244: Visual Social Media & NTEN and NTC – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Jessica Williams, consultant; Jenna Cerruti, account manager at Prichard Communications; and Emma Chadband, online outreach associate at PAI.

Also, Amy Sample Ward, our social media contributor, CEO of NTEN and co-author of “Social Change Anytime Everywhere.”

There’s more at tonymartignetti.com

129: Some Raise Money While Some Raise Hell & Pinterest and SlideShare – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Marcia Stepanek, founding editor-in-chief of “Contribute Magazine” and new media advisor to the New York University Heyman Center for Philanthropy.

Amy Sample Ward, membership director of Nonprofit Technology Network.

Read and watch more on Tony’s blog: http://tonymartignetti.com

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio it’s that time again. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent i am your aptly named host. I very much hope that you were with me last week. Yes, i do, because last week was lead and matching gifts in your campaign to start professor john list from the university of chicago, chairs the economics department and founded the science of philanthropy initiative. There no longer must fundraisers rely on tradition and conventional wisdom in campaign planning because he shared a rigorous science to guide you around lead and matching gif ts also many matching corporate gif ts chuck longfield, chief scientist at blackbaud had lots of simple ways to increase your matching gif ts from corporations did you know that volunteer hours are also dollar matched by many? We started with sector benchmarking, and we went from there, and my interview with chuck longfield was recorded at blackboards bebe con conference last october this week, some raise money while some raise hell. I’m talking about women in philanthropy, with marshals to panic. She was founding editor in chief of contribute magazine and is the new media adviser to the new york university heimans center for philanthropy we’ll talk about limbong coleman leadership roles, traditional giving and how women are organizing themselves also, pinterest and slideshare amy sample ward returns she’s, our social media contributor and membership director of non-profit technology network and ten she shares how small and midsize non-profits can reap definite value from these lesser known social sites between the guests on tony’s take two, my podcaster on top i’ll tell you what i’m talking about, and i will thank you, my pleasure now, to welcome marshes to panic. She is new media advisor to the n u heimans center for philanthropy, and she also curates its annual speaker siri’s philanthropy three point oh, which explores disruptive innovation in the social good sector. It sounds like some organized anarchy. Anarchy pointed in the right direction. She teaches social media strategy. Yes, it may very well be totally okay. We’ll get teo talk about anarchy. I’m still trying to introduce you. Hold on there, marshal. She teaches social media strategy. You have a very lengthy bio. I was to get through this a cz well, a social enterprise. New media and cause video in the masters program at new york university she was, as i mentioned, founding editor in chief of contribute magazine, her upcoming book swarms. The rise of the digital antiestablishment published by little brown is due out later this year. And it’s actually because of that book that she couldn’t be in the studio because she’s interviewing someone for her book swarms very pleased to welcome marshes to panic. How are you? Thanks so much, tony. I’m just really delighted. Honored to be on yourself. Oh, it’s, my pleasure to have you. Thank you, marcia. Honored not too many people say that. Thank you. I hope you feel that way by the end you believe i’m sure you will. You believe that women are reshaping philanthropy? How is that what’s happening? Generally, you know, i didn’t use teo buy into claims that women somehow we’re you know, very different behaviorally and men in terms of their capacity for compassion and their willingness and generosity. But there’s some new research out and it’s very much triggered buy-in just in the economy and structural changes in the workplace that have given women a little more income over the last ten, twenty years, and since nine eleven, we’re we’re starting to see some measurable differences in the way women spend money in terms of the charitable contributions that they make, so that there are some differences that are starting to emerge here. There’s certainly other differences to in-kind of what those new income numbers are spawning in the non-profit industry, but armored and okay, and we’ll have time to talk about those, so you feel this is mostly economically driven? I think a lot of it is economically driven in terms of just the numbers with regard to the money uh given and how that those contributions different, for example, in the highest e-giving levels of people who give generally men and women, uh, baby boomer aged women are more likely to give them their male counterparts in all giving levels three percent or more, or they’re coming down to charity among people who do that. Male baby boomers and older, single headed households are nearly two times it’s, likely than men to give to charity. So that’s that says an age when most women are saving and have significant savings and disposable income and that’s even happening even as a result of women not getting paid is most statistically on the average than men. So it’s pretty significant. Okay, but there’s also interesting developments around organizing and advocacy. Yeah, very much so because of some of these economic trends, but also as a factor of globalization and particularly social media, technology and internet technology in general, we’re seeing some behavioral changes. First of all, it could be a simple as ah ah lot more charities targeting their solicitation campaigns more directly. Tau women. I know a lot of your listeners. Now, united way has now one hundred thirty seven women’s leadership councils that have raised something like nine hundred eighty five million dollars just over the left twelve years creating marshal those those leadership councils are our volunteers. They’re volunteermatch women supporters, yes, and doner groups. So what the united way has done? Uh, kind of piggybacking the general trend and women’s income and changing numbers and how much they’re spending on charity decided to tap into that trend and organize some of these councils. Teo, do more engagement around women’s not only volunteerism, but something like fund-raising as well and what’s. Interesting about that is, uh, this so called tiffany circle, which is an all female. Network created by the red cross, for example, another organization, uh hey has been started not just by the transport by social media networks that have popped up around some of these activities, so a lot of places they’re using a combination of social media and these economic trance really bolster their fundrasing activities, and we’re gonna have a chance to talk a little later on about women organizing themselves, not needing umbrella organization to do it. But, you know, around some of the controversies, like what happened to komen and rush limbaugh’s comments, and so we’ll get a chance talk about women organizing themselves, as i said, not even needing that kneading the big organization, but just coming together on the social sites let’s talk about some of the social change and social enterprises that you’re seeing women engaged in. Yeah, they’re concurrent with these other changes on certainly partly a factor of economic wealth. Growth among women is that a lot of women, particularly on wall street and other very in the financial services field, are really being a critical force behind the creation of pretty much a majority of social enterprises that are out there. The skull. Forum for, uh, global entrepreneurship has done on international study on this and seeing that at least half it’s not up to as high as seventy percent, and some regions of the new enterprises that have been started have been done by women, women who have earned independently of their thousands um uh, who are seeing that the needs community isn’t as fully developed as it ought to be around new issues of concern to these cohorts, such as women’s, self esteem, women and girls, self esteem, women, education issues. Now, these air getting much more focused thanks to a lot of the social enterprises on march for-profit businesses for good, if you will, that coming online. Also seeing a lot of female boomer women burned, creating films, getting into the social good film space and making some very interesting documentaries that are here about women helping women and trying to move the needle a little bit on education and their film initiatives that are also being used to raise a lot of money for certain non-profits abigail disney surely johnson, some of the big entrepreneurs are involved in these things on there, really successful in terms of measuring impact. Are there? Are there specific documentary titles? You khun you convention for us? Yes. Uh, shirley johnson made something about kicking the ball, which is about women’s basketball group. We’ve got abigail disney was working in liberia. Um, we’ve got some recent documentaries that are are being funded by again the women run fledgling fund, which is a foundation, and it’s about women and girls in the slums of calcutta being turned into activists and it’s a very compelling story. Uh uh, all sorts of new films i’m attending here to see for the first time i’m in washington, d c today as well, and i’m interviewing for the book as well as screaming some films that american university conference on social media that matters and this is focusing, i’m still making efforts. So again, you couldn’t you couldn’t be in the studio because you’re in washington, d c watching a movie that’s what you’re saying, i see a film, they have probably hard working the minute you’re seeing argo and lincoln, i’ll bet that’s why you’re in washington? Because they’re not playing in new york anymore, okay, we have just a minute before a break, so i don’t want to really get into anything brand new, too deep. But, of course, you’ll still be with me after the break. When and i want to make sure that what listeners understand, we talked about social enterprise, we’re talking about often cos right, that air, social, socially oriented, social good business is sort of. We’re talking about socially, social good enterprises that have been begun with the primary purpose now so much of raising money for stakeholders, but for raising the bar on social impact wielding an impact that’s measured first of those companies over organized to be accountable to those kinds of and our wii just very briefly before break, we necessarily talking about corporations or these could be not-for-profits also, these could be not-for-profits for-profit non-profit hybrid organizations and then for-profit organizations, but it’s the way that they’re organized on around what they promise to deliver, i understand what their outcomes are, not not necessarily one hundred percent profit, if there, if their profit mathos lately, okay, we’re going to take a break and when we return, of course, after this marchenese to panic stays with us, and i hope that you do, too, talking alternative radio twenty four hours. Are you confused about which died it’s, right for you? 