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Tony’s guests this week:

Greg Warner, founder of MarketSmart

Amy Spencer, market manager for Blackbaud & Kevin Russell, professional services manager for Blackbaud

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Welcome to the new year it’s january fourth of the new year. I hope you had lots of time for family and friends and good times over the holiday and time off from work. Oh, how i hope that you were with me long ago on december twenty first because i’d feel terrible if i had heard that you missed candidates for causes. Robert egger is the president of sea forward working to rally candidates around non-profit platforms, he and i talked about how to assess those in your local races, getting the non-profit agenda before them and how to support the candidates who step up. Also, it was computers crash. Scott koegler, the editor of non-profit technology news and our tech contributor, reminded us that technology can let us down imagine that your computer hardware will only last so long, and you should have a plan for replacing it to avoid a crisis. I talked to this former chief information officer about the hardware, life cycle, budgeting and planning this week the future of planned giving marketing greg warner, the founder of marketsmart, shares his insights on multi-channel awareness building, generating and cultivating leads and tracking what works and free radio and tv to boost online ticket sales. Amy spencer, market manager for blackbaud, and kevin russell, professional services manager for blackbaud i want you to recognize that you do have leverage with the media and that sending press releases is no longer the way to get radio and tv exposure for your event. This was pre recorded at the bb khan twenty twelve conference last october between the guests on tony’s take to my block is challenge the status quo, i heard you don’t be afraid to ask why i will talk about that. And after the bb con interview toward the end of the show, i’ll talk a bit about the just revived ira charitable rollover that’s getting a lot of talk in plant e-giving circles right now, it’s my very pleasure to ah, welcome greg warner. He is an experienced multi-channel marketing executive, he’s made tens of thousands of cold calls and closed thousands of deals, which give him a unique perspective into howto partner sales strategies with targeted marketing initiatives, his company marketsmart has helped lots of non-profits, including the american diabetes association, life matters, home health care, the association of the u s army and city of hope cancerous search center on twitter he’s at greg marketsmart he runs the linked in group smart planned giving marketers greg warner, welcome to the show. Hi, tony. Thank you. Happy new year. Thank you very much. Yeah. It’s. A good one. It’s going to be a good one. All right, we got it. We got the future of plan giving marketing to look forward to this is something to live for. Um, you want teo? See non-profits do broader prospecting around planned e-giving what? Your ideas around finding new prospects? Well, the first concept is a bit non donors and people that you may not find on your radar through predictive analytics or data modelling, uh, often will leave you gifts. And some of our clients tell us it’s more than fifty percent of their plan gift not all but that’s. A sizeable number. And you want to leave that on the table? Okay, so you need to broaden your approach, okay? And, uh, let’s talk about some of the waste to get doing. That ok? Well, it all depends on how much money you have, of course, and most folks don’t have a lot of money. So you want to look at the, uh, tools and channels that are available to you, uh, in order, teo, you broaden your reach, one of them, and i know a lot of people probably cringing the sound of the word facebook, but, you know, it’s a very simple thing when you think about the fact that people who engage with your organization on facebook they like you. Yeah, you know, we don’t cringe on this show. We don’t cringe around facebook way have any sample ward social media contributor she’s on every month talking about lots of social media networks, but facebook certainly among them. So we don’t. We don’t cringe when you talk about staying playing e-giving circles sometimes ah, cringe at that because it’s hard for folks in plan giving, understand how to connect the dots. Okay, well, let’s, let’s connect them for them. Why? Why should plan e-giving professionals be paying attention to facebook? Beyond the fact that a billion people are on facebook, but they’re concerned typically is age right playing, giving? You want to talk to people in their sixties, seventies eighties? The concern is that they’re not on facebook, but what? Where’s? The disconnect. Okay, so first you need to dispel the myth. So my mother in law come on. By the way, i got into all this because my wife’s a diabetic and i wanted to find a way to generate lots of money for the american diabetes association. Okay, my mother in law, of course, her mom is seventy two years old. I don’t think there’s too many people who are on facebook more than my mother in law. And again, she’s seventy two years old. Now what? God, god bless your mother in law. Of course i love all mothers in law, but even the ones that aren’t my own love them all but that’s, you know, people going well, that’s an anecdote. Okay, there’s one seventy two year old what do we know in aggregate? About sixty, seventy, eighty year olds prevalence on facebook. Well, i don’t have statistics on that, so i don’t know if i wantto start shooting off on that. But i will say that they have mor e i think it’s easy. To say that they probably have more time on their hands, right? Well, what what’s been the experience with your clients around facebook and planned e-giving well, here, here’s, just a basic example is that if those folks are there and let’s let’s, remember