437: Reduce Donor Abandonment & Welcome Your Donors The Right Way – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio


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Reducing Donor Abandonment
From Amazon to Zappos, there’s a lot you can learn from e-retailers to keep your donors in the checkout stream as they make their online gifts. Our 19NTC panel, Matt Scott and David DeParolesa, reveal proven e-commerce strategies to increase online gift completion. Matt is from CauseMic and David is at Give Lively.

Welcome Your Donors The Right Way
Your donors now complete their online gifts at record rates. Have you got in place a multichannel welcome and nurture series to receive and steward your new donors? Our panel will get you started. They’re Brenna Holmes with CCAH and Chrissy Hyre from Innovation. (Also recorded at 19NTC)

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351: Personalized Philanthropy – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guest this week:

Steven L. Meyers, author of the book “Personalized Philanthropy.”

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318: Leveraging Expert or Tech Volunteers & 7 IT Security Pitfalls – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Steve Heye, solution consultant, and Erin Dieterich, director of corporate citizenship, from NetSuite, and Princessa Bourelly, director of finance at Juma Ventures.

Also, Leon Wilson, chief technology & information officer with The Cleveland Foundation, and Dan Rivas, managing writer for Idealware.

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292: Managing Up & Content Creation and Curation – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tony_martignetti_300x300-itunes_image2Tony’s guests this week:

Monisha Kapila, CEO of ProInspire, and Stephen Alexander, program manager at Exponent Philanthropy.

Also, Meghan Murphy, head of marketing and community at HandUp, and Lacy Baugher, interactive content producer at WETA.

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147: Get Out And Communicate Positively & SECrets – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Sharyn Abbott, author of “Mixing It Up! The Entrepreneur’s New Testament.”

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, consultant in prospect research and author of “Panning for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects Now!”