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If you’re in the new york city area, stop by one of our public classes, or get your human resource is in touch with us. The website is improving communications, dot com, that’s, improving communications, dot com, improve your professional environment, be more effective, be happier, and make more money improving communications. That’s, the hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dafs welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I have to send live listener love. Now is the time let’s start anyway. Taipei, taiwan. Ni hao, changsha, china. Shanxi, china, hi bay, china. Beijing, china knee. How going out to china and taiwan, fork. Wacha, japan. Konnichiwa, and new bern, north carolina. What’s going on there. More live listener loved to come their arm or live listeners out there. Marcia yeah, let’s, let’s, talk a little about the a new organisation called the girl effect they have on there on the opening page of their website that what they say exactly, that women are the most powerful force for change on the planet. You what do you think about that? No, i got this. Let me say that hyperbole is shared by by because i was wondering how about even like, like men, maybe i don’t know they’re not a good food what’s interesting about the girl effect, though, is kind of the structure behind it, and we were just talking a moment ago about social enterprise and so forth. What the girl fact represents is is a really progressive and very successful partnership. Example of great collaboration in the do gooder space between the noble foundation, which is run by the bucket children warren buffett’s, kids corporation, nike and it’s ah it’s foundation arm and ah partnership with hundreds of non-profits that have it’s part of their mission statement helping women and girls to achieve change, whether it’s in the education space of the art stays or healthcare. It’s a partnership where ah, a very good shorts film was funded, its animation, but it basically finally connects. The dots taking it from hyperbole to show why funding women and girls projects actually affects everyone ah, and affects everyone in a very local way. And so it’s in a very effective messaging tool that kind of breaks through the the problems that a lot of these issues had had in the past, where it sounds awfully one sided, the girl fact does a wonderful job of making this ah, great messaging, peace around thie economic impact on everyone of the lack of educating women and girls, and some of the status around the world. Dahna uh, the lowly status love women hold around the world. So it’s it’s a great burger, and what it does is it kind of lends this little short film to a lot of organizations that couldn’t otherwise afford to make it and lets them put on their websites and interface that helps them to raise micro cash, you know, ten dollars, twenty dollars, right after people to do the film online, they’ve done ability, teo, donate to some of the causes that have been vetted. And though it’s just a wonderful campaign that is now finally being copied in other parts of the sector so we hope to see more of that kind of collaboration in the future. In fact, we’re seeing a lot of micro giving among women organizing themselves around social enterprise. Yes, we are a aa lot of this thie evolution of social networks, social media still relatively, very new, but as people get together and now they found each other online and now they exchange, you know, kind of information about the trivia are the important bits of their lives. Now, the next evolution is the first getting people together to make change or around certain issues folks i care about and what we’re starting to see is on what we saw a lot of last year were the social network, some of them that are very strong, many of them led by women being able to make a difference, either in defense of, uh, an action taken by an organization or to bring up some concerns that hadn’t been brought up otherwise and holding some of these traditional non-profit organizations accountable. And, of course, the the leading edge that was the komen foundation controversy where coming foundation had decided to be fund-raising goods breast cancer testing on dh without telling a lot of its membership, and when it finally freaked out, a lot of folks got online a lot of women and started protesting thiss was an example of women organizing themselves through the social networks and very rapidly yes, absolutely, and it was a very successful protest, and it wasn’t so much the significance here isn’t so much whether you believe that that decision was the right or wrong one it was looking, and there are social networks out there holding traditional organizations and non-profits accountable for their actions and ways that has never been before. And the rapid response of some of these networks to some of these decisions has really encouraged a lot of organizations to start really getting serious about engaging your supporters and their networks in new ways so that everybody does feel that their part of the decision making process and there is a new level of accountability achieved not only holding organizations accountable but individuals for there flippant and ah antagonistic, i’d say, remarks rush limbaugh, when he accused you really accuse nobody eats cited a law student was a prostitute because she wanted funding for birth control to be included. In health care and there was a huge backlash. Yeah, there was an internet firestorm over that in just three days. That firestorm was ableto porcelain about to apologize, not once but twice to the woman he had called a flat was the one of the quotes, okay? Ah, and he lost nearly one hundred advertisers right in that in that, uh napor so we’ve seen that these swarms, if you will, of the social networks that have been highly developed and that have a riel sustainability to them, are able to work very quickly when they’re organized. One of my colleagues, a friend of emmett has called these accountability networks actually because they’re social networks and they are always there, but they can get into action very quickly. Uh, if one of them are influential, members of these networks decides to call them into action. So it’s somethingto watch it’s a phenomenon now, but it’s becoming replicable, and we’re seeing a lot of this kind of action over. Yeah, and so this is what you’re calling swarms of women in this case and it’s not women, are not the only ones active actively engaging but that’s that’s the third today, but one of those air swarms saw another one very well done stop sopa campaign, but to delay a vote by the u s congress that would diminish him internet freedom, at least for now. And, uh, it’s, really a new form of activism that is used social media to coordinate swift action around the specific goal. And it’s it’s it’s significant because it’s, uh, much more to do with the ability of new players and the advocacy sector toe work collectively and successfully kind of outside the non-profit sectors long established structures fired-up alternative goals. So it’s it’s something that all organizations want to start infusing more with their supporters in new ways but also so constructively trying to really be able to prove that they’re having an immeasurable impact. A lot of donors now are saying, what have you done for us? We’re the cause lately, and a lot of organizations are now using the social media tools to measure impact, or at least to get a more specific numerical handle on the work that they are doing so that they are able to not only convince people of their value, but to be able teo create partnerships on new levels to achieve more social impact over time marchenese to panic is the new media advisor to the n u heimans center for philanthropy, and her upcoming book is will be swarms. The rise of the digital anti establishment, and you can follow marcia on twitter. She is at claw cause pardon me at cause global ah, marcia let’s, let’s focus a little more on the on the actual, more traditional e-giving and the way women are being more generous essentially than men, it’s a it’s a little more about that. Yeah, even though women in general are earning less than men and have less money in retirement and are generally outliving their spouses, these recent studies on their standing for charity demonstrate that young women, certainly, and especially boomer women, older women in particular are just more likely to give and to give more to charities and then beyond that, there’s, also a behavioral that women in a recent survey by indiana university also said that they they want teo uh, not just have more impact on spending. They want to be more involved in the decision making and indeed, a lot of the rise of some of these new organizations on social enterprises, uh, is due to women wanting to bypass, too simply writing a check to existing organizations but setting up a kind of a bee metrics around specific initiatives that they themselves want to see. And as long as they have the means and some of these new networks, especially on wall street and elsewhere, to accomplish that, they’ve been racing to set that up. That slowed a little bit during profession, but still a very vital force. A lot of people are saying that this income situation for women and this this habit of giving mohr, especially among older women, is very likely to continue. By twenty thirty, for example, fifty four percent of american boomers will be women. And because of their sheer numbers and the social changes that have occurred as they grew up, they have a significant impact on society through their beliefs and attitudes and behaviors and have us already. And so now, as they get older and more charitable on dh, i think we’re seeing the start of some more further behavioral changes among women towards charitable organization. So i think that’s a little bit of good. News you said earlier that the social networks are relatively young, but i hear people say how sick and tired they are a facebook or or twitter sometimes are these are these social networks with us forever? I think some forms of them are, and certainly is they morph and evolve our use of them well, morgan of all hope, the more distinctive things about social networks and social platforms that we’ve seen over and over again is that the people using them tend to define how going tio improve them over time. Ah, facebook, for example, everybody’s kind of getting organizations on facebook now so much personal things now that but seeing how they used them toe left bitch events and, you know, do pr in a different way, certainly, uh, we’re also seeing a rise in the use of private social networks, kind of a private facebook that go under certain names like ning’s o r other certain other platforms that are being set up so that it’s kind of like a private, charitable, uh, type of facebook that’s membership only on some organizations and non-profits they’re using this to great effect, one in particular is the provocative understand veterans organization? Marcia, marcia, you broke up a little bit, say they say the name of the organization again. It’s called i a v stand veterans iraq, afghanistan veterans association a okay, i look, they’ve dahna they set up a peer-to-peer private social network, uh, that bear as long as you’re in that network, you know, they don’t want this isn’t like vietnam veterans or korean, more veterans for eighteen, nineteen, twenty year old folks just and this particular war and are facing some very unique challenges, thanks largely to the