy, that the information is recorded and raises edge it’s in a specific format. And so when we know that somebody’s passed away, we can go and to the razor’s edge database and say, oh, yeah, this is how we’re supposed to be doing it. So it’s it’s a really good way toe track for historic data as well as future data, because you might have somebody who’s in the position now, but in fifteen years they may not be there, and you might have somebody who’s passed away and it’s a huge request if there’s no documentation on how that request is supposed to be processed in the system. Then it’s, it may not be processed. How was intended to be a stalker? The call? What else should be in this table of contents that you said? Is it self important to them? Document? What else belongs here? Well, i think you just need to have some basic day today. Operating procedures? Um, such a such a gift processing what’s. You know what? What? What happens when a gift comes in? What reports need to be submitted to your business office? What are they saved as? How do you change parameters? What gift types belong in this report? What? Give types. Don’t who do you hard credit for something? Who do you soft? Cut it for something? How do you split gifts? Do you split gifts? Everybody does. Everybody does a lot of these things differently. And we have staff turnover all the time. And i could go from where i work to where karen works and not do anything right. And it would be different. We don’t record pledges unless there are material to our financial statements. So if it’s not a material pledge let’s say somebody is doing a fundraiser and they’re going to raise fifty thousand. Dollars and their pledges. And they want us to record pledges for that that’s not material. So it doesn’t go through to our finance department. We put it in as a placeholder on the razor’s edge. But then we also have a fundraiser where it’s four and a half million dollars. That is a material dollar amount. We do record those pledges. They they have a sign, documentation. They are what we call collectible pledges. And so nicole might have pledges that she runs all the time for her campaigns. And we don’t. We do one massive pledge. Maybe once every ten years, and the rest of the pledges aren’t booked because they’re not material to our bottom line. And we do pledges all the time. We have pledges that may last a year. We have pledges that may last ten years we have, you know, all kinds of pledges and it’s just the difference in the nature of the way are two organizations work where the difference in the nature of the way all of our organizations work. Not everyone non-profit works the same way. Of course. Going to start to wrap up. Karen, why don’t you share what? It is you love about being a d b a database administrator work. But i never do the same thing in the same day. Twice. I do a lot of different things every single day, even though it’s the same basic format i do gift entry. I do. And i do all the stock. So i do stock gift entry. I do charitable gift annuity entry. I work with chargeable maine to truss. I work with prospect management. I work with bringing a new funds. I opened my own funds. I do data services. Esso i never do the same thing every single day, any day. So i love the challenge of it. The puzzle of it. How to figure out getting the data in there. So it comes out the way my people need it. And i love the software. So it just makes my life so much easier doing what i do. I like that. Well, i don’t like that. I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up a database, but i have spent a lot of time cleaning up a database. Product is gratifying and and it’s gratifying. And now everyone in my office can pull information. And is actually so excited about what they pull out it’s really amazing you, khun go from hardly being able t see any kind of of analytical data in your database to being able to pull this stuff out and just infinitely filed down your donors and they’re they’re giving histories, and they’re giving trends and what they respond to and what they don’t and in the end of the day save money and raise more money because your data is so much better. Nicole had a fabulous slide yesterday where she had it was a period of darkness where the data was a messed up and you couldn’t get anything. And then when the data was clean, it was like having a light bulb. Then you could actually find the filing, so it was a fabulous graphic, and it works really well, but there is great analogy that was karen heart and she’s, a philanthropic services specialist at the main community foundation and also with us was nicole san miguel, database administrator for the free library of baltimore city. Ladies. Welcome. I’m sorry. Thank you very much. Welcome. Thank you very much for being guests. Thank you. It was a lot of fun. Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of bb khan twenty twelve. If it sounds quiet, the background it is. We’re the last vestiges of become twenty twelve today it continues. And thank you very much for being with us. Sounds like it was very dark, like the lights were going off, but they weren’t. We still had lights. Just nobody. Nobody in the in the in the exhibit floor, thanks to karen heart and nicole san miguel and all the folks at blackbaud who hosted me at the bb cond conference was very nice there. I missed a, uh i missed a jargon jail opportunity. Did you catch it? Hard credit, soft credit. Ah, i should. I should have jumped all over that hard credit self credit. But i was i was intimidated. These these deba is database administrators. I mean, they know the stuff so detailed. It’s. Such a specialized field. I was intimidated. I was scared to ask, you know, estimate questions or b b too challenging. So jargon jail hard credit itself. Credit that’s, basically, like when somebody gets an assist. So there’s a there’s, a main person who gets credit and then maybe somebody gets an assist and that’s that’s the hard credit versus the soft credit, an example would be, ah, husband, wife. If the husband and wife are both donors, maybe separately, or they’re both in the database, because they both want to maybe get email separately. When you’re soliciting by email, you would hard credit, perhaps the wife. Maybe she’s got the better relationship with the organization, and then a soft credit might go to the husband that’s, an example of heart credits off credit. Right now, we take a break, and when we come back, it’s, tony’s, take two, and then maria simple is with me, and we’re going to talk about her top ten. Stay with me. 