that younger donors forties and fifties air really when people are making their first will anyway, and if you want to get in there, will you should be planting the seeds of legacy gift because everyone at some point is going to contemplate their immortality, and they’re what ruffle james calls a symbolic immortality. So how can they live on after their lifetime? Okay, and if you start planting seeds just with basic awareness efforts, meaning if you get a gift, why not talk about it on facebook? How you say it, you have teo talk to your social media folks, make sure that you’re not overselling our overstating but it’s news, it’s information it’s something that’ll plant seeds in people’s minds. Okay, excellent there’s there’s an idea what else? What else should we be doing on facebook around planned e-giving well, if you have a comprehensive marketing plan and you have a lot of people who like your, um your page, then? It’s really important to realize that you can advertise on facebook so you can advertise to your like the people who like you? Yes, with, um, uh, little ads driving them to a landing page. The best offer is something like an offer free estate planning information or how to make a will. Okay, so this is buying facebook ads buying a facebook ad related to plan giving. Yeah, and you only pay for every time someone clicks on it. Or you can pay for impressions. But it’s very inexpensive. Really. Okay, what does that mean? Watch now, i haven’t had anybody in jargon jail for weeks and weeks, but you’re skating very close on since it’s been so long, i have a very itchy trigger finger to throw somebody in there. So what does that mean? Facebook, you can pay by the impression every time that your ad appears is considered an impression to a user versus paying by the click. Right? Okay, all right. We have just about two minutes before a break. Do you like to see greg non-profits have a devoted planned e-giving facebook page or you’re talking about the organizations overall presence in there on their own face and their facebook page. Without a doubt, i think it just should be something that implemented integrated into their overall presence and just it’s news it’s just sharing information with their friends. Okay, so so not necessarily a devoted planned e-giving facebook page for the charity. Okay, nobody well, i don’t think anyone will go to that, okay, what’s again, just about a minute before a break. What’s another, um, channel that you like to see exploited in planned e-giving that that people aren’t doing enough? Well, i think email has the most power when it comes to plan giving marketing, and we’ll have tto dig into that a little bit more when we come back. But it’s so inexpensive, but it can also be used the wrong way. It’s a hammer like you could break stuff with it, or you could build stuff with it. Okay, we want to build, right? Yep. Okay. As greg suggested, we will talk more about email and other channels and the future of e-giving marketing right now, i’ve got to send some live listener love. Oakland, california. Atlanta, georgia. Shanghai, china taipei, taiwan. Welcome. Live listener love to those four cities when we come back more with greg warner in the future of plan giving marketing. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? 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If you’re in the new york city area, stop by one of our public classes, or get your human resource is in touch with us. The website is improving communications, dot com, that’s, improving communications, dot com, improve your professional environment, be more effective, be happier, and make more money improving communications. That’s. The answer. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent more live listener love. Seoul, korea fukuoka, japan. You’re with us regularly. Soul and food, coco, thank you very much. New bern, north carolina, bethlehem, pennsylvania. Live listener, love all around the world, it’s. Incredible. All right, greg, whatever charity’s not doing with email, or why, what do you see them using it as a hammer? How are we misusing it? Well, a lot of times, especially for plan giving marketing. Email is used to sort of shout out at their prospective donors that you know, for instance, here’s a whole bunch of information about ways that you can make a plan gift here’s tax avoidance strategies. You know, um, shouting in the for-profit world, the private sector just like in the nonprofit world, it’s never a good idea to just blast and spray messages, but rather to generate leads and find people who want to hear from you and then cultivate those leads with highly relevant messages over a long period of time. Okay, let’s, break this down a little bit. How do we how do we get started in being more sophisticated with our email? Okay, well, again, first is starting with a good list and that’s what we’ll call a opt in list, and that begins with offering something in your awareness campaigns or your acquisition campaigns usually plan giving. Or i would say, a state planning information to get people to request that offer. You always need a good offer. Is that them? When they do, they go into the culture cultivation pool. Is that the opt in the acceptance of the offer? Is that what you mean, by opt in where you’re treading close again, you want teo, let them know that you’ll be sending them or information when you send them the first piece of information and okay. So after you send them what they’ve asked for a tte the same time, you send them that they would ask for your telling them that they will be getting mohr and you give them a chance to opt out of getting more exactly. Okay, all right, you better watch yourself in drug in jail. Your little your little risk taker? Uh, yeah. I want to be in jargon. No, i’m kidding. I don’t. I don’t get the first person i said don’t smack me around later. All right, well, don’t tease me. Um, let’s. See what? We have a good