health care technology being used to save them from injuries that in previous years killed and so there are unique challenges for them coming home and a lot of challenges always for veterans coming home. So combined with their existing use murcott given their age and their experience before going off to war ah, they are very successfully putting together these private networks is veterans to talk to each other, and they’re subsets like women’s subsets like people who were injured from a certain type of injury and you get on them by giving a password. You are pre qualified so you you it’s not just anybody, is not your fourth grade teacher finding you it’s a private conversation that built trust and credibility among the members and as it moves toward a membership model it’s also proving to be a very sustainable non-profit kind of model using social networks to serve those in need buy-in involving an engaged, those in need not just writing checks, marcia, just just a minute or so left, i have to ask you, what is it you love about this work and the and the research that you’re doing go how people, uh, can hold power accountable in new and constructive ways. I love how this technology couples to be advocacy sector e-giving voice teo so many more people who otherwise were not involved. These full social media, the, uh, the internet has democratized philanthropy, and in such is turning traditional organizations on their beer. I think it all about here. Social change, enormous empowerment absolutely marchenese to panic is new media advisor to the n u heimans center for philanthropy. Look for her book coming out later this year, swarms the rise of the digital antiestablishment it’ll be published by little, brown and she’s at caused global on twitter marsha thank you so much for being a guest, my honor and pleasure. Thanks, tony it’s. Been a pleasure having you right now. We will go away for a minute or two, and when we come back, it’s, tony’s, take two, and then amy sample ward is with me, and we’re going to talk about pinterest and slideshare stay with me. They didn’t think dick tooting getting ding, ding, ding ding. You’re listening to the talking alternate network e-giving. E-giving cubine are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Hi, i’m ostomel role, and i’m sloan wainwright, where the host of the new thursday morning show the music power hour. Eleven a m. We’re gonna have fun. Shine the light on all aspects of music and its limitless healing possibilities. We’re going invite artists to share their songs and play live will be listening and talking about great music from yesterday to today, so you’re invited to share in our musical conversation. Your ears will be delighted with the sound of music and our voices. Join austin and sloan live thursdays at eleven a. M on talking alternative dot com. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Schnoll i’m chuck longfield of blackbaud. And you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Hi there and welcome back. More live listener love! Montgomery, illinois. Tustin, california. Littleton, colorado. Atlanta, georgia. And two unidentified in somewhere in the united states of america. You’re masking your i p s we know who you are, i’m just since you’re masking, i won’t say who you are, but we know who you are. I’m just telling you that we know here you’re not you’re not you’re not hiding from us, but two unidentified on dh for our listeners in china, all those cities in china that are listening, i said earlier. Happy new year, gung hay fat choi also xero chou korea and seoul, korea on yo haserot it’s, time for tony’s take two, my podcasts are on top and i’m very grateful to you for that. This show was what’s hot in two categories on itunes very recently non-profits and government and organizations and my podcast that which is a monthly for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamentals. That was a top podcast in non-profits the’s honors are enormously fleeting. I don’t know, maybe they last five minutes, maybe their last an hour, but they go fast, so i took screenshots and you could see the photographic documentary evidence is on my blogged at tony martignetti dot com. But more important than that, i want to thank you for rating the show. We had the five hundred stars campaign. Thank you very much for raiding the show on itunes more than doubled the number of ratings and i’m sure that’s what made the show trend in itunes. And there was some carryover effect to the to the other podcast to the fund-raising fundamentals that i do. So i thank you. Um, my next guest would caution me that there’s more to true social engagement than numbers and and bumps and and peeks in listenership. So i i take that seriously there there was a lot more to that than engagement. But i thank you for being engaged to the level that you have been so far, and hope to get you even further along mohr, that on my block at tony martignetti dot com. And that is tony’s take two for friday, february fifteenth, the seventh show of this year amy sample ward she’s, the membership director at non-profit technology network. And ten her she co authored social by social, but even newer than that her very new book, also co authored, is social change any time everywhere with forward by two time guest on this show, craig marko is the founder of craigslist he’s been with us twice amy’s blawg is that amy sample, ward dot or ge and she’s on twitter at amy r s ward on twitter. That’s right? I’m going to finish the sentence without without without twitter id, and we know that the army’s rene amy rinascente ward welcome back. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure every month. I’m always surprised you allow me back every time. No, you shouldn’t be. I make you feel that in secure. I assume that there’s like a jargon jail downstairs. No, no, no, you’re you’re you’re pretty good about it. You’re quite good were very conscious of jargon jail amy’s here with her little field notebook it’s, an adorable little yellow forty eight page notebook. It’s branded from the state of texas. I don’t know. What were you in texas lately? Is that where you got your little fuel? No. It was given to me as a thank you by a friend, david jnf, who lives in austin. And i don’t even know why he was thanking me, but he gave me this little field notebook and it’s the perfect size it’s about phone sizes, let me ask you, you have co authored or contributed to five books by my count, when you’re going to do one on your own? Yeah, i’m hopeful that maybe that one is next, okay? And then there’s none of the like, you know, trying to interpret someone else’s edits like, for better or for worse, i could just come out of my brain and we’ll see what happens. It will be very, very much better. We’re looking forward to the solo effort, but we’ll celebrate your book coming up. In fact, i’m going to you’re going to one of your book launch events, which we’ll talk about later on act for the end later this month for those who are in the new york city area, but right now we’ll talk about pinterest and and slideshare um, how did these how do these fit into social change and social engagement? Well, i think that they’re really great examples of platforms that actually have tons of use, but organizations haven’t, for the most part translated how individuals air using that tool to how they as an organization would use it. You know, facebook’s pretty straightforward, you have an individual profile, you have an organizational page like you know, how to get started. But with these tools where there’s there’s, no difference between who the the user profile is, organizations are a little bit more, you know, without boundaries, there’s too many options, so they don’t really know how to engage. But organizations that have tried or are using the tools in part of their content strategy are really seen engagement there. I don’t know which one you want to talk about for just let’s talk about why don’t you explain what pinterest is? Because maybe so little known to some people that they don’t even know that exactly what it is? Sure, so pinterest is free to use social platform just like facebook or anything else where it is free to use, but that means you are than the product on and it’s very visual driven so it’s all about collecting on a pin board that’s virtual, just like you would maybe, you know, in your office pictures, recipes, anything on the web so whenever you pull in a block post, whatever images associated that block post would be actually what people see on your board, they wouldn’t see the block video also yet exactly. I have a pin board for women leaders of non-profits excellent on video, but it’s video zoho contributor of them speaking so just a quaint listeners that video can be as well. And then what you’ll see on that pin board if it’s videos would just be a screenshot, right like this still like you would when you had a youtube page and the video isn’t played ok? Yep. On dso you, khun, even though you have this pin board, you can actually have unlimited pin board, so maybe i have a pin board for conferences i want to attend, but then i also have a pin board like the most frequent one i see is recipes that i’m going to cook one day, but i’m never actually gonna cook like that whole sentence isn’t the title, but it’s like recipes and you know this person’s never cooking next i wish list. Recipe list. Exactly. All right. So how are charities? Engaging? Constituents were around around pinterest. Yeah, their organizations have you. Know, as you can imagine, tried different things, short campaigns, longer standing content and something that’s interesting, and i know you have the links to some infographics to share on the block. Pinterest has about eighty percent of that content is repent content. So anyway, you know, if i went to your pinterest board say, if it was the average boring, you know, think about hypothetical i would never i would never dane never squander my precious time with tony’s interest account because of pin boards are so mundane and superficial and dull, but if you if you stumbled on it buy-in accidentally, you clicked on it stumbles away there. Um, eighty percent of the content across pinterest is repent, meaning someone else pendant first, and you’ve just, you know, reposted on your on board, so but like you said, you’re, you’re bored that’s all about interviews with non-profit women leaders, i’m sure that you were the one that did that interview are or were some of the original? Yeah, so they’re going to show up all over pinteresque, but it’s because you were the source and so thinking about that at, like, how much content is shared amongst the platform where is very little of that content for people? Time is spent clicking on things, and i’m going to read websites. You know, i think organizations naturally think, well, this is, you know what has put up a bunch of great images to our website and we’ll drive a bunch of web site traffic, but that’s not the case, people are using the platform within that within the place. Yeah, so eighty percent are re pens? Yeah, that’s enormous. Yeah, do you have a corresponding stat for any buy-in a chance for twitter. How much of twitter is re tweets versus i? I don’t have a twitter for tumbler, which is a more similar platform to pinterest because it’s ah it’s like blogging but it’s much, you know, micro style and it’s about nine out of ten temblor posts are re blogged so it’s very similar in that way where people that are on the platform or just, you know, following each other