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So i would be very grateful if you could help me out by giving a reading and a review on itunes. Thanks. Thanks very much. And that is tony’s. Take two for friday, december seventh, the fiftieth show of the year. Joining me now is maria simple. You know her she’s, the prospect finder she’s a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com and her book is panning for gold. Find your best dahna prospects now exclamation mark! You can follow maria on twitter at maria simple a si m pl e maria semple prospect finder. Welcome back. Hi there, tony. How are you today? I’m terrific. Ru that’s. Good. We got your top ten this this week. Top ten. These are sites compile. Pardon me. It’s. Tough for me, but don’t you? Don’t you consult these every day or every week. Well, i do. But it’s, hard to pick only ten. Okay. Well, white-collar ard well, that was the constraint that the host put on you on. De so i apologize for being such a stern task, master. You know, i was a little remiss. I gotta send live listener love. Spare me for pardon. Pardon me for just a moment. Live listener love forest hills, new york. My old home used to live one hundred street sixty, seventy five and new bern, north carolina live listener love also welcome. I think this is a new listener. Cordova, spain. I don’t think you’ve been with us before. Welcome, seoul, korea. Welcome to you. Also live listener. Love, teo, new york, north carolina, spain and korea. Thank you. Sorry, maria way have to. We have to send love out to the listeners. Absolutely. Okay, your number ten. I have the list. You have the list, so i’ll say the first one you’re number ten is search systems, search systems, right search systems, dot net and it’s a way for you to be able to access public records by state, for example. So i know we have listeners from all over, and you can go into each individual state and then look at the various types of public records they have available, whether they’re free whether there’s, sea bass and it’s just i think it’s just a great jumping off point for anybody to be ableto bookmark so that they can access it and then go right from there to the particular state they’re interested in. Ok, so so it’s that’s. Interesting. So it’s state based resources because you you talk a lot about those that you like chambers of commerce, newsletters and websites and things and local business publications. You like those? Yeah, i do. I do. But what’s interesting about this is it’s. More like government public records. So you’ll get access teo information on properties. Uh oh, i’m sorry, okaying all that type of thing. So anything that sort of a government entity would be overseeing. In terms of public records, you can access it state by state right through this site. Okay, cool. That was search systems dot net, right? Right. Okay, you’re number nine maria’s number nine boatinfoworld is called boat infoworld dot com, so i’m frequently asked by non-profits when they’re kind of putting on their proactive prospecting hat you know, how can i find wealthier people in my community and my state in my county? And although, you know an indicator of simply having wealth or simply having a yacht or a boat wouldn’t necessarily equate to your organization receiving funds from that person, it is definitely a resource that i do check when i’m profiling an individual, for example, i have a known name of an individual, and i’m trying to determine whether or not perhaps they own a yacht or a boat, but really a non-profit that serves perhaps the marine community, any of the thinking about some of the connecticut based organizations or new york based organizations that really serve either an environmental purpose or some sort of an education based purpose on the water? Well mirriam out there are the benefit from knowing about this because you would have outreach to a group of people who really have an affinity for for your type of cause, way down deep, that one is not free. The first, when i mentioned was free this one sea bass, but it’s really not that expensive? I just did a quick test before we came on the air and, for example, new york steak if you wanted to buy a ll the records of the recreational boat owners in that state. Now these numbers are our prior to superstorm sandy hitting us. Of course, there were a lot of boats were actually wiped out, but there were eighteen thousand six hundred ninety six boats in the entire state, and that list was only ninety nine dollars ninety eight cents to be able to purchase as an excel spreadsheet. Okay, now, of course, there are other bodies of water that touch the united states besides just the atlantic ocean. So this could apply in texas north carolina comfort example there about you know what one could think about paying for this type of a resource that you can get it down by county. A swell by city and state. So it’s, pretty interesting, because you actually get the name of the individual and a snail mail address. Okay. Oh, interesting on and you and you can’t break it down by county so you don’t buy the whole state, but they’re more local. Organise a chef. A county has just over fifty, six hundred recreational boats registered. And that list with sixty nine dollars. Ninety eight cents there. Really? For you? No less than one hundred dollars. You can get access to quite a large list of people if you