list. We haven’t opted in list. What’s next in being more sophisticated with email. Okay, if you’ve done your opt in, right and let me take one quick step backwards is that you’ll ask people what are their interest? What? You know, are they looking for ways teo get income for life that would kind of put them into the pool of possibly wanting message is that refer to charitable gift annuities. Okay, now, how do you how do you ask these questions? You know, in a poll by email or how you eliciting this information? Generally, before you give them the information that they want. Like if it’s a state planning information, you’ll want to ask them what topics are interesting to them. Ok, how do you ask that in an email with a pole or a link to a paul? How do you do that? Okay, good. It’s going generally part of the landing page. Okay. So where they request information that’s on a page that they lend to request that information, then the questions pop up. Okay. Do you want this information? Do you want this brochure or that one? Uh, you know what topics are you interested in? You can even ask a tw. What stage are you in? In the consideration process? Have you ever considered leaving a gift in your will? The number of questions that you could ask you should be. Keep it short, but you should try a new one. Okay, so you’re trying to get people to identify themselves as having interest in plant e-giving topics and specifically which one’s, right. Which dump and most important, why not throw in the question? Have you already left a gift? Yes. Okay, right. Critical physical because you’ll fight. Go find a lot of people. The next step is sending relevant information over time. If they’ve already left a gift, will first, of course, you’re going to want to thank them, hopefully personally, but at the very least, you’re going to want to put them on a cultivation or i’m sorry a stewardship track. You want to welcome them to your recognition society for planned e-giving or however it is, you do it to say thank you over the long term. Yes. Okay, okay. That was a little digression, but an important one. Very important. You don’t want to lose that gift. Remember, you can always lose a gift. Just is often just as much as you get one. If you’re not. If you’re not saying thank you enough and properly and for sure, after the person reveals that they’ve included you. Yes, absolutely so let’s. Go back now you have ah, you have your you’ve qualified your list and it’s it’s opted not only opt in, but, you know the topics that people are interested in each person’s interested in how do you continue to become more sophisticated with your email? Okay, now i’m going to try my best to stay out of jargon jail. You said you wanted to be there with your flapper somebody’s into flip flopping. He’s a flip flopper page. Okay, cookie can be placed on their computer. Yes, not only are they opting in for your messages, but if they didn’t fill out the form because they just decided not to. Because of that cookie, they could get ongoing banner ads for quite a while. As long as you decide throughout wherever they navigate on the internet, really and that’s called retargeting, so if they got interrupted, if they just decided not to fill it out, then you could have these ads driving them back to that page or a different page, maybe just sending them to maur, symbolic immortality messages or videos or something different that’s about legacy e-giving interesting. Now, i know this goes on because after i fill out our something or i go to a site somewhere, then you know from time to time i’ll see banner ads or pop. Up ads on a completely different sites related to the topic that that i was exploring a week earlier. So i know this nefarious stuff goes on. It’s a highly effective kind of marketing. It works, and again, you can pay for it per click or by impressions. Okay, thousands. Okay. And tell me, what is this marketing called again? That retargeting retargeting? Okay, because you’re re targeting the person’s advertising. Is that why it’s called that? Yeah. They already got halfway to making a decision to commit to something with you, but they didn’t go over the edge. So you want to read the this is most famous for shopping cart marketing? Like if you were on amazon dot com. But you didn’t buy that that that book? Yes. They’ll you ads for similar book, right? They know the amazon, of course. Very sophisticated. Okay, but no reason. Charity shouldn’t be equally sophisticated. Course. Okay. Is there more? What else can we say about email? This is very interesting. Okay, so once you get them to opt in and fill out their information so that you you know what they’re interested in and you’ve got that cookie, then you can start tracking them schnoll not only should they go on track that we call marketing automation tracks to get emails that are relevant to their interests, but you need to track where they click every time you send those e mails. And again because of this sophisticated tracking that i’m talking about in these cookies and, uh, i p address capturing i p address, by the way, is just the address of where their computer’s located. Thank you. Okay, by using those tracking tools, you can begin to capture who’s coming back specifically which individual person their name is coming back and visiting other pages that you are pushing them, too, with your ongoing marketing email. Okay, as they come back and as they engage more, the more they more they engage. They can then get lead scores, so if they stay online for a certain period of time, if they click on a certain number of pages, if they keep coming back three, four times, you can determine what kind of scores you want to give each individual person and program it, then based on where they go, how often they come back all those different things you can program different messages. You can slow down the number of messages that go out or increase the number of messages that go out each