and finding great things and it’s more a matter of like, i want to have the best curated recipe board versus the on ly recipe board, you know, so it’s it’s much more shared eso organizations are taking advantage of that in different ways. One one example that i really like. Because it’s very clearly aligned with the mission is city of hope, which is an l, a based a hospital research center, etcetera. They have a campaign called mushrooms for hope because mushrooms are shown to have really great health benefits, especially for people at risk of or with cancer. So they have a mushrooms for hope board that’s. All great ways, you know, recipes to use mushrooms, because we know everybody in there. Mom has a recipe board on pinterest. So why not, you know, curate all those different ways to use mushrooms so that people will re share it again in the platform and ultimately it’s, not about them knowing who city of hope is it’s about them eating mushrooms, right? You know, but they’re using that for exposure exact recipe sharing community. Exactly. Here’s a great super great cream of mushroom soup recipe. Right. Very smart. S o just to make it explicit. So people follow your boards, right? People can follow your whole board. They could also follow just you. And then whatever board here pinning tio, they could get those. Notifications or they could just never follow you and find your your pin through someone else, you know, and then see, allow just a great mushroom recipe, you know, and then click through. And actually the original post was was from your account i love those clever ideas that yeah, that shit’s a smart one. Yeah, another example of maybe not a specific example, but a way that, oh, our strategy for charities to engage on pinterest yeah, a different take on that that i i think is on interesting one is n w f national wildlife federation has a campaign for, you know, getting outside and and has a big, like camping go the great outdoor camp. I’m goingto mess up the name of their campaign, but so they have ah, aboard all about that where they’re pinning other people’s content about campaign so it’s not even their content, but again, it’s it’s making those people in the community that are talking about the campaign feel like they’re in the spotlight because this is a board of all those other people talking three national organization has exactly exactly bored or my my my pen? Yeah, exactly. Engagement. Yeah, exactly. Two way street let’s. Talk about slideshare. Sure. Because always shoot. There was something i want to ask you about. Interest. It’s, overwhelmingly women. Yes. I see different statuses. Somewhere, anywhere between two thirds tow. The mashable said maybe it’s this high is ninety seven percent. So somewhere in there, overwhelmingly women. What should we be capitalizing on that? What should we be doing with that? Yeah, i think part of just to address the point, you’re making that all the numbers being a little different. And part of that is if it’s actual user sign ups versus active users and again, different platforms in different data. Analysts consider active user as, like logs in once a month or is on it for an hour a day like which one of those is active, you know? And once you get wherever you fall in that active definition scale that’s where it starts skewing much more women. So actual user accounts are a little bit more typical of social networks, but the active is much more female. Okay on. And so i think organizations can take advantage of that in those are, you know, the examples where two shared but also just remembering that, you know, even like marcia was saying women want to be making the decision of where money goes, women want to be, you know, figuring out the causes that they care about and engaging with them, so figuring out ways that isn’t just, um, you know, a generic call to action for everyone, but you’re figuring out, what are the the women boomers in your community interested in doing? And maybe it has it it’s not, you know, all about city of hope and all about all of the life saving measures and research ugo but it’s about mushrooms, you know, and you like, let that be the thing for them? S o i think really, figuring out who your community is back to some of the stuff we’ve talked about in previous months and then focusing really specifically and letting them either drive that content and you’re just re, you know, you’re collecting that o r just taking their lead? Excellent, we’re goingto take a short break, and when we come back, amy sample ward stays with me, we’re going to talk about slideshare stay with me, too. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Schnoll are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Dahna have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. And you, sample ward, is our eyes, our social media contributor and our social media scientist. I doubled that id number that she’s too modest to say that i did that on dh. We’re talking about slideshare what let’s acquaint listeners. What is slideshare great? So slideshare is ah ah, platform, where you can post content that you want to share and it’s called slideshare because it’s it’s most prominent feature is posting slides like a power point presentation or a slide deck that you would be using in a, you know, at a conference are in a board meeting or whatever for count for mac users, or use kino exactly like, you know. And then i translated over the power point, exactly little little parenthetical for mac users. Or what does whatever google aps calls there? Oh, yeah. Anyway, so that’s that’s, the most dominant features people posting slides and you can find them and review them and share them. But you can also embed them. And so you could post slides from your conference and then on your blogged have them embedded so people, you’re not just having to write out what you said. You khun embed it right there and people can flip through the slides. But what’s great is that you can also use it for all kinds of content. So do you use your organization? Is part of your new campaign launching, you know, with an infographic about why you’re running this campaign? Well, you could upload that info graphic, you know as a pdf or whatever to two slideshare embedded in your block. Have people share it just like they do. Slides and track track the shares that way. Okay, you know, if you wished you could also use that info graphic on pinterest. Exactly. Okay, on dh that and you know that goes for all kinds of other content. Maybe you have a new orientation, you know, to sheet that you give to your volunteers, will. You could post it there and then also post slides that you’re goingto review with them of this is how to be a volunteer for our organisation. This is what we do, this is why we have volunteers. This is what the volunteer job looks like, and that way you could just send them those two links they don’t have to download anything they don’t have to, you know, have have any special software, whether they’re on the phone or they’re you know, on a computer they could read or digest those materials ahead of time, show up and be ready to volunteer, and you don’t have to be emailing large files were about exactly top box or some other bright, just a link exactly. Now i’ve so in a few places slideshare called youtube for slide shows. Yes, it’s not as anyone here is popular as youtube. Well, yeah, definitely not as popular as you tube in that when you look at youtube stats, basically, you would think humans do nothing but watch youtube video that there really is a ridiculous thing. So so slideshare has about three billion views a month, so that’s still sized amglobal yeah, yeah, and and i think something social. Engagement is not just in the numbers, though, right? And i think something that’s interesting as faras actual of what the numbers say is that of all of the different social platforms facebook, youtube, whatever slideshare is foreign away, much more popular amongst business owners, organizational leaders, you know, executive level staff of different kinds of organization. So hyre go ahead. So i was just going to say, you know, if you want to make sure that you spent a lot of time preparing something for some funders that you were going to meet with, you know, you made the slide deck showing them who you are made it really clear the impact you make. Why not post that for free on a platform where other, you know, leaders in the sector could come across your sides and say that’s? Exactly. We’ve been looking for someone like you to partner with exactly, and what i was saying, slideshare is owned by linked in. Yeah. So not surprising that it’s i guess it’s gravitated toward business and you can you can embed slideshare content in your personal yet or your or your organizational linked in page yet? Yep. You khun just connect them on dh from from your linked in profile, and it’ll even just automatically pull in your most recent slides or uploads, you know, if you were doing something else so all a very easy way to embed large what maybe large files? Because especially if you’re doing power point or keynote and you have video and or there’s photos in each slide yeah, very large, you get those very large files other other ways, you know, just ask you generally other ways that charity’s could be using slideshare or other tips that you have for for engaging through slideshare well, i think that the training is really what what i’ve seen organizations do well with most often is there already creating training materials, whether it’s for volunteers, it’s for a certain department, you know, and using slideshare is away too. Put those up there, how’s them for free, you know, think about it like youtube, where even though you’re goingto use that video for your campaign or in your marketing and you’re going to embed that video on your website, you’re still going to post it on youtube so that all that organic traffic that could maybe come across it can still come in. And so posting those materials about, you know, the great things that you’re doing with social media at your organization and here’s, you know, kind of your overviewing training materials than other people that are interested in either your organization or social media in general could find that come to you and say, great, i want to get involved with your efforts, so i think thinking about it as the place you know, like youtube, where you, you how’s the content even though you’re using it elsewhere because you still just get the benefit from the other platform. And as google and other search engines index the the content that’s in your slides, it’s, sort of a wayto ona ona niche because you’re you’re slideshare going too, so dense with key notes that are just i mean, i’m sorry keywords that are necessarily embedded in there because it was part of your part of your presentation. Yeah, way of sort of owning a very narrow niche that your expert well and it’s it’s great for search engine optimization, you know, they’re one of their three highest sources is organic google searches so if i am, you know, working on a proposal for these are the five strategies for ending homelessness in new york city, and i’m pitching this to some thunders, and i want to find you know what? I’m going to start a coalition post it there because if someone else is looking just on a search for how do we end homelessness in new york city? And they get to my presentation now, i’m i’m creating credibility for myself and setting up our organization as the leader on that cause. Any sample ward should