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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Oh, it feels good to be back in the studio. It’s been a couple of weeks. It is good to be back. Um oh, i should day o is what i mean to say i hope you were with me last week. I’d suffer a sebaceous cyst if i heard that you had missed successful software selection strategy don fornes, ceo of software advice, let us through the software selection process for non-profits also storify and cora, i announced that our social media contributor, amy sample ward, got a promotion to ceo at non-profit technology network, and then we talked about the value of storify and cora to lesser known social networks for your non-profit this week, this week was supposed to be adam grant, author of give and take, but adam had to cancel, which is a postponement? Well, it was all certainly reschedule with him, but there isn’t adam grant this week. This is what happens when you chase the celebrities, and sometimes they’re they’re busy this week. I have some pre recorded segments get out. And positively communicate. Sharon abbott is the author of mixing it up, the entrepreneurs, new testament and her strategies applied a small and midsize non-profits, too. I interviewed her at the next-gen charity conference in two thousand eleven talking about networking your non-profit and recruiting and hiring motivated people and positive communications, you’ll see sharon read my face to tell what kind of communicator i am and secrets maria simple, our regular prospect research contributor and the author of panning for gold, find your best donorsearch prospects now she shares gold panning for ah, she shares panning for research gold, using s e c corporate filings and those air to interviews from september of two thousand twelve trying to accommodate the last minute sort of cancellation that we had right now. We take a break, and when we come back, it’ll be get out and positively communicate. Stay with me. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the next-gen charity conference two thousand eleven we are at the tribeca performing arts center in downtown manhattan. With me now is sharon abbott. Sharon is the author of mixing it up the entrepreneurs new testament talk about some of her entrepreneurial success, ideas and how those probably very well translate to your work in non-profits oh, and maybe some of her positive communication techniques also sharon abbott, welcome to the show. Thank you, tony it’s a pleasure. Pleasure to have you let’s talk a little about some of your entrepreneurial success ideas with the with our audience of small and midsize charity leaders in mind. What what’s the first thing you’d like to share. Well, what i truly believe is the better connected and non-profit is better that they will do. I taught entrepreneur skills for over twenty years to small businesses, and i would bring in and non-profit to every group that i had, and at one time i had twenty two treyz with twenty two twenty report people in every group to teach people how to be philanthropic, to teach him to get back to their community. And what i found is the skills of the needed were the same as the knob durney so i talked on how to get out in the community, how to get volunteers to work with them, how to engage other people so that they didn’t have to do all the work and how they brought in a board of directors was more proact zaptitude rather dahna board of directors by name, so that made a huge difference to the non-profits as well as one of the thing that’s really hard, especially when everyone perceives economic times being as bad as they are is that people are tired of all these organisations putting out their home just expecting a check, and so they need to get something back. And so i created all these different programs there fund-raising activities that are fun that people want to participate in that make it much easier for a non-profit to get their budget back-up where it needs to be to be self sustaining, and they don’t have to work this hard, so they couldn’t have ah lot of them do got tournaments, or they might do silent auctions. They might do a single stands. I did a big band dance for easter seals one year i did it was a costume party. We kind of did it like old victorian kind of party, where everybody came in as a character in the victorian era, very themed events, right? And that way, people, they really feel like they’re participating more in the non-profit rather than just here’s a check, you know, i’m done well, let’s, go into some detail about let’s. Start with you mentioned getting into the community. What ideas do you have specifically that non-profits khun khun execute? Well, i know in california that almost every non-profit thinks that they just need to join a chamber and then once they join the chamber there dahna there activity that they have in the chamber is actually the important part, not just joining the chamber. What would you like to see them doing? They need to be on various committees like if they were to volunteer for ambassadors. The ambassadors have to go out to every business, right? Shake hands, what you’re doing and people used to ask me, oh, you work for the chamber is you know, i’m just out here helping the chambers get better known what they need to have happen in the community, and then that brought me more business. So i thought, well, if it works for me, it’ll work for anybody and it does so if non-profit goes out and they just find out from all of from businesses what business? Needs and then takes them back to the chamber. It’s their face, they’re non-profit so that great way of becoming very active in their trainers have fund-raising valens, claire non-profits could actually be featured so they could be part of the but how about beyond joining the chamber and being active in that way as an ambassador? What other advice about getting out into the community? You know, all of the leads groups that are out there. I used to run my let’s say it’s, a business development kind of organization where people get together on a weekly basis, which most of them do, and they have coffee and everybody talks about their business years, and they said, this is what i’m looking for. This is what i have to offer, so there are business leads group, and you can find them listed in the business section of every paper there’s, a website called am city dot com that list all of the business events that that are all around the country. Ok, everything we’re going where you just search for new york and you’ll find sample is going to san francisco on business, i think it’s probably the times. Here, but in santa’s a journal. So you know, it’s one of those so am city dot com and you can see every event that’s going on every week. So if you go out to events and let’s say you meet twenty people this week, one out of twenty will either be somebody that will be on the board active in the community, help promote non-profit organized fundraiser somebody in that twenty people is going to be involved with that non-profit interesting, you really want to see non-profits getting out into the business community first. First things we’ve talked about so far been making those business connections not staying within your within the non-profit committee exactly because we have the money. Why stay in a community where everybody knows you when you go out into a community where no one knows who you are and they’re the ones who have great let’s share one more idea getting that non-profit out most non-profits don’t realize that they could do a speaking circuit rotary lions quanah is all of those kinds of social organisations, and those organizations do kind of quirky things like if you talk out of turn your find a dollar you promote your business and return to find five dollars? Well, that money is allocated to helping non-profit so if every non-profit were to go out to one of those once a week and literally their morning, noon and night, you goto seventy eight weeks and not run out of him in a year. And so you go out to these organizations. You said this is my cause this is what i’m doing. I need you. This is why here’s, the result of what happens when we get out, they literally right champ on the spot. And i know there are a lot of these groups just in the new york area you mentioned a bunch of different sessional association, but rotary isn’t there a rotary in every county? So i’m probably in one block their city there. Well, i know that at least one in every county. So this’s a big area, right? There are a lot of opportunity. Plus you mentioned all the other membership organisations lion lion’s, alanis, optimus professional business women e women network really? When you look in the paper you think when i had a travel agency in nineteen ninety one justus the gulf war was starting. I went out morning, noon and night six days a week, and i built a travel agency from thirty thousand a month, two, three hundred and seventy five thousand a month in three and a half years by doing just so it was all handshaking and getting to know people and making sure that people knew who i was, even though no one was traveling with tom, so i hid it at the worst time but managed to build my business in a way that nobody else had ever thought they didn’t spend a dime on advertising. You just had transit costs to all the meetings, and i’m joking, you know, being sarcastic, but the point is very low cost, exact neo-sage it should be fun for for executive director seo’s mean, they should be enjoying being out in the community in the business community, talking about their work. That’s the biggest issue is people have fun when they’re doing something that they’re connecting with people, and when these organizations see how much fun that you’re having, they want to be more part of it. So when when people are making oh, would you write me? A check or we, you know, we’re short on the budget. Could you help us out? It’s really kind of gloomy, and people don’t like being part of that. So you make it fun in it. Obtaining talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Do you need a business plan that can guide your company’s growth? Seven and seven will help bring the changes you need. Wear small business consultants and we pay attention to the details. You may miss. Our culture and consultant services are guaranteed to lead toe. Right, groat. For your business, call us at nine. One seven eight three, three, four, eight, six zero foreign, no obligation. Free consultation. Checkout on the website of ww dot covenant seven dot com are you fed up with talking points? Rhetoric everywhere you turn left or right? Spin ideology no reality, in fact, its ideology over in tow. No more it’s time for action. Join me, larry. Shock a neo-sage tuesday nights nine to eleven easter for the isaac tower radio in the ivory tower will discuss what’s important to you. Society, politics, business it’s provocative talk for the realist and the skeptic who want to know what’s. Really going on? What does it mean? What can be done about so gain special access to the ivory tower. Listen to me, larry sharp. You neo-sage tuesday nights nine to eleven new york time go to ivory tower radio dot com for details. That’s. Ivory tower radio dot com everytime was a great place to visit for both entertainment and education. Listening. Tuesday nights nine to eleven. It will make you smarter, geever. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com. Dahna yeah, i’m gonna guess you have advice about hiring, so bringing people to your organization and this stops the top, but he actually even applies to the board hiring, hiring the top. But what advice do you have about bringing people in and making sure you get people who are going to be passionate goingto love the mission and the innovative thinkers? How do we know we hyre these kinds of people? You know, i think one of the hardest things for non-profit is inviting people into their board of directors who actually have the connections, and that will make a difference for the organization. So there’s, a lot of people who are semi retired retired and they volunteer for non-profits but technically they don’t have the contacts, and they don’t have the ability to go out in the community and start helping promote other people. So if a non-profit were to look at what your database like, do you have social media contacts on what experience have you had with non-profits before? What were the results treated? Just like a job interview, so don’t take anyone on your board unless they really are bringing something to the table that’s a huge issue, there’s a lot of non-profits who just think, oh, so grateful you’ve even pasta or sometimes it’s way desperately need a lawyer or an accountant, so we’ll just take the first one that way get introduced to and we end up with just somebody who’s just brings that skill, but nothing mohr related to your to your important charitable work. And they might think that they save, you know, ten thousand a year on legal cost, but they lose one hundred thousand year by not having the right person connected with the non-profits so that’s really important that they look at, you know, what is the cost effectiveness of what a person is bringing to their nonprofit organization, right? So that’s excellent for board recruitment. How about about hiring employees within the organization? Would you like to see ceos and executive director? I have been speaking where people are unemployed for over twenty years, and i am surprised because i have a little blank card and i have them right on their what would i like to do most of anything now that i don’t have a job? And i would say twenty percent say that they want to work with the non-profit any fashion? Some even say that worked for freeze just so that they can beat heart of that community and giving back when a non-profit is looking for an executive director, that person better be a network. They better be the horn shaker they need to be up to date on technology, open minded. I’m trying different fund-raising concept instead of the same old, same old thing, because what work five years ago does not even come close to working today? And so they have to always be on top of what the technology is. We heard this morning how text messaging is so important because the thirty year olds are now not opening email and even, you know, ten percent or everybody in the world only opens was that was that aria finger was talking about texting to e j just had her as a guest before you came on, and i was talking about actually fifteen and sixteen year olds motivating them, and she said, you know, get them where they are text, right? Saving forty, two hundred messages a month for sixteen year old girls or something, right? Exactly. So you know that’s what keeping up with technology will do for someone is always looking at what else can they do? Most non-profits don’t have a log that’s a big mistake, because that, who in the non-profit you like to see doing that block duitz in the name of the executive director should be in the name of the executive director because that builds the relationship with the person who has the most visibility in the community and the most visibility and on able to make decisions for the non-profit because a lot of times you could have someone else write it in the office, but it should be in the name of the director let’s talk a little more about hiring now we’ve talked about the board, what on what the board should be looking for in the executive director. What should the executive director be doing to make sure that he or she is hiring the right people that are going to be supporting? Well, i think the skill set is going to depend on how much the non-profit is doing in the community. So if if it’s just administrative work that’s one thing that’s easy too, but the biggest give back in a non-profit is the person who has that innovative ability to figure out how they can use technology, how they khun reach out into the community, draw more people in durney there’s there’s so many different things, like most people don’t realize that you can actually go to a restaurant and say, i haven’t event coming up in thirty days, and almost every restaurant will say because you’re non-profit i’ll donate a lot right in the way i would do is i would package twelve lunches and have it lunch for a year and auction it off, you know, and just simple little things like that if you have people who are willing to go out, do things like that. Hey back-up that employee ends up paying for their own sour, and when we’re in the hiring process, how do we make sure we’re getting somebody like that in our the questions i think would be, how do you feel about being out in the business community? Are you comfortable picking up the phone and talking to people you don’t know? You know, what would you do in a situation where we need to create a new event? What would you what would you suggest? How would we go about creating an event and see how people are creative there’s also facial recognition and i teach a course it’s called about face, and it actually helps means clever figure out what your face tells me about how to communicate with you, but also how well you communicate with other people. So someone who has a larger bottom live is a good listener, right? It’s great, if you need to listen, but if they’re the person who has to be out in the community speaking, you want them to have a larger offgrid all right, we’re going to talk more about this very, very short that just want to remind listeners that i’m with sharon abbott at the next-gen charity conference two thousand eleven in new york city. Her latest book is mixed. Is this the latest mixing it up? This’s just been revised by have eight books. Okay, we’re giving credit to this one because it’s related to our topic it’s mixing it up, the entrepreneurs new testament, and you’ll find sharon abbott at sharon abbott dot com but you need to know that she spells her name, s h a r y and and two b’s and two teas in sabat and then dot com. So i should just sell the whole thing out instead of pieces. Sharon and then a and then at the end, there’s two teas and then after the others to be hyre how do we know you have a bunch of sharon abbott, dot com someone who’s. A good listener has a larger lower lip. How does that why is that true? Well, back in aristotle’s time in the fourteenth century, he began this whole study. It’s called physiognomy and judge jones in nineteen thirty five. Jones in chicago started looking at people who were presented to him in his courtroom. And he kept the law and he would have guilty. Not guilty, not guilty. And according to the jury’s findings, he was ninety percent accurate based on looking at someone’s face. So i took that information either. Wait a minute. What if we could use this for communication styling? So if i look at you, i know that you like it. When people get to the point. You want people that you’re looking at me now? They should just e i like it when people get to the point based on what makes you draw that concern your nose. But how does a physical feature convey personality? There’s a science to it? This is actually the society of reading your face, so i know that i’m going to get to the point. I’m not going to talk to take long way around, so i’m going, i’m going to actually say that she’s, right? But i think i’m a patient listener also. Well, your lip is larger on the bottom, then the top. So you’re a really good listener almost twice is good at listening as you are speaking and you know you’re good at speed, so the difference is all ego now blushing to what it was blushing cheeks metoo means you could still feel there must be some downsides. Where show me something, tell me about something that i’m shortcoming well, let’s say i needed to explain a project to you. The squareness of the bottom of your chin tells me i have to get to the point, which means i can’t tell you all about the details, but also my nose conveyed that to you to ration. But there’s there’s this point where you’re going, i don’t want to know how you’re going to build it. I just want to know when it’s going to be built, and so people who have a need to explain every detail will get very frustrated because you’re looking at and go, you know, i’ve got things to do. You just tell me what i need to do, and we’re done. This is embarrassing because she’s sizing happens there’s a pretty accurate this is not like fortune telling e-giving this’s, she’s anything? Is there anything else? Oh, absolutely. All right, one more. Go ahead. I’m getting paid now. I don’t want this is actually quite insightful. Portion right above your eyebrows is okay now for radio listeners. She’s putting her finger in between my eyebrows right in between her, i’m i mean, we’re not there’s no contact. She says that there’s no physical contact at all. It’s. Unbelievable. So this tells me that you like information in order. So you want to give me this first, then this then that in order. But i pluck my eyebrows. So if i had one brow straight across with the unibrow, not in style. No, this is the logic. This is, like minus flat right here. She’s again, she’s talking about the space between her eyebrows and the forehead. Right? So i have a logical personality. You have a logical personality. So you really want things in order? First, there’s a lot of people who you’ll see it’s just totally slanted back. Those people who they understand process and then they immediately know how it applies to them. Long term physiognomy is the physiognomy. Okay, that’s, the practice and google physiognomy and sharon abbott as well. We’re gonna go off this now, but that was that was that was pretty much on point. Yeah, i didn’t disagree with anything. You just told me about myself. I learned something. Dahna okay, let’s, talk a little about your you’re positive communication techniques since we’re talking about the way people like to communicate and your judging this by there by there face, right. What are some of the positive communication techniques that people should be using? Well, i think it’s really difficult for a lot of people to stay positive in what i believe is a perceived economy. Now, i cannot argue with the numbers, you know? We do have the highest unemployment rate of this time. There are fewer people donating to non-profits, you know, you kind of get point. So how do we actually project a positive attitude when we know that this is on everyone’s mind? So my attitude is no one came along, scraped up all the money and locked it up, and they’re not magically waiting to the day that everybody says, okay, take the money out now. So where is the money? It’s just moved, so when we’re communicating with people and we start thinking about all right, so what do i have to do to be that person that somebody wants to give, what they have allocated their ten percent toe a non-profit communicating in a positive manner instead of we need money, we need thio raise his phones, it would be when people are involved with our non-profit jesus, this is what we’re giving back to you, and the long term benefit for you is so it’s turning something around, you’re saying the same thing, but in a positive manner and making the person that you’re talking with more comfortable with the idea of being involved so the simple technique, but it’s phrasing. How you actually phrase what you’re talking about and allowing the other person. So this is where this comes into play. If you’re talking to somebody who has