individual and again they need they should be relevant based on their interests. And this should break apart, sort of into into gosh, like a a flow chart, so that if they change their mind from the c g eight track for charitable gift annuities, then perhaps they moved to the bequest track because of where they’ve been clicking. Then they get different messages. I see. Let me remind listeners greg warner is the founder of marketsmart, which you’ll find at i marketsmart dot com either letter i so this email sophistication that you’re talking about can all be automated. You mentioned? Yeah, the the idea is to try and plan it all out as best as you can in the beginning. Okay, right. Okay. So you have your laying out these different tracks, but then you’re also tweaking as you get results back from all this tracking. Right, exactly. Takes time. And no, no everybody’s campaign is different. You have to make it. Look at all that. All the tracking and all the data. You’re collecting, review it and then tweak the messages. But all this tracking is valuable because you’re seeing people are not going to certain pages or you’re seeing an abundance of people clicking on different options so you can see the way people are moving through your through your whole system. Exactly. And i want to throw in the traditional marketing combined with this is very important because email is powerful and and you can do all this, but you can also signal to then send certain types of letters and brochures or whatever to these folks based on their interests. Okay? And that gives it an even bigger hit. Because, again, a cz you mentioned, a lot of these folks are older, and this is what i call an enterprise decision in the private sector. This is not donating. Five dollars or twenty five dollars, is creating a legacy for yourself and it’s. Usually a sizable gift. Okay. Okay. So we’re not cultivating these people for for small annual gifts or something like that? No, no. And and the idea is that for enterprise decisions, people usually want, uh, some kind of printed material. They want personalization they want. A hand signed letter. You know, i always, uh i look att helling plan gives similar toe selling cars. I mean, generally, the gift size is about what a car costs and, uh, it’s a long cultivation process on dh some people by mini coopers and some people buy bentleys, right? So there’s, plenty of room in plan giving space for all the people on that entire spectrum. Give me we have just a couple minutes, and i want to get into your some of your artist work also and how that relates to this. But you mentioned that email could be a hammer what’s one way that aside from to frequent that’s that’s an easy one we know to frequent emails could be bad. What’s another way that email could be abused and turn off your prospects well, if you’re shouting ill irrelevant information at them on dh often, uh, this can relate to tax avoidance strategies. There is a certain segment of the population and plan giving donor base that is very motivated by that. And i don’t wanna offend all the folks or my potential clients. But in plain giving there’s too much of a focus on taxes or i should say, death and taxes. Yeah, that’s really not. What motivates people? It’s no it’s love of the institution. So but with the with the targeted information that you have the specific information that you have prospect by prospect you can avoid sending tax avoidance information to someone who only wants to talk about a charitable request. And the reason that they’re interested in plan giving is that they love your institution. Exactly. Okay, i’m gonna i’m gonna neo-sage go into a different direction. You’re you’re very much an artist, oil painter, musician, singer and songwriter what’s the what’s, the relationship between the arts and marketing and sales. Wow, boy, i didn’t realize you did that kind of research on me. Thank you. Put it in your bottoms and research at all. I mean, i might have to think about that a little bit off the top of your head. What’s. The relationship was voted class artist when i was a kid in high school. But that’s not so i that’s not your credential. That’s not why it’s in your bio is because in high school you were voted class artist. Now you know it’s, just something. Women on morals if that’s the case he’s been awhile there, right brained people on their left brain people. And i think in business, in marketing, in anything you do, you’ve got to be creative and and open your mind to new ideas at any moment. You really have to just kind of keep, keep trying new things and be experimental and dahna whether you’re painting or writing a song or singing a song it’s all, uh, about experiments and changing things up, tio get that harmony to be better to get that color, to be better to get something to move people in an emotional way. Bilich outstanding and that’s and that’s what we just finish talking about in in plan giving marketing. Um, what is it you love about this work, greg? Wow. It’s interesting. I was talking to our account coordinator today. Uh, we were working on a new campaign for the navy marine corps relief society, which were just so excited about this and that hole at the end of it, we spent an hour and a half in front of a huge white board we have in our office and we go through everything. Everything. Everything, and then i looked at her at the end and i said, you know, what’s so great about this is that at the end of this, we’re gonna run. We’re going to raise so much money for sailors, marines and their families isn’t that awesome? And i just got this warm feeling inside. I’m like, isn’t this great? I mean, i get paid to do this and it’s just i’m gushing because that’s it’s so fantastic. Outstanding. Greg warner is the founder of market smart, which you’ll find it. I’m marketsmart dot com on twitter he’s at greg marketsmart and you can find him in the linked in group smart plan e-giving marketers lots of