membership director at non-profit technology network and ten her new book is social change anytime everywhere, and i am going to a february twenty eighth book launch at five thirty at, which is at the planned parenthood federation quarters. You want to say a little about how people can can attend that if they’re if they’re in the new york city area? Yes, i think if you go to social change any time dot eventbrite, dot com something i will come. We started your blogged way started any sample ward dot or yes, i will put it up there. It’s not up there now, okay? Or put it. On the show’s facebook page, facebook page and lengthen group grayce forget linked in okay, yes, but that happens to be on february twenty eighth at five thirty, yes, and we’ll have books to sell but also will be doing a presentation just about ten, really tactical tips that people can take away from it, too. I’m gonna be there. I’m gonna see how many other people think you’re the social media scientists like i do think, of course, thanks for having me pleasure, my thanks also to martius to panic. More live listener love philadelphia p a you joined us a little bit late, but welcome next week. J love, ceo of bloomerang we’re going talk about donorsearch tension, you know that it’s, much cheaper and easier to keep a donor than to replace one j love has insights to help you, and that might actually have something to do with engagement using the social networks. Somebody should write a book about that and maria semple, the prospect finder and our prospect research contributor, returns she’s our doi n of dirt cheap and next week maria has to free sites to help you get serious with prospect research natural. You’re gonna have to listen and a reward we’re listening this long, and staying at the podcast is far i’m giving away two, three hundred forty nine dollars one year subscriptions to the atlas of giving remember rob mitchell was on a couple of weeks ago atlas of giving you khun benchmark your own giving get custom reports through this three hundred forty nine dollars value. 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083: More Dreaded Than Death & Dentist: Public Speaking & Pinterest Possibilities – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Laurie Krauz, presentation and public speaking coach and principal of Laurie Krauz Consulting

Scott Koegler, editor of Nonprofit Technology News

Read and watch more on Tony’s blog: http://mpgadv.com

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No. Dahna welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host it’s march sixteenth, twenty twelve i sincerely hope you were with me last week, because if you weren’t, you would have missed conversations with marc ecko, craig newmark and naomi levine started with thoughts on branding and other business lessons applicable to charities from marc ecko, founder of the very consistent brand echo enterprises. You may be wearing his hoody then it was craig you, mark, the founder of craigslist and craigconnects he had ideas about simple communications and knowing when to stop talking. Those interviews were from the nextgencharity conference last year, and we closed last week with naomi levine, executive director of the heimans center for philanthropy and fund-raising at new york university last may at a reception for my show, she and i talked about professionalizing fund-raising ending, enhancing its stature, the role of trustees, government oversight, motivation for small charities and the future of the charity community. This week more dreaded than death and dentist. Public speaking presentation in public speaking coach laurie krauz has four steps to get you from no way i’m getting in. Front of those people. Two i killed and then pinterest, possibilities. Pinterest is the newest social media property to skyrocket, what’s it about. And is there anything in it for your non-profit? Scott koegler, our tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news. We’ll fill us in between the guests. Tony’s take two this week, the new york times restore philanthropy, the times dropped philanthropy and charity as a full time national beat, and i don’t like that you can follow the conversation with us today. On twitter, use the hashtag non-profit radio the show is supported by g grace corporate real estate services. I’m very grateful for their support. Right now. We take a break when we returned more dreaded than death and dentist, public speaking, stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Schnoll are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police call a set to one, two, nine six four three five zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom two, one two, nine, six, four, three five zero two. We make people happy. Duitz hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dahna welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your host, tony martignetti for nearly thirty years, laurie krauz has owned techniques, tips and exercises from her work as a professional jazz singer and her background in social work, image consulting and as an officer in a major wall street bank to inform her practice as a presentation, public speaking and interview, spill skills code, interview spills. I just did an interview is actually very common. I just did a spell. It was a lousy pratfall. She’s helped my speaking personally considerably. She is at krauz consulting dot com. Her last name spelled k r a u z, and i’m very glad that her practice and her work brings her to the studio. Lawyer krauz welcome. Thank you, tony. I am thrilled to be here. You know that. I know your excited i am to have you. Thank you. Why do people hate public speaking? Fear it so much? I think, you know, i’ve actually done a lot of research into that. I think that the my undergraduate degrees in social work. So the social worker part of me looks at those things because people are absolutely my favorite joke, and i didn’t make this up. Is somebody at a funeral would rather b the corpse, then deliver the eulogy? That’s, like my favorite thing in the world, cracks me up every time i hear it. So i think, you know, you could really try and figure this out, and i think in a certain way, it doesn’t matter. What are you afraid of? You’re afraid you’re gonna embarrass yourself. You’re afraid your mother is going to hate you? You know, i think quite frankly, i think they’re kind of deep seated psychological issues that make some people absolutely terrified of standing up in front of other people, one of my nephews and i won’t name him just in case they’re listening. He used genius kid used to stand up in front of the class when he had to give a presentation and faint. And now he’s a teacher my mother would call me and say, oh, your nephews now know who you’re talking about. I know i’m going to say his name now, and my mother would call and say, brad fainted again in class today and, you know, and now he’s a teacher, so you work on that, you find ways around it and you develop skillsets that were never taught in school and if you develop those skillsets anybody khun talk to other people, we do it all the time with our friends. Ah, great public speaker, someone who was great at present ation skills is simply talking, and the mistake people make is that they think there’s some sort of acting or some sort of other being that they have to become in order to be a great speaker and it’s really better just coming from the heart and being yourself. Oh, yeah, i mean, you know, if you think about it to me, i’m dealing with people who are mostly working with talking in business situations. So what i say is whether it’s one on one, one on two or one on twenty thousand in a business situation, it’s performance art, but it’s you as performance art and so in business, you’re trying to move someone from point a to point b in their thoughts that’s why we talk to them whether it’s to get them to buy something sells something, learned something, teach something we’re going to talk about having a goal, right? Exactly, exactly your goal is what exactly? You’re trying to get them to move their positions somehow. And so when you’re passionate about what you have to say about that and clear about it, you’re much better at it. It’s a big deal. I pulled listeners before the show, and we got a terrific response to this week. Um, the first question was speaking of is speaking in front of audiences and i said from two to two thousand something you do frequently for work or otherwise, and about sixty percent said yes, the other forty four percent no, not not part of something they do regularly, so pretty common, of course have to be in public, and we could be talking about aa meeting was just one of the person, right? Most people come to me because they’re giving presentations to one, five, ten people in a conference room sitting or standing in front of a powerpoint presentation, and my biggest gripe about our education is that they teach us the minutia of what we need to understand about what we do, but they don’t teach us in school how to tell other people about it. And then all of a sudden you’re at work and you have to tell your boss, tell your colleagues you constantly having to report on what you do or tell potential clients, and you’re not prepared for that it’s like ninety percent of what you do is not understanding what you do. Ninety percent of what you do is telling other people about what you do when we’re not trained for that we have just a minute before our first break on, i know you have four steps that were going to talk about what i just sort of tease those the four steps, and then we’ll go into detail. Four steps to great present ation station station stations step one research step to write step three practice and step for i called dead man walking that’s a good teaser. Okay, we don’t have to you’re going to sit there, steps one through three to get to and find out what dead man walking to get. Sir, what step forward dead man walking is we take a break right now and when i when we return, we’re going to talk more about public speaking. Dreaded more than death and dentist. Stay with us the same thing. Shooting. Getting, thinking things. You’re listening to the talking, alternative network. Things get. Good. Cubine are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative dot com mondays at eleven a. M call in for a free psychic reading learned how to tune into your intuition to feel better and to create your optimum life. I’m here to guide you and to assist you in creating life that you deserve. Listen. Every monday at eleven a, m on talking alternative dot com. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics. Politically expressed buy-in, montgomery, taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com talking alternative radio. Twenty four hours. Lively clamber station top trends, sound advice, that’s. Tony martignetti, yeah, that’s. Tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m travis frazier from united way of new york city, and i’m michelle walls from the us fund for unicef. Durney welcome back to tony martignetti non-profit radio we’re getting into the details of lori krauz on her advice on being a better public speaker she’s my guest right now and the presentation and public speaking coach all right, so let’s help people overcome their fear get better at this. Your first step is sort of gathering information, write what happens is when people go to give a presentation, they put the cart before the horse every single time. If you want to feel to me what makes a great speaker and kind of the cure for the nerves, for people come to me because they’re either nervous, they have a hard time had a client once say, i’m brilliant in my head, but somewhere between my brain and my mouth there’s just a disconnect and it doesn’t come out right those air or they want to have some engaging way of delivery, so people think this happens by magic. It happens because you’re impassioned about what you’re saying. It happens because you pick a topic that you must talk about, that you feel that you’re desperate to tell people about, just like you would be desperate to tell your friends. How you get there is number one investigate who’s going to be there know who you’re talking to if you want to feel more comfortable, you want to feel more relevant to your audience, and this include knowing your audience. This includes if this is something on the web absolem in our absolute you’re standing in front of, you know, it’s, just like your show, you want to know who’s out there, you want to be presenting stuff that people are going to want to listen to, it makes you feel more comfortable, makes you feel better, relaxes you and allows you to speak more easily. So basically you’re going to do demographic research about who you’re talking to. You know, when i give presentations in arizona, i used different analogies than when i use in when i speak in new york and it makes me feel like they like me better, so it helps me to relax number one, gather information based on that number two, you’re going to sit down and you’re going to write i like people to have a core message, you know, ask not what your country can do for you. I have a dream. Today, yes, we can. These air thes air spoken core messages, core messages don’t need to be spoken, but it’s a theme, a very specific theme of what you’re going to talk about and everything you write should relate back to that theme. Keep it simple. I didn’t make this up, but it’s, one of the old saws of public speaking that i actually do agree with, i don’t agree with a lot of them tell people what you’re going to say say it, tell people what you said keep it simple have a very clear roadmap now i know from personal experience that you beat people up about everything people, tonto, just generally just i’ve heard rumors over rumors to the effect that you hold people tightly to this core message that everything has to relate to the core message, right? Why are you so adamant about that? Because, it’s, if you’ve ever seen a great speech, everything it’s kind of like a great piece of theater, what makes a great piece of theater is there’s a beginning middle and an end if you’re trying to move someone if you’re trying to change their mind if you’re trying to teach them the most engaging way to do that is to start somewhere, go somewhere and end somewhere that makes them come over to your point of view and a theme helps you do that. People are too confused when they speak, they cover too many topics and so your audio youjust lose your audience that way, right? So it’s a good speech is not, or a good presentation is not just a list of valuable, helpful kinds of things. No, absolutely not. It should be smaller on facts and figures and bigger on personal stories and experiences, not humor if you are not innate ly funny if you hear start your speech with a joke, yeah, cricket, cricket, cricket, cricket and then you just want the florida open up and swallow you. We don’t have to start with a joke apse do i say if you’re not funny? Don’t even think of it all studies show that audiences care more about people who are genuine than people who are funny and doesn’t the audience want you to succeed? Oh, they’re spending time with you. Whether it’s on the web were in person, they don’t want to be wasting their time they’re on your side initially, right? Until you do something. Maybe that right? Although, you know, we look out at people’s faces and we have a tendency, i think like dogs go to people who don’t like dogs. Human beings look at the people who look like they’re sucking on a lemon and this is actually step for this is a dead man walking trick which is and dead man walking meaning howto ideal with this absolute fear went when i years ago as a performer, when they would say places, miss krauss, my whole life would pass before my eyes. So that’s step for but i want to say something about step three first, if i may it’s totally out of control. You are going to show control right now. You know as well as you know. No, please. Number fight. Oh, that. Would you like to start with number three? Ok. Well, first tell me about janet. You could just turn my mike. So first, let me say what i said on break, which was as a child. My family would pay me money to be quiet when we were on family trips. And so this is one of those moments right now, you would like to pay me to be quiet. Three threes, right? Step three so when you the most important thing, when you think about starting to sit down and write things and this is step two again, sorry in step two, when you write use words, your mouth would say if you were at dinner with your friends, it’s the biggest mistake people make in writing present ations if you remember nothing else from me visiting you here today, you must use the spoken word, not the written word use slang you if you if you go back and listen to this, i’m sure there’s a lot of times i’m using words that are not very impressive by themselves if you wouldn’t have to go back and you were, i know what threespot so comfy now with you, but we were talking and no, i didn’t come out exactly right point that’s, exactly right? And i’m able to get impassioned cause i’m using words i would actually use when i get excited about stuff, not a formal article. A speech when you read it out loud should actually make you concerned that it’s not smart enough that it’s using language that’s not smart enough that’s going to help your mouth have an easier time saying it and that’s, what gets us tripped up when we go to give our speech our mouth isn’t ready for some of those words. This also goes back to just be yourself. Yes, seymour of yourself and we’re none of us speak as written articles, even i’m not even so. They’re not scholarly, artie. Just none of us speak the way we right. Absolutely. You don’t do it. And scholars don’t either when they give great presentations. Um, so around this the adamant ce of the core message. There could be a lot of frustration because a lot of things you want to include right don’t really belong, right? It’s. Kind of like sophie’s choice. I always think you have to leave some stuff out. You have to make choices. You have to remember that you’re trying. You have a goal here. What do i want? These people to walk out of the room with dough? I want them toe hyre me. Do i want them to buy something from me? So i want them just to think. I’m smart. What do you want from your audience? And if you have something incredible to say that has nothing to do with that, it just has to be in your next speech if to be a grown up about it, it’s a lot of hard work to develop a good present ation we’re in the midst of talking about preparation. On another question, i asked listeners was thinking of the last time you spoke in front of others. Did you feel you were adequately prepared? And nearly fifty percent said yes completely, and then the remainder said pretty well, but i could have used more time. What is that? If you’re if you’re just pretty well, but not perfectly well prepared in your mind, right? What does that do to your performance? Well, it’ll make you more nervous, it’ll make you forget your place, it’s, exactly the kinds of things that make us not give a great presentation, but i do want to say something about that we live in the real world. I work with business people, it’s a lot of people do nothing in preparing because they don’t have enough time to do everything and what i say is a little is better than nothing so it’s not going to be perfect. And in fact, studies show audiences don’t want you to be perfect. They want you to be genuine, and so a little bit of effort is better than none. You don’t want to be perfect. You want to lose your place, you want to be what you are when you’re with your friends. You also cite research about how much people retain right shares. My favorite thing someone told me this years and years ago because i was a nervous wreck about something and audiences will retain between two depending on this study between two and fifteen percent of what you tell them. So lighten up. You know they’re not going to remember it anyway. I have a test show is now more than fifteen percent over. So already we’re into the words, the overflow except one eyes shut us off now. Oh, except when i speak, people retain one out. Letters. A research outlier. Yes, that’s. Okay. So let’s formally move to step to because we just i need to keep moving along. So we’re writing now? Yes. What? What are some ideas about? Writing on the stage, i think we pretty much actually covered this to the three most important things i want to say. Tell him what you’re going to say. Say it. Tell him what you said. Make a clear road map. That’s the same thing is what i just said and use words your mouth would say youse were if you if this is the two percent of what you remember, make it this use words your mouth would say make it easy for you to be who you are. All right. What about the part that you can’t write the q and a? The q and a is something that is that you love that. I love that, but a lot of people really, really are horrified by it. I like to use stuff like lawyers do with witness prep. The problem with q and a is the moment between the question and the time you answer it’s like we panic in that moment. What’s the best way to diminish that panic practice that moment, anyone i have that’s going for job interviews and there’s more of those people right now. I tell them when you leave here twenty minutes three times this week get a friend to ask you questions so that you can get used to that moment people say, but i don’t know what they’re going to ask me. Really? If you work for burger king, are they going to be asking you about rocket science? No, they’re not. They’re going to be asking you about something to do with burgers and buns. So, you know, hamburger buns? No. Yeah, because if it’s the other kind, then then they were into anatomy. Well, then you’re goingto lawsuit and we don’t do yeah, right there, outside our scar scope, but okay, clearly, that was good. I liked it and does it. So i get critiqued, teo that’s for me to do for you. I know i will use this. You just remember i can use all of this against you someday. Let’s see? Power points. Are they essential? Or does it depend where you’re presenting? What? It depends where you’re presenting half the time. There’s problem with the technology if you use powerpoint. Powerpoint is not a word document. Power point is imagery. People make the mistake of putting up big giant paragraphs on para point turning. Their back to their audience and reading what’s on the slides. Big mistake para point a rule of thumb i read years ago, which i liked is no more than three lines on a slide no more than five words per line that’s a powerpoint slide, but use images use great you something that delights the child in the audience. If you make it all words, i would advise against it. Some of the most effective speakers that i’ve seen have been in ted conferences, where speaker gets just eighteen minutes to speak. They’re not allowed to use notes on dh there