a larger upper lip, you make sure that they have more than enough time to talk. Kayman, let’s, let’s, give an example of fund-raising something positively that that in a positive way, we do that, that someone that i wouldn’t be well, take a negative and make it sort of a positive so people can understand making this positive communication. Give me a name. It’s, i’m cold rooms cold. I’m too cold in this room instead of saying i’m too cold and that’s an easy fix. Starting studies let’s, let’s put on a sweater. You don’t put on the jacket, you know, let’s, move a little bit. Start getting your blood moving a little bit so that you can actually be warmer. Come on. But let’s say challenging one would be i called all these people and no one is calling me back. Okay? Right. And that happens a lot. You know, when when i am actually very business oriented, which i think makes a big difference. A lot of people get into non-profit and they think it is not for-profit and non-profits have to be profit minded. So they have to know that they’re making more money than what it costs him to run the organization. So i do things like i make twenty dials. I know that ten people answered the phone. I know that if i leave five voicemail messages on ly one person’s going to call me back, is it worth my while to return those calls and call somebody who doesn’t call me back? So do i look at the possibility that that person is out of town busy, you know, family things going on and then call them again anyway. So my rule of thumb is you take a situation where somebody nobody’s calling me back, i don’t know what to do, and then they get into that funk. So how do you turn it around? So what i found is that for every organization there is a time a day, a day of the week that has the best return, so i call on monday morning at nine o’clock i’m not likely to get the right people that answer the phone because they’re setting up their week. They’ve got their sales meetings, whatever is going so i know that if i call at eleven thirty, people are kind of wrapping up their morning and they’re getting ready for lunch if i call it one thirty they’ve just gotten back for lunch. They might be late back for much. So there’s these windows of time ten to eleven one, two, three and i know that monday’s not the best day in friday’s, not the best day. So if i make my calls tuesday, wednesday and thursday, then i’m gonna have a much better ratio if i can improve my ratios even ten percent, then i improve my bottom line. So why not treat a business like a non-profit as a true business, actually track what we’re doing having results so that we know that if this isn’t working, we have to sure and start doing something. Most people keep doing the same thing over and over again, and it drives them crazy, right? The definition of insanity, but they don’t never realise all need to do a shift what it is that they’re doing so that they end up having better results. We have to stop there. Sharon abbott, one of her eight books is mixing it up. The entrepreneurs new testament one thank you very much for being a guest. Sharon. Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you, tony. Thank you. Even with my big lower lip. Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the nextgencharity conference two thousand eleven. Thank you very much for joining us. Still able to speak with my fat lip? That was that was a lot of fun with sharon right now we take a break and when we come back tony’s take to get a little tony’s. Take two for you and some live listener love, and then maria simple with secrets. Stay with me. You don’t think that shooting getting ding, ding, ding ding. You’re listening to the talking alternative network e-giving. Thank you, cubine are you suffering from aches and pains? 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Join austin and sloan live thursdays at eleven a m on talking alternative dot com you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Oppcoll lively conversation. Top trends and sound advice. That’s. Tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m janna agger’s, senior vice president, products and marketing from blackbaud cubine. I got live listener love guangzhou, china ni how many listeners in seoul, south korea many there are many of you are you all together? Maybe you’re all together in a coffee shop in seoul? Do you know each other? I wonder but there are many of you there and of course i wish you an io haserot lots of lots more live listener love coming up so hang in, including domestic live listeners alright, i’ll tease a little bit brooklyn, new york live love to you live listen her love to you thank you andme or domestic live listener love coming! Tony steak two two weeks ago, i was at fund-raising day new york conference at the marriott marquis i was with remote producer john federico. We were on the exhibit floor, and i learned from fifteen guests it’s and doing nine interviews, including beth cantor, sarah durum, whose ceo of big duck and professor doug white from columbia university who’s been a guest before it’s. Great fun being on the exhibit floor, lots of people coming by saying hello, i know you. I follow you on twitter love the podcast it was really very gratifying. Thank you very much to everybody who came by listeners and new listeners as well, welcome and also want to make you aware that aria finger, who is ceo of do something dot or ge, has been a guest on the show and there in fact, there’s video of her conversation with me on engaging millennials on the youtube channel, which israel tony martignetti she’s still ceo at do something but she’s been appointed in addition, president of too much information or t m i, which is an agency of do something, and they’re going to lend to non-profits and other marketers do somethings, expertise and research in mobilizing eighteen to twenty five year olds in social change. That is pretty exciting, that’s it’s obviously a growing market, and they’re a lot of non-profits, i think frustrated trying to engage the eighteen to twenty five year olds so you might reach out to t m i or too much information and aria and her team will help you there. There’s more about both of those on my blog’s at tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s take two for friday twenty first of june twenty fifth show of the year we’re roughly within a week of being halfway through the year. Um, right now i have for you another previous interview, this one with maria simple talking about sec corporate filings and everything you confined in those maria simple is with me. Now you know her she’s, the prospect finder she’s a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com, and her book is panning for gold. Find your best donorsearch now you can follow her on twitter at maria simple. Maria simple welcome hey, tony, how are you today? I’m doing great. Thank you. We’re talking about secrets. What is the this securities and exchange commission data? Well, there’s a lot of very interesting data that we can look at as non-profits to try and find some potential new donors for us as well as maybe some people who are current donors that we just didn’t realize are connected to public companies as corporate insiders. So let’s talk about corporate insiders. I want to make sure that everybody really understands what that is. We hear so much, i guess, in the news about insider trading and it’s always, you know, portrayed in a negative light. And that means that people who are corporate insiders have done something illegal with information they have as as insiders. But basically, if urine inside earthy see defines you as falling into one of three categories, you’re either one of the top officers of the company. Uh, usually there’s. About five, six, seven people around that number listed. You are one of the board of directors of that public company. Or you just happen to be a person or an entity that holds ten percent or more of the outstanding stock of that company. So if you fall into one of those three categories, you must report all of your trading activity in that company to the securities and exchange commission. And all of that data is public knowledge. Okay, so insiders have to file with the company’s about there their holdings within the companies that they’re insiders for that’s, right? And then also, public companies also file with the sec. They must right. Right? Right. So, i mean, you know, the information can be found if you happen to know that a particular process effect is connected to a public company as a corporate insider, maybe they sit on the corporate board of that particular company you can actually go to that company’s website. And typically the tab that you would be looking for in a company’s website is called investor relations. Ok, for the companies themselves do have the data. All right, on course. We can also get it from the sec. But before we go further let’s keep it let’s. Keep each other out of jargon jail. Let’s. Make sure everybody understands what is a public company. So a public company is a company that is has issued stock and its trading on the market. I guess the most famous one that we saw go from a a private to a public company recently with facebook. Right? So, prior to that all of the information was private. Uh, no, no information had to be released to the public about salary information att saturday. Other compensation data. But now that they’re a public company and the public now owns shares of that company owns part of the company, they have to be able to report all the all the goings on all the various filings about, you know not only what the corporate insiders were doing, but obviously. All the data related to other financial information for the company it’s the difference between privately held on dh public that’s. Right? Ok, so what kind of data can we find about about what we’re interested in the people, the insiders, what kind of people? What kind of info can we find? Well, the interesting information you confined if somebody is a top officer at the company, you confined there, there salary and other compensation data, and they actually have charts of that data going back over a three year period so you can actually see whether they’ve had what their big salary wass what commit other compensation that they might have maybe bonuses, etcetera? Um, really key? I think teo looking at this data is stock ownership because very often a non-profit um, especially if they are in, say, in a capital campaign or an endowment campaign mode where they’re really looking for major gift trying to get a gift of appreciated stock, a supposed to getting a gift of outright cash from a particular donor could be very beneficial. So, you know, just understanding whether or not you have people in your own fund-raising database, whether or not they may be one of these corporate insiders who can give you stock that would be fabulous to know, and, you know, the screening companies can help identify that for you if you’re not able to self identify who those corporate insiders are in your database, okay? And there could be other there’s other stuff that’s disclosed as well, like all their their fringe benefits and things, right, which can include insurance policies, that’s, right, all their employment agreement. You know, you’ve heard of people who have these golden parachutes, right if they’re released from a company, so all of that is actually outlined in these particular employment agreement eyes that maria, i’m sorry is the agreements themselves or public? So, yeah, they they actually will say, you know, if this person is terminated, thiss personnel will be subject to earning x number of dollars, maybe even shares of stock upon their termination, but i’m just curious, can you actually see the