smart lots of smart going on. Greg warner, thank you very much for being a guest’s. Been a real pleasure. Thanks, tony. My pleasure. Right now we’re going to take a break. You know about that. And when we come back, uh, what the heck we’ll do, tony steak too, of course is tony’s take do and then we have free radio and tv to boost online ticket sales. So stay with me e-giving didn’t think dick tooting good ending things you’re listening to the talking alternate network. E-giving cubine hi, i’m donna and i’m done were certified mediators, and i am a family and couples licensed therapists and author of please don’t buy me ice cream are show new beginnings is about helping you and your family recover financially and emotionally and start the beginning of your life. We’ll answer your questions on divorce, family court, co parenting, personal development, new relationships, blending families and more dahna and i will bring you to a place of empowerment and belief that even though marriages may end, families are forever join us every monday, starting september tenth at ten a m on talking alternative dot com are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications? Then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Hi, i’m kate piela, executive director of dance, new amsterdam. And you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Welcome back time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour. My block this week is challenge the status quo from questioning the way you track prospect visits in your office. Teo revamping a newsletter concept maybe, or adding a theme too on annual dinner or lunch that seems to be kind of in a doldrum year after year. My urging is that you start to question, how come we do it this way? Why? Why did we do it this way and not not just accept tradition? Which, as as a ah boy scout leader told me when i was in my teens, is often a mistake made more than once? That was his definition of tradition, so i’m just charging you don’t be afraid to challenge why do we do things this way? Especially if you’re the one who’s in the trenches doing the work day after day, year after year? You have an outstanding perspective on which things aren’t working and how they might work better, and my suggestion is that you start asking questions. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Oh, and in my block post there’s an apple video, which is a commercial around that exact that exact thought and the blah ge is called challenge the status quo, you’ll find it at tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s take two for friday, january fourth, the first show of the year. I want to send some more live listener love kitakyushu, japan i hope i’m pronouncing it right we had a dispute in the in the in the studio here i went with tata kyushu, japan i hope that’s correct live listener love here’s one i know i can get laurel, maryland i hope i pronounced that right laurel marilyn live listener love and new york new york where are you? Where in new york, new york? I wish? Tweet us, use the hashtag non-profit radio and tell us where in new york, new york you are. We’re on west seventy second street right now, and i have now a pre recorded panel discussion to people from bb khan twenty twelve conference and they’re talking about how to use tv and radio for free. Teo, increase your online ticket sales amy spencer, amy spencer and kevin russell and here is that interview. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of bb khan twenty twelve we’re outside washington, d c at the gaylord convention center with me now are amy spencer and kevin russell. Amy is market manager for arts and cultural at blackbaud and kevin russell is professional service. Is that’s a plural professional services manager at blackbaud he delivers multiple services professionally, maybe. Kevin welcome. Thank you for having it. It’s a pleasure to have you. Thanks for taking time on a very busy day. Problem you’re your seminar topic is pretty curious. Make your online ticket sales soar with television and radio for free. Amy, why don’t you acquaint us generally with what the possibilities are? I was sure. Well, i think the thing that people need to understand is that i have well have twelve years in background in tv, so i was the general sales manager of the tv station, so what i did was i actually set the pricing, and i’d look at thehe veils and i and i sold the inventory things like that and what people most often thought that they could come into the building and say, well, i know by law, you have to give me free advertising and you don’t they’re by n a be the national association of broadcasters, we do not have to sell to any certain group which covers non-profit so i think one of things that people need to understand is that they don’t owe you anything, however, a lot of times they would come in very entitled at times and say, here’s, what i need you to do and here’s my p s a and i want it on the air and i’d preferred in the news and if not primes, ok, well, that would get them nowhere. So the thing that i would always say is, first and foremost, you have to figure out what to leverage on the non-profit side that you could take to the tv stations, and there are a lot of different ways to do it, and i still have a few tips and tricks, but one of the things is to figure out who in the tv station you can get to know and one of them is your general manager, and one of them is your general sales manager, and you have to explain to them that you have brand equity, that they can leverage and also make money from so not unlike fund-raising this is we’re actually going build some relationships in theory. Yes. Ok. So for those organizations who picked up the phone and called me a sudden appointment, it was amazing how many of those actually got on the air and that was maybe before they even needed something from you or wanted something from her act. Oh, this relationship it is. It