were interested in some house beginning a mailing campaign to those individuals. Now, why do you search for boats and not planes? Why do search for planes and, well, i do just not didn’t make the top ten. Well, see, i mean, i was constrained, okay? You worry about myself because i know you provide this list when i’m doing my my life workshops and seminars. Sort of a top ten. Okay, but yeah, this is when i always happened to a swell. Okay? Yeah, of course, owning a boat could be indicative of wealth, but the person could be in boat. Hell, also all right. You know, they can’t afford their vote. Or it’s. In bad shape. Okay, but it’s ah, it’s. One factor of many as your profiling a prospect. Right? Right. It’s one that’s, right, exactly. It’s one factor that i’m looking for in terms of an indicator of wealth. Okay, good. You you introduced number eight. Okay, number eight, count the countdown. I like to look a sec filings, which are securities and exchange commission filings on a resource that i used for that you can access, by the way, sec data for free through their website, however, i really like this particular resource for the weight compiled the data and the accessibility and ease of use. So it’s called ten k wizard dot com. And it is he based i actually have the lowest level of service is just over four hundred dollars, a year. And i really like the resource because i can look for those corporate insiders. And we’ve touched upon that before me in the show. Yes. And how beautiful they could be in terms of trying to perhaps gain a gift. A stock from somebody is supposed to give cash. Say a little more about why you prefer ten k wizard over the s e c. Website. I like ten k wizard because i can search by an insider’s name. So i have a name of an individual. I’m doing a research project on that individual and i can put their name in. And then i can see all of the companies that they might be connected to either as an officer at that company or sitting on the board of directors of that company. Okay, and then i can go into the individual sec reports to determine exactly how much stock they own in that company and and on the website, you cannot search by individual name, i guess. Just a little bit more cumbersome. Yeah. Okay. Definitely a little more cumbersome. So i like the resource. I mean, for me and in the numbers, you know, names that i’m researching it, it’s worth it. But certainly the website dot go of you could find similar information. Well, exactly the same information, actually, but just search ability in the output of the data. I find it a little bit better on the way. Okay, well, that’s important to know. I mean, you’re the doi end of dirt cheap and free. So but if you’d prefer to pay for the same two options right now. But if you’d prefer to pay for ten k wizard dot com so that obviously there is value there. And by the way, listeners ten is spelled out. So it’s, tnk wizard dot com you’re number seven, his foundation search dot com yes, what’s that about foundation search dot com is number seven on my list, and you can do very targeted foundation research on this particular website on dit is a sea bass to resource you can get into annual subscriptions with this particular company. Ah, and what i’d like to also mention tony is that on some of these resource is where there’s a c i was able to actually get some discounted price pricing for your listeners. How did you how did you do that? Yeah, so i was able to do that? No, how how did you do that? Because you’re because they’re contributor thiss particular resource is used heavily obvious if you do a lot of grantwriting right, so you would look for foundations that would support your organization? They also have something attached to them called big online, which is corporate research um and basically i’ll go ahead mention the code very quickly and all posted on your page. Is there in swell, tony, but the code is m s m s one two seven, and they would be able to get a free month for every year that they sign up on. That code is going to be valid for for thirty days. They mention my name and that code. By january seventh, they’ll be able, teo, get a free month for every year they sign up for the service. We will post the list the top ten list on the facebook page on and also the linked in group, and then you’ll include the free now why did you get em s and not tm? Well, that was the code they signed me. Oh, yeah, sure. Right, right. I’m sure select the code unfortunate. See the kind of credibility that being a regular contributor to tony martignetti non-profit radio gets you, i’m sure that’s you mentioned it. And that’s how you were able to get the get the discount. I’m sure you don’t have to say that. That that i’m correct, because so i’m sure that i am so you know absolutely so i got, you know, let’s let’s. See what we can do for tony’s listeners. And so they said, all right, we’ll pick this code into effect for one month for you. Excellent. Okay. And that’s foundation search dot com foundation search dot com and you get a membership that varies from one year up. Tio five years of membership on dh. They have special pricing, you know, valid through the month of december. So, you know, definitely worth a call out to them. And i was told to ask for rusty ways. Get a little provincial nasco this’s getting a little provincial now it sounds like small town asked for rusty, rusty, rusty burrell is even after he retired from the people’s court. Where did we leave off? That we’re number seven. Right. Wait a minute. Wait. I’m moving on to number six on my list is ah, resource. I think i’ve mentioned on your show before called reference yusa. Okay. And you kind of alluded to it earlier when you were talking about the looking at resource is that cover businesses on dh? This resource is available free through through almost every library and certainly any library i’ve ever tried to research it through and it’s a database and it’s. Very useful. Because if you are looking