language of their employment contract? Or do you think i don’t see the language of the employment contract but within the proxy statements which is filing statement that this information is contained within that’s where you would find really? That the juicy, the meat of it all that if that is of importance to you, if you have somebody who is, perhaps, you know, a corporate insider and maybe, you know, has just been let go or will be let go. You can actually find that information just like lurking. I would if i could see people’s employment contracts. But now all right, just some juicy details. Yeah, exactly. Details. No other juicy details that i like pulling out of this is also bios of the thie entire board of directors of ah, of a public company. So it’ll give somebody’s age. So right? Yeah. I mean, you know, you do plan giving tony, so understanding whether or not somebody is maybe perhaps even a prime planned e-giving prospect based upon their age that’s disclosed in this a statement, you have a bio that would contain where they’re currently employed other corporate boards that they sit on so very often i’ll read about bio yeah, within a corporate proxy. And then i’ll realize, oh, i didn’t realize this person also sat on another board of directors. Yes. So their insider over there too. Right? So then that makes me, you know, have to you know, then i know just from that key piece of information here’s, another area i need to explore as i’m doing my prospect research that they may actually own, you know, significant shares in this other companies well, right? And just to remind people that a way that you might find that someone is an insider because you might not know it is setting up the google alerts, the free google lorts that you and i have talked about a couple of times in the past, if you have those on your major donors, then information about them and the company that they’re an insider for, we’ll come right to your rage. Your inbox? Yes, i think it should you know why? Because when they have let’s say i maria semple, where a corporate insider, maybe i sat on the board of directors of the company. I just used to use me as an example, but now you’ve learned tripoint likelihood of that ever happening. So so even test really small it’s not even worth it. You’ll start using one of your other regular anybody but me. Yeah, you’re much better off if you have much greater likelihood of being inside of me. If i traded today in a public company and i were a corporate insider, i need to let the sec know within two business days. Oh, wow. Yeah. So, you know, from a product, you know, as a prospect researcher it’s. Terrific. Because you know that if you’re looking at particular filings, you will be able to see whether that person has how much stock they have within a two day accuracy period. Okay. That’s. Incredible. So, yeah, well, all of that came about, you know, and because of the recent financial meltdown, et cetera, in the early two thousand’s, but there was definitely some new laws that went into a fake into effect under the sarbanes oxley act. And so they ended up saying, okay, you know what? You used to have a longer period to let us. Now now we’re shortening it for two days since you mentioned plan giving earlier. Something else you might find out about his people’s retirement plans with the cup with the company that’s, right? That’s, right. So might give you some some idea there as well. Whether or not they’re gonna have maybe. You know, a significant amount of money that they were going to have to do something with. So, you know, why not know about that and be prepared to have a conversation with them? So we have just about a minute and a half before our first break, what? So you mentioned the proxy statement that’s one thing that has to be filed that’s filed by the companies or by the insiders, those air filed by the company’s once a year, once a year, they’re filed with the securities and exchange commission, they’re known as to other things actually notice of annual meeting of shareholders. You might see it turned that way, and then everyone of the filings that the sec has has a number and the number that course sponsor to these. This particular sec document is called death d f like crank death fourteen a and that’s filed once a year by the company. Okay? And those air all the different names for the proxy statement? Yeah, yeah, i mean, they’re they’re known as all these different things, but if you are on the website, you’re actually looking for form death fourteen a for that particular company again. It’s on the company’s website, though, is well. Ok, now we have just about thirty seconds before, before our break. There’s, there’s, annual and quarterly statements also, right? Yes, there are. There are definitely annual and quarterly statements, and they’re they’re more related to significant happenings within the company related to really financial goings on of the company itself, as opposed to individuals connected to the company. So for the most part, that’s, the type of information that they’re going to file annually quarterly. Okay, we have to take a break when we returned. Of course, maria semple stays with me, and we’ll talk about some of the places where you can find this data. Stay with us. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Cerini are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people, better business people. Dahna have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Welcome back. I’m glad you’re still with us with a cracked voice cracks again again, like a thirteen year old maria, just briefly. What are the seance? Isn’t important to know the file. Name the names of some of these forms. What do these annual and quarterly statements called that people will be looking for? Well, if you’re looking for those quarterly and annual statements ten k and a k or those statements. But there are others that i think are even more interesting in terms of prospect research. In addition to that proxy, the death of fourteen a there’s, something called a form three and a form four. So form three is the initial report work that is filed by insiders as of the date that they become an insider or a beneficial owner of stock that will lift their holdings as of that day now, i would’ve thought that would be formed one but that’s not forme one yeah called for me. Okay, i don’t want confuse people. All right? It should be for more that i find very interesting is called form for, which would show any changes and holdings anytime that insider buys or sells their insider, stock and that’s the form that i was referring to that actually has to be filed within that two day period of that stock chance transactions. So let’s say there’s an example. Maybe a proxy filing may have been done and say april here for a particular public company. And here it is the beginning of september where researching this particular corporate insider if we only go on the data that was filed on the death of fourteen a document that proxy and it’s going to show the stock holdings as of april twenty twelve there’s a lot of time passed through several months. Did this person trade any stock during this time? We would like to know what their their holdings they’re still the same or not. So you would be looking particularly performed for to see if that person actually made a trade and stop between april and september, and then on the form it’s self it’s going to show you whether they bought or sold more stock, and then how many shares that they hold at the conclusion of that sale? So let’s say the conclusion of that particular transaction, i still own ten thousand shares. Of that particular stock, i can go on a web site that shows, you know, market activity. Boone is showing, you know, what’s going on in the stock market and get a general idea of how much that stock is worth in that portfolio. All right. You mentioned the corporate website under investor relations and investor information as one place too. Find this data where else? The government has its sec has its own site. Yes, the sea, which is dot gov does have a database called edgar free edgar’s. So that is definitely something that you can use teo to look for the information and using the website or even going to the corporate website is three. Two d’oh. Okay, edgar, i had always heard of edgar, but i didn’t know that it it stands for electronic data gathering analysis and retrieval. Yeah, that isn’t that smart of the is in that little clever of the sec. They should have, like, make a retrievable info analysis. And there would be maria. There you go. You should have maria get rid of edgar and replace it with maria. Okay, fun. We just have, like we just have about two minutes. Left. What are other sites where you can find this? Even though we’ve already identified some free ones, right? So a fee based site, actually, one that i myself subscribe to because i do so much of this type of research is called ten k wizard dot com and that’s actually part of the morning star document research of companies. So it used to be a stand alone, and now they’re part of morning stars. So ten k wizard, i find to be really useful. Their lowest subscription is roughly four hundred dollars a year, and it enables you to i just like the output of the data. I like the fact that i can put in an insider’s name, and it will show me every place somebody is connected to a corporate insider to lead me directly to the filings. And i can see a pdf copy of the filings. Um, so it’s it’s just a quicker way. So i would suggest for anybody who’s really going to be doing a lot of this, you might want to consider a subscription service, okay. Oh, really? They just worked. Works better than the edgar site or going to the companies. You know it, i think it just points to a lot of information very quickly. So as opposed to trying to sort through the information on the corporate side, etcetera, teo, sort through, say all the form four filings that exist on a corporate site to just see well, because it’ll just say form for, you know, and say the filing he’ll need to try and figure out what is this filing related to the person that i’m researching right now? Yeah. So, it’s, just the way you go about the research, i think it just becomes a little bit more efficient on some of the paid resource is maria sample is the prospect finder. You can follow her on twitter at maria simple. Her sight is the prospect finder dot com always a pleasure. Thank you very much, maria. Thanks so much. Have a great day. Thank you very much. I’ve got more live listener love newport, north carolina, cincinnati, ohio and reston, virginia. Thanks for joining us. Live. Love going out to you listeners in japan, metallica, tokyo for pete’s sake, it’s almost two. In the morning there. What do you what do you doing up listening to this why are you why are you listening? But i love that you are. Thank you very much next week. Intuitive brainstorming. Karen garvey is an author, speaker, intuitive and coach and we’ll talk about the new brainstorming and jean takagi returns he’s, our legal contributor and principal at the non-profit and exempt organizations law group in san francisco, and we’ll finish our discussion of the dan pallotti video. The way we think about non-profits is dead wrong started that last month when he was on insert sponsor message over nine thousand leaders, fundraisers and board members of small and midsize charities. Listen, each week you can contact me on the block if you’d like to talk about sponsoring the show. Our creative producer was claire meyerhoff. 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049: The Morning After (The Big Event) & Giving USA 2011 Report – Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony’s guests this week:

Lisa Reilly, executive director, The Emelin Theatre
Tara Slone, principal, Marketing Matters
Jessica Weber, principal, Jessica Weber Design
Holly Hall, features editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Robert Evans, editorial review board member, Giving USA

Read and watch more on Tony’s blog: http://mpgadv.com

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Welcome to the show, this is tony martignetti non-profit radio, and i’m your aptly named host. We’re always talking about big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent help you were with me last week when i had a conversation with ken berger, president and ceo of charity navigator ken came on the show and announced charity navigator three point oh, we talked about the directions that cnn would like to move non-profits toward and how it’s inducing them to get there this week, the morning after the big event, three guests explain how best to follow-up your events and why it’s important to include follow-up plans in your pre event preparations. This is the first of my interviews from the exhibit floor at the fund-raising day conference in new york city last month. Then the e-giving yusa two thousand eleven report holly hall, features editor for the chronicle of philanthropy, will be with me to talk about her concerns from last year’s report and whether they’re answered in this year’s. This is a follow up to our discussion a few weeks ago on the show, then i’ll be joined by bob evans from the reports editorial board and he’ll share some important conclusions. Fromthe e-giving yusa two thousand eleven report in between the guests. As always, tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour. This month is the one year anniversary of the show, and we’re bringing on some regular monthly contributors, a team for legal compliance and a prospect research guru. I’ll introduce you to them on tony’s, take two. Also, if you’ve heard me speak and liked what you heard, that i’m going to ask for your help, both of those on tony’s take two in between today’s guests. Right now, we’ll take a break, and when we return, it’ll be the morning after the big event. E-giving didn’t think the ending the ending, depending. You’re listening to the talking alternate network e-giving. E-giving cubine. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Buy-in are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics politically expressed. I am montgomery taylor, and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com looking to meet mr and mrs wright, but still haven’t found the one i want to make your current relationship as fulfilling as possible. Then please join us, starting monday, may second at ten am for love in the morning with morning alison as a professional matchmaker, i’ve seen it all. Please tune in and call as we discuss dating relationship and more. Start your week off with love in the morning with marnie alison on talking alternative dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of fund-raising day two thousand eleven, we’re at the marriott marquis in new york city. My guests right now are lisa reilly, tara sloan and jessica weber. They’re seminar topic is provocatively the morning after the big event. Lisa riley is executive director of the ml in theatre. Tara sloane is principal of marketing matters limited, and jessica weber is the principle of jessica weber design incorporated. Ladies welcome murcott so let’s, start with you what hyre what? What can we do to extend the reach of events after the event is over? Well, i think there’s some sort of standard practices that we all think of as being kind of businesses, usual things, like remembering to thank our attendees after the event and one of the things that we suggested this morning is that it’s particularly useful if in that, thank you, you’re making sure that you’re still talking about the mission of your organization and that you’re extending the feel of the event and reiterating for people why they came to the event and what it was about, and we found in particular at the emlyn that one of the effective ways to do that is if you include a link to back to the website or to say there were pictures of the event to make sure that people have a reason to come back and look again at what you’re doing with these. Are you sending that? Thank you? Buy paper mail and also by email. So the link is wait, do about okay, terra is there a suggestion you’d liketo open with for extending the reach of events? Speak a lot closer, please. I think one of things we talked about is how important the pre planning for the post event is meaning planning in advance of the event. Who will do what? When the event is over. And while that’s often thought of as a boring task, it’s one of the most important it sounds like something that typically gets for gotten in planning for the event. Is that it’s? Not only for gotten but when it’s remembered the thought is, oh, we should have done this weeks ago. How could we have left this for you? Because the day after, people are excited about about what just occurred there, patting themselves on the bath about the event, but they’re not necessarily ready. Teo gear up the energy required for post event. So if the pieces have put into place before hand, they’re able it works much more successfully. Thank you. And jessica, what advice would you like to open with for extending the reach of events? Well, basically, we have a design from that only works in the not-for-profits sector. We encourage our clients to create brochures talking about their mission that are included in the event material and after the event, when lisa sends out a thank you letter to her attendees that she include a small brochure on the organization and some giving pieces so that the e-giving opportunity keeps going on after the events over really so it’s appropriate to include a solicitation material in the thank you for coming sometimes it is absolute terror is nodding. Also, please support it’s definitely important and it’s it’s really critical because we would assert that events are not just about the event it’s about building a relationship with all of the people who attended the event. So one of the ways in which which you build the relationship is immediate communication, post event and inviting. Them to support the great cause that they attended the event. Ok. And lisa, in your work with ml in you don’t get objections to solicitation material it’s included in the in the thank you for coming, we’re actually i think it is organization specific, and we’re a little sneaky about it. Good. Well, let’s, talk about it on dh. What we do is our event is near the beginning of our season. We have our event big event in october, which is the beginning of the m ellen’s performing arts season, so our thank you asks them to come to the theater when they come to the theatre, we asked them to give money so rather than including the asked directly in the thank you, we know that we’re going to have other opportunities to continue to build. That relationship is, tara says on one of the ways we want to build that relationship is to encourage them to be at the theater often. Okay, so, tara, let me ask you the same question that since you’re advocating this, your clients are not getting objections to solicitation material sent in the thank you, i think, if if it is done tactfully it works on clients are not objecting and remember that many of the people who are attending the events are guests of other people so they may not have. They may not have necessarily made a contribution yet individually, so this gives them the opportunity to just get sound like you want to say something about doing this tactfully, inappropriately, and another way of doing that is also to send out a newsletter a month or two after the event, to all the attendees with pictures of the event and talking about it so that you start to capture a family of friends it’s really important when you have an event to capture the people who are there to make friends for life, and by doing a newsletter every three or four months, it gets that across, and we also include e-giving envelope in the news, all right, but let’s talk a little more detail about that that first thank you that they get afterwards doing that, including a solicitation in that and doing it tactfully, appropriately what’s your advice for for that first communication after the event, well, usually the development director of the executive director will send a personal note thanking them for their attendance and personally signed, never a mass mailing. Absolutely even if there’s seven hundred fifty people, even if they’re seven hundred, the waldorf seven, because basically, how often do you get astounded when you actually get a hand written letter with a stamp on it these days? You know, it kind of knocks you out because everything is pre printed, so that little personal note with a real stamp means a lot to donors, okay? And about a terrible i just would like to suggest that one way to do a mass email let’s, say and make it meaningful is to give the guests of the event ideas ways in which the funds will be used. So talk to talk about the specifics, programmatic elements of the agency and let so in other words, for so and so amount of money you are contributing to support this cause, they’re program that we have for the next level, this is what you’re so that really makes it more personal and compelling beyond that would be something that they get right after the event terror right after the event, ok? Yeah, you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Geever are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you, too? He’ll call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight, three that’s to one to seven to one eight, one eight, three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police call a set to one, two, nine six four three five zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom two, one two, nine, six, four, three five zero two. We make people happy. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com lisa, are you spending any time at the event preparing attendees for the follow-up that that the theater is going to send? Well, we make because it is the beginning of our season, a big part of what i speak about it. The event is what’s going to happen at the theater over the coming months, so they know that they’re going that we want time to attend, but also that we need their support to make those events happen. And so there is a kind of, um, nuanced, i guess, you know, sort, subtle pitch to say to people that this this kind of work which is meaningful in our community doesn’t happen unless we have your support, and so part of your support is coming to the gala, but the next part of your support is attending the events and and picking some of these very specific projects. So, for example, last year, the theater needed a new protector because we have a film siri’s and saying to the gal audience, you can help, and this will make a real difference in how we can deliver our programs. Jessica, do you have advice on that about the same? Question i asked lisa preparing people at the event for the follow-up that’s that’s going to come? Wait do advise our clients were basically a design from we’re not a development firm so good. So that it’s usually our development director that will tell us what they need created to soon? Yes, in terms of design of the of the evening. Exactly. Did you have something, please? Yeah, so i just like to add that part of what i was, what i was opening with a minute ago was the idea of how the pre event planning, how important it is, and by working with the event committee and the board in advance of the event to determine what next steps might occur. For example, we might have a parlor events at so and so’s home planting, planning and then planting the seeds for those events at the main event. So in other words, tony, you’re you know, we’re going to invite you in a few weeks to join a mission coming to learn more, and it could be learned more about the agency or it could be we’re going to give you more value because we’re going to deliver. Some content that’s relevant to the mission of the organization, you’ll be interested in hearing this. I’m gonna shift a little bit what’s your advice, anybody about a situation where you have, uh, chair of an event, and i’m now i’m thinking bigger event, not like you were just talking about lisa tower, maybe a parlor event, but something larger and really all the all that chair is willing to do is share their vendor list and show up that night and share the event they’re not motivated around all the planning and to are to the point of your seminar, the post event work. Anybody have advice for that? Working with difficult chair who has to be the chair? Well, i think in the m ellen’s case, what we try to do is build a strong committee, so that because it certainly does happen that there are sometimes prominent people who are for one reason and others selected to chair an event who either are unwilling or unable just to spare the time to do the kind of rigorous, detail oriented work that needs to be done. And so we find a larger committee who will commit themselves to that kind of detail