is one o one. So so a couple things is they need to figure out i think there are three different ways non-profits khun get on tv and or radio for free? Um one they need to look at their board. They need to figure out who was on the board and what cos those board members own and or are highly influential within. Okay, we’ll have time to go into detail. Why you took him off the other two now and then we’ll come back and teach sure three ways you can either have the board jump in and and pay for that tv time. Ok, not on your dime. The other one is to have the tv. Underwrite you and i’ll get more into the detail later, and then the other one is to work jointly with each other and bring in a sponsor on your own. Okay, kevin, you wantto you wantto say a little more about the first one working work-life king to you’re looking to your board, working with your board shorts. So as you mentioned, this is relationship building and we all know people who know people, i’m in the local market. It is likely that one of your board members does have a relationship with the television station, maybe economic relationship. Maybe they know someone who’s there, and if they’re already engaged in advertising, buys this more amy’s forte than mine, then you could piggyback on that relationship and they might make sabat in the station and you might leverage that and say what? We’re going to make this a five thousand dollar buy. But the non-profit is going to get advertising on top of that so it can maybe not a condition. But if i do this, then please help this organisation. Does everything we’re talking about today include radio also its all this and or either one cracked. Okay, okay. And if i could jump off of what kevin was saying, i, for example, if somebody on the board had a huge car dealership that the tv station was already gaining thirty, forty thousand dollars a month from, well, guess what i need to make that boardmember exceptionally happy, so when that boardmember calls me says, oh, by the way, i’m involved with his children’s charity. What i want you to do is help underwrite that in the tune of five thousand dollars. You better believe most times more often than not, that tv and radio station will figure out a way how to make that happen. Okay, therefore, that non-profit gets all the advertising for free, as you would also mentioned having the board pay for for for baez. Look at me. I’m already i feel like you guys are the guys you got, like my dad follow-up certified. Yeah. So the other thing what what you could do is you can have them leverage it. And with their media buy, for example, go back to the car dealer. I own a car dealership. I’m coming in. I’m spending thirty thousand dollars. Well, if i go ahead and guarantee you that i’m going to do that for let’s say five months, and i get a high percentage that share, then i will also say well, and in return for just handing you one hundred fifty thousand dollars, you’re going toe hand my non-profit of choice additional five thousand dollars on top of that at no charge, so you can lever to you have on your board and what they own and or have influence around. This is not unlike what we might do if we’re we’re doing our research for grantmaking we’re leveraging the board’s relationship exactly. We’re looking at the board members who are on the foundations that we’ve identified that are that air funding, the type of work we’re trying to fund, and we share that we share a list of board members of those foundations with our own board. Exactly. We’re just leveraging, okay? Um, amy, you had said something earlier about what? What the charity brings to the to the to the to the outlet, sure, beyond our relationship with boardmember in trying to create this relationship that we want to have on our own charity to out, too, to a media outlet, why don’t you say a little more about what, what we should be presenting, okay, so for example, there’s a tremendous amount of brand equity within each non-profit and you better believe that that tv and or radio station wants to partner with those non-profits for example, a stage company, they want access to their patrons, they want access to that brand equity they have in the market, and they also want access to those sponsoring that organization. So in a way that you can leverage or for example, eh? Well, let’s, let’s keep going with that stage company, for example, so so they can leverage that stage cos organization on and worked together on promotions, they also want to get their news anchors out in the market, so what they can do is they can say, okay, well, we’ll come in with a partnership with you, but our anchors are also going to open up every show they’re going to welcome the audience, see, they’re they’re looking for different ways to get out on the market as well and on that market, and so if you give them the ability to leverage their raid equity, they’re on top of okay, kevin. It sounds like the supplies in all sides, media markets, it certainly would and maybe even eat more easily in smaller markets where the community is more tight essentially and we have amy, i work primarily with cultural organization, so they have these physical places they’ve got space is their community centers where people congregate, so when the talent goes out, there might be the opening of a brand new show and it’s a big event in this small community. So the on air talent is a part that community, and they want to show their face and be there so it does scale pretty well, the larger markets, he’ll have large organizations, okay, but another point certainly related is we’re not going to the to the outlets humbly, right, men, we’re going confidently. Amy said, we have we have equity that we can leverage that’s for your benefit, right? I mean, we’re not asking hat in hand now and that’s the one thing that i found that if and when they did, some organizations actually pick up the phone, explain to me what their mission is, what