for again, proactively to develop lists of potential business owners in your community who might be supportive of your cause, uh, you can search this list. Uh, can you set up the search criteria yourself? So if you’re looking for a list of oh, i don’t know. Medical device manufacturers in a specific county that have sales over five million dollars. You can actually generate exactly that type of list. Okay. This is reference. Yusa any i’m sorry. Any fee for this one? No. It’s. Well, it’s free through public libraries. So that’s, where you want to start at your public library link generally, uh, county library will have links to online databases. Uh, some of the library’s might require you to go on site. I actually access it off site through my county library. So using my barcode on my library card, i can access this particular resource. All right? And you and i have talked about the value of the local libraries in the past. That there are a lot of free resource is in local libraries either online or or if you have to go in person, but sometimes you’ve you made the point worth the trip, even if you have to go in person. Yeah, absolutely. You know, this type of the database would be very expensive if you had to pay for it yourself. So, you know, might be worth just rerouting your commuting trip a little bit and then spend a few hours at the library if you need to. Okay, now you’re number five. Ah, you wrote fcc and i only know federal election commission, but alright, that’s exactly what it is. Federal election committee. What is your interest in the centre election dot gov and its data on political contributions. And so you would be able to determine if people have made donations of over two hundred dollars, that becomes part of public records. And i think most people know that. However, every once in a while you come across somebody who’s surprised to hear that those donations are actually recorded in a public wife. Okay. And that one again. Oh, uh, this is particularly useful, of course, for a non-profit who have might have some, you know, issues. You know that, are you? Know, politically motivated or divisive so you might want to, you know, just have an understanding of where you are particular prospect, eyes contributing their money politically, right? You might you might yourself be ah, politically, act active or be involved in political advocacy, but also you would be interested in the level of giving if someone is giving it a very high level. To what, whatever campaign that’s indicative of some wealth or not way have to take a break. Sam, we have still a minute, right? So that would that would just the size not necessarily where they’re giving right. So i looked for both, um and actually one of researching somebody i look att both their e-giving and their spouses e-giving politically because, you know, very often their spouse might be giving equal, if not more money than the prospects that i’m actually researching. Okay, that that might then go back. Tio my discussion earlier about hard credit itself credit but that’s about crediting gift. Okay, we’re going to take a break. Maria, of course, will stay with us. We’ll continue with the top ten and we’ll do Numbers 1 through 4 when we return. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Oppcoll are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Durney welcome back. We’re talking about maria symbols top ten list i got a sense of more live listener love just recently joining us polska, poland, toronto, canada, tokyo and shanghai and taipei in in asia. Welcome, welcome all foreign listeners live listener love. Um, we’re continuing our top ten. Yes, so, maria, i’m going to say, number four zillow, i love to look up friends, houses, i’m zillow, i love zillow. I love to look up friends, houses, i can’t help it. Why don’t you explain what zillow is spelled like a pillow, but with a z? Well, who knew you were such a nosy neighbor? But i can’t help it. Go ahead, tell everybody anyway, says illo, is a great tool that fuse by prospect researches, but it’s, really it was developed for the real estate industry to be able to track sales data as well as where evaluations are currently at. What i like about it is you can get information about where house price wass when the when the home was purchased, you get since general information you don’t know who owns the home, but gosh, you could find out so much other information you’ve got the photo of the home. Typically you have taxes that are paid on the property and generally goes back several years as well. So you could see, you know, the home valuation even over time as well as the taxes over time. So i really like that it’s definitely a stopping off point every time i’m doing prospect research. Okay. Now you would have to have the person’s address in order to use zillow, right? Yes, exactly. So you actually put in a home address, and it will give you all the pertinent data on that on that address. So, you know, real estate is a huge component of doing prospect research. You want to know about their primary residents and any secondary residences that they may own as well. Buy-in again, just her gaining a general level of wealth. Okay, i might have. I was once researching somebody. Tony and i came across data that i actually had to cross check elsewhere. Like i couldn’t believe the results on the two properties that this person owned. They were paying one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in property taxes. Yeah, well, okay, and i can vouch for zillow. It is very robust friends will stop giving me their their home addresses. But i convinced from personal experience a very, very interesting site. Zillow and it’s. Free and free. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Trust me, it’s free. Um okay, maria. Simple what’s, your number three. Number three on my list. We’ve talked about this resource a lot. It’s linked in on lincoln is a great social networking site, but it’s a great prospect research site as well, as far as i’m concerned, you know, people have profiles up there. It’s clearly marked public profiles. So i definitely like to use the data not only to check on, you know, people’s, employment history, their education and so forth. But also you can mind linked in by using the advanced search feature. Okay? And you can mind it for potential volunteers for potential donors. Um, and, you know, interestingly enough, i had done a, uh, workshop earlier this week, and i was looking for some statistical information that kind of talked about. Well, what are the income levels of people on lincoln? Generally, you know, on average compared to say, facebook and income levels are one hundred nine thousand dollars on average, uh, on lincoln versus twenty five thousand dollars on facebook really that’s very interesting, i thought it was a fascinating statistics, so you know, it really points to the reason why non-profits need to get better about howto leverage this tool, check out their new board connect feature, which will enable you tio have access to more advanced, more teachers on the search on the advanced search page. Then you would under a free account and they will give access to one person in the organization, free access to their talent. Find your tools, they’re calling it board connect. Yes, you, you and i have talked about board necked so listeners could go back. Listen to a previous podcast, andi don’t just remind people how you get to the advanced search, so to get to that particular tab, when you’re on the home page of lincoln up in the right hand corner, you’ll see a search box and to the right of that, you’ll see a link that you can click on called advanced search and that’s what you want to click through because it’s going to come up with again, going back to that earlier example, if you’re looking for men. You know, people making medical devices in a certain community, you can’t get it by income level, but certainly you can, you know, look for people in specific industries with certain titles, maybe having certain keywords in their profiles. So a great way, tio, come up with new list of people to connect to and potentially reach out to. We have to move on. Let’s, go to number two. Wealth engine number two wealth engine. So this is a sea based resource, it’s most people no wealth engine for their screening service, and so they’ll have their their dad based screened in order to be able teo elevator to the top, those prospects they would want to concentrate on again. Here. This is one of those resources that will give you a percentage off if you mentioned the prospect finder llc when you were trying to subscribe to them. Um, i’ll give you ten percent off. Oh, excellent prospect finder. Thanks. Pricing vary. So i really didn’t get a quote on pricing because they have, you know, screening is volume based. Their prospect generators service is volume based on dh. Then you know, they have the subscription fees to their to their actual databases. So again, i’ll put all the details on your page is how they can go about getting the percentage all excellent. Thank you. Prospect finder. Okay, burke, maria’s number one what is it? Number one is google and especially google alert. So a couple things you want to keep in mind with google? Um, certainly, you know, a couple of tips to make your google searching a little bit more effective when you’re researching somebody’s name if you’re researching tony martignetti, make sure you’ve got the name and quote so it’s not finding every web page that has the name tony and every web page that has martignetti so in quotes on let’s say you know everything about tony and his, his, his company and so forth, and you’re much more interested in knowing where tony is active in the nonprofit world. You want to make sure that you have google filter down the search results for you by putting in the word after you put in tony martignetti unquote space and the word site e colon dot org’s so it will return to you on ly the hits where tony’s name is associated with a dot or ge? I also do the same search for a dot edu okay, maria, we have to leave it there. Maria semple is the prospect finder. You can follow her on twitter at maria simple maria, thank you so much. Thank you, tony. Thanks for the top ten by now. Bye next week, amy sample ward she continues our siri’s on engagement in the social networks with get engaged three setting goals for your online engagement. Also, jane takagi and emily chan are legal contributors are going to talk about gift documentation rules? What is supposed to be in your acknowledgements to donors for their two thousand twelve gif ts we’re all over the social networks there’s a good conversation going on in linked in group on the areas that non-profits struggle with most very interesting. Most of the comments are about leadership, so add your comment. What do you think non-profits struggle with most that’s in the linked in group were on facebook? Of course, with that twenty five thousand dollar annual income, i’m i’m bringing the average down could follow me on twitter are hashtag is non-profit radio i’m also on foursquare, let’s, connect there and as i mentioned in tony’s take teo. I would be very grateful if you’d rate and review the show in itunes. Thank you very much for that. Wishing you good luck the way performers do around the world. We’re moving to poland. Poem ania nuke poem ania nuke. Break your legs. The polish want you to break both legs. Not good enough to just break break one leg. They want you, teo, break both legs. So that’s a double. Good luck, it’s. Like saying it twice and i send my thanks. Thanks very much to the polish consulate staff here in new york city for their help with that pronunciation. Thank you very much. And i wonder if that’s why poland joined us. So i’m wishing you for the week. Polonia nuke our creative producer. Hard to believe we have one. But we do. It’s clear. 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