work that’s also the work of the board, frankly, so we prepare our board to say, you know, part of their job is to go to the gala and have fun, but another part of it is that they’re out talking to people about what we’re doing, and i think another way you can think about that is when, for example, of boardmember is engaged with someone who says, i really like the dance siri’s at the emblen one of the things that boardmember is doing is cultivating that person as a donor, coming back to the staff, coming back to the board and saying, you know, joe told me he really likes the dance siri’s, how do we make sure that joe’s engaged in the dance siri’s so there’s lots. I think there are lots of ambassadors, and the chair is a very visible ambassador, but not the only ambassador. Actually, we’re going to that. Come back to the committee in a second with lisa reilly, tara sloan and jessica weber. We’re talking about their seminar at at fund-raising day two thousand eleven, which is the morning after the big event. Let’s talk more about the committee the committee is critical. Jessica, what did you want to add to the sum a committee? It is critical to helping the organization get the event off the ground, whether it be working with the auction, the silent auction, even when we designed all the graphics there’s, always someone on the committee who we work with to make sure that the designs we create reflect the evening and each i mean, i’ve sat personally on many committees and it’s imperative that you get a really active goodcompany he’s. So let’s talk about that who’s best to talk about recruiting the right committee, who wants to go ahead. So in terms of the right committee, i would assert that it’s really important to have people who represent the different target segments of your population. So whether that’s from a geography standpoint, you have people on the committee who represent different geography is or you have people who are different ages representing different prospects and current supporters that you really think through, make sure the committee is representative of the people you want the agency to read, to be able to reach out to, okay and understanding at the same time with respect what lisa said, that they may be supplementing a chair who’s unable or unwilling to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Yes. And in addition, while there is often one share, there are ways in which to have journal chairs or committee chairs so that you’re giving that chair roll to more than one person, particularly in the situation where thie it may be that one of the chairs is in name only since the topic of your seminar is extending the reach of the event let’s switch to ah smaller event may be it is a parlor event elearning half a dozen or a dozen couples in someone’s home is the is extending the reach of that event different than the larger seven hundred fifty people in the waldorf. This aria is there. Is there more any more personal approach? Because it was an event with just twelve or twenty twenty people. How do we, uh, how do we follow-up to those smaller, more intimate events? So i think the smaller events you have fewer people to connect with and you have a more personal experience and more of a one on one with the people who attended so it’s very easy to pick up the phone so a phone call and find out what it was interesting to the guest about the organization and what they’re interested in going forward learning, knowing, supporting, okay, but doing it by phone. Lisa does emelin host small events like that? We do have some smaller events, and in one sense every performance that we hosted the theater is a smaller event, and one of the things that we found is very important at the theatre is that someone either myself or one of the board members welcomes thie audience on dh makes a real pitch for people to be actively engaged, whether that’s e-giving time or money or bringing coming to another event. I think one of the challenges in a small organization is people sometimes are a little hesitant to make the ask and sort of closed the loop. And to me, when you say, you know, what’s, the difference between a big event and a small event at our smaller events, the real challenge is to make sure that we have said very specifically we need you and we need you to give and we need your time and that can feel difficulty in a smaller room than in a bigger room. But it’s absolutely the reason tohave a smaller event and making sure that that actually happens both at the event and after the event, and plus the people you invite to those smaller events are typically more committed, or and maybe you’re asking them to bring someone who doesn’t know the organization very well, and that might that might be a strategy for broadening the reach, right, it’s all about personal relation in ship. So if the person who invited them is a dear friend or family member, they are more likely to be very positive. Lee predisposed to getting a phone call or personal touch from the director of the organization who their loved one cares very much about jessica. Thanks, tara. What about use of social media? Can you can you talk? I know you know you’re work is designing the event. What are you thinking about using social media in extending the events? Reach? It really depends on the size of the organization and if they can, in fact support social media, we have larger clients who have someone completely. Devoted to it, who’s writing the block whose our problem is that if an organization doesn’t have the manpower to support it, there’s nothing worse than going and seeing a block with six months old right here. This is a lot of apologies were sorry for not blogging sooner. More and more recently, for junior committees, i think social networking is fabulous when some of our groups are clients have junior committees and junior memberships, they social media is the way to go to connect for them and most of their invitations or invites great since you you please dara. Increasingly, i think facebook is a must have for an event and the earlier that you get the facebook page live and the more people that you can get to friend the page, the more valuable it is and it’s interesting, because just a few years ago i didn’t even exist, you know, now we’re having a contest. We’re giving away three ipads outsourced to ipads at three thirty, so if you each like the facebook page before you leave, which were set up to do right here, you can join the contest. He’s a younger events jessica raised that elisa, are you are you cultivating people in their twenties and say up to mid thirties and emily very much we are, i think that that’s ah difficulty audience for performing arts organizations in particular, tio teo, particularly the suburbs, perhaps to garner there are very they certainly are very different about how they engage with social media and print media. Where, just tell us, where is the evelyn theater? We’re in westchester, so we’re just north of new york city in a town called mamaroneck. Wait for it all that’s, not it’s, not upstate new york it’s not upstate, but it is not below fourteenth street. People from the city think of it as a lot of people from the city think of his upstate. I live in the city, but i don’t think of that, all right? So younger people in the suburbs not so much coming out for theatre, not so much to a performing arts centers. They i think there’s a different way that younger people engaged with the arts. They are more likely, for example, to go to a club somewhere where they can move and dance and interact as opposed to sitting in a seat and watching something happened, andi that’s not just true in the suburbs that’s if you look at places like the ninety second street y here in the city, you’ll see that they’re discounts for younger attendees because it is a challenge to get people below a certain age to engage in that particular format. Andi, i think they’re uneven. Bigger challenge, frankly, to engage in your fundraising efforts. Your work is designing events. Let’s, talk about designing events, jessica for people in their twenties. What do your thoughts there? Well, we just did something that was a skating thing in woman woman drink it was very successful. It was for one of our clients who only wanted to reach out to thirty and unders, and we didn’t even fight. There was facebook page and it was very well attended. It was a way of getting younger new yorkers to get involved with in this case is the new york city police foundation, and slowly, we’re hoping that the organization will nurture them so that they’ll become bigger and bigger contributors, and most of the time these events are not very expensive two hundred fifty dollars or less, they invite their friends and it’s, a way of store getting them into become donors, you know, it’s, a way of educating them. So one. One of the things that we think about do is that building thie relationships is all about building a tribe of people who care goldenburg tribe and the so to build that younger tribe, you need a few key younger people who care about the organization and reaching them. And identifying them is a one on one conversation. Jessica weber, lisa reilly and tara sloane there. Seminar topic was the morning after the big event. I want to thank you very much for joining tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the fund-raising day conference two thousand eleven. Ladies, thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed hi and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping huntress people be better business people. Oppcoll hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back, it’s, time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes after the hour. This month is the one year anniversary for the show, and i’m really pleased, excited tio bring on some regular contributors to the show. Of course we have scott koegler who’s, our tech contributor he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, and he joins us once a month. Teo, help explain technology and it’s used for non-profits so we’re going to bring on some additional experts one set in july, and then someone in august joining me starting on july twenty ninth is going to be jean takagi and emily chan. They are both attorneys, the their practices, the non-profit and exempt organizations, law group or neo-sage is in san francisco, and jean is also the publisher of the non-profit law blawg, dot com and emily is a frequent contributor to that block again, they’ll be with me first show on july twenty ninth. Then on august twelfth, i’ll be welcoming another regular contributor, prospect research expert maria simple maria is the prospect finder, and you’ll find her at the prospect finder dot com she’s goingto share prospect research advice for your non-profit and she also will be on once a month again. First show august twelfth have you heard me speak and have you liked it? Check out my block post, which is called have you heard me speak and liked it? That’s an m p g a d v dot com someone is compiling a list of the best speakers in philanthropy, and i’d be grateful to have your vote. The details are at that block post on my block, and that is tony’s take two for friday, july eighth. Coming on now is holly hol. Holly is features editor for the chronicle of philanthropy, welcoming her back to the show. Holly welcome back, pleasure to have you thank you. Glad to be here. Thanks. We’re talking about the e-giving yusa two thousand eleven report. So just to recap from your last appearance on this show in in june, there were some concerns we talked about from the two thousand ten report, which was on two thousand nine’s e-giving can you just recap a little bit? Yes, e-giving you say estimated that individual e-giving help study in two thousand nine and declined overall for total giving by all sources by just a small percentage point. And we thought that that was a little suspicious given our calls all over the country, showing much steeper declines in two thousand eight and nine. Okay, so this year, giving us a came out and has revised figures for, oh eight and nine and so now they’re reporting a cumulative thirteen point two percent drop in a way, and nine cumulative droppin await no nine. And how much of a drop from oh eight. Two o nine. Because that was the that was the two thousand ten report on two thousand nine giving. So what was the well? Okay, it was there now saying in a six point two percent down adjusted for inflation and no nine and another seven percent down in eight that’s a cumulative thirteen point two percent. Okay, it was the steepest drop in the fifty six, um year old survey. Okay, so it’s saying that e-giving is not quite as resilient as we thought in in a recession or in a battle bad economic time generally that’s, right? Ok, because the belief had been that it was quite resilient. But then how does that compare to the to the downturn? Let’s? Say, in the dow or, you know, in another stock into season. It’s. Not as bad as that that’s. True. First of all, i think we all have to keep in mind these air. Just estimate. And we may never know how much e-giving fell. But it is. Nice to see that that these figures have been adjusted to be more in line with what many organizations experience