they want to accomplish. It was almost in a it was not. In the way, probably, it should have been almost apologetic. It iss its goal is and i know you don’t have time and and you know why it doesn’t work so well, it doesn’t work that way don’t approach donors that way. I’m sorry to have to ask you, it probably doesn’t merit your time, but could you talk to me? You know, we don’t know what you’re in my spot at three o’clock in the morning. Please be grateful for that, but we don’t talk to funders that way. Way should be confident that we’ve got the equity as you described it. Okay? Tv underwriting. Kevin, can you can you say something about the actually metoo probably speak better than that. I can that’s that’s her background, not mine. Okay, i think you’re referencing probably the third point, which is sort of a a joint relationship between the non-profit and if you don’t have somebody on the board and organization that can help underwrite from the non-profit stand than what you can do is that if somebody came into my office is a general sales manager and said, hey, listen, ah, i don’t have five thousand dollars, i don’t have this, however, what i want to do is i have this kind of equity, teo give you and let’s use that together and go and find that sponsor and or donor together, so it is going to be the non-profit it’s going to be the tv station and then they go out, the tv station now has the ability to engage their anchors and the non-profit and you better believe that those tv and a radio stations want to look like a hero and want to have their involvement in that. So you you’ve provided that, and then the tv station also has a brand new advertisers, right? So if you go out and work together to teo, come up with us, it is no money out the non-profits dahna i mean, you know, budget whatsoever it’s out of the sponsors, and now you’ve created a throwing three pronged relationship that typically will go for years and sort of a side note for what we did at the tv station. They almost got a four to one return on investment. You hand me five thousand dollars, i’m going to give you back close to twenty just tell us what. Tv station you’re referring to, like it’s in the charleston, south carolina market. Let’s. Just put it that way. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping hunters. People be better business people. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s, monte, m o nt y monty taylor. Dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. So i’m sorry i interrupted you anything more you want to say about that? This sort of working together, they will join you a sort of a little joint venture. Well, all i will say is that every single day we all sort of do the same. We’re trying to come up with revenue, we’re trying to meet our budgets, whether you’re non-profit or for-profit and if somebody walked in my door and said, hey, you know what i want to do? I want to help you make money and and and work with you in order to get new advertisers and sponsors, i’m gonna listen to you, and then because i control the inventory, i’m also going toe, then play with you in terms of getting you additional avails additional spots and things and some news coverage. Okay, so what now? I fear my notes from the top where are insufficient? I blended two things together, so there’s one more point, kevin wasn’t there there three things that that amy outlining the beginning and only two that we’ve talked about there through the amy outlined on the getting these basically ads for free, but part of it’s also what? We gonna do with it right? Being very strategic with how you use it was the other part of our session, which is what i’m going to do with his time. Um, in the cultural world, we’re suggesting that people should use this time that we get through any strategies to really promote ticket sales over other items and primarily pro those online. Why do you? Why do you select ticket sales over anything else that a charity might might convey? Cerini on television, we believe are really the ultimate one. Too many channel. When you’re on the internet, you can develop a relationship, you know, people sort of know who you are. You’re signing into things direct mail if you’re already in a not-for-profits database, they know who you are. But when where? On tv or radio it’s essentially an acquisition strategy or branding strategy. So these organizations, these local culture organizations, they may use these buys for branding it’s not going to do that? They’re an acquisition mode, and we want directing to buy tickets for our org’s the ticket really, is that entry into the organization we wouldn’t expect someone to hear and ad and go make a donation to a museum necessarily dahna relationship. They haven’t experienced that museum, but buying that first ticket getting through the door is what starts that process with the sorts of organizations so driving that ticket leverages the free items in acquisition, which generally has sort of with most trouble getting people for the door. Okay, maybe this is also the lowest cost entry point for for acquiring new that’s, right new donors noo noo, your supporters absolutely absolute that that single ticket might not be the ultimate lowest cost. Often, organizations have memberships that, over time would represent a better value, but in the moment it tends to be the lower cost, and some of these places are free and they’re just trying to encourage attendant so it could be a free entrance. We just need to know you’re out there. I know you want to come. Maybe you’re doing a lot of nodding. Did you want to act? No, i’m i’m for once agreeing everything what kevin is saying, okay. Dahna furtive, you work lee, charlotte area. Kevin says everything right, except the things i don’t want. We have a few more minutes left. What have i not ask you about regarding your topic that you want to share with arts and culture organization? So i don’t know there’s something even