there sly. I don’t even know if there are there their video. Their images are all photographs and video there’s not a single word, right? But there’s some of the most effective speakers i’ve heard right when i give a presentation, i have two versions of my powerpoint presentation. One is the handout, which has all the words on it and the other is what i have on screen, which is the images and things like that. And if you need to remember, if you some people use their powerpoint slides to remind them where they are have notes? Yeah, let’s, move to your third step. Practicing practice. What here is? We pray o k we practice and then when you’re finished practicing, you practice some more. And when you’re absolutely sure you ready you practice, i hate practice more than any human being on the planet. I get hate email and you’re just singer and i’m a jazz singer, so all i do is practice speaking and singing it makes me want to kill myself, but i practice as opposed to the alternative, i think it’s better on most days. So here’s the thing we practise because it helps us to do a couple things. The first thing it helps us to do is remember what were going to say. The second thing it helps us to do is vet out some of that language to make sure that our mouth easily says thes things. The third thing with good playful practice is it tricks you into new forms of verbal and nonverbal behavior. What makes a speaker interesting is when they’re really kind of flavorful in their verbal and nonverbal behavior. You sitting here and no one can see me? I can’t talk without my hands. Moving it’s who i am. Good flavor. Yeah, have a good flavor going are pretty much a root beer barrels you hate root beer, but thank you, but i’m so so that my chest feel latto argast saturday not all about you? Yeah, i’m the guest. So what i say to you is you’re you’re animated, i’m always animate. So what i say to people is try role playing. I had a client yesterday who’s interviewing right now pretend she was a friend of hers who i know who’s, a really wacky person. As she answered my questions. It tricked her into new verbal and nonverbal behavior. And then what you d’oh after you do this is what actors do, by the way, they do crazy exercises. Tell it to your dog. Tell it to your kid tell it you know, you know, tell it to a plant. It tricks you into new behavior, sing it, dance it whatever and then practice it normal day of your present ation you’ve done all this work you’ve researched, you’ve written, you’ve vetted out the writing, you’ve practice practice practice. Now you go in there, forget everything you’ve done and just talk and some of what you worked on will sneak its way into your present ation. You’ll feel a little better and you’ll get better and better and better it’s like learning tennis, it’s like learning any music, any musical instrument being a performer, it takes time, it takes development, the part that you don’t remember, it doesn’t make it in. Nobody knows you don’t feel bad about what you left out, right? It’s not gymnastics at the olympics, where they have a list of what you were going to do and then say you forgot your you know, triple axle, of course i’ve just talked about ice skating, but no one hopefully that’ll be part of the eighty five your metaphors are all over the map, okay, but they’re my metaphors and i stand for them. We’re going to move to your dead man walking. Okay, good for your management, fear management. This is behavioral techniques to deal with the absolute terror. You will have done steps one, two and three and you’ll still be nervous and here’s the bad news and the good news. The bad news is you’ll never completely not be nervous and i can use double negatives. It’s. Okay, when i do it, you will. But the good news is you can stop trying. This is thie, inner nut. I call this the internet and i like to say that if you’re on the subway and you see some crazy person talking about having just had lunch with god, you don’t go over and engage them. Unless that’s your business, you turn away. And yet with our inner nut with speaking, we focus on it. Why am i so nervous? This is crazy. What’s. The worst thing that can happen. I say avoid that. Use something called the stop technique. Say to yourself in your brain stop as you start ruminating about everything that could go wrong. Right? And stop the spot. It’s. A very imperfectly behavioral approach. But it for a nanosecond stops the downward spiral and it keeps it from getting completely out of control. We just have a short time left. What did you do in the five minutes before you go on? In the five minutes before you go on, go to the bathroom. Everyone will understand. I have to go to the restroom. I did it here today. And this? I do. All the time it helps you to focus, sit down on the bowl and breathe, just breathe in and out and you could do a visual ization. It’s very useful tennis players do this football players do this, see yourself giving the presentation, see yourself getting better and being everything that you can be. Stretch your shoulders, roll your tongue around in your mouth so that your mouth loosens up. Do do stretch any stretching thing that you would do that doesn’t put you out of breath, it engages your body, it gets it active so that you’re going to have a better chance of being more focused and more alive. It all works. I know from personal experience. Lori krauz is a presentation in public speaking. Coach, you’ll find her at krauz consulting. Dot com again heard last name spelled k r a u z laurie, thanks so much for being against tony. I really appreciate real pleasure. Thank you. We take a break and we returned tony’s take two and then pinterest stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed, i and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back, it is time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour on my block this week, new york times restore philanthropy the times dropped philanthropy and charity as a full time national beat and i’m appalled, i think that’s a big mistake, i can’t make a business decision for them, but i think it hurts the charity community put it that way terribly there’s a lot that’s interesting in non-profits and philanthropy that won’t get covered because it emerges as trends over time, not discreet news items in a day. And i think without somebody reading each day’s news and looking at trends through the philanthropy i that those kinds of stories are going to get going to get missed, they won’t, they won’t be seen. I’m thinking about things like compliance and oversight, increasing non-profits thie economy as it creeps out of recession what’s the impact on charities non-profit hospitals waiting for final health care reform religious organizations that are slowly losing market share in fund-raising environmental on healthcare groups reacting to climate change and even abroad, european countries austerity measures leaving some of their societies needs unmet i list those and we’ll be fifteen or so others that i think issues that i think i’m going to get lost because the times doesn’t have someone devoted to the charity and philantech could be my block. Is that tony martignetti dot com and the post is called new york times restore philanthropy that’s tony’s take two for friday, march sixteenth, the eleventh show of twenty twelve. Scott koegler are you there? I am here, tony, and i can tell that you are i know that you are and i am to scott koegler, of course, our regular technology contributor, he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, which you’ll find it n p tech news dot com and we are talking about pinterest, possibilities pinterest center that’s no that’s an interesting pronunciation. I hadn’t heard that i, uh, actually, i started spelling it that way and found out that i was wrong. But what’s that’s how the website is belt but with the word interest with a pee in front of it. I am p i am t e r e s t i guess it’s, maybe just the new york thing. Yeah. Okay, but are you saying you’ve been pronouncing it pin interest? Nope. Interest interest. Oh, just wear that. Put the accent. Oh, you’re being so particular i just where i play sax and i i was saying pinterest and you’re saying pin hoexter with pinter? Yeah. Pinterest. Right. All right, what the hell is it? Minor point. Minor point. What is it? What is it, it’s? A it’s. An electronic pushpin bulletin board. I guess if you will, um, you know, it constantly amazes me how these social media sites come and flourish and sometimes disappear. Yes, uh, you know, this one has got some traction pretty quickly. And i think a large part of that is because it’s so graphical, you know, people can i can see it now. People like to see pictures, of course. And so that’s, pretty much you have to have almost a picture or video to actually pin it to the board. Yeah, i found out about pinterest through our social media manager regina walton does the social media for the show and also for me and my company. And weeks ago she pointed me to it, and i really didn’t know what to do with it initially. And then i got a little more into it. And i started thinking about it, and i saw how engaging that visual nature is. It is that’s, one of the there are some platforms that present social media, like facebook, twitter and google, plus in a kind of a magazine format. And if you look at those, what you see is pictures, mostly and there’s, some tax. Essentially, in order to make it onto the pages, you have to have pictures in the post. So i think this is more of a continuation of that kind of trend. And onda a lot of people do also, mostly women. Very interesting. Yeah. I saw that pretty good proportion of women over overwhelming majority. I saw something in forbes dot com in a forbes dot com article that said ninety seven percent of the active participants in pinterest are women. That’s? Incredible. Yeah. I didn’t, uh, surprise me tremendously. I think. It’s similar? Oh, you fancy yourself such a good judge of what women will like. Is that right? Women’s trends? Yeah, in some cases. Is that right? Yes, it does. Your wife agree? Exposure there. Okay, but i think my take on it is from the, uh, kind of the bonem scrapbooking, you know, scrapbooking gestures and those kind of things that really make visual sense and, you know, this makes it just so easy to do, you know, that’s really a big thing, i believe is just being able to make it easy and that i’m not saying that it needs to be easy for women to do, and i think that that just makes it easy to do you know what your stuff also on that that women topic media bistro had something very current, i think, was yesterday or today that women trust pinterest, mohr than twitter and facebook, and they’re more likely to use pinterest over twitter or facebook in making a purchase decision. Interesting, they just they trust what they seem or there than they do from from actually even from friends because facebook is all friends, so that could be, you know, but my take on that also is that it could be just because it’s so new, and that hasn’t been spammed yet. Okay, it’s tough to get a real sense of credibility out of twitter because your twitter stream khun b pretty much anybody that wants to be in it sure, and so that, you know, the spammers air has pretty much taken over big segment of that you have to be very careful to kind of lead out those that you don’t want, but if you look at your pinterest paige, you’ll see that, you know, you’ve got recent activity over there and it’s got the pictures of the people again. Pictures are