during the recession on, and it wasn’t just your chronicle philanthropies research, but there were other organisations as well that we’re saying that e-giving had declined considerably from a wayto nine yes, sir been several studies that show that on the council for aid education found a steep drop e-giving colleges and universities, thie association for health care philantech be found a double digit decrease e-giving um and ironically, the shevawn philantech rezone research wealthy individuals found that the wealthy decrease their giving by large margins as well. There was also concerned because two advisers to e-giving yusa, professors service and havens, schervish and havens i had questioned the two thousand ten report after they did some of their own research on two thousand nine giving we talked about this a couple of weeks ago you and i and they had factored in consumer confidence and unemployment have you seen any change in the methodology? It’s giving us a tow to factor in variables like that? Yeah, state. It’d make a change to look at patterns of personal consumption. I asked them why they didn’t use consumer confidence, and they said that they would much rather look at actual spending rather than confident. They thought that a better measure, okay, and how about unemployment and any measure of that variable? They didn’t look at that, okay, are they not o k now, we didn’t invite someone from giving us a talk about the methodology of the report, and they weren’t able to do that on. We do have bob evans coming, but he’s going to talk about the editorial side of the report, not the methodology side he’ll be on shortly. Holly, were there other things that you were looking for in this year’s report on? Did you find them just the correction? They now show that giving in twenty ten increased by about two percent. But that’s it still far from making up for the thirteen over thirteen percent drop that was found for the two years of recession? Sure, but we’re still not back to where we were. Another interesting thing about the survey is they showed that corporate giving corporate support went up, and that does not really but dive with what we hear anecdotally, and it totally. Corporate giving is very challenging for many groups, and they still haven’t recovered losses that they endured during the recession years. One possible explanation for that. Maybe that companies are donating more products. In-kind donations. Non-cash. Okay, e-giving in different ways, in-kind and maybe volunteerism to, i think, is one of the conclusions than cash. Holly. We have to leave it there. I want to thank you very much for summarizing and coming back on the show and following up, thank you very much. Thank you, tony pleasure. Holly halls, the features editor at the chronicle of philanthropy with me now is bob evans. Bob is founder and managing director of the hl consulting group, but he’s here in his capacity as a member of the editorial review board of giving yusa bob evans welcome to the show. Good morning, pleasure with pleasure to have you. Thank you, thanks for joining us. E-giving yusa has ten pretty pretty firm conclusions based on it’s ah, it’s research. Why don’t you just remind the audience what the methodology is, what the process is generally behind e-giving yusa and then we’ll get into a couple of these conclusions that you have e-giving us favorite. Very. Data from a variety of sources, including the i r s and and it would be a reflection of friends in america in every nation. Lovely, elegant about general figures, a revised and additional agents and data that the irs from for-profit filing vigils and patient foundation. But accurate. Careful analysis, general. In fact, bob bob, i’m going to interrupt you. Would you would you mind hanging up, please, and calling right back? We have awful connection. Okay, thank you very much. This is bob evans, he’s on the editorial board of the e-giving yusa report and he’s, unfortunately, cutting out kind of badly, he was saying that it is an annual report and it is revised twice. So azali hall pointed out the the each report is an estimate. So we want to be fair to giving yusa recognizing each report is an estimate, and then they do revise their numbers. Twice after the initial report, a cz bob evans was saying, bob, you back with us? Okay? I’m hoping we have a better connection. Let’s move to some of the conclusions about e-giving one of those is that americans remained generous in difficult economic times. What? What? What? Leads the e-giving usa and e-giving institute, the sponsors of the over report. Teo, conclude that even though it’s been a great fashion over the last several years, america funded credibly, where there were hills forgiving and kills for make failed at all of this. Bob, but i’ll tell you what way have awful connection. You’re just, you’re not coming through again, out let’s, do this. We’re gonna take a quick break. The producer will call you and give you some some advice about how may we can improve this. So so why did you hang up? We’re going to take a break, and when we return, it’ll be bob evans talking about giving yusa two thousand eleven report stay with us. I didn’t think that shooting the good ending things, you’re listening to the talking, alternate network duitz get in. I think. 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Americans have never shied away from giving to legitimate non-profits across united states and in fact, across the globe, uh, two hundred ninety one billion dollars were restricted to non-profits during two thousand him according to the giving us a report. And even though that’s a slight uptick from what was deceived or reprogram reported both in two thousand eight and two thousand nine, this is a great testimonial, two american generosity, no other country, no other group of people anywhere on the planet given generously give us frequently and give us passionately as what has been the result over the last year. And i think this is something that is to be highlighted e-giving is a certain it is certainly an important part of the us economy and i respond. People respond when called upon. And where there is a n’importe need to balance, i think you heard holly hall. She was on just before you there was ah declined a thirteen percent roughly declined a cumulative decline in two thousand eight in two thousand nine because of the recession, i have admitted, you know, that there’s a, uh, impact on the economy that does reflect in terms of e-giving but still e-giving was very serious component of the us economy, and that will not vanish. Another conclusion is that planned e-giving must and that’s that’s the reports word must be incorporated into fund-raising plant e-giving of course, the long term giving through wills and charitable trusts, charitable annuities? Why does the report conclude that plan giving is so important approximately eight percent of all giving in america? I came from the plant giving or the quest in two thousand ten, so we’re talking about twenty three billion dollars worth of, uh, support for non-profits this is more than corporate giving and is very serious effort, especially as baby boomers are aging and as americans are aging, that one of the things that were saying to non-profits across america is that you must incorporate a plan e-giving component into your fund-raising master plan if you’re not concern cering plans giving, you are really going to be left out in the er the wild, because this is such an important part of activity. But now the colleges and universities of america have really been working the baby boomer population and it’s starting to pay off handsomely for them in the form of a request. Okay, that eight percent figure that you cited that’s eight percent of total giving or eight percent of the individual giving number it’s eight percent of all giving in america. Okay, and i think these first two conclusions that we’re talking about that americans as individuals remain generous on dh, that plan giving must be incorporated, that that points to the importance of individual giving. And in fact, when one of the things that we say is that eighty, eighty seven percent of all giving in america truly comes from individuals living in bed because a certain percentage of foundation giving and be attributed to individuals and a certain percentage of corporate e-giving can be attributed individual, and you’re able to tease that out in the reports and for us, yeah, yeah. So that’s the week day, eighty seven percent of all giving comes from individuals living in bed. Okay? And that includes the foundation and corporate support that individuals are responsible for definitely a component of corporate giving and a component of foundation giving indefinitely, and the foundation support was not reduced as much as foundations had threatened or thought would be the case. We had expected much deeper cuts by federation by foundations in two thousand ten, primarily because foundation many foundations, especially large one stepped up during the great profession with larger than expected support for non-profit projects and causes uh, because most foundations use a three, four or five year rolling average in terms of return on their principal, we had expected much deeper decline from foundations. But thankfully, wall street cooperated and the portfolios of foundations uh, we were able to recover very significantly from the downturns of two thousand eight and nine. So the non-profit world on received much stronger support than we would have projected. I think that this will be a question mark that also will continue for another year or two as foundation portfolio. Try to recover what they had lost during the great recession what’s. The proportion of total giving that foundation support contributes foundation support his response for forty one billion dollars, or about fourteen percent of the pie for two thousand ten. And just curious. How does that compare with corporate support? Corporate support is only five. Okay, so that it that again, when you add individual giving, which seventy three percent request e-giving which is eight percent foundations fourteen percent in corporate at five, one hundred percent, you know? And we have just about a minute and a half before we have to close arts and culture giving so increases. What can you tell us about that? I think culture go up and down like a yo yo, especially because of very large e-giving both from individuals, dam’s foundations. In two thousand ten, our cultures saw a larger piece of the pie. Five for them was four percent. And we think this is a good sign about future support for the arts in america. But that increase was due to some, i guess, a few very large gifts. So there’s. Very, very large. Uh, which is also what impact this category of the ten categories. All right, so so that may mean for most arts and culture organizations, unless they were among the few who got some of these large gifts. They may not be feeling that that increase that’s, right, but it’s been is a mentality here is that we believe has turned around, and we’re especially optimistic and are telling that our clients that they have to work harder and ah, very directly with donors at all levels but were especially out to think about that category. Bob evans is founder, managing director of the e e h l consulting group, and he was sharing his expertise a za member of the editorial review board of giving yusa bob, thank you very much for your time. My pleasure, it’s been a pleasure having you i want to thank lisa reilly, tara sloan and jessica weber from fund-raising day two thousand eleven on dh, letting us replay that interview from from june and also, of course, holly hall from the chronicle of philanthropy and bob evans from the editorial review board of giving yusa next week. Partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions sandra lamb of lamb advisers talks about collaborations of all kinds between non-profits when are they? Write for you when should your board be talking about? Um, how do you decide what organizations to collaborate with and what’s the process, then engaging generations x? And why leslie goldman and casey rotter from the us fund for unicef share their expertise in this area. They are both in those generations, but i did not ask their ages all of next week’s guests were recorded at the fund-raising day conference in new york city last month, and in the coming weeks i’ll have even more of those conversations from fund-raising day you can keep up with what’s coming up by signing up for our insider email alerts, go to the facebook page, facebook, dot com and then the name of this show sign up there for the alerts and, like us, become a fan of the show, you can listen to the show anytime on the device of your choice by subscribing on itunes, and you’ll find our itunes paige at non-profit radio dot net, the creative producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio is clear meyerhoff today’s line producer and the owner of talking alternative broadcasting is sam liebowitz. Our social media is by regina walton of organic social media. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio for july eighth, two thousand eleven. 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