asked about. But we we just wanna let people know that there are ways to get your message out there on dh. We want our organizations to really think about what they want their customers to dio we get focused on fund-raising gonna focus on membership. We often forget that we need to recharge our donor base. Our member based with new people. We could do that for free and take advantage of it’s fantastic technology that everybody’s engaged in. We want people not to be afraid to go do it when they go to do it. Do it the right way. Use amy strategies. And it sounds like that’s sort of what motivates you around all this work? Absolutely. I explicitly asked, you know what? What do you love about the work that you’re doing? So i get to work with museums, culture organizations, people have fantastic art or, you know, help children learn every single day and my job is to bring software into these organizations so that they can use it to increase all that. So bringing in that first ticket by that first time ticket buyer is the end result of everything that i do, all of that on dh leveraging technology is, well, it’s fantastic to help the children’s touch museum that’s, right? Maybe. How about you share what you love about this work? Well, believe it or not, everything that kevin said, but what i want a message is, is there is an opportunity there, and i think automatically the non-profits think i don’t have the budget i can’t afford to be, i can’t afford a radio. Now, if you’re in the top five ten market, that may be the case. This is probably a mid market toe lower market strategy. However, there is opportunity there, and i have seen it. I’ve worked for twelve plus years with non-profits when i was at the tv station to help them do this, and i think i would just say, be bold, pick up the phone, get a relationship, explain your mission and work together, and you will absolutely reaped the rewards on this and it’s there to happen session that become is make your online ticket sales soar with television and radio for free? I think they’ve shared some outstanding ways of doing that really very simple, common sense, but things that people are not doing, certainly not doing and because they’re not aware. Amy spencer on dh kevin russell, thank you very much for being guest. Thank you, it’s. Been a real pleasure. Thanks. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of bb khan. Twenty twelve. Thanks very much for being with me and my thanks also to the people at blackbaud who helped me be there and do podcasting at their bb con conference. More live listener. Love it’s. Unbelievable. Mexico, sorocaba, brazil, beijing, china. Riverhead, new york. Right at the fork where the with the north and south fork split. Riverhead, new york. Hyattsville, maryland. La jolla, california. Live listener love tto all those cities. I want to spend a couple of minutes talking about the ira charitable roll over. This was just revived in the american taxpayer relief act of twenty twelve, which was passed by congress on january first of twenty thirteen. I love how they can play magic with the dates i actually read the act and on the title page it says legislative day, december thirty first, two thousand twelve so they just make up, you know, they were there on january first, but it was really december thirty first. I love how they could just do that. I wish i could time shift like that. This charitable rollover is really not a rollover. This is the last time i’m going to call it a roll over, right then that was the last time it’s actually a qualified charitable distribution that other word is a misnomer. So i’m not using that anymore and we shouldn’t be using it. But it’s popular it’s the vernacular and what it takes for your donors to do it is you have to be at least seventy and a half years old on the day they make their gift. The ira has to be a traditional aura roth. They have a one hundred thousand dollars per year maximum per person, not per ira that they might own, but per person and the distribution this qualified charitable distribution has to go directly from their ira to your charity. And i’m going to say a lot more about this on my block next week, which means that they’ll be more about it on tony’s take to next week and included in the block post next week eyes going to be a one pager that you can adapt for your own marketing and promotion of this of the qualified charitable distribution say, i’m avoiding saying that word, and so you’ll be able to download that and use that as well. So more about that next week. But just teo remind you, let you know that that ah specific distribution was was revived this week. All right, the rollover was revived next week. I’ll have another bb con interview leveraging your social media data to find advocates, team leaders and hidden vips with casey golden he’s, the ceo of small act, and mark davis, who worked a blackbaud also coming back with me will be our social media scientist, amy sample ward. I’m asking you again, please, pretty please, could you rate and review the showing itunes? I know, i know you don’t have to go back there. Nine thousand podcast listeners i know you don’t have to ever again if you don’t want to, but i’m asking you, please, i’m almost pleading. I am pleading, actually, i would say i’m pleading, would you make the special trip? Would you give me a one through five star rating and and maybe write a short review? But if you don’t want to write the review, just give us a rating so we can reflect the fact that there’s over nine thousand people listening, thank you very much for doing that, wishing you good luck the way performers do around the world. We have left poland were in poland for weeks now we’re in serbia, bosnia, bosnia herzegovina, montenegro and mathos because in serbian, the language of those countries break a leg is slow may nobu so for the week, i’m wittering wishing you slow me. 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