important here, so it has their avatars or their photos, whatever they put up their, and in my case, i don’t have a whole lot of people online yet, but there are, you know, all the people are folks that i either know personally or no kinda yeah, there’s nobody in there that i would say, oh, my gosh, that person and, well, people find you as scott koegler on pinterest, i think so. Look, that’s, the guy doesn’t even know his accountant. You believe this technology contributor doesn’t have one of those? While scott figures out his account, that is exactly ok. Ok, in fact, i think i did that based on my twitter account. Okay? Yes. And it’s, they’re easy to link. I understand. And i think there’s some automatic posting available. Well, you post a peace to europe interest you can also selected, posted to both twitter and facebook and since we’re talking about our own pimping a little bit, i’ll say that i’m on pinterest also and my boards and i’m goingto keep myself out of jargon jail, because in a moment, i’m gonna ask scott koegler explain what boards are my boards are so the things i’m posting about our non-profit videos, i have some that are pretty sum that are gritty and elsa have aboard for see female ceos of non-profits so scott koegler what? What did i mean when i said my boards, boards, boards, well, that’s the term that they used for the pin board or the bulletin board if you were on whatever it is that you you put stuff on, so yeah, that’s what it is, tell me and that was a nice segue way there to get yourself out of jail. What is your interest handle? Tony martignetti just one one continuous that’s correct and and to move this tio non-profits one of the questions i ask before the show is do you feel you have a good understanding of what interest is about and about sixty percent said either yes or yes, somewhat and then forty percent said no, not familiar with it. So we’re hoping to convert that forty percent? Yeah, i mean, it’s it’s still fairly new it’s just it’s just doing very well. Yeah, it is new again. That’s one of the things that i think makes it, um, interesting and personal, i think that’s it’s a big part of why people might trust it. So what should a non-profit be thinking about as they set up their boards there? Topics? What should they be thinking about them? They should be thinking about the same things they’ve been thinking about in using facebook in-kind not so much in twitter, i believe, because facebook allows you to have more content, but certainly as i just explained it’s a graphical environment. So if you have images a cz, you’re doing videos, anything else that is graphical in nature? Those are the things that you would want to pin and you want to be selective about the boards that you create. I would suggest that things can be personal or they can be company which the segway into that for a second? Okay, please. Facebook started out as a personal environment twitter started out the personal environment, even google plus started out as a personal environment, not allowing corporation’s, heredity, xero or organizations control has both you can actually be either or either a person or an organization, so certainly if you’re starting out a country, um board set for your organization, we would definitely want to select the organization as the identity for that and then create the boards that have to do with what you do well, what the activities air the tv or the the passions surrounding you. Non-profit and as a social media certainly want to invite and include other non-profits and other people, so part of the whole genre is reaching around collecting stuff from other parts of the web. It’s not so much those things that you create yourself as those things that you like. Yeah, your interests it’s not what you do, it’s what you like and that’s a very good point. I was on a twitter chat, we’re going, we’re going to talk about in the next show with the gentleman who runs twitter chat this one, this one is fundchat and one of the points that was brought out there. Was that precisely what you’re saying? That it should be bored should be the topics that are related to your mission, not on ly from directly from your organization. That was ephraim go pin, um be broader don’t just show exactly what you do but show things that are related, right? I think people and organizations are much more interesting and when when you know what they are about, what they’re, what surrounds them, what kind of things they’re interested in, and not just those things that make them up individually, whether it’s an individual or organization, you know, we’re also multi faceted, and we have lots of different interests, and i think that’s what? What this tackles is what are those interests? How how can i relate to this organization? And it may not actually be that particular organization, right functions that maybe something ansel earlier, too. Otherwise you start to look to self promotional. I mean, there should be self promotion. It is that’s a part of social media, but it shouldn’t be exclusively that scott, we gotta take a break when we come back, we’ll keep talking about pinterest, possibilities and hope. Everybody stays with us talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. 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No, please, you’re worse than a screaming child. I know scott as as non-profits going to set up their boards, you have to pick a category, and i see that there is no category for social change or charity or non-profits interesting, isn’t it? Yeah, i’m not sure maybe they’ll add something like that. I guess at the moment you should pick something close and i’m not really even sure what that would be or there is a category for other i guess that might be yeah, there is another until they until they get to the point where they add something related to the charity community. Yeah, there is a little controversy about about pinterest and this came up in the small non-profit sorry, the fundchat that i was in last week o r this past wednesday and again the leader of fundchat, the host of fundchat is going to be a guest next week. We’re going to talk about what what he does in his in his twitter chat on dh that’s, the issues related to copyright use and pinning and reap and repenting are you have you seen anything about that? I haven’t seen comments on that, particularly that it doesn’t surprise me because i know that, uh, twitter not a flicker has been going to some some pains about use of their material on maybe it was in interest the know there are different writes that can be assigned to different photos post on two places, specifically quicker and there’s a pretty tough to understand no one can i use this? Can i use it to promote something of my own? Can i modify it? And it may not be obvious what the rights are for the for the photo that you selected so so i could see were pulling stuff from other places could be even more difficult, teo, to regulate and then as you as you repent, something that someone else pinned, you know, there could be a question of your liability for that sure repenting, but then if you’re not repenting then there’s no social that could be any social in the social media platform if if you can’t repent when other people pin, i agree, and i think, you know, this leads to a whole larger conversation about who owns content and how what is the fair use of that content in other sites and as a as a journalist, writer editor that’s a very active conversation with folks that i deal with, what is content aggregation, and should we be doing it, or should we not? And to what extent? So i think that this is one small subset of that there has to be more with images, that kind of thing, but it’s over altum big deal in the record companies on wednesday in that fundchat on twitter, i want credit mary-jo callin see a j a n e for pointing out really, that if if there isn’t repenting, then there isn’t much social in the platform, and also there was an article on this subject at craft test dummies dot com craft, c r a f t test dummies dot coms on march second article and my thanks to n p tech alley for for pointing out that that article from that from that twitter chat like other there’s rocky again, like other social media platforms, this one has to be kept upright if we get started, innit? Yeah, exactly. And there’s, there comes a point at which on organization and certainly a person is going to say enough, i’ve had enough of this stuff and what’s going to fall off the edge, and i think that’s something that we’re all going to have to deal with as these things continue to emerge as things become popular and so the others fall off the edge. I don’t know the answer, but i know that the answer is that we don’t have limited amounts of time in our days and especially no work days and how many times you want to be sitting in front of a computer, clicking and dragging and pinning, yeah, and for small and midsize shops, i mean, how much staff time can they devote to these? In fact, one of the final question i asked pre show listeners is your non-profit using pinterest and eighty three percent said no, uh, the other seventeen, the other seventeen percent were sort of yes, you know we’re into it fully. That was very small in about four percent that about thirteen percent said they have done it a little bit, but eighty three percent, not into it. It has become a matter of priorities. Ation it does. And as with all the social media kinds of products and processes, uh, what is the return? What you’re getting for your efforts? Is that a small shop? You know, the effort is probably one person taking some time out of the day in large organizations. For instance, coca cola, uh, that is has probably the largest facebook page following, uh, i think it is the largest, by the way, um, they they spent significant actual money and managing that and making sure that they are top of mind. But if you ask anyone, uh, and this i think there are becoming some tools for this, if you ask, what are you actually getting for? What if you spend a thousand dollars a year making two thousand dollars? The answer is, i have no idea now, and, uh, you know, as these begin to proliferate even further it’s going to be more of a question. We have to leave it there. Scott regulars are regular tech contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news at n p tech news. Dot com scott, thank you very much. Thanks, durney take care. We’ll talk to you next month. Thank you, and i also i also want to thank lori krauz for coming into the studio and also the folks who participated in fundchat last week on brendan kinney, who hosts that and he’ll be a guest next week, which is the transition into next week. We’ll be talking about twitter talk i’ll have to twitter chat hosts pamela grow of small non-profit chat and brendan of fundez chat to tell us how these one hundred forty character conversations can help your non-profit and build your professional network, then maria simple, our prospect research contributor on push technology, google alerts and other services that send targeted information to you regularly special thanks to our social media manager, regina walton, she got me promoted and and prepared to be part of fundchat and also outstanding survey results today, the largest ah largest group of respondents we’ve ever had and also for that getting that last minute media bistro article to me on pinterest keep up with what’s coming up sign up farming satur email alerts on the facebook page. 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